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Makes for a great Family picture., 23 April 2017

Little Boxes made of ticky tacky Little boxes moving to a small town, where they don't look the same. There's a black one and a white one and the one they made that's in-between and these boxes from Brooklyn are having a hard time adjusting to a vastly different way of life.

So the idea of Little Boxes is that Clark Burns, an eleven year old kid from liberated New York, moves to Rome...Washington, were he's one of two black people living there. The other being his father Mack who is also feeling the awkwardness of being in a place where it seems for a lot of them he's the only black person they ever met, which brings us to Gina, the White woman pretty much responsible for bringing them there do to her job and is feeling the pressure of not fully understanding the situation.

The social commentary is very subtle, but ringing loud and clear. I actually loved the contrast of Mack hanging with his boys back in Brooklyn (one black one white), and being comfortable to be politically incorrect, then coming to Rome where the slightest miss use of words has the white folks questioning themselves. Although as the movie brings up, Mack also can't help but to be sensitive to what the town folks think of him.

But if I'm selling this to you as a comedy I want to point out that the funniest parts of the movie have nothing to do with any political issue, and everything to do with just very basic family matters type stuff. Moving to a new territory is difficult and the best hi jinks come from the new family in town just trying to deal.

Nice little movie parading some big topics in a light hearted way.

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Not bad, but a mediocre copycat of the movie that started this genre., 23 April 2017

The movie is about a woman who does a documentary on the disappearance of her brother and his two friends that happen back in 97.

The Hi-8 footage used to compose those scenes from 20 years ago makes the movie seem like a throwback of the Blair Witch Project (Which I think was shot on 35mm, actually). It's almost a found footage movie within a found footage movie as this documentary filmmaker goes back over the case of her missing brother interviewing family and friends of all three as well as the police department, trying to find something that was possibly missed 2 decades ago. Then she would go through her brother's old Hi- 8 footage that tells the story of what happen up to the part where three teens (Oh! just like in the Blair Witch Project) went missing, while investigate a series of lights that appeared in the sky at the time that had no origin.

Honestly, the movie really takes a while for the story to get jumping. The documentary made on the missing kids is not that interesting yet effective in setting up the Hi-8 footage of the three missing kids. Getting to know these kids is actually not as interesting as watching that last 20-30minutes when the film indeed becomes like the Blair Witch Project.

I did really like what they did for the Hi-8 footage, not only a real throwback to the 90s in look and feel but the camera work in itself was actually really good (And it has to be because you can see the obvious change in quality from Hi-8 analog to the digital format we are doing today.)

So overall, the movie takes a long and sometimes dull time to get to the fun stuff, but I would say it leaves me (just) satisfied once they get there.

It was kinda lame., 22 April 2017

Not the best animated feature I ever seen. I feel sorry for some of the stars in the movie like Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Hilary Swank and Patrick Stewart who picked the wrong animated feature to voice. Possibly thought it was going to be a hit cause it was an animated feature.

The animation is very mediocre. Feels like there they created a program for generic computer animation that can spit out animation films that all look the same and Spark decided to use this instead of animators. Most importantly, the story was lame. I've seen the story a million times. One could point out that if you look at this hard enough you can see the same story as the Lion King in Spark, but that's not the point. Spark's vision to add their own twist to this story fell very short of being decent.

Wanted to like it but didn't happen.

Gifted (2017)
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Was pretty good., 22 April 2017

So Chris Evans tries to prove that there is more dimensions to his acting than his work as Captain America could show , but fails in the process, but that does not stop Gifted from being a good movie as it's more about the child actress who plays Mary, a "gifted youngster" (Who gets the Marvel Universe Reference? ) who all the grown ups in the movie have to figure out what's best for the child. While it seems like Evans charter, Frank is trying to do what he feels his sister, Mary's mother wants, this may also mean the normal life he gives her will waste the vast potential she has.

The interesting parts of the movie were the real genius parts, which the characters interact about being above average. Really like the conversations between Frank and his mom about the pressure she may have put on her daughter, Mary's mom to be a mathematical wiz, pressure that may have been responsible for her committing suicide.

Octavia Spencer was OK in the movie too. Nothing near Oscar worthy, she just did her job as a supporting actress and that's it.

Otherwise the movie is good for a watch. It's average, it's a good watch but will not blow anything out of the water.

Free Fire (2016)
So the moral of the story is...Guns are Fun!, 22 April 2017

Free Fire has that nice hint of Martian Scorsese (Who Executive Produce it) that makes for a nice style of violence that blends great with comedy. At first I thought the film was made by Shane Black as it has the same style and feel as his last flick, The Nice Guys, but that just maybe the 1970s setting, both movies takes place.

But this is 1970s United Kingdom, and Free Fire is about a group of gangsters about to make a gun deal when a wacky personal conflict turns it into an all out gun fight. It's a well done film. For about 90mins it's a group of people in an abandon warehouse. Lucky for me it's not one of those one room movies where everyone is talking, it's a really good action comedy with some good action, and when they do talk the dialog is really funny.

A lot of that is thanks to the great cast of characters, played by some fine actors like Sharlto Copley, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer and Cillian Murphy to name the big guns, but the smaller names are really good too.

My enjoyment rating on this film is really high. I found it a little disturbing as the whole film is about the causal gun play with some hilarious results but you can't help but to laugh.

Colossal (2016)
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Man! That was strange., 18 April 2017

So strange it's hard to say weather it's good or bad, it's just weird. Then again, it's a really good weird because you know, Giant monsters are in it. You can never go wrong with the Kaiju as they are known in Japan and not Korea where the Giant monsters end up in Colossal.

Anne Hathaway plays a woman who comes back home after being kicked in the face not wrongly by life and reconnects with her old friend, played by Jason Sudeikis, and while home she discovers the oddest thing. At 8:05am every day if she's standing in the park next to her old elementary school a Giant monster will appear in Seoul Korea that she is somehow linked to.

It's like being John Malkovich meets Godzilla or something.

Once again Jason Sudeikis is the money maker for me, proving that he's got some real star power. It was a brilliant turn as a man whose life got stuck and watching someone else like Anne Hathaway's character live her's despite failing badly at it, leaves him with a bitterness that he cannot hide for long. As Oscar, Sudeikis was just a very unique character to watch on the screen.

Despite the plot about Giant Monsters hitting the far East, which really put this movie out there, Colossal has going for it a very grounded story about being away for something for so long that you forgotten why you tried so hard to avoid it, then realizing exactly why you did. It's a lesson on getting over the things that cause self abuse and hold you down. A very loud and clear lesson done in the strangest way possible.

Altitude (2017)
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I'll just say, you can easily find a better movie to watch, 18 April 2017

So I was really siked to see this movie, but what I saw did not live up to my own hype.

An FBI agent is offered a lot of money to protect a criminal from plane hijackers. That's the basis form the summary. If you look at the poster you would think Dolph Lundren is the FBI agent and Denise Richards is the person that hired him.

That's how they get ya, but it's Richards as the FBI agent, down on her luck cause she got demoted for what her superior claims is her female emotion getting in the way of her job. Which is very unfair. If you watch the beginning of this film I've seen action heroes, including Lundren himself do far stupider things on the clock in other flicks and only end up having their boss tear them a new ass hole before putting them back on the streets. You could say it has something to do with the new era of realism going into this movie, but I don't. Dolph Lundren actually plays the plane hijacker(Barely, as his crew does most of the work and he seems to be there just to take up most of the poster with his big head).

Now, because the beginning of the flick tells the story of a hostage negotiator who screws up badly during her last mission, I kinda assumed that this movie would be about her trying to redeem herself. That would make sense as the hijackers she faces are not terrorist and their battle is not only about money but vengeance against the dude who took their money( The one who hired Richards to protect him(Who is not Chick Liddell by the way, another one who did little to nothing yet gets his big head on the poster). Instead the movie looks like that Liam Neeson joint from a few years back Non-Stop, only way way watered down, as it seems they spent most of their budget making that plane hanger look real (And paying to have Lundren do a few days of work so they can put his big ass head on that poster.).

As much as I'd like to tell you this was a great suspenseful action thriller with a woman at the helm I can only tell you it was a sloppy effort. Me personally, I don't see how hard it is to adjust from male lead to female lead in this type of movie, but from the looks of things, The film makers didn't have a clue on how.

Norman (2016)
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It seems mediocre, but that's what makes it great (That and Gere himself), 18 April 2017

So, I understand what a Hollywood fixer is, which gave me an understanding of what Norman does, although I'm still a little confuse on how his version of being a fixer makes any money, but that's one of the points of the film. Richard Gere plays this guy who likes to help people out. He likes to connect the dots and do favors for people and get favors in return, so he can do more favors for more people. It makes his life have meaning. Norman tends to over exaggerate his friendships with some people and the perks they come with as a way to connect with others, but as he finds out, some circles can get you into big trouble when you embellish too much.

This was a good role for Gere, he made Norman a very interesting man to watch. Charismatic and witty even when the chips were down. A very good performance. Also like Hank Azaria in the film as an up and coming fixer who brings Norman face to face with himself. Very amusing.

It's a very New York movie. Really loved how the film is centered around a section of the Upper West Side and never leaves it

Another tone setter was the music. The score was beautiful and lively. Not only that but they had a few scenes of the temple choir singing songs in Hebrew. It was really cool.

Norman, makes for a good flick. Nicely paced and never boring with Richard Gere still pulling off an interesting leading man.

Fun to watch.

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Frankly the best car movie I've seen it my life., 17 April 2017

It puts the Carsploitation genre on another level. I mean, just when you thought The Fast and The Furious did everything with a car in the last seven movies, they do something bigger and better.

If you've seen Furious 6 (Which you should) when Tej (Played by Ludicrous) was like "hey guys, they have a tank". He thought that was a big deal, that the bad guys are riding around in a tank. Now two Furiouses later, he has a tank, but the enemy now has a submarine! And it was bad ass!! ridiculously bad ass!!! it's amazing how these movies raise the level of ridiculous and somehow not come across real stupid. I mean, they had Dwayne Johnson acting like he was literally made out of rock, with the feats of strength he pulled off. From tossing two bad guys into six with ease, to kicking missiles out the way, and no matter how stupid it got, I could not help but to love The Rock while he's doing it (But you know, it's The People's movie Star).

But I have to be honest, if you are a die-hard Fast and Furious fan (I don't know if this name is official but I like to call myself a Furiouso). It's not the best of the 8. Fast Five, Fast Six, and Furious Seven all seemed to go up in quality as the action got bigger on the budget getting bigger, but with F8, it's still a great flick, but the quality is not progressing.

Mostly with the character development. I felt other movies in the series allowed everyone in the cast their moment to shine, but the ensemble here is now far too big with too many super stars like Vin, and the Rock and Jason Statham and brand new Charlize Theron as an incredible villain. This leaves most of the other cast under used, like Tyrese Gibson who was funny, but it was all one liner after one liner without Roman Pearce doing anything.

Still, it's one of the best blockbusters of the year. It has all the bells and whistles needed to keep you cheering in your seat as you watch all the glorious action unfold.

Literally The Fast and The Furious is becoming like Avengers on Wheels.

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Interesting portrait of a man, indeed but as a movie it almost lost me., 15 April 2017

It's one of those labor of loves it seems as the film felt like it was more interested in making an artistic narrative than it was about making money. I can respect that, but it was a boring movie for that reason.

The Lost city of Z is about a British explorer named Percy Fawcett who while on a survey mission in the amazon discovers evidence that the "savages" once had a civilization the might even be older than the one he came from and spends his life trying to find it.

I loved Charlie Hunnam in it. Hands down, his most grown up acting performance, and really made Fawcett a compelling man to follow. In fact the whole cast was impressive with Sienna Miller as Fawcett's wife and Robert Patterson who I totally did not recognize under the bread as Fawcett's most trusted companion on his trips. Tom Holland is also in the movie as Fawcett's oldest son who joins him on his last journey to the amazon. Other people gave great performances, but these are the ones I knew by name, making it a pretty stellar cast for me.

While this movie does such a great job making Fawcett's life look fascinating,following him through his time with the army to his time as an explorer, I must admit that the slow burn of the narrative almost put me to sleep. It reminds me of another project Brad Pitt (who produced the movie) was evolved in, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Though the Lost City of Z is not as painfully slow (Notice the tile is half that of the Jesse James movie), the combination of the quiet tone and it's speed was not something I wanted to sit in a movie theater and watch. It's not that the movie is long, it's that it feels long, and it feels like something that the movie does on purpose.

I feel like the movie tries to gives us the realest accounts of a man's life as they can and I can respect that, but man, the two hours and thirty minutes this film comes in at was not easy at all to get through. That's just my warning.

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