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Raw (2016/II)
(eating) habits, 16 November 2017

The movie is also called Raw, which is also very apt. Actually more apt than Grave I reckon, which is a bit weird. But I guess someone thought this was fitting for some reason. But this movie is about a student, who after being hazed at Campus and other things that apparently are initiation rituals, develops some issues. Who can blame her? But the movie strays from that direction.

If you've read the summary, which I'm guess is revealing, you know where this is heading. And it does try to shock as much as possible. While it could have been even more explicit in its depiction of certain things, it still will make some people sick. Just the thought of it. But people who've seen a couple of horror movies, may not feel too uncomfortable. Though I wouldn't use the word tame either. The reveal at the end is not really a shocker, but it's a story that told interestingly enough.

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Coming of Age - into the light, 16 November 2017

Every childhood has its own stories. And we get one here that incorporates a couple of things. It may seem to go one way and then swerves and goes somewhere else with it. So I'd say it is not as predictable as other movies in the same genre. It also tells you from the start that this isn't just a light fun affair.

So if you like a drama with really good child performers, this is one of the movies I'd recommend you to watch. Mistakes will be made and the consequences do grow out and mess up with other people. But it's also yourself who may have trouble getting over certain things happening. Add to that a romantic "side-story" and you have a really powerful movie (flawed as it still may be)

Buddymoon (2016)
Into the ... Forest, 16 November 2017

I guess if you decide to go hiking, Fluola is one of the best choices for a partner. Unless you get annoyed by his voice, accents or general chatter (and there is a lot of it going on). But yes this is a buddy comedy (hence the title), about a guy not sure about himself or his next destination/path, so what better thing to do, than go out into the wild? Maybe there are better ideas, but for the purposes of this comedy it was a good setting.

The comedy works because of the German jester. Not all the jokes work, but you can feel that the friendship is there. There has to be some drama, but overall it does feel as real as possible, for a movie of its kind. If you don't mind the setting, than you will be entertained on this road to discovery (oneself)

Rendel (2017)
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Super Hero from Europe, 14 November 2017

As I understand this is an Origin and there was not a comic before the movie was conceived. Of course now, after the movie, there probably will be some comics to go with the movie. For an origin, this is more than decent. It's dark, it has weird characters and it has good action sequences in it.

The main character who embodies traits from other existing characters from comic books (like The Crow or even The Darkness, which is also a video game). Unfortunately he is a bit bland, which is probably one of the main point everyone is criticizing the movie for. And it's valid criticism, just try to avoid putting this on the same scale, when it comes to character then other movies. The special effects are more than good and it is anything but politically correct. So just sit back and enjoy this - if you can

Young, dumb and full of ... offending?, 14 November 2017

Coming of age and crime combined in this one. If you're not familiar with the accent, you will get used to it pretty quick by watching and listening. Some may need subtitles though, just a fair warning. Performances are really good, though you may not know the actors in this, which shouldn't matter anyway.

Like any at least decent drama, this has also humor, tension and a lot of other things going for it. The ending may be a bit too smooth for some (how it all gets woven into putting a cap on it), but I think it works for this movie. It's fun, it's light and the running time is more than fair, so you won't feel bored during it.

(For) Springsteen fans, 14 November 2017

I think it's not really a secret that you have to be really a fan to get this. Because most of the movie is other people (mostly private persons) talking about what Bruce means to them, how they cherish him and how they show it to others. Little anecdotes of course come up all the time and some people are even featured a couple of times throughout the movie and most do the describe in 3 words "game".

All that gets "interrupted" by performances by Bruce from time to time. This is kind of refreshing and you get to hear what you love too. But this isn't a concert nor is it about Bruce in a sense. But about the impact he had and still has of course on many people. Not every-ones cup of tea, but with a title like that, it should be clear, if this is something you want to spend time on or not

Win It All (2017)
Gambling habits, 14 November 2017

Can you change a person who's addicted to gambling? Even more important, should you trust this person with money? Well you will find out once you watch this. The main character is very well cast and you get a nice supporting cast too. It's overall pretty decent for a movie of this kind but nothing special.

We also get treated to a love story and we know that there will be drama about the money. The brother figure gives this a whole different spin, though you are excused if you think there are quite a few glitches in logic to enhance drama. But that is how this works most of the time. Good enough, but nothing too exciting

Trading and growing (up), 14 November 2017

I guess if your father is a criminal ... well there is a chance that you may follow in his footsteps. Even after you should know better (him being incarcerated). So we have two sons trying to make do, while their father is locked up. It's a drama and it is very slow paced. So these points right there should be an indication if this is even in your ball park or not from the get go.

Towards the end we do get a lot of suspension but also false drama at time. Or something that feels like it could have been bigger than it is. There is also a "hidden" door, that does not get a set up or explanation until after the fact. Some may not like the movie being unconventional like that at times either. But it works most of the time because of that. Don't expect too many obvious answers either

The Chosen (2015)
Oh the horror, 14 November 2017

Horror gets a bad rep from people ... and movies like this one are helping with that false narrative. Of course there are bad movies in every genre, but Horror seems to be affected most by it. And with comedy, which is a genre where you could argue it's also easy to make a movie fast and cheap, you have the safety net of "taste". Because humor is in the eye of the beholder, but quality isn't.

So while it would be tough to come up with something completely new, you should expect that something better can be done, even with a devil takes people (sacrifices made) and so forth. There is a tendency to try to give characters some depth. The actors just can't pull that weight. Not saying they get a great script and they mess it up, but still they could and should have been able to raise the bar. Acting ain't that easy ... making good movies neither

Forest living, 8 November 2017

An apocalyptic movie about a family in the forest. I know a couple of friends who completely hated this movie. And there is one scene that is really despicable. When you see it, you'll understand. Some may even say it is completely unnecessary. It is depressing and I guess it was supposed to even further challenge the viewer.

Whatever the case, the movie itself is pretty slow and some also might say boring. It is a slow burner, so there is that for starters. And there is really not that much going on. It does have some merits, especially in the family dynamic, but overall there is something missing. The actors do try their best, but it just isn't enough to put this in a really good place.

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