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Shock Wave (2017)
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Andy Lau stars in a great action flick!, 11 May 2017

Andy Lau plays the head of the bomb dismantling division of the police who goes undercover to infiltrate a group of robbers who use bombs. This gang's careless actions when life is concern made this cop take drastic measures to bring them down. Because of this, the bad guy seeks revenge from this cop by taking his hostage negotiation to get his brother back very personal.

And the bad guy for this movie was really bad ass. Just that right touch of evil that only makes the good guy that is Andy Lau look better.

A very instance thriller that's very action packed, but there was also a sub story about Andy Lau's character finding love with a school teacher. It's rare that I've seen people kissing in Chinese Cinema. Maybe I'm watching the wrong movies, but I've seen Chinese action movies in which the lead star has girlfriends or wives, but they never touch each other, and even though I grew up in America were our action heroes go beyond touching the leading ladies, it was odd to watch Lau give so very long and romantic kisses to his leading lady.

But as interesting as that was, first and foremost,this was a great action movie from beginning to end. Worth seeing.

Chuck (2016)
So this is the true story of Rocky?, 9 May 2017

Chuck is a boxer from jersey who could take a hit. He had a job running liquor and had a beautiful wife and kid, when his manager sets up a match with The Greatest, Ali. He lost the match, but was able to put Ali on his bottom twice and go all 15 rounds losing with 19 seconds left in the match, and when he lost the first person he wanted to see was his wife. That sounds like Rocky alright.

Unfortunately, Chuck's sequel was not as good as Rocky 2 cause when he went back to some world in Jersey he let it all get to his head and his world came crashing down, which included his attempts to convince the world that the movie Rocky is about him.

It's one of those stories about how fame can change you. I've seen it done a million times in a million sitcoms that one episode when one character gets his 15 mins acts like a jerk to all those who love him but then they take him back when he falls because they love him.

But it's not just about the story. Liev Schreiber was very entertaining in this film as Chuck Wepner and Jim Gaffigan was perfect as his best friend, John. I don't know how many movies Schreiber has done with his partner, Naomi Watts. It's bit awkward now that they are not a couple, but she's great in the movie as well.

But I did not like Schreiber's co-star on Ray Donovan, Pooch Hall as Muhammad Ali. It was a small role, but still, it's Ali, I wish they did better.

Definitely a cool funny story and a movie worth seeing that I'm surprise Stallone himself did not have any involvement in. It's technically a Rocky film and nobody likes to milk Rocky more than him, right?

For what it was I liked it just fine., 9 May 2017

Especially like Dave Bautista as the villain in this movie. Bautista's proving to be a very entertaining guy. Not on the level of The Rock just yet when It comes to wrestlers turn actors but definitely someone I will look out for if he's in a movie.

The warriors gate is the wishful fantasy of all gamers. That the skills they required while putting in long hours in front of a game screen could possibly pay off in real life. Of course we don't want gamers going around mimicking Grand Thief Auto or thinking combat from your couch playing Call of Duty is as real as real combat.

Which is why the movie used a backdrop of ancient China (That and the movie was backed by Chinese mula). It's a classic game plot of a young hero having to though the Terran, battle an army of warriors, and get to the last master in order to save the princess and free her world, and the movie plays out like a group of geeks talking about the stereotypes of video games on some YouTube video.

Aiding this gamer is a Chinese Kung Fu warrior breed Form birth to protect the princess and a wizard who gives you special potions and stuff along the way. Both of these characters are actually greatly underused in this film to. The movie holds a resemblance to 2008's the Forbidden Kingdom, which also under uses it's primary characters(Those characters being played by superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li). I would actually recommend seeing that movie over this one.

The best part of the Eneters the Warriors Gate is the relationship between the gamer and his Kung fu master guide. The gamer is suppose to be a fish out of water, but mostly the movie is about the gamer trying to loosen up his uptight warrior friend. Like I said the film's whole persona is basically geeks talking about the basics of every game.

Just OK, but Jackie Chan and Jet Li did do it batter a few years ago in The Forbidden Kingdom. The action and adventure escalates perfectly like a game getting more difficult, but at times it does get far too long as it's a lot of talk that does not seem to end when it should, but it's worth taking a look just to see Bautista's perfect cartoon villainy.

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It's tough: A very important issue spoken about in a weak movie., 8 May 2017

As if being a teenager was not hard enough this is the story of Ray who was born Ramona and is trying to change that but needs the permission of both her parents. One played by Nomai Watts seems supportive as a single mother raising Ray all by herself. The other is absent due to a series of events that need to be unfolded so that Ray can be normal.

I like Elle Fanning in the movie, she was good. She plays Ray as that typical emotional teenager, but mature and driven enough that it did not annoy me. Although, her performance did not make me believe that Ray is a heterosexual teenage boy that she was trying to pass him off as. It could be that I'm missing the point. Maybe, or maybe there is a reason Hilary Swank won an Oscar for playing a woman living her life as a man in Boys Don't Cry.

The movie is a bit of an emotional roller coaster, which is good, but I've definitely been on way, way better roller coasters based on less sophisticated topics. You are suppose to feel something in this type of movie. For me it felt mostly like the film wanted me to have a side on the topic, and then see what happens once all the cards are on the table, but it did not touch me like they were hoping it would.

I saw in another review someone stated that 3 Generations could have been much more. I don't know the more it could have been, but I'm guessing that's what's lacking from this ride. Based on the subject matter, I don't know enough about women going through the process of becoming men to know what's missing to make this story pop. I just know it does not have it.

I do know that the movie is not just about the hot button topic as the title suggest. It's primary story is about (Or should be about) 3 Generations of women in one house. That overall plot may work better as a sitcom with today's episode being about how Ramona wants to live her life as Ray. With the movie's focus on Ray's plot they did not leave that much room for the 3 Generations overall plot, starring Susan Sarandon as the 1st Generation, who owns the home and is a Lesbian living with her life partner (As they are of that generation that could not get married), and is confused about the whole Ray situation, which seems Ironic, but when you watch the movie you'll see it's not, and Elle Fanning is the 3rd generation who was born a woman but is a man inside. Then there's Naomi Watts who plays the second Generation. Perfectly placed in the middle. By traditional standards her problems and hang ups seem normal compared to her mother, who she is nothing like and her son, who she is nothing like. Give credit to these fine actors that I even have a small notion of what you would expect from a film called 3 Generations. I never fully got the joust of who Sarandon was supposed to be playing other than a woman who owns the home, and Ironically Watts character was 2 dimensional, even though the movie revolved greatly around her.

I'm thinking the movie should have been like Little Boxes. Not a similar story, as that movie was about the day-to-day effects of racism, but similar in the sense that the comedy of the Dramedy, comes from the family dealing with their issues as a family. I see them attempting this in 3 Generations but it's not done well enough to pull the strings.

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It was awesome! A lot funnier than the first movie but not the action adventure the original was., 6 May 2017

Don't get me wrong, Vol 2 is a high adventure worth going to see, but nothing like the one that came before it on the entertainment scale.

You assumed that they got the origin over with in Vol 1 and they can just focus on the Sci-Fi space adventure in Vol 2. Under that assumption, I though Vol 2 was going to be a whole lot better, but that's not the case.

The movie is mostly about the origin of Star Lord played brilliantly by Chris Pratt, with far more funny references about the fact that he has not been to Earth since he was an 80s kid. As we discovered in the last movie he's half human and half something else and in Vol 2 he discovers his ancestry (And its connection to Kurt Russell starring as his father).

It's a really exciting film if you are a comic book fan who is familiar with what the story is unfolding, and the visual effects are nice in the film. The Sci-fi was high end as a lot of the alien worlds looked really cool.

And is ridiculously funny. Dave Batista's character as Drax the destroyer was less destructive and more comedy relief, which was funny to see Batista do(but I don't think is the full purpose of the character). Plus, any character interacting with Baby Groot was the best thing ever. Baby Groot was just too cute.

It's just that the action in this movie is not as good as Vol 1. It's like Avengers vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vol 2 gets too personal with the development of the characters and their connection to one another that makes it more like a light hearted comedy, which was really funny and really entertaining, but different than what I was expecting and what made Vol 1 so amazing. It's like the difference between what they do on an episode of Star Trek (Which is what Vol 2 kind of feels like) vs. what can be done in a Star Trek movie. Both are great, but I am watching a movie.

Give props to the James Gunn who returns as the writer and director of this film, but I do see why Marvel has a thing about not hiring a director twice. Just like what Joss Whedon did with the second Avengers movie, Vol 2 was more about the inner turmoil than about them Guarding the Galaxy. So far that only worked out with pure excellence in Captain America: Civil War, possibly because introducing new characters and exploring the relationship between one another took nothing away from the action in Cap 3.

I was expecting a Sci-Fi high octane blockbuster, I got a fast past comedy set in space. I'm not mad, it was still a great ride (but better the first time around)

Rupture (2016/I)
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Wanted to like it but it falls real short form me saying that., 4 May 2017

I did find that the built up to the point of the movie is not that integrating. You have to go through a lot to get to the interesting part of the film (The punchline as I like to call it ) by not fully convince that sitting in my seat for 90mins for that punchline is worth seeing the movie for. Some movies are, not this one.

It technically should be that it's worth seeing Noomi Rapace, for 90mins, but her acting stinks in this. Maybe it was the dialog, maybe the directing. Whatever it was it just feels flat. Along with Michael Chiklis, performance. The Two most famous people in the movie perform badly.

A plot similar to Dead pool, a mysterious ground of people kidnap a mother in order to conduct stress test that are suppose to unlock something inside her.

The suspense in the film was not killing me, so it's not worth it.

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Not that dark and the song played was OK., 4 May 2017

So a mother who lost her child spends a ton of money to hire a man that can help her contact him on the other side.

I love the dude that they got to play this guy. He was like Patton Oswald, but to be taken seriously (Which was hard to do in the fishing hat he wore). It was like he was a occult geek or something. He has that persona of a Trekker for the supernatural.

Not as scary or disturbing as I would expect. Most of the film is more about doing a realistic built up of what it's like to prepare to communicate with powerful beings from the other side. It's interesting, but only if you really like that kinda stuff.

It has it's interesting side watching the story progress, however. It feels like it may have worked better as a comedy on the occult, and ironically it's seriousness makes it hard to take seriously.

Otherwise,very slow by fun to watch if you are into it.

Km 31-2 (2016)
Don't bother., 30 April 2017

Mexican supernatural thriller. Not the worse Supernatural thriller I've ever watched but not the best by far . So apparently a sequel to km31 which I'm guessing came out seven years ago cause this movie starts at the end of that movie than goes to the present (Seven years later) where a cop whose life seems to be in shambles cause he specializes in paranormal activity (Especially, since the first movie) is requested by a politician to look into the possible possession of her daughter. At least that's the joust of it, or what I gathered. I'll be honest, I was not paying that much attention, which is bad when the movie is in a language I can barely order food in.

The Circle (2017/I)
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Interesting message or just propaganda? Either way, a very weak attempt at both, 29 April 2017

I honestly don't know what to think of The Circle. It plays like a a series of events put together, but it's a series of dull events. I'm not getting any emotional connection from any of this stuff.

Emma Waston plays a woman who gets the greatest job in the world at a company that seems like every company that rules the internet all wrapped into one.

The movie did a great job of scaring me into the belief that someone is watching me through my phone (but I was already there so..)

The actual message that the movie tries to deliver is a bit confusing. It tries to be fair to both sides of the debate on a world that does not want to put down their phones, but the ending does not leave me satisfied, which has a lot to do with the delivery. A lot of good ideas put into the mix with no end game in sight.

Tom Hanks is a great actor. The small time he had on the screen, he showed what an amazing performer he can be. Too bad his younger cast members could not say the same thing. In all fairness, comparing Emma Watson with Hanks is, well unfair, but she was the lead in this film and I was not getting anything from her, and I needed something. this movie needed something.

Also disappointed with John Boyega, who I've been a fan of since the movie Attack the Block he did many years ago, but once again in all fairness he had a small part in an Emma Watson film, not that it's all her fault that she had to act in a film that seemed like a good story gone wrong.

Waste of time.

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Makes for a great Family picture., 23 April 2017

Little Boxes made of ticky tacky Little boxes moving to a small town, where they don't look the same. There's a black one and a white one and the one they made that's in-between and these boxes from Brooklyn are having a hard time adjusting to a vastly different way of life.

So the idea of Little Boxes is that Clark Burns, an eleven year old kid from liberated New York, moves to Rome...Washington, were he's one of two black people living there. The other being his father Mack who is also feeling the awkwardness of being in a place where it seems for a lot of them he's the only black person they ever met, which brings us to Gina, the White woman pretty much responsible for bringing them there do to her job and is feeling the pressure of not fully understanding the situation.

The social commentary is very subtle, but ringing loud and clear. I actually loved the contrast of Mack hanging with his boys back in Brooklyn (one black one white), and being comfortable to be politically incorrect, then coming to Rome where the slightest miss use of words has the white folks questioning themselves. Although as the movie brings up, Mack also can't help but to be sensitive to what the town folks think of him.

But if I'm selling this to you as a comedy I want to point out that the funniest parts of the movie have nothing to do with any political issue, and everything to do with just very basic family matters type stuff. Moving to a new territory is difficult and the best hi jinks come from the new family in town just trying to deal.

Nice little movie parading some big topics in a light hearted way.

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