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Deadpool (2016)
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(Anti)hero as we needed, 1 March 2016

There is no other hero like Deadpool. Created and invented in 1991 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza from Marvel Comics, character had fast become on of the most memorable heroes of this universe. His unique and vulgar sense of humor with his awareness of being just the comic figure made him favorite Marvel mutant for many readers. However, the reasons of success of the comic novels was also the causes of reluctance of creating the movie based on them. Nowadays, when you can't find much blood or brutal violence in super-hero scores and there is no single imprecation in them, it's hard to believe, that the movie like "Deadpool" could succeed in any way, especially if it was rated as "restricted" on the cinema's repertoires. How movie about mutant would earn big money without young viewers? It's impossible, right? Right?! Fortunetly, Fox have taken the risk to find out about that.

All of the super-hero franchises always have the same problem: screenwriters can not dare to show as something new and original. So, we get the next stories like "let's save the world guys!". We love such movies, but to be honest - we have been a little tired with new productions like "Avengers: Age of Ultron" or "Fantastic Four". We needed something fresh, something absolutely new. Film with new conceptions in showing the story. And that's how we get "Deadpool"!

Directed by not well known Tim Miller, movie doesn't even much care about the plot itself, because it isn't so necessary in this case. It's just the origin story, connected with romance (in order to release the movie during the Valentine weekend, of course). The fact that film is quite short (it takes less than two hours to hit to the end credits) can make you sure, that you won't fell boring at any moment. Every single scene is full of ribald jokes, gallows humor and untypical Marvel easter-eggs. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to the ground, humiliate Hugh Jackam like he was his favorite villain...he even humiliate himself! Who could stop him from doing that?! Who would dare?!

Miller's score is one of the best comic adaptations of all the time. It doesn't only fit to original stories perfectly, but also show them from the new perspective. It's also a great evidence, that super-hero kind movies do not have to be imitative, predictable and based mostly on the same ideas. Although, the plot in "Deadpool" may seems to be chaotic, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (they both have worked on 2009's "Zombieland") have made a impressive work, by connecting black comedy with love story and also X-Men franchise. And it's really crazy mixture. But it's the movie about our lovely Deadpool - it has to be insane!

"Deadpool" wouldn't have happened without insistent efforts of Ryan Reynolds. Almost forty actor wanted to produce the film about dressed in red mutant since "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", where he played Wade Wilson in a very...strange way, with sewed up mouth and extra-long adamantium blades. He's been trying to convinced 20th Century Fox for almost six years to shoot single Deadpool movie. He believed, that he was born to take this role. Now we can see, that he was right. Movie belongs to him at all. He doesn't have to play Deadpool. He is Deadpool. He literally invented him, created him and brought him to live on the big screen. Altought, most of the cast are very talented personalities, no one of them is able to have any match for Reynolds. He steals the whole show. So pity, that two of three main actress - Gina Carano and Brianna Hildebrand - don't even try to be so aspiring...

I'm curious: what have thought the "Deadpool" producers after first opening weekend? How have they reacted? They haven't believed in the success of the movie, they used to be sure, that such kind of production, directed only to adult viewers can not earn big money. I hope, that they're still shocked. "Deadpool" is a proof, that you don't need two hundred million dollars to create great super-hero franchise. All what it's going to take is a brave decision to create something special, something different than typical film, using adored character, played by actor with passion to do that. And that's all.

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Terrorists of green, 21 January 2016

When you go to the cinema to see an action movie, usually you do not expect something really engaging. Most of such productions do not appear as very original nor extraordinary. Although, from time to time, we can also find some surprising scores, wchich rebuild our ruined fate in greedy Hollywood producers. They go down into our memory. Many times, we want to re-watch them again, again and again one more time. One of such movies is Kathryn Bigelow's „Point Break" from 1999. Unfortunately, same words can't be said about the Core's

Newest „Point Break" by Ericson Core is such a schematic and predictable, as every movie created only for visual effects, wchich have been so important for screenwriters. However, the plot seems to be only a minor supplement. Who cares, right? So, what do we get here? A threadbare story, wchich tries to stole as much as it's possible from the original. Young FBI agent, with embarrassing past, must infiltrate the mysterious organization suspected of many crimes, committed with the help of their amazing sport skills. Do you fill familiar with this description? By replacing some words, you could easily come with a conclusion that many action movies are the same, for example „The Fast and the Furious" and also Bigelow's „Point Break". Thanks to the forceful action sequence pictures and technics how they were taken, we may partly forget about mediocre plot. It looks like, Core hasn't known about that. And he probably still doesn't. Because of that, his „Point Break" is more condensed around crass plot, rather than around extreme sports.

Such things like crazy and dangerous stunts on surfboards and snowboards, motocross rides and jumps from planes have been reduced to minimum. These are a few scenes, wchich have turned out really all right. It shouldn't be a big surprise, because Core was a director of photography at such productions as „The Fast and the Furious" and 2003's „Daredevil", what gave him a necessary experience in this field. Although, it doesn't mean, that he should have neglected all the other features of the movie like good plot or characters. All of these features are only the caricatures of their archetypes from 1999, without any natures, starred by the stiff actors. They look more like the sect of insane ecologists, rather than a division of athletes.

New version of „Point Break" ignores every kind of basic elements of good movie: well-written plot, interesting characters and most of all a dynamic action. It's one of the worst kind of productions, wchich creators hopped that, a few good action scenes would build up the whole film. Unfortunately, they were mistaken. It doesn't work like this.

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Kids of the Force, 28 December 2015

Very frequently, we can hear promises and vows, coming from movie creators and producers. They tell us, that their next movie is going to be unique, exceptional and, then it's going to delight all of us so much, that we will look forward to see the sequel (sometimes even more than just one). Unfortunately, most of these words turn out, as an elements of huge marketing machine, and they're not being reflected in final version of films in cinemas. That's the main reason, why we should be really happy - because, all of what J.J. Abrams has promised us, is being proved in Episode VII. And there have been a lot of it.

What it really means : "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"? It's not only the movie with extremely high budget, made to earn billions dollars from viewers' pockets. It's production created by fans and directed to other fans. Three years long process of preparing whole world for continuation it's lovely sci-fi saga, let Abrams to deliver us the movie, which is not only the next part of our beloved Star Wars series but also the biggest tribute to the Oryginal Trylogy, ever made.

Abrams couldn't have made any mistake. He had known, what would have happened to him, if he had failed. As we can see now, such pressure has turned out greatly helpful. He has directed the movie, which could comply with any possible requirements. Quick and dynamic action, which absence has been painfully perceptible in New Trylogy, is the basic component of the whole story. Thanks to that fact, it perfectly fits to "New Hope", "The Empire Strikes Back", and "Return of the Jedi", and also extends them, about new galactic adventure, narrated in more contemporary style. Because of that, "The Force Awakens" is going to satisfy older fans as like those, which scarcely start their experience with universe created by George Lucas.

If you are familiar with 1977's Episode IV, you will surely notice pretty much references and easter eggs, taken verbatim from it. Some of them are, unfortunately, too literal, what can make you fill, that you're probably watching the remake of the first Star Wars movie. However, the amount of fresh ideas and conceptions is much bigger. Comedy potential of character is being used in right way (so don't worry, you won't find here another Jar Jar Binks). In connection with great plot, it makes from Episode VII simply one of the best blockbusters of the last decade.

The choice of the cast members is also faultless. The return of well-known, elder actors (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels) was, of course, indispensable. They are direct connections between "The Force Awakens" and previous episodes. Although, congratulations shouldn't be addressed only to them but also to the younger ones, for which it's their first appearance in any Star Wars movie or even in any such a big production. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac (ok, let's be honest - the last one has a much experience, after taking part in "Ex Machina") have created unique styles for their characters. They've given them a great opportunity to become memorable symbols of Third Trylogy, using their potential. Thanks to that, we know the motivations of all of new heroes and we'll look forward to seeing the next part of their adventures. Is there any better way to form movie characters? I don't think so.

If you still can't understand the reason of success of Episode VII, take a ballpoint and write down all the things, which you've loved in Original Trylogy. From what should you start? Lightsaber duels? Sky-battles? Han Solo's repartees? Villains wandering on the decks of Star Destroyers? Or maybe, just...the Force? All of those classic elements, you can find in newest Abrams's movie. "The Force Awakens" not only extend this amazing universe but also redefines, what we call Star Wars.

Has "The Force Awakens" deserved for huge level of agitation, which has grown around it during last three years? Certainly, yes. With the support of Micky Mause Company, Lucasfilm revived the legendary series, giving it a new opportunity for gaining next generation of fans. There are people who say, that Disney will literally "consume" Star Wars, by bringing us new movie, every single year. But, if their productions are going to be similar to the last one, I can only say : "enjoy" to all of them. ;)