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Hero (un)wanted, 25 July 2017

This sees a couple of soldiers back on in the good US of A. But they are in between, because they are supposed to go back to the war zone. One in particular is praised as a hero, for what he did on the battlefield. And while he is not highest in rank, he is the one most are concentrating on. The story too, with his struggle and his flashbacks to the day that made him "famous".

There are quite a few stars in this, some in really small roles (like Vin Diesel or Kristen Stewart), but what is important, is that everyone involved gives their best and it shows on screen. You may know where this is going, but it still is a very fine watch. A tough movie to watch, with obvious stabs at many thins (media attention, praise but also false heroism and much more) ... it really is like a mirror showing a couple of bad sides of society. Then again, is there a chance to change?

Suburra (2015)
Crime in the City, 25 July 2017

You know this is structured in the best sense, a familiar sense for people who have seen a couple of crime movies. You know a little bit of how they are structured, you can feel where it is going. And still the suspense is there. Even when you are like "I see, I know", it still delivers the punch with such precision that you don't mind a bit of predictability. Also the quality is of the highest standard.

Acting wise and story/script wise that is. We are talking about a very tight story about many characters, connected one way or another. If you judge this morally you may have some issues. It'll be hard to find a likable character in this. But that is not what this movie is about. Since this somehow connected to the people who did Gomorra, the show and I reckon the movie, I'm looking forward to watch that too

Time Sweep (2016)
Trapped, 25 July 2017

If in your head you think too much about certain events, you may be trapped. There is more to this and the title is a bit of a give away, so even before the characters tell us what this is about, you can start figuring things out yourself. It's still neatly done and there are certain twists that work quite nicely.

Having said that, the story does lose a bit of its drive and you could've done it all in a short movie. It's like the beginning and the end ... and then there is some stuff in between. Of course the scenes are there for a reason, but you could've enjoyed the story without them. It's nice but in its "genre" or type of movie, it doesn't rank in the top spots

Sleepless (2017/III)
Watch the Original if you can, 23 July 2017

Unless you have an aversion to subtitles. Because the french movie is way better. And if you watch this first, you may have spoiled a few things you would have found very interesting in the original. Not that it gets copied one to one. Still this can be fun, if you see at as nonsensical action movie remake.

Jamie Foxx seems a bit larger than life and there is stuff going on, that the viewer is able to predict way easier than the characters seem to. Their grip on things is loose, to put it nicely and no pun intended. The action scenes are shot well and there is quite a bit of action. If you let that get into your head, you will be able to enjoy the ride and not think too much about the flaws ...

Sleepless Night, 23 July 2017

When it comes to action thrillers, French cinema has put out some really good stuff over the last couple of years. This is another example of great action thriller. A ride you want to take if you like movies with a high suspense level. It actually impressed Americans that much, that they made a remake of this one.

You can assume that the Remake is not as good as this, but if you don't like reading subtitles, then you might want to go check the Jamie Foxx version of this. This one is a roller-coaster that won't let you breathe. Once the action starts, there is no stopping. It's more about action and about getting things rolling. Still you got really good actors pulling things off. Sit back, watch and enjoy

Summer vacation time, 23 July 2017

Two unlikely heroes (or anti heroes) find each other. The only two boys who are not invited to the hottest (birthday) party of their class. A Young Adult movie based on a book (that I haven't read by the way) that clearly gets the spirit of young boys in one of their most vulnerable times.

You may think that some of the things the boys do are annoying. But boys are not always rational. And if you really think about it, the grown ups are making bigger mistakes. Mistakes they shouldn't do and things to other people they shouldn't be doing. Some things are only suggested (adultery), others are out in the open (alcohol abuse). It's not just light fun, there is also drama. And comedy of course. This works on many levels not just for young people growing up. It is a movie that takes you on a trip ...

Moonlight (2016/I)
Moon-Lala-Light, 22 July 2017

That Oscar mix-up will forever be attached to the movie winning that final most prestigious Oscar. An honest mistake or maybe done on purpose to avoid another discussion altogether? 2016 was the year where the Oscars got a lot of heat, because all the nominees were white. You could be excused for thinking they tried to make up for it in 2017. Then again, that would not be fair to the movie at hand.

A movie that really is going out there and is a movie that has a lot of heart, does go places you might not expect and is about what it means to be or rather become a man. In this case a man conflicted and torn because of his sexual preference. One that goes back to a couple of things, including one inciting incident that some might say has not much of a pay out at the end. But does it always have to have one? Also the "not" pay out works fine for the movie.

The acting is really good and while the movie is raw this can work in favor of it for the viewer or against it. It does have a neat structure and it really messed with your head. Our main character may not speak a lot, but that's how the character works. And it works ...

Free Fire (2016)
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This is how we do it, 22 July 2017

Don't get me wrong, with the general score you can see that this movie is dividing people. And this is obviously not for everyone. The cursing, the gun violence. Or just the plain fact that this plays out in one location. But there we also have the one great thing about it. This is the blueprint for everyone who thinks about doing a thriller/action movie playing in one location.

Watch this on how to make it interesting, how to play out your characters and how to write dialog. You may not like things depicted or think anything good about the characters in the movie, but you can't fault the director of how he's doing, shooting, making this movie work. It's really amazing to be on this thrill ride, that once it starts, does not seem to stop. And it does not get boring for a second, with new ideas and some nice turns and twists along the way ... It may spoil other low budget movies for you, but don't let that stop you from watching it

Silence (2016/I)
Religious much?, 22 July 2017

The premise is that Christians had it really tough in Japan. They were hunted, they were punished unless they became faithless. In a way this is what Rome did way back in the day, when they were trying to suppress Christianity. Of course we cannot forget that Christianity also tried to force themselves and their believe on others, while invading countries for quite some time.

So everything relating to punish people because of religion, I'd say not really a good thing. Whether it be of what you believe (or don't) or what you want others to believe. This journey is really a tough one though and as others already have stated here, this is not an entertaining movie. It also brings home the message way before the movie ends. In other words, it may have done with a shorter running time.

Having written all that, I can also say as many have before me, that this is technically brilliant. The actors also doing a great job, Scorsese going back to one of his favorite themes. While Bringing out the Dead was not successful and had its issues too, this sees an expected evolution to the theme. Tough and long watch then, are you up for it? Will this be something you want to see?

First rule of ..., 22 July 2017

Some movies keep their big reveals for the end of the movie. You do have a main character with psychological issues here and they are not hiding it. Fighting demons (not literally, although sometimes it may seem so on screen) is one thing, translating that drama onto screen another. It really is tough, especially when you consider the struggle the main character has to go through.

And the fact the viewer has to stay with him. It's not easy to like him all the time, but you understand where he is coming from. The neighborhood, the friends, the family, all that background gets covered. The movie does a really good job and the fight scenes are gritty and tough enough. It really is a movie that has quality and cares about its very broken protagonist ... do you care too?

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