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Beyond any taste, 20 May 2017

Now considering the fairly high rating some may argue I'm too harsh here. Which will come of as a surprise to a lot of people who have blamed me for the opposite thing. But while I can see a bit of charme here (old video store, some nerds, a couple of nice gimmicks), the movie is just plain bad. And not in a good sense either.

Let's pretend you don't mind the simple nature of film quality (and I am putting it mildly here, and I also want to note that I didn't care about that, I guess you get used to it slowly if you don't fixate too much on it)! Let's also pretend the awful overacting is neither bothering you and you either like it or think it's so bad it's funny. You may roll your eyes on the cliché of a story, but also just go: Whatever, it's a Horror movie. If you succeeded to avoid experiencing any pain while watching, then congratulations. But I can not recommend this under any circumstances. Especially when there are way better movies for you to spend your time and money on

The Neighbor (2016/II)
Bad Neighbor, 20 May 2017

We always wonder what our neighbors are like. Unless we are good friends with them that is. But even then, do we really know them? Do they like us? Do they have extra curricular activities we are not aware of? Also what can we expect from the filmmaker of the Collection movies? Exactly and if you know those, you do know what you are letting yourself into (no pun intended of course).

So while our main characters may not exactly make their way into heaven for their personality or way of life, there might be a bigger problem right around the corner (or just next to the corner). Obviously if you are watching a horror/thriller movie I don't have to tell you, that things tend to get ugly. Suspense level is there and it keeps you on your toes until the end ... what more can you ask for?

What a night, 20 May 2017

You are either with the director or you aren't. But if you like fast paced comedy that takes no prisoners, than you are at the right place (no pun intended). This is a comedy that takes you through a whole bunch of emotions and it succeeds on every level. It's funny, it has suspense, there is mystery and there is adult themes running through the whole thing for everyone to enjoy.

The acting is spot on (again no pun intended) and for a one location shoot, his goes places other movies would not dare to take you. The director also takes his wife through the wringer. The wonderful Carmella Bang is wonderful as always, but her character is not as lovable. Which is something that can be said about most of the people in this. It's show business after all ....

We Go On (2016)
Paranormal Activity, 20 May 2017

Or be careful what you wish for. I think the theme of what is next, what is life and where are we heading, is not an alien one. Is there more out there, things that we can not see with our eyes? And will the movie help solve those questions? Well it's a movie so don't expect its answers to help too much.

It's also a weird "indie" movie, that will either be intriguing or annoying for you. There are a couple of things that feel cliché and very predictable. But it still manages to be unique in a way. The main actor may have some minor charisma issues but he still carries the movie to a degree. His drive to find something is noble to a point, though Don Quijote was noble in his quest too wasn't he? Watch at your own leisure

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It's the Spanish Twilight Zone, 19 May 2017

We're all unique they say. Well some say it. There is others that say we are much more alike than we'd like to believe. So what to believe then? Our eyes that would tell us different? Or do they fool us? Now the characters in this have a hard time and it's not just because they are trapped inside a building during a storm. There is something else going on around them.

If you like Science Fiction and you like mystery as well, you will have a great time. It's also very funny and scary at times, like many of them are. After watching this, you may take a look around and see things differently. Very differently then before ... Seriously though: Very entertaining, very suspenseful and beautifully shot and edited as well

Save it then?, 19 May 2017

Well not exactly either. But let's backtrack and talk about a movie with Dolph Lundgren in the main role. Just that fact will put some people off or make them fans before watching it. If you don't take issue to the once Russian boxer and Rocky opponent, you will see his grumpy, but still very likable side. He has charisma and the actor actually has a lot more to offer than he is allowed to show.

Having said that, Humor is a tough thing to sell at times and the voting here shows it. I had a blast watching it and a lot of people in the audience I was with, had the exact same experience. It always helps to have an experienced director at helm of course, which is the case here. There is violence, there is comedy and a bit of horror. What's not to love?

Not exactly knocked out of the park ..., 19 May 2017

But you know, not that bad either. You may argue (succesfully) that there aren't that many likable characters in this. But that would not be the point. It's about a situation people find themselves in that is way worse than anything they may have as a baggage. Having said that, the movie may have some critical social commentary floating along the way, but is not hammering it home.

The action and suspense is there and the movie is nicely told. The flow works and the characters while not morally sound are at least believable. Watch with friends if you are squeamish or easily scared. Otherwise just "enjoy" a movie that has a couple of shocking things on display

Tomb Raiding Chinese style, 19 May 2017

We are a mere couple of weeks away from a new Mummy movie. And it just goes to show you that adventures with ancient secrets, graves and legends are still very popular in the eyes of the film watching audience. There is a couple of time-lines and everything is of course connected as you would expect. It's overall a nice adventure for the whole family with action and suspense for everyone.

You can't really judge acting in movies like that and the story overall. It's all there for the special effects to come on. The relationships work nicely and the flow of the movie is good too. The mentioned special effects are good enough. Just don't expect too much and you'll be pleased

Creepy (2016)
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Creepy, 19 May 2017

Something is off - but in a good way. Well even that may not be the right way to describe things. But you know I'm not a detective (btw. something that late in the movie is something I actually really cringed at, was the behavior of a police official, it was so out of any logical realm, it almost hurt .. the movie), so I have to rely on what the characters deliver and what I can make of it.

Some may compare this with earlier work of the director, but that might not be fair to him or the movie at hand. I do think that this is anything but ordinary and it does show the whole way through. Like our main character, there is more than meets the eye. Apart from some flaws and clichés that are being delivered, this is pretty rock solid and suspenseful from start to finish

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Nice war on every guys, 18 May 2017

So we had two movies about an investigating couple in 2016. The other one was Shane Blacks "Nice guys". They weren't cops there, like they are here. But then again, these cops right here, you won't find too many of them around. It's obvious this is anything but politically correct. So if you don't like humor off the rails and off the norm, you probably should not watch this.

If you on the other hand like your comedies to be crazy and all over the place, you should give this a chance. It's actually pretty funny and the two buddies on the front are doing a great job with their characters. Completely crazy and without any morality center they take whatever they like and do not care. You could argue that this makes them despicable persons, but remember this is a movie and a comedy. Don't be offended by it, it takes away all the fun you could have

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