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This one's pretty good., 24 July 2017

It's one of those movies that's very disturbing without needing to say very much. You realize how dramatic some movies can be when you see a movie like this one that does so little to tell us what's going on. In that sense it's brilliant.

It's a perfect example of why you should never go out in the woods, cause two campers went out there thinking it was cool but discover that the campers roughing it on the same camp site did not have a wonderful experience, when a couple of dim witted hunters prove that nature is not all it's cracked up to be.

Killing ground was a well made film that speaks softly but says a lot.

Girls Trip (2017)
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This movie is pure laughs. Absolutely funny., 23 July 2017

I went into it with a good feeling about it. The trailer looked like the film was going to be real entertaining, but this was better than I expected.

It's funny that Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith are not more centered stage in this movie as I though they were bigger stars than that, but I forget Regina Hall has made quite a name for herself in the last few years. The film centers around her character, Ryan who gathers her crew who she has not scene for years to an event in New Orleans so that they can reconnect.

All the women were funny in this movie but special shout out to Tiffany Haddish who I've never herd of before this movie but will never forget. She gave it all to get the big laughs just like Melissa McCarthy did in Bridesmaids.

Nothing's more funnier than watching women get down and dirty about things that would not be considered proper etiquette. I want to see it all and I got that from Girls Trip. This had me laughing from beginning to end. It's hilarious. Plus it's a good movie about friends hanging with each other. You get the vibe from all the characters that they have been down for one another forever, and it gives you that good feeling.

A great movie.

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Seems like they put so much into this film for it to be just OK, 21 July 2017

I was expecting something a little more mind blowing but I did not get that. I got OK.

The movie started off really cool with this hard science scene of the world coming together to build the space station and the station becoming the city of a thousand planets. I'm a sucker for rally good hard science both technical and social.

It was enough to get me exited for the rest of the movie , but the rest of the movie falls short.

It looks great but the action was lackluster I did not like the main characters, either. Dude playing Valerian was weak in his leading man stature. It was obvious from the moment Cara Delevingne walked onto the screen that she was there to be eye candy, and unfortunately the movie was not good enough for her to be anything else but.

It's like Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. The second one does not hold a candle to the 1st. Although this movie is not a sequel to any thing, I can compare the pic to Luc Besson's other work since that was a big promotional tool for Valerian. Other work like the Fifth Element which this movie really reminds me of.  Valerian Does not pack a punch like The 5th Element does.

So good but not great.

Dunkirk (2017)
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My mistake. I did not like it as much as I thought cause I did not see it in IMAX, 21 July 2017

So I made the mistake of not seeing this movie on an IMAX or a 70mm screen. The problem with that is that Chris Nolan set this film up for Imax so much that it did not fit any other screen properly and I could not get over the fact that the movie was not on the full screen and I'm now biased.

I'm gonna have to be convinced to see it again cause from what I saw I got nothing. I see other people who saw it in it's true experience and were talking about how visually amazing it was. I could see that, I did love the scenes with the dog fighters. I liked how the music combined with the visual to make for this intense feel. The motion of the picture was like one big War Scene, which seems cool.

Not much of a story overall. There was one fully developed subplot of a father who lost his son in the war who help out the boys of Dunkirk by lending his boat to the rescue. It was a real touching and dramatic story which also involved Cillian Murphy, but it's weird that the story does not take up that much of the movie because the other stories were not as fulfilling.

What I'm seeing here is that Nolan is pulling a Micheal Bay going for a more visual masterpiece without much story. I don't want to be too hard and judgmental without seeing it the way Nolan designed to be seen, but it does suck that the only way I can really enjoy the film is to see it in IMAX.

So see it in Imax I guess.

A great Bollywood adventure, so much fun and well done., 18 July 2017

Great story.

So I saw on the poster that the movie was distributed by Disney, yet within the movie I saw no Disney Logo. The movie did begin with a scene at some amusement area that showed everything that is Disney from Mickey Mouse to Spider-Man.

It does put you in the mood for the movie. A little different from what I'm use to seeing from other Bollywood films the music that starts the flick is of a completely different tone, sounding more like the stuff from animated features Disney makes, but they did have some more traditional tunes as the film goes on, and I have to admit the tunes were very catchy So it's like Tin Tin meets Indiana Jones (Which is interesting as Raiders of the Lost is thought to be a rip off of Tin Tin to the French people who saw the similarities at the time). This Jagga is a kid with a speech problem that the man he calls his father fixes by getting the kid to sing songs, in a plot device that completely makes sense in a Bollywood feature. He grows up to be quite a good detective and uses theses skills to tracked down his dad, who was force to leave a long time ago.

A lot of Jagga's story is told through a young woman who helps a group of children perform the story of Jagga's life which she eventually enters. A bit of a surrealist style when it comes to telling it, gives you that fairy tale feel.

I like how the movie moves and the pace it takes. A lot of that has to do with the visuals, it's a very vibrant and colorful film.

Like the adventure. It was a lot of fun. At times it did seem to get a little too long with an ending that's trying to match that of the last Lord of the Rings movie, just when you though it was over, it keeps going, but overall, It's a tale that's made to be a classic and it just looks amazing. It's one of my favorite Bollywood films.

Real beautiful, 17 July 2017

Loved it loved the movie!

Naomi Watts plays an immature mom who recently loses her genius son to cancer. Postmortem, she tries to do his last request, stop the abuse of the girl next store by her step father. A task made harder by the guys position as a police and the perks that come.

The theme was a little bit dark or maybe I was expecting something lighter from what I thought was a children's movie, but what a good movie about the grieving a love one's death.

Lady Macbeth (2016/I)
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Really like this one., 17 July 2017

The set up looks like some thing that would normally bore the hell out of me but that was not the case with Lady McBeth. The whole pace of the movie was set up well and the acting in it was brilliant.

It feels like one of those straight up adaptions from some play or something. I don't know if that was the case. Also reminds me of another movie made about the same time period, the Beguiled. The contrast between the two films is how raw Lady McBeth is, absolutely no flash.

So a young woman is force into a loveless marriage where her husband dislikes her and is sent away for a long period of time. In that time she has an affair with the stable boy and they go through dramatic lengths to keep seeing each other.

At first I thought this movie was going to be filled with feminist elements to go hand and hand with the period the movie is coming out in, and technically it is but just not in the way I had imagined. The true concept I'm seeing here has mostly to do with the advantages of privilege and how easy one can get consumed by it if you have it, and screwed by it if you don't.

Overall, the beauty of the film is showing how truly ugly some people can be, and doing it in a way that's exciting and colorful rather than making me turned off.

Blind (2017/II)
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How very romantic. Enjoyable but forgettable., 17 July 2017

Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore are a good pairing because they are two very attractive people, Though Dylan McDermott is no slouch in the looks department either.

Baldwin plays a blind writer, (The stereotypical writer that's brilliant cause he wrote two great books but only published one, and he's half a bottle away from being a mean drunk). He had an encounter with Demi Moore who plays the wife of a business man who used her name to commit white collar crimes and now she's force to do community service to pay for those crimes (She too is a stereotype of being rich and white and use to getting whatever she wants but now she gets a little taste of life without the silver spoon).

McDermott's character is not as stereotyped, playing one of these wall street guys who was from the streets, but his story arch as the husband (Of Demi Moore's character) is very cliché (He treats her like she's property, and is very possessive). Though, I'm not sure if the amount of screen time McDermott got in the film was truly needed for the story, he was the most interesting character in the movie and it made the movie more interesting.

So they definitely needed him. The movie is not bad. It works best the more you like watching Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore (Who I rarely see in films today so it was a pleasure), but it's not a film that I would brag about. You watch it once, you'll like it and from there it's pretty forgettable.

It'll entertaining you for a few hours but leave no long lasting impression.

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A great movie that will help this Planet of the Apes reboot to become a classic Trilogy, 15 July 2017

With this third installment, this makes for the best remake of an entire franchise that I ever scene. I've seen movies that are remakes that are better than the original, but it's amazing how this set of ape movies are right up there with the original(Although in Fairness, this set of movies is actually a prequel to the originals)

The musical score that pays homage to the old school 1970s Planet of the Apes is proof that they were trying and succeeded in passing the originals (By giving you a powerful essence of the original, possibly setting up the idea that these movies are catching up with the first set).

It was a great Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure. A little different from the past two as War for the planet of the Apes focus on the apes more and their adventure form their point of view. The events from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes resulted in the last of the US Military service headed up by Woody Harrison, doing a great Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now impersonation, attempting to kill the apes who threaten men's place in evolution.

The biggest advantage of the new Apes movie versus the old is technology. Technology that allows the apes to be more realistic with Stop motion capturing and Andy Serkis was holding it down, proving what an amazing actor he can be behind the CGI. I can't remember any other movie in which the CGI characters were able to make me feel for them like they did in this one. Each ape perfectly has a personality of their own.

2017 is turning out to be a decent year for large budget films and War for the Planet of the Apes is on the list as one of those.

Wish Upon (2017)
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Wish it was better (Like the death scenes though), 15 July 2017

Not the best movie but in the horror element it kinda got me. The death scenes are pretty suspenseful. Not really the deaths, it was waiting for them to die that was really good, that's what makes the movie for me. Similar to Final Destination as there is no slasher, physically.

It's about a girl going through regular teenage angst (Even with the added plot of her mom committing suicide, it's still just the regular teenage problems). Her dad Ryan Phillippe finds some junk that turns out to be a Chinese artifact that grants her seven wishes but with each wish the coast is real high.

But getting back to the teen angst, it made this movie so annoying. Like I said, her mom killed herself and yet all her teenage problems still seems fairly normal by comparison. In a way, this dumb High School hi jinks of the main protagonist being uncool and uses her wishes to change that made for a sensible plot, but I could not help to be annoyed by it, possibly because it seems like more of that teen comedy stuff than any actually horror.

A for effort. Like I said the death scenes have you on the edge of your seats (For that I would recommend seeing it in a theater filled with commentators cause it does add fun to it), it was pretty awesome sitting there seeing how gruesome the death was going to be which built it up and when it did happen, it did not reduce the gruesome. Wish it was more of that and less an episode of something on the CW

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