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Heart-pounding, non-stop suspense.....whole cast ROCKS!, 7 May 2017

I watched this without much expectation because there was nothing on. I did not know it would suck me in like being in a black hole during a hurricane. The entire cost was awesome - Embry gives Oscar-worthy performance, and I think he has one of the most expressive faces on the Silver Screen. Vince never disappoints, and proved to be a most emotionally tortured villain. He gets glimpses that what he is doing is BAD, but he cannot overcome his demon. The daughter is incredibly likable - not an obnoxious smart-a** like the character's of so many kids in movies these days. At first, I found the wife dull, but she rocks, and gave a great performance. I disagree with some of the others that this was not gory. It was quite gory and violent, both in imagery and played out scenes. This movie flew by in no time - you won't even have time to get a snack. It brings forth the notion that people -both good and bad - can summon up strength we never knew existed within us. To what purpose do we want to use it?

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This liberal was not impressed., 30 April 2017

As a liberal, I am not offended by this show. I just don't find it particularly funny or intelligent. It is also very vulgar. Just because you let a few f-bombs fly around, does not make you funny. I enjoy Trevor Noah, Stephen C, and others. I find Samantha Bee twitchy, obnoxious, vulgar and a bit dull despite her high energy. I also find her words cruel. Others can make fun of the political day, yet without sounding mean. For some reason, this doesn't work with her. Movin' on....

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Ghosts, madness or both?, 29 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The dead don't hard as we may wish them to."

This is an achingly beautiful and haunting story about a young governess hired to help a boy who has been traumatized since his mother's death. Her efforts continue unsuccessfully while her attachment to him grows. She feels the only way to help him is to try to experience what he is experiencing. It begins to work, much to the tortured father's displeasure. He cannot understand why everyone can hear his dead wife but him. She also converses with Lilia, an old caretaker whom she later learns has been dead the whole time. The ending is very clear as to what transpires. There is no confusion if you have been paying attention. This reminded me a great deal of Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca, in it's grief combined with classic Gothic horror elements. I really enjoyed this, and found it different than anything I have seen in quite some time. It does move slowly.

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Makes the Bates family look conventional...., 16 April 2017

I enjoyed this movie. It is a family character study about deeply troubled and mentally ill siblings, some of whom have dealt with childhood trauma. Three of the children (adult children) appear to have precognition, though only one of them seems to be aware of it and is able to use it to alter an event. Keener gives a superb performance as the mother. This family loves each other, although they each suffer internally with their own demons. This is a slow burn, but well worth a watch. All of the characters speak softly, it was a strain for me to hear sometimes. There is no yelling and only one violent scene. It is an emotional study of a loving family who just doesn't feel it "belongs here", meaning in this world.

This was genuinely creepy....BUT....., 29 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the first five minutes of the film when a spirit (or demon) shows her that her parents have been killed on their way to pick her up, I knew this would be chilling. It sets the stage for Kat's vulnerability, for as we know from horror films, the demon strikes when we are emotionally frail. Her schoolmate who is rather cruel to her in the beginning, sets the stage for conflict and pent-up anger and makes you sympathetic to Kat (as if losing her parents didn't already do that for you). She slowly begins to change, and while this is happening, Joan comes onto the scene after escaping an asylum (yup, we've seen this). Her character is very complex, and I don't want to divulge. I was never bored during this - it is spine-chilling. But there is nothing particularly clever about it and the gratuitous violence in the last half hour really turned me off - I felt it had changed gears and become a campy slasher film. I gave it a 7 because it was quite scary, however, I don't like how it changed gears from being a psychological horror film to a bloody severed head count. The demon-bunny looked ridiculous. But with that being said, it was a scary movie. Unlike other viewers, I failed to see echoes of The Shining. It did however, remind me of Scandi-Noir films, with it's bleak setting, quiet, but unsettling characters and ominous tone. If you like "Let Me In" and "Keeper of Lost Secrets", you will probably enjoy this one. It did edit my review to more stars because this movie stayed with me and got under my skin - despite the demon bunny.

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Great mix of characters, quirky, funny show..., 20 March 2017

I have loved Lithgow since 3rd Rock From the Sun, back in the day. This is a funny show and the characters mesh very well together. I love his office staff, especially his secretary and her numerous neurosis conditions. The law office shares space with a taxidermy outfit. This show is especially funny if you are southern and familiar with certain southern traits such as our dislike of strong displays of painful emotion ("I've never seen my wife so upset!" Camera zoom on wife showing no emotion whatsoever). The show is surprisingly tender and sweet, too.

"Taboo" (2017)
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You will be addicted by the first episode., 20 February 2017

This show has it all: history, black magic, dark family secrets (and I mean DARK), betrayal and so much more. Tom Hardy is mesmerizing and rules the screen, but the entire cast is great. This is a very intelligent show, and the dialects can be hard to understand (then again, my hearing is not the best). Delaney's character is so complex - fair and soft-spoken one minute - a protector, able to see the good and evil in others, yet a ruthless killer the next. He is haunted by past trauma that he is only just beginning to understand. Do not miss this one.

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I couldn't get through it...., 12 February 2017

I knew after five minutes that this was a dark dramedy and not a thriller. I also found the child's high-pitched voice annoying. I was hoping this would be something along the lines of Unbreakable, but I was not even able to get through it. The boy's first few "lives" are unraveled in an almost comedic way, in the first five minutes. Enter the doctor who gives lectures and has a best-selling book. At this point, I was losing interest. I don't know how this ended, nor do I care. The sound editing was the worst, too - make sure you have all background noise turned off. This had some good reviews, so I was very disappointed. To each his own. Maybe you will like it.

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Unforgettable - 5 PAWS UP!!!!, 3 February 2017

I had to give this 10 stars, which I don't think I have done on this site. This is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, but not without grit. It is not easy to watch at first, as we watch James struggle with homelessness and addiction. But like most cat's - they tend to find us, rather than the other way around. This movie was based on the true story, which makes it even more emotionally raw. Tip: do not miss the closing credits, where you will see snapshots of the real James with Bob (Bob plays himself in the movie, however). He meets human companions along his healing process as well, but it never gets overly romantic (which is a good thing). It stays true through the entire movie. Fantastic soundtrack, by the way. This movie is about never losing hope and unexpected help from the kindness of people and animals you may meet along the way. It is about realizing that some people have zero support in their lives - not even the love of family, at times. However, support can come from so many humans if we are willing to put ourselves out there. Oh yeah - animals, too :-)

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This train ride will rock you - don't miss it., 18 January 2017

"You are like one of those needy, abused dogs that just keeps getting up and coming back..." Emily Blunt gives an Oscar worthy performance as a sad, lonely, deeply troubled alcoholic. She cannot draw the line between reality, obsession and fantasy. Unfortunately, she will need to in order to save what remains of her sanity. To call this movie a love triangle would be inaccurate as there are simply too many people involved. Just when you think you have it nailed - trust me, you don't. The atmosphere is moody, the acting superb, the script is perfection. It does take awhile to build, and build it does. While this movie is by no means a chick flick, it does delve deeply into the psyche of women - at least the ones in the film - their dark secrets , their bonds, their intuition. If I had only one criticism, it would be that the lead character's alcoholism is exploited. But I guess it has to be since it is an intrinsic part of the lead role.

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