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A drama about lonely people, friendship and grief...., 10 November 2017

This is not a comedy (although there are some funny parts). It is a drama about a very lonely and grieving woman who has just lost her mother and has been recently released from a mental institution. As she lays in the hospital bed set up in her living room, that was her dying mother's, we can see dozens of pill bottles on the shelf, so we know mother was probably sick for a long time. She smells her clothing and says she has lost "her best friend". Through the course of the movie we can see she is disturbed- the loneliness brought on by mom's death, probably a great catalyst. However, she is purer than the woman she stalks, who is a phony, and rather despicable character who stands her up just to meet some trendy blogger (or something of that sort). Her brother (Olsen's brother) is a true psychopath which gives things a dangerous and suspenseful turn. There are many disturbed characters in this movie and it makes it interesting. Plaza's Batman-worshiping, drug using boyfriend actually is kinder to her than anyone else she meets. This is a good movie, but not a comedy by any means.

Ben (1972)
The most beautiful thriller....., 24 October 2017

You have to see this beautiful horror movie for that to make sense. See Willard first, but it's not a requirement. Ben is the Leader of the Rats who befriends a lonely, terminally ill boy. Yes, they are killer rats, but they kill to defend him or to protect their territory. I don't get why some people hate this movie. It is a movie about friendship and to some extent, man. The 70's were a time of the Ecology movement, and this film is not subtle in actually managing to portray man as the enemy, rather than the rats. I am only sorry I went my whole life without seeing this movie until tonight.

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Heartwarming and educational for all pet parents....and everyone else., 14 October 2017

This show brings public awareness to the very serious issue of pet obesity. As a pet parent myself (21 pound cat), I can relate to how difficult it can be. This is a show for all ages and walks of life. Even non-pet parents will find it interesting and educational. He provides strategies for weight loss along with "tough love" so the pet parents will do the work that needs to be done.

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Sweet show, Jason Ritter is incredibly likable..., 11 October 2017

You can't not like Jason Ritter (who is also the spitting image of his late and talented father). There is simply nothing to not like. In this show, he is funny, vulnerable, kind and all too human. However, I find the female characters rather b*tchy - this comes from a female reviewer. Even his angelic mentor can be rather obnoxious. But nasty females aside, this is an engaging show. It is a dramady - not fully comedic, and not fully dramatic, it does deal with real issues and the characters he encounters will warm your heart. The scene in the airport with the pencil seller is not to be missed. It is a refreshing change from the violence and filth that seem to be dominating the airwaves. I highly recommend it.

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Achingly beautiful - one of the best movies I have ever seen., 6 October 2017

Ghost #1: I'm here waiting.

C's ghost: For who?

Ghost #1: I can't remember.

This movie is about grief from the point of the deceased. In this movie, the dead grieve as hard as the living, but for longer, until they can find what will free them.

CA dies within the first few minutes of the film, and we are aware of the mundane questions well-meaning people may ask, such as "are you okay?" after RM has just viewed her husband's body. His spirit follows her in his heartache and he returns to the house. He is not really wearing a sheet, but rather there had to be a way for viewers to see him, obviously. His emotions are captured in strange flashes of colored, pulsing lights. The hated pie scene was actually very important. It is subtle, but the flashing becomes more prominent as she devours the pie, and very noticeable by the time she throws up, as his heart breaks for his widow. New tenants move in and he becomes angry and successfully scares them away. The house eventually becomes a high-rise and he looks out over the city and sees millions of the colored, pulsing lights (easy to differentiate from other lights), and he realizes how many are like him, roaming the world, looking over their loved ones and powerless to communicate with them. It is only when RM has begun the healing process that she notices one of the lights. Any paranormal article will tell you that you will be much more receptive to the dead when you are in a calm state, not when you are in the throes of grief, so it was an important scene. The movie becomes very involved and there are other ghosts, but I have to say this is one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen. It is too beautiful to be missed. If you are grieving someone, take heart - this movie will probably make you feel better, not worse.

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Highmore nails it again - don't miss this one., 3 October 2017

Highmore deserves and Emmy for Bates Motel, and now he nails it again with The Good Doctor. This show has more heart than House, but without losing cerebral integrity (although I could do without the romance antics of some of the doctors - it's too smart a show for that). This show is unique in that it delves a lot into the history and childhood traumas of the main character. We begin to "know him" from the first episode. He is a complicated character, much like House was, although infinitely more likable. The character who plays the hospital president also appears Emmy-worthy. I don't know much about autism or how realistic this show is, but I do know a great show when I see one. His nemesis (although that might be too strong a word) - an arrogant yet brilliant surgeon - makes for another interesting character. I love the flashbacks to his relationship with his brother and they are an integral part of the show and into who he is.

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A tale of greed and obsession....contains spoilers...., 3 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This is an interesting Victorian yarn about a cruel women (in typical DuMaurier fashion) who has a young man obsessed to the point he will do anything for her. This starts of painfully slow - there is nothing but romance for the first hour. There is no mystery here, as clearly she is poisoning him - he becomes afflicted with the same sickness as her husband had. She is very cruel, and rejects his marriage proposal in a most humiliating way. She claims to be independent and wanting to make her own way in the world, yet we know she wants the estate, which is why she is poisoning him. He cannot see past his rosy glasses, and I liked his character. He is just a young man in love who knows the truth, but can't bear it. This movie has a tragic ending which I hated. But the acting was superb, and the movie was not bad. Overall, I have mixed feelings.

Cage Dive (2017)
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Nothing to sink your teeth into...., 26 August 2017

This movie was not horrible, but could not hold a candle to the previous two. I must say,the actors were quite good. I really enjoyed the first to Open Water movies, so I figured this one would be good, too. First, it is done in documentary format (unlike the previous ones). This makes it choppy and adds some dull scenes that seem like filler. Secondly, the cinematography was so bad, it made me seasick. Third, they should have built up the capsize scene of the boat and the monstrous wave - it lasted about 2 seconds, and we never saw it coming. Last, and most importantly, it just lacked suspense. This could have been a good movie - the premise and the cast were good. Not the worst movie I have seen, but those who loved the first two will be disappointed in this. I do feel the kids had good chemistry and did a good acting job.

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A very good psychological thriller..., 19 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"I once ate an entire chocolate bar hoping it would kill you."

Ms. Biel shines in this, playing victim and killer at the same time. She comes from unimaginable childhood abuse, has a deeply rooted and troubled history with her now dead sibling (which we learn pretty early on), and a murky history that added to her trauma - and she snaps. But was it random or was there more to it? Bill Pullman is excellent and plays his part with compassion and intensity. Abbott will be the next big name in Hollywood (see James White, which I have also reviewed). I also recommend The Truth About Emmanuelle for Biel fans. I look forward to the next episode of The Sinner.

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Supernatural misfits helping each other...., 17 August 2017

I like this show - it is a hybrid of Haven and Being Human (the British version). It is about a group of supernatural misfits with different abilities and personalities that find a unique town. The town is geographically situated in such a way that the veil between the living and the dead is very thin. The characters have heart and they are interesting, often struggling with emotions and situations that humans often find themselves in. It moves a bit slowly, but is worth watching.

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