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Poll: Alliterative movie characters

An awesome alliterative arrangement of ummm... characters, which of these main characters is your favourite? Take the TV poll here

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    Bilbo Baggins

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    Billy Beane

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    Bruce Banner

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    Bugs Bunny

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    Charlie Chan

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    Dirk Diggler

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    Donnie Darko

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    Ethan Edwards

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    Fred Flintstone

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    Gilbert Grape

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    Gordon Gekko

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    Henry Hill

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    Humbert Humbert

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    King Kong

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    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius
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    Michael Myers

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    Mickey Mouse

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    Peter Parker

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    Ratso Ritzo
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    Ricky Roma

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    Roger Rabbit

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    Sam Spade

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    Santa Claus

    Kris Kringle
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    Steve Stifler

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    Spike Spiegel

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    William Wallace

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    Willy Wonka

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    Charlie Croker

    Michael Caine/ Mark Wahlberg in The Italian Job. Added May 2014