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Kevin Feige Says Infinity War Has Marvel "Doing Things You've Never Seen Before"

28 April 2017 11:09 AM, PDT

Avengers: Infinity War is only a year and a week away, landing on May 4, 2018, almost ten years from the the day that Iron Man was released in 2008. The nineteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Infinity War will be the culmination of the first three phases of Marvel Studios films, featuring the Avengers and the the Guardians of the Galaxy joining forces to take on the mad titan Thanos (Josh Brolin). Thanos' primary interest will be acquiring the Infinity Stones, the first of which was introduced way back in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger. Surely, an adventure years in the making. 

2012's Marvel's The Avengers was the first of its kind, a team-up film built on four origin films and one sequel (Iron Man 2), for a satisfying crossover the like of which we had never seen. Now, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tells Fandango that we still haven't »

- Nick Doll

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The First Rule About Starring In A Star Wars Film Is You Don't Talk About Star Wars

28 April 2017 10:37 AM, PDT

Credit: Tim Nardelli

In this weeks episode of Lrm TV, Mike and Mark sympathize about Emilia Clarke's confession that she is more nervous to talk about Star Wars than Game of Thrones. WWE's Miz gives his choice of which superhero character he would like to play on the big screen. Finally Mike and Mark break down and give their thoughts from the shows of the week.

The Official Lrm Kevin Feige Says Infinity War Has Marvel "Doing Things You've Never Seen Before" #InfinityWar #Avengers https://t.co/6IppEkiq9T about 42 minutes ago

Music provided by Bensound.com »

- Michael Connally

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Why The Marvel Movies Don’t Overlap As Much Anymore

28 April 2017 10:22 AM, PDT

When Marvel Studios’ Phase 1 started to roll out, it was all very unprecedented in its nature. To actually have a handful of separate franchises actually build to an even bigger super-franchise? It was the stuff of dreams — the kind of stuff that moviegoers weren’t yet trained to see. As each film was released, it was clear that these movies were generally happening within the same time period.

Thor, Iron Man 2, and Incredible Hulk were all occurring around the same time. Iron Man 2 even made a point to disappear Coulson from the film to deal with something in New Mexico, which turned out to be the events in Thor. Part of the joy from watching these movies was seeing the timelines sort of criss-cross and re-contextualize certain events from previous films.

Related: James Gunn Will Help Shape The Next Ten Years Of The McU

However, as great as »

- Joseph Medina

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Emma Watson 'Would Love' To Do A Beauty & The Beast Sequel

28 April 2017 9:33 AM, PDT

Few doubted the success that Beauty and the Beast would be. If you’d betted against the film performing well across the board, you certainly had the chips stacked against you. This was a movie that was based on the Best Picture-nominated animated feature from the ‘90s. If that wasn’t enough, it had the beloved Emma Watson playing the role of Belle — which is one she seemed perfectly suited for given her strong feminist stance..

However, Beauty and the Beast has gone on to crack $1.1 billion at the box office, and given its trajectory, it seems in place to potentially hit number 11 of the highest grossing movies of all time. Given the film’s amazing performance, as well as the ecstatic response from many fans, there has inevitably been talk of a sequel. Granted, none of these talks are founded in any real talks from Disney, but with the »

- Joseph Medina

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Stephen King’s Firestarter To Be Helmed By Akiva Goldsman

28 April 2017 8:41 AM, PDT

Between It, Castle Rock, and The Dark Tower, we seem to living during a renaissance of Stephen King adaptations. While King’s work has always been a huge subject of adaptation in film, it seems like technology has caught up enough to really bring these properties to life in an unprecedented way. Well, it looks like we’ll be getting yet another Stephen King adaptation — this time in the form of the remake Firestarter.

According to Deadline, Oscar-winning writer Akiva Goldsman is teaming up with Blumhouse — the studio behind this year’s hits Split and Get Out — to bring Firestarter to the big screen. Taking the helm is Goldsman himself. Goldsman is best known for his writing work, but in 2014, after some work in TV, he made the leap to feature directing with Winter’s Tale. Firestarter will be Goldsman’s third feature, and his fifth collaboration with Blumhouse (including »

- Joseph Medina

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Stranger Things: Bill Nye Explains The Upside Down

28 April 2017 7:57 AM, PDT

Last year’s Stranger Things was notable for many reasons. Like Steven Spielberg and Stephen King before it, it managed to put relatable kids in real jeopardy in the darkest of situations. Between it being a love letter to the ‘80s, and all-around solid storytelling, it was a show that clicked with a whole lot of people, and went on to enter the pop culture zeitgeist in a big way.

Of course, if you’ve seen Stranger Things, you know that one aspect that plays a big role in the plot is the Upside Down. In the show, the Upside Down is a dark, morbid alternate universe where Will is trapped, and where the Demomgorgon lives. But what is the Upside Down from a scientific perspective?

In promotion of his new show, Bill Nye Saves the World, Bill Nye explained the theory of the multiverse.

The idea is simple enough to explain, »

- Joseph Medina

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How To Be A Latin Lover: Salma Hayek Finds This Project Perfect To Work With Eugenio Derbez

28 April 2017 5:57 AM, PDT

Eugenio Derbez is a household name in Mexico.

And one day, Salma Hayek wanted to work with her good friend on a project. And How to Be a Latin Lover was that project.

The film follows a rich woman seducer, who gets dumped for a younger man after twenty-five years of marriage. He ends up moving in with his estranged sister, in which he learns the value of family.

The film also stars Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, Ralphael Alejandro, Michael Cera and Rob Corddry.

Lrm had a sit-down interview with the wonderful Salma Hayek on her role and finally being in a movie with one of her best friends.

How to Be a Latin Lover is currently playing in theaters everywhere today.

Don't forget to share this post on your Facebook wall and with your Twitter followers! Just hit the buttons on the top of this page. Lrm Kevin Feige »

- Nancy Tapia

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Director James Gunn Will Help Shape The Next Decade Of The McU

27 April 2017 4:33 PM, PDT

By the end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios will have produced (or co-produced) 22 films over the course of 11 years. It will have achieved the unprecedented with its scope, number of mini-franchises within the entire properties, and its sheer number of lovable characters that it translated from comic page to screen.

We may only be around three films into this ten-film phase, but that hasn’t stopped us and Marvel Studios from looking to the future of this ambitious universe. The studio has already confirmed two films post-Phase 3 (Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3), so you can bet they already have some semblance of an idea of what they hope to do in the future. From the sound of it, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn may have a pretty significant impact on the films to come.

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- Joseph Medina

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Jungle Cruise: Dwayne Johnson Wants Wonder Woman Helmer Patty Jenkins To Direct Film

27 April 2017 3:49 PM, PDT

Jungle Cruise isn’t really a film anyone asked for. If you had gone up to anyone on the street and asked them what property they’d like to see hit the big screen, they’d name a myriad of things, but Jungle Cruise wouldn’t be one of them. Heck, if you had asked them which Disney ride they’d like to see as a film, you probably wouldn’t have gotten them to say Jungle Cruise.

That being said, none of us really asked for a Pirates of the Caribbean film either, and we all know that turned out to be one of the biggest franchises of all time. Plus, Jungle Cruise has the help of having Dwayne Johnson spearheading the project. Johnson has made a name for himself in the business as being one of the biggest names in Hollywood and 2016’s highest grossing actor, which is »

- Joseph Medina

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Netflix’s Death Note: Producer Roy Lee Calls Whitewashing Claims ‘Somewhat Offensive’

27 April 2017 2:45 PM, PDT

Another week, and another news story revolving around whitewashing. The past few years have been big in terms of raising awareness in terms of whitewashing in Hollywood. When adapting a foreign property, one always has to question what types of folks should be cast in it. Should it be cast using folks with roots in that foreign country, or should the entirety of the culture be adapted for the film? 

One film that faced a lot of backlash came in the form of Ghost in the Shell — a film that went to great lengths to ensure that its leads were white. It even went so far as to literally whitewash two of the characters in the film itself. This has always been a big problem in the industry. By default, studios tend to gravitate to white actors, assuming that’s what most Americans are used to. The problem is that »

- Joseph Medina

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The Good, The Bad -- Arrow "Dangerous Liaisons"

27 April 2017 2:00 PM, PDT

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Arrow returns from its hiatus.  Will tonight's episode match the level of anticipation from the recently released sizzle reel?  Read on to find out the good and the bad from this week's episode:

Good: Chase Is Still Missing -- It is a subtle detail, but a good one.  As much as I like to see Chase, and Prometheus, having him missing from this episode shows just how advanced he is. He has gone completely off the grid, which exemplifies his power as one of the ultimate adversaries of Green Arrow since Slade Wilson / Deathstroke.

Bad: Curtis Holt -- Readers know I am not a fan of Team Arrow, but having two Felicity's is too much.  They are pretty much the same character, and I get they want to use her as comic relief, and the "Oracle" role, but I find both of them to be »

- Mark Cook

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The Flash: Robert Zemeckis Reportedly In Talks To Direct The DC Film!

27 April 2017 1:18 PM, PDT

The DC Extended Universe has had an interesting last 12 months or so. In that span, we’ve seen sequels and spinoffs announced left and right, we’ve seen directors come and go from The Batman, and of course, we’ve also seen Rick Famuyiwa depart from his directing duties for The Flash. This was especially disheartening, since Famuyiwa had really shown his storytelling chops in Dope, and audiences were really looking forward to seeing how it would transfer over to the likes of The Flash.

However, when one door closes, another opens. Just like Ben Affleck leaving The Batman paved the way for Matt Reeves to take the helm, Famuyiwa’s departure has left the seat open for another real talent to board the project. The man on deck to take said helm is none other than Robert Zemeckis. If you somehow do not recognize Zemeckis’ name, he’s the »

- Joseph Medina

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Fargo Season 3, Episode 2 Review: The Principle of Restricted Choice

27 April 2017 12:30 PM, PDT

Fargo has a history of bleak, black humor and sudden, shocking violence, which is key to its grimdark charm. So, if you thought dropping an air conditioner on a man's head from three stories up was a wee over-the-top, even for this show... welp, this may not be the week to invite grandma and the little ones over for a screening.

If last week's episode was pure table setting, this week we get delicious appetizers, as the tension rises and the conflicts are cranked a little tighter, yet very little actually transpires. We're introduced to a few new minor characters, such as Irv the attorney (Hardee T. Lineham) and Moe the new police chief (Shea Whigham), plus a pair of V.M. Vargas' "associates," who aren't nearly interesting as last season's mute Kitchen Brothers -- I assure you, what they lack in personality they more than make up in menace. »

- David Kozlowski

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Prison Break: Escape From Ogygia

27 April 2017 12:00 PM, PDT

After Michael's failed escape plan, where does this leave the group?  Read below to find out the key takeaways from this week's episode of Prison Break:

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

1. Michael Has a Contingency Plan...Of Course -- Michael was stuck in solitary confinement for four years while in the Yemen prison.  He made a contingency plan in his cell during that time, only Abu Ramal now occupies that cell...Michael uses his plan as leverage for Ramal as the attacks from Isil get closer.  Michael has always had contingency plans for contingency plans, and that is no different in Season 5.  Regaining Ramal's trust was the difficult part, but Michael did so and continued to use leverage over him in order to hopefully gain safe passage out of the country.

2. Michael's Cellmate (Whip) Knows Who Poseidon Is -- It happened quickly, but Whip made a subtle comment to Michael about Poseidon coming for them. »

- Mark Cook

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Masters Of The Universe: McG No Longer Directing, But David S. Goyer Is Penning The Script

27 April 2017 10:58 AM, PDT

Some projects in Hollywood can never seem to gain any real momentum. Just look at the forever-in-development remake The Crow, which has been the radar for what feels like decades. While Masters of the Universe — a film based on the Mattel franchise — doesn’t have quite the history of The Crow, it is a film that’s faced countless false starts and writer/director changeovers.

When last we heard from director McG on the film, he was laser-focused on this being his next project. Well, some dreams were never meant to come true, and a new report from EW indicates that McG will have to look elsewhere. According to the outlet, McG is no longer on board to direct the film, and that they are currently in search of someone else to helm the ship.

That isn’t all. Apparently, the screenplay is also changing hands. On board to pen »

- Joseph Medina

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Joe Johnston To Direct Chronicles Of Narnia Revival The Silver Chair

27 April 2017 10:19 AM, PDT

When the Chronicles of Narnia first started hitting theaters in the mid-2000s, it was seen as the more kid-friendly Lord of the Rings. Obviously, the books were huge hits in their own right, but the approach Disney seemed to be taking the film had a huge emphasis on the battle scenes, giving it a real high fantasy aesthetic that was popular at the time. However, over the course of two films, enthusiasm petered out. Disney dropped Narnia, and soon after, Fox picked it up, producing the third film in the franchise, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The film didn’t do horrible, but in true Narnia fashion, it seemed to underwhelm at the box office, only taking in $415 million worldwide. Again, not a huge failure by any means, and when all said and done, it likely made some money by the time it got »

- Joseph Medina

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How To Be A Latin Lover: Raphael Alejandro Says It's All Fun With Everybody In The Film

27 April 2017 10:18 AM, PDT

It’s all fun and games until…..well, it’s all fun.

Child actor Raphael Alejandro is lucky to work with veteran known stars like Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek in How to Be a Latin Lover, which will be in theaters nationwide tomorrow.

Alejandro plays the son to Hayek’s Sara character and the nephew to Derbez’s Maximo character.

How to Be a Latin Lover follows Maximo, who finds himself dumped after 25 years of marriage, trying to move on after a career of seducing older rich woman. He ends up moving in with his estranged sister, in which he begins to learn the value of family.

The film also stars Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, Michael Cera, Rob Corddry, Mckenna Grace, Rob Riggle and Raquel Welch.

Lrm had a sit-down interview with Ralphael Alejandro, in which he talked about all the fun he had on this production.

How to Be a Latin Lover »

- Nancy Tapia

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Nebula Was Almost Killed Off In The First Guardians Of the Galaxy Film

27 April 2017 9:06 AM, PDT

It should be no surprise to hear that there were story changes during the development process of a film. Writing, on any level, is pretty much an iterative process. You outline, you write, you rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite, and often times, you’re rewriting all the way through the editing process.

Sometimes there’s a character who dies in draft one, and somehow cheats death at some point along the way. It happened with Poe Dameron in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens — he was originally supposed to die in that Tie fighter crash at the start of the film — and even before that, there was apparently a character that wasn’t supposed to survive to the closing credits of her respective film. I’m talking about Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy

Related: Feige & Bautista Talk The Importance Of Female Characters In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 »

- Joseph Medina

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Third Trailer For Cars 3 Hits The Web! Could This Be The End For McQueen?

27 April 2017 8:43 AM, PDT

We've seen Lighting McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, win his first Piston Cup in the first Cars film, then we saw him race around Europe in the World Gran Prix in Cars 2. Now we have come full circle, as the next generation of racers seem to be imposing their will and winning races. Yesterday, Disney released the third trailer for Cars 3 which is set to be released on June 16th, 2017.

Check it out below.

Looks like McQueen going to have to deal with the idea of retiring. The voices around him are pressuring him to call it a career, which of course McQueen is not happy about. The pressure is mounting as a new race car named Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer, is crushing speed records and taking the sport by storm. Meanwhile, in one of McQueen's latest races he has wrecked and uncertain if he will race again. »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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David Fincher To Helm World War Z Sequel

27 April 2017 8:03 AM, PDT

World War Z is one troubled franchise. The first film was infamous for its production woes, as well as its completely re-shot ending. The end result wasn’t a bad film — in fact, it turned out as a fairly solid zombie flick — but there was a distinct, disjointed feel to it that was hard to put one’s finger on. Yet despite its issues, the film went on to do solid business at the box office.

However, it seems like any issues with the first film have now carried on to World War Z 2 — at leat, up until this point. Some time ago, Paramount quietly removed the sequel from its June 2017 release. Despite the plans to continue on this story, little headway was actually made on the project, and for the longest time, it seemed to be dead in the water.

Last February, however, there were rumblings about a »

- Joseph Medina

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