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The Circle (2017/I)
Entertained yet?, 17 September 2017

Imagine Jim Carrey doing Truman "willingly"?! Actually you don't really have to imagine that hard. If you think about it, it already started. We are visible almost everywhere. The question is, does someone really want to follow one person around that much? Is one person that interesting? Not to mention the creepiness involved in all that.

So everybody can be a "reality" Internet star nowadays. And the fact we are accessible and everybody can see us, is a big part of this story. It's also nice to see Bill Paxton in this, stretching his acting muscles in a small role. And while I haven't read the novel (I can only imagine that it is way better), I do think this is doing a decent job overall. Not great, but not bad either (for someone who can't compare it to the source material) ...

Every day of the week, 17 September 2017

I like the new title better. Though the Question about one of the sisters (by name) was fine too. But this way it's more open to interpret and maybe not guessing one of the things that will happen. If you catch my drift ... then again the movie has more to offer than just that. And it does deal with one of the most important issues the future seems to hold for us: how will we be able to feed the ever growing population? Of course this all is used to make a really good Science Fiction story, that is filled with tension for your viewing pleasure.

The girl formerly with a Dragon tattoo (from the Original European thriller that is) has really set her mark in Hollywood. And while this particular movie may only be shown on Netflix in America, it will get theatrical release around the world. Try to watch it on the big screen and enjoy it. Even if things may be predictable for you ...

Don't blame the Kid, 17 September 2017

If you get pregnant, you may be angry at the baby in your belly or the guy who put it there. The English title may be a bit vague and that is not a bad thing. It's one of the weirdest Rom-Coms you probably will watch. And made the main actress a bit of an attraction for America too. Right now she's doing shows and what not. It didn't happen overnight, but movies like this surely helped.

She may seem annoying (especially to male audiences), but her character is flawed for a reason. And still feels as real as possible. As human as possible if you want to call it that. It's not hard to guess what the inciting incident is, but the movie still has some surprises along the way. The acting is solid and the script works too. It may have some bumps along the road to the end, but overall it's a good movie

The Party (2017/I)
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Group talk a lot, 14 September 2017

We got a black and white movie with a lot of dialog. Depending on if this is a turn-off or not, I reckon you'll continue reading. This drama has some very fine acting in it, with a very tight script. This played at a couple of festivals, which makes sense if you think about the quality of the material.

It may feel a bit like a play (haven't searched the origin of the screenplay to tell you the truth), but it's a pretty fast paced one. That does not only ring true of the dialog speed, but also how the story and certain reveals go forward. Some things may be predictable, but if you haven't seen the trailer I reckon there will be enough surprise twists and turns waiting for you. A quality movie that keeps up a solid suspense ...

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Not so cold war, 12 September 2017

When Charlize Theron is taking a bath (that is literally the first thing that happens in the movie), you see signs of things to come. And it again shows that she does not care too much about being portrayed as flawless as possible on screen. That also true of the fight scenes, which feel as real as possible while still stylized (it's one of the John Wick guys at the helm, it should be expected).

So acting is on a high level as expected, stunts are really exceptional. It does quite a bit and shows quite a bit so it really deserves and acknowledges the R-rating it got. The story may be predictable and overall simple, even the time structure does not change that a lot. But this does exactly what it set out to do: Entertain on high level

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Between the (front) lines, 12 September 2017

Don't expect to see full on war .. it's more Guerilla War tactics and all that. Also it's war on many fronts and it's more of a road movie in war times. Now for a movie to work you need a really strong villain. And Woody Harrelson has that charisma to pull it off. He also has a very memorable scene very early on to justify that status and solidify him in that more than evil role.

Unfortunately this cannot be sustained throughout. Still while he may lose some of his drive and certain predictable things happen, there is a lot of Drama and a lot of Action happening to keep you on the edge of your seat. The effects get better with every movie of course. And overall the new PotA movies do justice to the legacy of the old ones, who surely will look outdated to some.

Aware of the issue, 11 September 2017

If a movie can raise awareness of any issue that should concern us, that is to be applauded. No matter who made the film and if you didn't like what he did previously (especially concerning the game to movie franchise overall). Familiar faces/actors who surely were driven to do this not just because of the money, but because they wanted to help in showing people what went on in Darfur.

The beginning makes you wonder though, because it could've been done as a documentary as well. You have survivors and real people being interviewed by our actors pretending to be journalists. But that question goes away once it goes into action territory, where it gets a bit fantastical. You may criticize that part, but that is what excuses this not being a documentary. So in trying to make people listen we go back to the action movie blueprint. I don't think it defies the purpose and all is shot well. You may argue about a couple of writing, editing and character decisions, but you could also say that it's nitpicking ... One of the better Boll movies, though still not the masterpiece he would like you to believe this is

Skins (2017)
Deformed, 11 September 2017

Let's just say that if you only want to see beautiful people and beautiful stories and beautiful things - this isn't the movie to watch for you. Some may find it tasteless others may see that he gives groups of people a voice and a face (no pun intended). It's anything but an easy watch and you should be aware of that.

The director is known for provoking and going places (I've seen the bath short he did, which is quite "out there" and also explicit). So you've been warned, if you watch this through, you made that choice, to watch a couple of people who are mostly frowned upon by society, through no fault of their own ... Shedding some light to those topics should be recommended

Scratching the surface, 11 September 2017

Which is not something you got when registering at Ashley Madison I reckon. Seriously though: I had heard as many of something happening back then, but I hadn't heard of the website before and never really looked into it. So while I understand that some may find this unsatisfying (just like the website apparently) or inconclusive, but it does quite a bit with the few minutes running time it has.

It does shed some light on what was going on and we get a couple of opinions of people involved or were affected by the website. Not the in-depth look some may have hoped for, but does enough to shed light on a controversial issue. I guess the rest can be found on the internet ...

Dunkirk (2017)
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Bravery in the making, 4 September 2017

I guess when it comes to Nolan or anyone we really appreciate, we may have a different standard we hold them accountable to. So maybe I am being a bit unfair, while I was trying to figure out if I'd give it a 9 or an 8, deciding to go with an 8 in the end. Minor details I know, but I want to get into, why I only gave it an 8.

Let's take the positive: Try to watch it as big as possible (no size matters jokes here please, still this was shot to be seen as huge as possible)! The framing, the quality of the pictures is amazing to say the least. And even critics of Nolans work admit that he know how to frame his movies. Furthermore the audio and sound design in general is on a top level. No doubt it will be nominated for the Academy Award. I actually right now would even say is a strong contender for winning at least one of the sound "awards".

So technically speaking this is on a top level. It also has a story that will leave many in disbelief, but this really happened (haven't looked at details, but I reckon we just watch the overall picture - no pun intended). Now why not a higher rating? The fact that it defies certain narratives and goes a bit of a different route is nice to see. What it does have is a repetition in scenes. Which kind of defies certain highlights ... and is sort of a shame ... so maybe I am too harsh on it and maybe I should applaud it for not being too personal about certain things, even though we have tent-pols of certain characters, that we get back to amidst all the chaos ... a very well choreographed and shot chaos that is ...

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