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Impressive. Not bad at all., 23 March 2017

Another installment in nostalgia.

When I first heard about the Power Rangers being brought back as a film franchise I was pretty jazzed about it. It does not hurt that the closest thing to bad press I heard about the movie was that they needed to push back the filming, which only allowed them to add the star power of Bryan Cranston and Elisabeth banks.

Only indifference I had towards the movie was that as corny as the TV show was the concept of a group of overachieving teenagers being selected to become the best of the best makes sense (Especially because they are teenagers, they should be the best of the best at lease). Because dark is cool these days, the Rangers needed to have more edge to them, which is why this new team is made of "diamonds in the rough" who society has scrub off as screw-ups. So the idea is that Bryan Cranston who plays the big giant head Zordon, has the power coins pick those who have the potential to be the best of the best.

Out of all the superhero movies that are coming out, Power Rangers is not the best of the best, it's definitely a diamond in the rough that has potential, but still needs more training. I did like the cast of teenagers who had some very distinctive personalities, as they try to even out the characters. I did love the fact that the Blue Ranger was played by a black dude, and The Black Ranger was played by an Asian dude (it's less distracting than what happen in the TV show).

Bryan Cranston's star power did nothing to make his Zordon a better giant head, but Elisabeth Banks was great as Rita Repulsa. In a time with Superhero movies having weak antagonist, I got to say, I enjoyed what Banks did with the character and loved to see her on the screen.

So I went into this really wanting to see this and I was not disappointed. It's not really what I expected as it's not the kung fu spectacular the TV show was, but it is a good movie. Not great just good.

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Was indeed a very metal horror film., 20 March 2017

The most Metal movie of 2017 so far.

Although it's not hard for a horror movie to be metal, I feel a lot of them do without trying. However, The Devils Candy purposely does its best to be metal.

Starting with a scene in which a man hears the call form Satan himself and then picks up a seven string axe and plucks it so deep it sounds like a bass riff, all in the name of the big D.

The film is about a metal head who moves in to this man's house after he kills his wife than himself. This Metalhead begins painting disturbing images after hearing the Devil's call of the victims that that man's son, who is the monster of this slasher styled flick, starts to accumulate, and if this metalhead does not get his head right his daughter, who this monster has his eye on, will be next.

Definitely appreciate the effort to be more metal. You have movies like Hellraiser (That just comes to mind) which is very metal with out attaching a Motörhead soundtrack for one of its sequels, and it's not even trying to appeal to the genre per say, like this movie does with the father and daughter bonding over their hate of everything cute and cuddly and poking fun of how light on the ears Metallica is.

But definitely loved this more than most horror films these days that use cast that more appeal to the pop music crowd. Plus the movie goes for that no holds bared slasher horror feeling (Without getting too gory). This movie's monster's love of children (specifically the metalhead's easy on he eyes daughter) gives the emotion of that golden age Freddy Kruger, Micheal Myers era of slash without needing to actually see overdone kill moves.

Completely disturbing, thrilling and suspenseful, and horrific without any of that.

Devil horns up!

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Not a bad experiment., 19 March 2017

Overall the experience is not that bad. It's funny how human nature works.

So the movie is about a group of employees who get locked down in a government building and are force to kill a few to save the many.

Suddenly, the guy who was your best friend a second ago looks at you differently as the experiment creates two types of people. The ones who believe right is might and want to use strength to control the situation, and those who want to find another situation other than killing.

Very similar to the Saw films as these people scramble to make the choice of who will live and who will die before the voice in the intercom that trapped them makes that call and has their heads explode with a messy bomb implanted in there. It also has a few gruesome death scenes as well.

It's a good social science study and I like watching to see what people would do in this situation. Entertaining.

Atomica (2017)
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Super cheap Sci-Fi at it's best., 18 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Or I could be wrong, cause I don't know how much it actually cost to turn a cyclist clothing and gear into a futuristic Hazmat suit. But I'm starting off giving the movie a bad rap. It's not the best story I have come across. The lead character, Abby has an important position as some head engineer whose more theory than practice, assigned to fix one of the big nuclear reactors that is supplying power to the whole world, but after meeting the two men who operate the station she finds the problem bigger than expected. What I really liked about the movie is the art direction. The cycle riding turned Hazmat suit was actually pretty cool, and it does not hurt that the lead actress was wearing it well. I really like the set that the film takes place on. I don't know if they made it or found a place but it looked like the greatest Sci-fi ever, and was a main character on it's own that made the movie worth looking at. It's one of those small movies with only three people that included Dominic Monaghan and Tom Sizemore who I must admit were not really worth mentioning in a story that's OK and done OK, that moves fast enough not to bore you and has a great set that almost makes up for a lot of it's short comings.

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It was OK, If you're looking for it to be more than that, too bad., 18 March 2017

It's an OK movie. Don't really need to see the first one to like the second one, as it's about four people reconnecting with each other after twenty years, and most of the story's content is like that. Although, most of the plot does revolve around what happen in the original movie and is implemented with the idea that you did see the first one as Mark stupidly returns to his old stomping grounds knowing he stole money from his "mates"(As they say across the pond) and you can only imagine what happen afterwards.

The Franco character was the most interesting to catch up with. Despite spending most of his time in jail since the last movie, he seemed to have the most interesting situation to come back to, with a wife who did not truly miss him and a son who's becoming a man far different than the one he is as Franco has the same mentality he had when he got locked up, that no longer fits.

When we last left Mark, it seemed like he was going to do something more with his life, but as it turned out that was not the case as he has some what of a mid-life crisis when he realized his life sucks.

While Sick Boy (Now preferring Simon) and Spud seem to be stuck where they were Twenty Years ago (It happens, especially when drugs are in the mix).

T2 does not seem as lively as the originally, but in many ways this makes perfect sense, as the movie is all about getting older, and the type of person you are in your Twenties vs. who your are later in life.

It has it's amusing moments, but it does make me question weather Danny Boyle made this sequel simply for nostalgia reasons. He does not seem like that type of filmmaker, yet this movie falls into the great sequel trap as I felt not enough has changed in the past twenty years and I was expecting more.

Although I did like how the film making was done to reflected how these characters have not changed. Using a lot of camera angles and other tricks Boyle did in the very first movie.

I like the first movie, but not that much to really care about T2, but it did make me wonder what would happen next to these guys. For those of you who did love the original that much, I think you are in for a little bit of a let down.

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Man, that was good! I did not see that coming!, 17 March 2017

So ready to hate this movie as the animated version was a treasure of my childhood. Let met tell you, it's the very same movie. I know a lot of people don't like animated movies so it's like they translated that version like they would translate French to English, but the magic, lost nothing in the translation.

The magic that made that animated movie soooo good is in this version. It's an amazing feat that they were able to do that. That's how they make it work so spectacularly.

I will say there were some awesome performances by the live action cast members, especially Josh Gad who played LeFou. It was worth the ticket price just to see this dude make you laugh throughout the film. A stellar performance. It's The only thing that does not make this a carbon copy of the animated one.

Plus the the art direction was great. The sets and the costumes were fantastic. So I got to say the film works and is a rare occasion that a remake was worth doing.

Never as good as the first but enjoyable to watch.

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It's interesting, I'll give it that, a little hard to say if it's good or bad., 13 March 2017

A little all over the place as it's a ghost story and mystery at the same time without actually needing to be the same story even though it's in the same movie

Kristian Stewart plays a personal shopper who stays in Paris to see if her late twin will give her a sign form the other side after his death (Because they both had the gift to talk of he dead). She makes contact with the other side and adds two more different plots to a movie that did not need anymore layers really.

The movie does count on your love (or hate)of Kristian Stewart. She's the one and only focus of the film as we explore her interesting life as a woman who purchases clothes for a famous woman, can contact ghost and is getting stalked by one, while dealing with her twin's death, But hey, we get to see her naked, a major plus as this movie fixates on how dead pan she can be as an actress.

Overall, the filmmakers gave us a pretty interesting mix of a movie that could have acted as two or three different movies. The layers make sure that it's not really boring but it is a little bland.

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Not as good as the hype., 11 March 2017

So a group of gamers get trapped in an online world, for three years, where they die if they loose the game, but when the survivors of this ordeal are offered a cool new device that allows them to connect to the web and social media in order to play a new game, they gladly except it. That's some hardcore gaming.

I herd of Sword Art Online and from what I herd I wanted to see it. Sounded like a great concept. A more appealing one than Yu Gi Oh, which also had a big motion picture release this year. So I saw Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions and it was my first time ever seeing this franchise in anyway and I like it a lot. This made me figure that I may get the same satisfaction from Sword Art Online's motion picture.

That did not happen. I though the movie was boring. Unlike the Yu-Gi-Oh film, I felt that I needed to have started from the beginning with Sword Art Online. It does not help that the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh seem to be more interesting than those in Sword Art Online. These guys seem kinda dry.

The anime seemed to me like it should be one of those action packed thrill rides with a bunch of cool fighting sequences and stuff, but most of the fights were not that interesting at all to watch, and this was inter cut with a lot of story and I did not connect to.

I don't want to give up on the franchise after one try but I would advise coming into this film with a firmer knowledge of the concept. The recap the movie begins with does not help and I feel that this film only works for true fans.

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His Crying makes us laugh, 5 March 2017

And what is it about crying losers that makes us laugh? It's mostly because he does not realize that we think he's a looser. Donald is from a small town that he never left and is contempt with his life. His best friend in high school, Peter who has not been back in town since he left 15 years ago returns to take care of his recently decease grandma's affairs, and in the processes, catches up with a man who has not changed in all that time, which is a real problem for Peter whose not trying to go back.

Donald Cried is appealing in that it's a very relatable type of thing. The filmmaker who also happens to play Donald is able to tackle the subject most likely cause he has vast experience, either being the man he plays or most likely being Peter from a very observational point of view. It's a series of characters that no matter who you are you know at least one.

It has a pretty solid story about a man who has his reasons for leaving and never looking back trying not to face looking back, but gets tangle with something (in this case someone) that's too wrapped up in what he's escaping.

It seems far fetch to compare this movie to Manchester by The Sea, as it will never achieve the type of recognition that film will, just because this is a comedy, but it's the same for being relatable in that trying to escape a small town situation.

Very good.

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It's a solid B minus movie., 4 March 2017

On one level this movie seems even too low budget for Dolph Lundgren. On the other it was an excellent choice for the action hero.

Have you ever seen his film I come in Peace? When I herd the title for this movie I thought I was going to be watching something more like that, which is more of a Sci-Fi laced action thriller, but this is a little more horror than expected. Mostly because of the low budget look you get when you shoot in pretty much two or three locations.

Lundgren plays a demon hunter, I like to point out similar to the demon hunters on the show Supernatural (big like Sam Winchester, but jaded like Dean Winchester). He comes to a small town that's being attack by a demon that possess the body of the person who kills it, making it difficult to take down.

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