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Norm of the North is mildly diverting, although Pixar needn't be overly concerned.
With plot elements cobbled together from recent animated hits, the blandly executed pic might as well be titled “Happy Minions of Madagascar’s Ice Age.”
While the film, with its preponderance of potty jokes, might placate the very young already primed by boisterous singing chipmunks, older viewers will likely find it all harder to, uh, bear.
Boston Globe
Denounce the cynics who pander such pabulum as entertainment for children.
Yes, this is a movie for children. But using that as a justification for lazy work, as if kids are inherently too dumb to know the difference, isn’t just condescending. In a post-Pixar world, where audiences have become accustomed to quality animated family films, it’s a waste of money.
If I wasn't already convinced of this movie's obnoxiousness, its rendering of Graham's character sealed the deal.
Norm of the North feels as if it intended to be a better movie, but got confused along the way.
Occasionally Norm and everyone around him will break out into a dance, and you have to wonder if these numbers were scheduled as bathroom breaks.
No child should be exposed to this.
Its plotline, involving Norm’s trek to New York to foil a condos-in-the-Arctic scheme, is inane even by the standards of animated funny animal comedy. Its gag set pieces run the gamut from uninspired to incoherent.

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