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Amy Pascal Clarifies Statement About Venom And Black Cat

5 hours ago

If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably fake. This is the feeling that I had got when hearing the news that Venom, Black Cat and Sable would be part of the McU. The story broke on a Twitter video interview with @tomhupdates where she is talking about those characters being in the same universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming, not the McU. It looks like the web took this as confirmation that Venom, Black Cat and Sable would be part of the McU. Which if you think about it would be sense, because if Spider-Man can appear with the Avengers on their film, Iron Man appear with Spider-Man in his film and Venom or Black Cat in Spider-Man's film wouldn't that make it the same universe?

Yes it should be but I doubt that Feige wants to get his very successful run with the McU involved with the »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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Transformers 5 Opens Weak, Wonder Woman Continues Strong In Weekend Four

6 hours ago

comScore today announced the official worldwide weekend box office estimates for the weekend of June 25, 2017, as compiled by the company’s theatrical measurement services.

This weekend saw the release of Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth entry in the long-running Transformers franchise. Interest in this film — at least on the domestic front, has seemed to be at an all-time low, with audiences growing frustrated with the lack of attention to storytelling in the film. This past weekend’s box office of $69 million for Wednesday-Sunday, and $45 million for the standard Friday-Sunday. This is a franchise low for the series, whose other lowest domestic opening was around $70 million for the very first film. However, with its worldwide haul sitting at around $265 million, it’s very clear that Paramount never planned on putting their stock in North American audiences. In short, it’ll likely make money due to the foreign box office, but »

- Joseph Medina

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Batman And Harley Quinn To Have A One Night Theatrical Release

6 hours ago

One of my favorite things about my childhood was watching Batman: The Animated Series and later The Adventures of Batman and Robin. The series ran from 1992 to 1995 developed by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. This easily may be the best animated adaptation of any super hero. For many fans out there even with Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck portraying the Dark Knight on the big screen, still consider Kevin Conroy as their caped crusader. Not to mention the iconic voice of Batman's greatest adversary, The Joker by Mark Hamill. To this day their voices are found in many animated films and video games alike. Batman: The Animated Series without a doubt helped grow the popularity of Batman. There is even an amazing podcast hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward that is dedicated to »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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Spider-Man: Homecoming: Initial Twitter Reactions Are Off The Charts!

24 June 2017 1:09 PM, PDT

Spidey has finally made it home. The early social media reactions for the latest iteration of the Spider-Man franchise are in, and they should comfort hopeful fans, and sway the naysayers. Through the mutually beneficial deal reached between Sony and Marvel, Spider-Man has now made his first solo entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he can once again interact with fellow Marvel heroes, as was always intended for the character.

The lucky people who have seen the film boast the excellent script, and many say that the movie is funny -- really funny. Michael Keaton’s Vulture is also receiving a good deal of praise with a few even claiming his portrayal of the character to be the best villain in the McU thus far (bummer Loki). Factoring in Holland’s performance in Captain America: Civil War, along with these overwhelmingly positive reviews of the webslinger’s solo film, »

- Seth McDonald

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Review: Power Rangers 4K Ultra, Blu-ray and Digital HD DVD Releases

24 June 2017 11:00 AM, PDT

Photo Courtesy of Lionsgate.

For any of us who grew up with the Power Rangers (which is likely a majority seeing the number of years they have spanned) have either already seen the movie, or are looking to check it out upon its release on DVD.  Below I will give an overview of the movie itself followed by a review of the special features included on the different DVD releases:

The Movie:

The film opens with a large exposition introducing the audience to the teenagers with attitude. Each individual fits some type of the cliche high school student, and while some have been put off by this, it actually is a strong reflection of the 1990's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which gave a nostalgic feel to a modern take.  I did feel that there was a bit too much focus on the "attitude" of each individual.  Yes, the original series »

- Mark Cook

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The Real Heroes Of Cons

24 June 2017 6:00 AM, PDT

With Heroes Con in Charlotte, Nc having just passed, it’s important to keep in mind the real heroes of conventions. While cosplay has become a primary focus at conventions, and understandably so, it is important to remember the origins of comic cons, so let’s take a look at the people that make these events happen:

The Artists

The artists, and the writers, are often undervalued at conventions. They devote hours and days of their time to making their work beautiful and well thought-out, whether it is original work, or based on a pre-written world. These people deserve the time of anyone who enjoys the more aesthetically pleasing things or those who appreciate the elements of art such as colour scheme, shape and design, medium, foreground versus background focus, and other artistic choices. There is a lot that goes into a piece of art, and these artists are a vital part of the convention. »

- Dayna Verhey

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Next Arrowverse Crossover Will Have Greater Emotional Stakes

24 June 2017

The folks over at The CW have made quite a business in realizing the most outrageous of fan dreams and bringing them to the big screen. While the DC Extended Universe have the more spectacle and big budget ideas, their shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow manage to make things work on a substantially lower budget.

Every season, they have a mammoth crossover that consists of multiple levels, and last year, they took things to a whole new level when they had a story span a little over three full episodes across their respective theories. The plot itself was ridiculous and over-the-top — with aliens being the main villains — but it was still a good amount of fun. But, the producers of the show aren’t dumb. They know that it’ll be a tough act to follow in terms of scope.

So how do they hope to top it? »

- Joseph Medina

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The Beguiled: Director Sofia Coppola Talks About Adapting the Novel and Placing Her Style Into A Genre Film

23 June 2017 4:36 PM, PDT

After winning the Best Director Award at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled will make its way into theaters for a limited release in Los Angeles and New York this weekend.

Based off the Thomas Cullinan novel, it’s about young women at a girls’ school who are sheltered from the outside world in Virginia during Civil War. A wounded Union soldier unexpectedly shows up and the woman provides him shelter. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tensions, rivalries and unexpected turns of events.

The film stars Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and Oona Laurence.

The Beguiled is currently playing in limited theaters in Los Angeles and New York. It will be expanded nationwide on June 30.

Lrm had an exclusive sit-down interview with director Sofia Coppola for The Beguiled. Our correspondent Nancy Tapia discussed the novel adaptation on to screen, Coppola’s »

- Nancy Tapia

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Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy Gets A Trailer Black Panther Style

23 June 2017 3:57 PM, PDT

Now a days when a trailer or even opening/closing sequences hit the web, it's common for people to take the music and/or visuals and re-create them using other films. A great example of that was done a while back with the opening sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and was re-imagined using the airport fight sequence for Captain America: Civil War, which in my opinion was fantastic, it fit very well (you can check out the link below).

Also See: Captain America: Civil War Scene Re-imagined With Guardians Vol. 2 Intro

A new re-imagined trailer has been created using the the style of the Black Panther trailer that was released on June 9th for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy using scenes from Warner Bros. Picture's Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. This was created and uploaded to YouTube by The Unusual Suspect. You »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix To Introduce Dazzler!

23 June 2017 3:45 PM, PDT

X-Men films have a tendency to reveal 17 too many mutants at a time. While that’s sometimes incredibly annoying from a narrative standpoint, it’s also part of the fun of going into a new X-Men movie to begin with. 

With last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse, there is one X-Men that received a very minor cameo in a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. In the extended mall sequence, we saw Scott Summers and Jean Grey at the record store, where Scott pulled out a Dazzler album. Interestingly enough, this part didn’t actually even make it into the deleted scenes, and was only shown in an Instagram post from actress Sophie Turner prior to the film’s release.

Related: New X-Men Film Will Be Bold And Radical Like Deadpool & Logan, Simon Kinberg Says

#FlashbackFriday to that time Cyclops and I went shopping at the mall and »

- Joseph Medina

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Wonder Woman Projected To Set Domestic Dceu Box Office Record

23 June 2017 3:00 PM, PDT

Wonder Woman will soon be crossing another huge milestone. With it currently sitting at $289 million domestically, it is but a spitting distance from the $291 million domestic haul of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. This weekend, it will blow past $300 million, and will potentially be well on its way towards $350 million.

So while the immediate story here is that it will have surpassed Man of Steel on the North American front, we can’t ignore how close it is to the other two DC Extended Universe films.

By the end of their runs, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman managed to take in $325 million and $330 million, respectively, at the North American box office. While this may seem quite a ways a way, in a world where Wonder Woman makes $40 million in its third and most recent weekend (which is the world we live in), it seems inevitable that it will »

- Joseph Medina

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Toy Story: Woody's Odd Case Of Amnesia Finally Explained!

23 June 2017 2:15 PM, PDT

If something is beloved enough by audiences, there’s no doubt that fans will almost immediately go to work picking it apart in every way imaginable. The internet is full of articles and videos chronicling dream-killing plot holes from all our favorite films, and Toy Story is no different. One plot hole that has persisted all these years has to do with Woody.

As was revealed in Toy Story 2, Woody was made decades ago. So why is it that this Woody is so attached to Andy? What ever happened to his previous owner(s), and why hadn’t Woody had the same tragic backstory as Jessie?

Believe it or not, there is a backstory behind this, but the only man who really knew about it was Joe Ranft, a Pixar writer who was pivotal in Pixar’s formative years. Sadly, Ranft passed away in a car crash some time ago, »

- Joseph Medina

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Pitch Perfect 3 Poster & Synopsis Hit

23 June 2017 1:30 PM, PDT

A few years back, a little movie called Pitch Perfect hit theaters. The enthusiasm going into the film wasn’t really all that huge, but once it hit, it seemed to catch on like wildfire. The little $17 million picture managed to gross $115 million worldwide, but things really seemed to take off for it when it hit its home release. Like many cult classics, much of its audience picked it up long after it had left theaters. A sequel for the film was inevitable.

In 2015, Pitch Perfect 2 was released, and while the film wasn’t considered as strong as the first one, it still managed to bring the songs and laughs that fans had loved for the first one. It managed to gross a whopping $287 million worldwide on its $29 million budget — a real surprise given its summer release. It was a big hit, and a bit of a pop culture sensation. »

- Joseph Medina

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[Updated] Star Trek: Discovery To Ditch One Key Restriction Of The Series

23 June 2017 12:45 PM, PDT

Update: Apologies to our reader, as we had misinterpreted the statements from the EW piece. In the original story, we wrote that they would be throwing out the Prime Directive. As it turns out, they are not throwing out the Prime Directive, but rather the rule that Star Trek writers had that prevented them from having Starfleet crew members engage in significant conflict with one another — or from being portrayed incredibly negatively. 

Original Story

The Prime Directive is an important part of Star Trek canon, even if Kirk ignored said rule in multiple episodes and as recently as the opening to Star Trek Into Darkness, actions that lost him his Captain's chair on the U.S.S. Enterprise (for a time...). The Prime Directive is a guiding principal of the United Federation of Planets that prohibits ship Captains from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. Though I've only »

- Nick Doll

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Lego Origins, Daredevil's Best Fight, Steve McQueen, and More! -- The Lrm Weekend

23 June 2017 12:00 PM, PDT

  By David Kozlowski   |   23 June 2017

Welcome to the Lrm Weekend, a weekly column highlighting cool and unique videos about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you, our awesome Lrm community! Share your favorite videos to: @LRM_Weekend and we'll post your Tweets below!

Each week we'll highlight interesting, and offbeat, videos regarding some of our favorite Lrm topics currently trending on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and other popular video sites around the Internet.

What Is It?

Ever wondered how the whole Lego movie craze got started? Witness the evolution of Lego animation from 2001 until today in this amazing, behind-the-scenes video.

Why Should We Care?

Between the Lego video games, The Lego Movie (2014), and The Lego Batman Movie (2017), it feels like we've been in a Lego world for a long, long time. Way back in 2001 a character named Jack Stone debuted in a 20-minute VHS short, »

- David Kozlowski

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Jared Leto 'Can't Confirm Or Deny' Gotham City Sirens Involvement

23 June 2017 11:15 AM, PDT

Suicide Squad hit theaters late last year, and the acclaim behind it was…minimal, to say the least. For the most part, a lot of folks really appreciated the interpretation of Harley Quinn and Deadshot, but viewers really seemed to be split on Jared Leto’s flamboyant take on the Joker.

On the heels of the release of that film, it’s been unclear what the future will hold for the Clown Prince of Crime. Leto was pretty outspoken about how he felt about the movie (in that they cut a whole lot of Joker scenes), and his refusal to adhere to the fine print of his contract — which didn’t want him to do anything that could endanger him, thereby potentially limiting the Joker’s involvement in the future — seemed to indicate that perhaps Warner Bros. would lean in a different direction for the Joker. Of course, none of that was based in reality, »

- Joseph Medina

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Jessica Jones Season 2: New Set Photos Revealed

23 June 2017 10:30 AM, PDT

Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, was a major game-changer for the superhero genre. A female-led series, no costumes, serious adult themes, and a villain for the ages. Not only was the show critically-acclaimed, but it brought in a whole new audience, who were not necessarily inclined toward crime-fighting or super-powers -- my wife, for example, is not a comic book fan, but Jessica Jones became her spirit animal upon discovering this series.

While we never learned the show's actual viewership numbers (because Netflix), the clear popularity and pop-culture impact of the show ensured that it would be picked up for a second season. In fact, filming for Jessica Jones Season 2 started in April. However, big questions about storyline, villain, and new characters remain open -- the real question fans have to be wondering: how can Marvel top the amazing performances, surprises, and dynamics of Season 1?

Related - »

- David Kozlowski

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Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Trailer Is Wacky And Hilarious

23 June 2017 9:45 AM, PDT

Wet Hot American Summer was a 2001 comedy from David Wain (Role Models, The State, Stella) set in 1981 and starring Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, Marguerite Moreau, Paul Rudd, Zack Orth, Christoper Meloni, A.D. Miles, Molly Shannon, Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Jon H. Benjamin and Amy Poehler. If that sounds like an A-List cast, that's because many of the current stars in the group were not so famous or in demand at the time. The film focused on these counselors on the last day of camp at Camp Firewood, one of the jokes being that all the actors were playing well under their age range.

Then, fourteen years later in 2015, Netflix released a prequel in the form of a TV series, making the ages of the cast even more ridiculous, in typical Wain fashion. Joining the original, now star-studded cast in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp »

- Nick Doll

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Michael Beach Joins The Cast Of James Wan's Aquaman

23 June 2017 8:52 AM, PDT

The next solo film for Warner Bros. Pictures to be released will be Aquaman in 2018. The film already stars Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, Nicole Kidman as his mother Atlanna, William Defoe as Vulko, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orm aka Ocean Master, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. The cast would seem complete, but we now have reports from Warner Bros. Pictures via Deadline that there is still yet another name to add to that list.

Michael Beach, who recently appeared in Lionsgate's Patriot Day, CW's The 100 and Fox's series Pitch, is now confirmed for Aquaman. According to Warner Bros. Pictures, Beach will be a character named Jesse Kane, and is part of a group of high-seas hijackers who then has a "fateful" interaction with Mamoa's Aquaman. But the speculation is that Beach's character is in fact the »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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Baby Driver Review: The Definition Of Cool

23 June 2017 8:30 AM, PDT

Writer/Director Edgar Wright is known for his unique films that both satarize and embrace whatever genre he chooses. We're talking Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World's End. Wright's dialogue is always poetic with the sharpest wit and most clever word-plays. His editing style is unmistakable, fast and in your face, smashing one scene seamlessly into another. His shots are colorful, with just as much to say as the dialogue that accompanies them. His action scenes are sincere, brutal, and among the best out there; it's a wonder that Wright hasn't been handed a giant action franchise on a scale even bigger than Baby Driver (Though we guess Ant-Man would have been that film, had he stayed on). Wright's actors are always top notch, selected with care and directed to perfection. All four of his previous releases are winners for these reasons, »

- Nick Doll

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