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Deadpool 2 Continues Production, More Details Emerge Surrounding Accident

40 minutes ago

Earlier this week, stuntwoman Joi “Sj” Harris tragically lost her life in a motorcycle accident while filming Deadpool 2 in Vancouver. As was expected with an event of this magnitude, production was temporarily halted, allowing time for the crew to grieve and regather for the rest of the filming. It wasn’t clear how long they’d be out of commission, but this morning, the production started up again, 48 hours after Harris’ passing, Deadline reported.

As was previously reported, this was Harris’ first gig as a stunt performer, and the outlet further reports that she was only brought on last Wednesday when they realized they needed a stunt performer. Harris was not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, and due to her joining the production so late in the game, she was unable to get a helmet made for her.

This is, without a doubt, a very tragic incident, »

- Joseph Medina

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Stan Lee Wants to See A Silver Surfer Movie

1 hour ago

We live in a wonderful time. Yes, for decades now, we’ve seen a lot of the big superheroes get their due in movie theaters, but nowadays, the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Suicide Squad, and Nightwing either already have their own movies or are set to get their own soon. We’ve become so permeated with these films that studios are starting to think outside the box for their next big budget properties. While we’ve had a good number of relatively obscure heroes hit the big screen, there are still plenty who are due for their own films.

One hero that Marvel godfather Stan Lee would like to see lead his own feature is that of the Silver Surfer, as he revealed in an interview with Syfy — especially after the character was given a bit of a disservice in the film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. »

- Joseph Medina

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Ozark Renewed For Season 2

2 hours ago

It was only a week or so ago that I finished watching Season 1 of Ozark on Netflix, it was something I stumbled upon while browsing the streaming service one evening and gave it a shot. I am so glad I did and then binge watched all 10 episodes within a week. (That’s binging for me)

As soon as I had finished I wanted to know about Season 2, when is it due to hit and are they even making it, and then I found out that Season 1 had only just been released in July. It could take ages for them to decide on a Season 2, so I spread the word to everyone I could, more people watching means more chance of getting another season we assume, although Netflix never release their viewer numbers for shows.

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I was therefore delighted to hear that Netflix »

- Cam Clark

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Arrow: Kirk Acevedo Cast As Richard Dragon in Season 6

2 hours ago

Arrow Season 5 was a return to form for the long-running DC superhero series on The CW. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finally embraced his role as leader, completing a five year transition from murderous vigilante to heroic superhero Green Arrow. A big reason for the show's resurgence last season was the re-establishment of a grounded, gritty, street-level storyline that pitted Queen against Prometheus (Josh Segarra), a fighter of comparable skill who was constantly one step ahead of Team Arrow.

By abandoning the failed magic and mysticism aspects of Seasons 3 and 4, Arrow focused on hard-hitting, often incredibly brutal hand-to-hand fighting last season, which is a hallmark of this show. Seriously, outside of Netflix's Daredevil, is there any better fight choreography on TV? So what can we expect out of Arrow Season 6? We already know that the big bad will be Richard Dragon, an absolutely vicious martial artist with deep roots in the DC comics canon. »

- David Kozlowski

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DC's Metal Is Here And We're Getting You Caught Up!

3 hours ago

After what has seemed like an interminable wait, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Metal event series is here. The duo is best known for their work on DC's Batman during New 52, a 50+ issue run that rejuvenated the character, both for fans and in the comic. Now the acclaimed pair of creators is tackling an entire event series for the Warner Bros.-owned publishing house and fans. Can't. Wait. There have so far been two prequels comics and both were top sellers in the month they were published.

If you're nervous about jumping into an event comic series or perhaps you're a lapsed reader, the following tidbits will get you caught up. There are some spoilers for the prequels and other comics leading up to the event, but nothing about Metal itself that hasn't been released in a public forum thus far (because I haven't read it yet).

1. What To »

- Brian Jasper

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Casey Affleck Doesn't Seem To Keen On Playing A Superhero

4 hours ago

While his older brother, Ben, is currently portraying one of the biggest superheroes on the planet, Batman, younger brother Casey Affleck was asked about his interest in taking on the role of a comic book character on the Dale and Holley with Keefe morning show.

“Eh, they’re all taken. Now, all the superheroes coming out are guys you haven’t heard of, and Swamp Thing. Maybe if they found one for me, it’ll make the kids happy.”

The younger Affleck is correct, most of the top tier of heroes has been claimed by other actors. However, before 2008’s Iron Man, Tony Stark was not a well-known superhero outside of people who actually read the comic books. So it is possible he could take a relatively unknown hero and bring them to the forefront of popularity. the same way Robert Downey Jr. did. I would be completely open to »

- Seth McDonald

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Glass: M. Night Shyamalan Give Update, Film To Shoot In Seven Weeks

5 hours ago

This year has been a great year for horror and thriller films. Between movies like Get Out, Annabelle: Creation, and the upcoming It (which we hope will end up being good), it certainly marks a solid one for the genre. One other film to be brought into the conversation is M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

After years of either divisive or straight-up bad movies, some fans were beginning to wonder if we would ever see Shyamalan return to his former glory. Last year’s The Visit was a promising start, and Split marked an actual return to form, and not just because it tied into one of this earlier films, Unbreakable. The movie itself was both an intriguing story and it also showed a definite evolution of the filmmaker’s style.

Related: Split 2 To Have 'More Traditional' Budget

When last we heard, the sequel, Glass, would be aiming for a September 25 shoot date, »

- Joseph Medina

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Casey Affleck Says He Doesn’t Think Ben Affleck Will Return As Batman

5 hours ago

As much drama as there’s been surrounding the casting of Daniel Craig as James Bond, there’s been a whole lot more surrounding the mystery of whether or not we’ll be seeing Ben Affleck as Batman after Justice League

Back before the release of Batman v Superman, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Affleck’s name was on the rise as a killer director and actor, and based on what we saw, he seemed like a fittingly intimidating Batman. When the film came out, fans still appreciated his take on the character, but Affleck himself seemed to pull back from his involvement of the universe as the film, and the Dceu as a whole, was subjected to increasing critical backlash. After clawing his way to the top with films like The Town and Argo, he didn’t seem too enthusiastic to return back to that part of his career. »

- Joseph Medina

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James Bond: Daniel Craig Confirms His Return, Comments On Infamous Wrist-Slashing Quote

6 hours ago

Daniel Craig and James Bond. Two names we’ve heard plenty of in recent weeks. As more news has rolled in regarding the impending Bond 25, its release date, and potential directors, the question has inevitably turned to James Bond himself. Would Daniel Craig return as 007? Under normal circumstances, we may be inclined to think, “of course he’d come back.” However, following the shoot of the film Spectre, when asked if he’d return to the role, he infamously said:

“Now? I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.”

Needless to say, this didn’t go over incredibly well with fans. When it comes to our Bonds, we want those involved to be more enthusiastic about the character they’re portraying, »

- Joseph Medina

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The Defender's Scott Glenn Joins Stephen King's Castle Rock Series

18 hours ago

Hulu is making quite a name for itself in the original content space by successfully leveraging adaptations of classic and popular literature. The Handmaid's Tale, Harlots, and Chance have all been critically acclaimed and embraced by audiences. But Hulu's true secret weapon might just be the pairing of horror writer Stephen King and producer J.J. Abrams. Their initial outing, the well-received 11/22/63, a time-travel, sci-fi tale about one man's mission to prevent the assassination of JFK.

Earlier this year Abrams and King announced their follow-up on Hulu, and it might be the kind of out-of-left-field creation that seriously turns up the heat on fellow streaming services Netflix and Amazon. The new series, Castle Rock, is not based on any single King novel, however. Instead, the show leverages a fictional town in Maine, which has been the setting in no less than 11 of King's novels (he established the town in his 1979 novel »

- David Kozlowski

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Rumor: Daredevil Season 3 To Start Filming This October

22 hours ago

We live in a great era of TV. It’s not just that we have great actual content, but the confidence studios and certain networks are having with the medium. Case in point: Daredevil. Can you believe it’s been over a year and a half since we’ve had a season of Daredevil? I know, with Luke Cage and Iron Fist hitting, as well as The Defenders and Punisher shows coming up, it’s been easy to forget that we haven’t actually seen Matt Murdock hit the small screen for quite some time. It really shows how increasingly-malleable the medium of TV has become, allowing it to truly become an ideal storyteller’s medium.

But when could we expect to see Daredevil hit the screen again in his own season? Marvel Television has always been a bit cagey about specifics. We rarely know when shows are hitting until a couple months prior, »

- Joseph Medina

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More Justice League Reshoot Rumors, The Defenders Trailer, & Ready Player One Woes - Los Fanboys Podcast

23 hours ago

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In the latest episode of Los Fanboys, Jammer and David discuss the latest in film and TV news. On their docket is David Tennant returning to Jessica Jones, the final Defenders trailer, the current state of Justice League and the Dceu, the supposed Cyborg movie. We also discuss the approach of Pennywise the Clown in the upcoming It movie, and we round out with our fears regarding Ready Player One that are brought about by a recent image reveal.

Show Guide:

00:00:00 - Intro and box office.

00:13:07 - David Tennant returning to Jessica Jones.

00:18:05 - The Defenders final trailer.

00:25:00 - Is DC hitting its stride? Plus Justice League reshoot rumors.

00:32:15 - Cyborg movie still coming in 2020?

00:37:40 - Silver & Black release date.

00:42:00 - Pennywise the clown, and the horror of It.

00: »

- Joseph Medina

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Why Creators Think Netflix Is The Future

15 August 2017 2:35 PM, PDT

Hollywood is a tough and uncompromising place to work, often described as a "meat grinder" by those working in the trenches. Many, many stories have been written about the challenges of breaking into the industry, establishing a career, and chasing that next gig -- a whole cottage industry of books and websites exists for these very reasons. A frequently posed question by many aspiring creatives: does it really have to be this way? With so much money on the line for every movie and TV show, the stress and pressure is understandable... if only there was another way.

In recent years Netflix has established itself as an anti-Hollywood. We've read and heard about top writers, directors, and actors moving to Netflix in droves. In just the last week the Coen Brothers, David Letterman, and Shonda Rhimes signed deals with the Los Altos, California company. They join Netflix alums like Jason Bateman, »

- David Kozlowski

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Deadpool 2 Shuts Down Production In Wake Of Stuntwoman’s Death

15 August 2017 1:50 PM, PDT

Yesterday, while on the set of Deadpool 2, a motorcycle stunt went very wrong, and as a result, one stuntwoman — Sj Harris, filling in for Zazie Beetz’s Domino — was killed. This, as it turns out, was the stuntwoman’s first film stunt (though she was an experienced road racer). Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to express his and the rest of the crew’s devastation over the incident.


Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 14, 2017

Now, according to Deadline, the production for the film has shut down, and there is no indication as to when it may resume. The accident is currently under investigation, and we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of the investigation, or if this will result in a delay for the film’s release.

We’ll keep you updated when the production continues for Deadpool 2.

Don't forget to share »

- Joseph Medina

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Captain Marvel Gets Tomb Raider Screenwriter

15 August 2017 1:20 PM, PDT

Wonder Woman may have already hit theaters, but there’s still a solid year and a half before Marvel Studios will have their own female-led standalone superhero film hit theaters (not including next year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp). All the info regarding 2019’s Captain Marvel has seemed promising. From what we know, the film is set in the ‘90s, and will have a young Nick Fury present and accounted for.

That being said, the movie still has a solid seven or so months until it’ll need to shoot, and with that in mind, there’s a lot of work still to do, including polish that script. Marvel Studios original hired Inside Out’s Meg LeFauve and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nicole Perlman to write the first draft of the feature, but with LeFauve leaving to co-direct the Disney Animation flick Gigantic, they had to have someone else fill her shoes. »

- Joseph Medina

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Aaron Sorkin's Directorial Debut Molly's Game Gets A Trailer!

15 August 2017 12:50 PM, PDT

Famed Hollywood writer Aaron Sorkin has stepped into the director’s chair. Sorkin will make his directorial debut with the new film, Molly’s Game. The first trailer for the film was released earlier today. Sorkin has delivered a number of great movies through his writing, including A Few Good Men, The Social Network, for which Sorkin won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, and Moneyball. Sorkin also created the hit NBC show, The West Wing.

Molly’s Game stars Jessica Chastain in the lead role, and is based on the memoirs of Molly Bloom, off of which Sorkin wrote the screenplay. The movie follows the true story of a highly talented skier, Molly Bloom, who ran one of the more exclusive poker games in the world. Molly soon became a target of the FBI. Her high stakes poker games had participants such as Hollywood stars and top level businessmen, »

- Seth McDonald

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Samuel L. Jackson Hasn’t Had A Call For Captain Marvel, Avengers 3, 4, Or Black Panther

15 August 2017 12:20 PM, PDT

Nick Fury is an incredibly important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — or rather, he was an incredibly important character. Following the closing credits of the original Iron Man back in 2008, we were introduced to the character, and he brought with him the promise of The Avengers, which eventually came to fruition in 2012. However, following his extended role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fury’s been almost nowhere to be seen. He had a cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but apart from that, he seems to have all but disappeared.

Related: Nick Fury Returning In Captain Marvel

There have been plenty of rumors of him showing up in one of the upcoming Avengers films, but few details have spawned from that. More recently, there have been talks about him having a fairly substantial role as a young Nick Fury in a ‘90s-set Captain Marvel. Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, »

- Joseph Medina

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James Bond: Daniel Craig Says No Decision Has Been Made Yet

15 August 2017 11:51 AM, PDT

By this point, it’s probably easy to see that MGM and Eon would like to get on with the next James Bond movie as soon as possible. Recent reports have stated that James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, and his return are all but inevitable. This came on the heels of of a Bond 25 release date, and immediately following, we heard tales of rumored frontrunners to direct the flick, as well as rumors surrounding Craig hopping on for Two more James Bond movies.

So is it true? Well, it turns out we need to slow down a bit. While all of this could be in MGM and Eon’s plans for the future, it sounds like they still haven’t locked down the most important aspect of the franchise yet — James Bond. Speaking with Magic 1067 (via ScreenRant), actor Daniel Craig denied that he’s officially signed on.

“No decision »

- Joseph Medina

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Justice League: Cyborg Resents His Father

15 August 2017 8:30 AM, PDT

How would you deal with your own father’s experiments causing the violent death of your mother and leaving yourself mangled and barely alive? Not only that, but what if your father used an alien box to turn you into a half human half robot to save your life? Dr. Silas Stone did just that to his own son, the superhero, Cyborg. This was of course to save his son’s life, but nonetheless, what happened to Victor Stone that day can be a heavy burden to carry, for both father and son. ComicBookMovie recently spoke with Joe Morton, who plays Dr. Silas Stone in the upcoming film, Justice League. They asked Morton if Cyborg carries any resentment toward his father for changing his life forever.

“Yeah, some of that still exists in the film where Victor sort of feels like, ’yes you saved my life, but look what you made me look like. »

- Seth McDonald

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The Defenders: Check Out This Brand New Featurette!

15 August 2017 7:48 AM, PDT

It’s crunch time for those who are hoping to catch up with all the Marvel Netflix TV shows before The Defenders hits the streaming service. As of this writing, there’s only three days left, and while it’s still physically possible for someone to start from Daredevil Season 1 and trudge all the way through Iron Fist, there’s not a whole lot of time for those with jobs and lives.

While the idea of superhero team-ups are great, they do have the potential unintended consequence of alienating those who haven’t seen anything that came before it. It’s one of the reasons why Hollywood has avoided shared universes for so long, and is still something of a hurdle that studios have to overcome in their storytelling (how much can they depend on plot points of previous films without alienating audiences?). So, what if you’ve missed a »

- Joseph Medina

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