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Petroni, in any case, is a skilled storyteller with a strong visual sense.
The film is part psychological thriller, part horror movie, and the horror elements deliver some solid frights. Mr. Brody isn’t asked to stretch much, but he does his usual thing adroitly.
Neill is quietly compelling, as always. Brody underplays Pete, emphasizing his suffering, his victimhood, his guilt. It’s a performance mostly of reactions, and the aforementioned wayward accent.
The Guardian
It’s a bit derivative, with borrowings from a handful of other films, but there are some nasty moments.
While everyone involved with Backtrack is a polished pro, the movie's tastefulness gets in the way of the suspense.
Lacking the stylistic finesse that might have compensated for its schematic narrative deficiencies, Backtrack lives up to its title all too well.
Backtrack eventually moves beyond its shamelessly borrowed set-up to create a few chills of its own.
Village Voice
Between the generic shadowy cinematography and a gothic score that manages to telegraph even the film's jump-scares, there's no tangible tension by which to build an effective climax.
Slant Magazine
The film is the cinematic equivalent of watching a Rubik's Cube noisily solve itself for 90 minutes.
“I see dead people,” Adrien Brody all but exclaims in Backtrack, a movie that tries to make a choo-choo out of “The Sixth Sense” but immediately goes off the rails.

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