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A tale of greed and obsession....contains spoilers...., 3 September 2017

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This is an interesting Victorian yarn about a cruel women (in typical DuMaurier fashion) who has a young man obsessed to the point he will do anything for her. This starts of painfully slow - there is nothing but romance for the first hour. There is no mystery here, as clearly she is poisoning him - he becomes afflicted with the same sickness as her husband had. She is very cruel, and rejects his marriage proposal in a most humiliating way. She claims to be independent and wanting to make her own way in the world, yet we know she wants the estate, which is why she is poisoning him. He cannot see past his rosy glasses, and I liked his character. He is just a young man in love who knows the truth, but can't bear it. This movie has a tragic ending which I hated. But the acting was superb, and the movie was not bad. Overall, I have mixed feelings.

Nothing to sink your teeth into...., 26 August 2017

This movie was not horrible, but could not hold a candle to the previous two. I must say,the actors were quite good. I really enjoyed the first to Open Water movies, so I figured this one would be good, too. First, it is done in documentary format (unlike the previous ones). This makes it choppy and adds some dull scenes that seem like filler. Secondly, the cinematography was so bad, it made me seasick. Third, they should have built up the capsize scene of the boat and the monstrous wave - it lasted about 2 seconds, and we never saw it coming. Last, and most importantly, it just lacked suspense. This could have been a good movie - the premise and the cast were good. Not the worst movie I have seen, but those who loved the first two will be disappointed in this. I do feel the kids had good chemistry and did a good acting job.

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A very good psychological thriller..., 19 August 2017

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"I once ate an entire chocolate bar hoping it would kill you."

Ms. Biel shines in this, playing victim and killer at the same time. She comes from unimaginable childhood abuse, has a deeply rooted and troubled history with her now dead sibling (which we learn pretty early on), and a murky history that added to her trauma - and she snaps. But was it random or was there more to it? Bill Pullman is excellent and plays his part with compassion and intensity. Abbott will be the next big name in Hollywood (see James White, which I have also reviewed). I also recommend The Truth About Emmanuelle for Biel fans. I look forward to the next episode of The Sinner.

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Supernatural misfits helping each other...., 17 August 2017

I like this show - it is a hybrid of Haven and Being Human (the British version). It is about a group of supernatural misfits with different abilities and personalities that find a unique town. The town is geographically situated in such a way that the veil between the living and the dead is very thin. The characters have heart and they are interesting, often struggling with emotions and situations that humans often find themselves in. It moves a bit slowly, but is worth watching.

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Not a hit in my "book"...., 16 August 2017

I am a huge fan of Wrecked, and some other TBS shows, but this one was a miss for me. I loved My Name is Earl, so I thought I would like this, plus the premise seemed like it could make for a funny show. But it is not. The characters are obnoxious, sleazy and not particularly funny. I may give it one more episode - maybe. But this show makes me want to take a shower because the characters are just so scuzzy.

"Wrecked" (2016)
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I love this show...., 16 August 2017

I was not expecting much from this, as TBS has had some hits and misses, but I LOVE this show! A group of eccentric misfits (some with sordid pasts) band together for survival after a plane crash. I never watched LOST, so I can't compare the satire, but this is just a great cast of lovable and interesting characters. It is also constantly evolving with different situations, and the characters never cease to surprise us. It is very funny. I highly recommend.

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Utterly haunting and memorable...., 2 July 2017

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*** spoilers***** This thought-provoking ghost story sent chills down my spine. The beautiful and talented Stewart plays a tortured soul so much better than a vixen (not that you can't be both). She is a medium who has a day job as a personal shopper to a horrible, wealthy, famous woman, who can't even be bothered to reimburse her for her taxi fares. Stewart is also in the throes of grief having just lost her twin brother (who was also a medium). They had a pact that whoever passed on first would make contact with the other. There are so many ghosts in this movie, we are not sure which is her brother. There was even a point at which I wasn't sure they were real or figments of her grief-stricken mind. Viewers may find different opinions on this. But all viewers can agree that grief can be so overwhelming that we may begin to question what is real and what is not. Imagine if you are a medium how much more difficult that could be? Word of note: Do not miss any scenes. Some are brief - especially towards the end - but reveal much. The only reason I didn't rate this higher was the 15 minute scene where she is texting with either her dead brother, herself, or her boss's killer. It was drawn out and not needed. I also didn't care for the artsy-fartsy stuff in the beginning - it could have been left out. But nonetheless, I loved the movie.

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Heart-pounding, non-stop suspense.....whole cast ROCKS!, 7 May 2017

I watched this without much expectation because there was nothing on. I did not know it would suck me in like being in a black hole during a hurricane. The entire cost was awesome - Embry gives Oscar-worthy performance, and I think he has one of the most expressive faces on the Silver Screen. Vince never disappoints, and proved to be a most emotionally tortured villain. He gets glimpses that what he is doing is BAD, but he cannot overcome his demon. The daughter is incredibly likable - not an obnoxious smart-a** like the character's of so many kids in movies these days. At first, I found the wife dull, but she rocks, and gave a great performance. I disagree with some of the others that this was not gory. It was quite gory and violent, both in imagery and played out scenes. This movie flew by in no time - you won't even have time to get a snack. It brings forth the notion that people -both good and bad - can summon up strength we never knew existed within us. To what purpose do we want to use it?

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This liberal was not impressed., 30 April 2017

As a liberal, I am not offended by this show. I just don't find it particularly funny or intelligent. It is also very vulgar. Just because you let a few f-bombs fly around, does not make you funny. I enjoy Trevor Noah, Stephen C, and others. I find Samantha Bee twitchy, obnoxious, vulgar and a bit dull despite her high energy. I also find her words cruel. Others can make fun of the political day, yet without sounding mean. For some reason, this doesn't work with her. Movin' on....

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Ghosts, madness or both?, 29 April 2017

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"The dead don't hard as we may wish them to."

This is an achingly beautiful and haunting story about a young governess hired to help a boy who has been traumatized since his mother's death. Her efforts continue unsuccessfully while her attachment to him grows. She feels the only way to help him is to try to experience what he is experiencing. It begins to work, much to the tortured father's displeasure. He cannot understand why everyone can hear his dead wife but him. She also converses with Lilia, an old caretaker whom she later learns has been dead the whole time. The ending is very clear as to what transpires. There is no confusion if you have been paying attention. This reminded me a great deal of Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca, in it's grief combined with classic Gothic horror elements. I really enjoyed this, and found it different than anything I have seen in quite some time. It does move slowly.

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