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A solid heist flick elevated by its ensemble cast and the visual eye of Hungarian-born director Nimrod Antal ("Kontroll").
A movie like Armored has been done better in the past. But it has also been done much, much worse, and Antal knows enough not to mess with the sturdy bones of the thing.
The New York Times
An unabashed B movie: basic, brutal and sometimes clumsy, but far from dumb, and not bad at all.
Director Nimrod Antal's grungy gang-of-thieves pic is tough and, for this genre, surprisingly ethical.
Time Out New York
Antal and his performers' pure B-movie esprit is undeniable.
Alas, Armored is one predictable and forgettable movie that should consider itself very lucky not to have gone straight to DVD.
The Hollywood Reporter
An initially intriguing plot line makes a messy getaway in this throwback heist movie.
It's hardly a classic of the genre, but then again, like Armour hot dogs: it's Comfort Food for Men.
The camaraderie in the Eagle Shield Transport locker room is strained stuff, despite a capable ensemble cast that includes Matt Dillon and Larry Fishburne.
A rule of thumb for characters in heist movies: If the idiots hatching the scheme swear it's "foolproof," it isn't. If they say they've got a rock-solid alibi, they don't. If they're convinced nothing could possibly go wrong, something will.

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