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    Portlandia (2011)

    The on-screen chemistry is real between stars and real-life friends Carrie Brownstein and [link= Armisen[/link] — which may help to explain why this IFC comedy remains fresh after five seasons. The sixth season will welcome guest stars Louis C.K., Glenn Danzig, Bitsie Tulloch, and Mitchell Hurwitz, among others, to go along with some returning players: Steve Buscemi, Kumail Nanjiani, Natasha Lyonne, and Kyle MacLachlan. Here's some sweet, observational comedy and great ensemble acting worth putting a bird on. — Bret

    Season 6 Premieres: Saturday, Jan. 2

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    The Forest (2016)

    The Aokigahara forest is an unsettling environment worthy of a psychological horror movie, and I’m looking forward to watching Natalie Dormer navigate a terrain worlds away from Westeros. Here’s hoping the screenplay will have some humanity. — Arno

    Opens in limited release on Friday, Jan. 8.

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    Shameless (2011)

    "Shameless" has been through some serious drama the past few years, with Fiona's jail stint, Frank's failing liver, Ian's struggle with his bipolar disorder, and Lip trying to keep the family together. From the look of the upcoming previews, this season will get back to some of the lighthearted shenanigans of the Gallagher family that we love, perfectly timed with Carl's release from juvie. I have to say, as much as I loved Justin Chatwin, I'm glad the Jimmy/Steve storyline has been resolved and she can focus on one beau (although I was Team Gus). — Michelle

    Season 6 Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 10

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    Younger (2015)

    This comedy about a 40 year-old woman who pretends she's 26 so that she can land an entry-level job in publishing combines is a smart satire of the differences between Millennials and Generation X. It's also an updated version of the fantasy New York of "Sex and the City." Both shows were created by Darren Star. He still has a knack for blending romance, strong female friendships, and humor. The strong cast includes Sutton Foster, Debi Mazar and Hilary Duff, who sheds the last vestiges of her Disney Kid persona with her role as a worldly junior editor. — Sara

    Season 2 Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 12

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    The Boy (2016)

    Those who want to kick off the new year with a pee-your-pants scare can join me in anticipation of STX's third release, horror film The Boy. "The Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan takes on the ridiculous job of nannying a freaky life-sized porcelain doll with a list of strict rules she can't seem to follow — and this definitely has its consequences. Cue the fright fest!

    We're excited to see Cohan take on a new nightmare (especially while we're on hiatus from "TWD"), and are looking forward to STX flipping the creepy doll trope on its head. Fellow British actor and "Man in the High Castle" star Rupert Evans joins Cohan in the supernatural thriller. — Chako

    WATCH the trailer here.

    Opens in theaters on Friday, Jan. 22.

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    Mad Dogs (2015)

    Welcome to Belize, where a group of middle-aged buddies come together on the occasion of the early retirement of an old friend. But this isn't any old guys-only weekend: A series of zany, unpredictable, and unbelievable events conspire to make this an unforgettable experience for Michael Imperioli, Billy Zane, Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, and Ben Chaplin. This latest offering from Amazon Original Series is an adaptation of the popular British black comedy of the same name that first aired in 2011. — Bret

    Season 1 Premieres: Friday, Jan. 22

    Watch the trailer here

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    When I first heard the news that "The X-Files" was returning, it was the equivalent of hearing that your favorite band is getting back together. It's not a reboot or a remake, but the original creator and lead stars, including the Smoking Man! It's been years since I have even watched the series but I have so many questions. Does Scully's baby still have powers? Will this be alien-focused or also cover the creepy crawly monsters that still give me nightmares? Whatever the format, I am ready for The Truth. — Michelle

    Series Premiere: Sunday, Jan. 24

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    Jane Got a Gun (2015)

    In this Western, Natalie Portman plays the titular Jane, who is a butt-kicking, sharp-shooting heroine. It's a refreshing change from the genre's typical damsel-in-distress. Jane is determined to save her husband from a gang that wants to kill him. She asks her ex for help, because she wants to launch the most emotionally complicated rescue mission ever. As a fan of the 1954 Western Johnny Guitar, which starred Joan Crawford as a tough saloon owner, I am excited that there is another Western that reverses the genre's traditional gender roles. — Sara

    Opens in limited release on Friday, Jan. 29.

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    Banshee (2013)

    A friend who was an assistant director on the program has spoken so fondly of the cast, crew, and city of Pittsburgh that my interest has been piqued, finally, as I’m planning on watching the cult hit from the beginning as its fourth and final season airs. — Arno

    Season 4 Premieres: Friday, Jan. 29

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    The Bachelor (2002)

    Ben Higgins is back and so is "The Bachelor" for its 20th season! Does that make anyone else feel old? The 26-year-old software salesman didn't make the cut on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of "The Bachelorette," but the fans clearly wanted more of him because he's returning as the main star this time around and vying for the love of one of 28 women. — Shara

    Season 20 Premieres: Monday, Jan. 4