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Stan Lee Teases New Character In Avengers: Infinity War?

24 May 2017 7:48 AM, PDT

The shared universe built by Marvel over the last 10 years is truly an achievement to…marvel at. However, fans have to wonder what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have been like had Marvel had the rights to some of their most popular characters.

How would the plan that Kevin Feige put into motion be different if he would have had access to Spider-Man from the outset of Phase 1? When would the X-Men have come into play at if Fox and Marvel could have reached a deal? Would the news of a new Fantastic Four movie actually excite people?

Related: Kevin Feige Confirms Stan Lee Fan Theory (Spoilers) 

While these are all interesting questions, they’re questions for which fans will never know the answer to. The reality is Feige doesn’t have access to these characters, and yet the McU is thriving (if it isn’t broke...). However, the deal »

- Seth McDonald

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Charlie's Angels Gets The Reboot...Again

24 May 2017 6:00 AM, PDT

Variety is reporting that Charlie's Angels will hit the big screen again on June 7th, 2019. The film is set to be directed by Elizabeth Banks, famous for her work as Betty Brant in the original Spider-Man and as Miri in Zack and Miri Make A Porno. This would be the second feature that Elizabeth Banks has directed, the first one being Pitch Perfect 2.

The big question I have to ask is why? I haven't seen a film that Elizabeth Banks has directed so she may be a great director. This version of Charlie's Angels may be a good film. It certainly couldn't be any worse than the Drew Barrymore versions in 2000 and 2003. It would certainly be better than the reboot for ABC that occurred in 2011. But why are we looking at our third reboot of this franchise is less than twenty years? Is there really any audience for Charlie's Angels »

- Tim Jousma

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Sir Roger Moore Passes Away

24 May 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

It was announced on Twitter yesterday that Sir Roger Moore, the third actor to play James Bond for Eon Productions, has passed away in Switzerland after losing a battle with cancer. According to his family, there will be a private memorial held in Monaco.

Source: Twitter

Sir Roger Moore was the first James Bond I was exposed to. While I was aware of Sean Connery's work as Bond, being that there were more Roger Moore Bond films out when I was a kid meant that most replays of Bond movies on television were of Roger Moore's version of the character. At the time, I wasn't much of a fan because the films felt silly. I didn't realize until growing up that that was the mood that Roger Moore was trying to create with those films. Here is a quote from Mr. Moore explaining his thoughts on James Bond.

"To me, »

- Tim Jousma

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Sam Mendes In Early Talks To Direct Live Action Pinocchio Film

24 May 2017 12:42 AM, PDT

Disney Pictures has definitely have been on a roll taking their beloved animated classics and turning them into live action films. In 2012 they stared with Alice in Wonderland, then came Cinderella in 2012, Maleficent in 2015, The Jungle Book in 2016 and this year we got Beauty and the Beast. This list of films has become some of Disney Pictures most successful films to date. With that said, it's easy to see why they are bringing back other beloved animated classics like The Lion King which will be directed by Jon Favreau and Mulan which will be directed by Niki Caro.

Now thanks to Variety we know that one of the next films in line is Pinocchio. For a little background Pinocchio was based on Carlo Collodi's 1883 children's book called The Adventures of Pinocchio about a puppet and a woodcarver. This was the second animated feature film made by Disney following the »

- Emmanuel Gomez

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Third Trailer For Spider-Man: Homecoming Arrives

24 May 2017 12:42 AM, PDT

From Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, the new trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived on YouTube. Adding in a nice mix of new footage along with already established scenes, it showcases Peter Parker as he figures out how to be the best hero he can be.

This trailer gives me mixed feelings. While it's great seeing Tom Holland stretch his muscle as Peter Parker some more, the tone of the last two trailers has been a bit uneven. This one in particular can't seem to decide what type of movie it's trying to promote, a comedy about the struggles of a young kid trying to make his way in an adult world or an action film starring a high school kid.

The part of the trailer I enjoyed the most was the small bit of business with Spider-Man and the bicycle thief. The moment was short but for »

- Tim Jousma

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Hannibal's Bryan Fuller Really Doesn't Like Alien: Covenant

23 May 2017 7:05 PM, PDT

Alien: Covenant is in theaters now, and though the film has many flaws, it is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a decent score of 72%. Here at Lrm, I gave the film a B-, as it delivers the scares and thrills but becomes a bit repetitive by the end, especially for those of us who have seen the other five films in the long-running franchise. Bryan Fuller, creator of NBC's Hannibal and American Gods, has been a fan of the franchise his entire life, even writing a case study about the critters in Alien for an experimental psychology course, earning him the recommendation from his instructor that he belonged in film school instead.

Vulture asked Fuller whether or not he enjoyed Alien: Covenant at their Vulture Festival and his answer was simple: "No." Fuller went on to say:

“I think the last two movies have had too many similarities to »

- Nick Doll

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Two New Spider-Man: Homecoming GIFs Arrive Ahead Of Tomorrow's New Trailer

23 May 2017 6:10 PM, PDT

After Wonder Woman in June, the next major superhero release to look forward to is Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker/Spider-Man after his impressive debut in Captain America: Civil War last May. Joining Holland are superhero-genre legends Michael Keaton as the Vulture (not simply a Birdman now) and Robert Downey Jr. back as Tony Stark/Iron Man. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 three weeks into release, the Marvel marketing team has shifted focus to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, already having released two full trailers, multiple clips, posters, and TV spots

But the wealth of footage doesn't stop there, true believers! Tom Holland China, aka @THollandChina on Twitter, has posted two new GIFs in anticipation of tomorrow's new trailer. And these GIFs are actually worth getting excited about; they offer new footage not found in the first two trailers.

First, Spider-Man webs up Vulture as part »

- Nick Doll

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Fandango Names Wonder Woman The Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster Of 2017

23 May 2017 5:10 PM, PDT

2017 is a pretty big year in film. Sure, the number of dollars actually spent at the movies may be a bit less than last year (or a lot less), but a large part of that may have to do with the ridiculous number of blockbusters coming out this year. With so many hitting in fairly rapid succession, it’s only logical that folks would get wary of them. But it also makes it all the more impressive when one of these movies is able to rise above the rest in terms of anticipation.

Fandango has done the heavy-lifting: conducting a survey, where it asked over 10,000 moviegoers what their most anticipated movies were of the year, and coming in at number one for most anticipated blockbuster was the upcoming DC flick Wonder Woman

Just for context, here is the complete top 10 of most anticipated blockbusters for the year:

Wonder WomanSpider-Man: HomecomingPirates »

- Joseph Medina

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Justice League: Zack Snyder Responds To Outpouring Of Support From Fans

23 May 2017 4:23 PM, PDT

Yesterday, we reported on the tragic news that Zack Snyder would be stepping down from Justice League. Back in March, his daughter, Autumn, committed suicide, and in the wake of this tragedy, the filmmaker opted to spend the much-needed time with his family, so that they may grieve and heal together.

Being on the internet, It’s become common place to expect the worst of out people. When everyone is able to hide behind a keyboard, they’re a lot less likely to show their more human sides, and in the age where the Marvel vs. DC debate is still alive and well, you’d almost expect that response from fans would be callous and cold.

But it wasn’t.

Instead, fandom managed to surprise. Sure, every now and then there was a comment from some jackass who saw an opportunity to poke and prod, but when all said and done, »

- Joseph Medina

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Deadpool 2: Actor Josh Brolin Hits The Weights

23 May 2017 3:29 PM, PDT

It’s time to load up on chimichangas and hit the weight room, or maybe just hit the weight room. Yesterday, Josh Brolin shared a photo on his Instagram of him spending time in the gym in preparation for his upcoming role as Cable. After a lengthy casting process, the team behind Deadpool 2 decided on Brolin to play the newest addition to Wade Wilson’s crew. Many Hollywood actors were rumored to be up for the part including Pierce Brosnan, and Steven Lang. Ultimately, the role went to Brolin.

He now appears to be bulking up for his turn as Cable, and rightly so, as the character is depicted in the comics as a massive brute. Brolin, who already plays a very prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thanos (with the help of motion capture), is a good fit for the role of Cable, he can be »

- Seth McDonald

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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Will Ramp Up The Pacing From Previous Seasons

23 May 2017 1:51 PM, PDT

I’m not gonna lie. I’m genuinely impressed that Game of Thrones took off the way it did. Yes, it’s a great, dramatic epic full of sex, betrayal, and dragons, and on those primal levels, it seems obvious that something like this would sell. That being said, the pacing for the first couple seasons is quite slow. Sure, you can expect something to happen in each episode, but given all the wandering threads, and the deliberate pacing, I’m just amazed that audiences have had the attention span for something like this.

However, if you’re someone who’s loved the show so far, but still take issue with the pace at which it moves, then you may love this new bit of news. Speaking with EW, a lot of the cast commented on how much faster paced Season 7 is for the show.

“I feel like I’d »

- Joseph Medina

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The Judgment Of Gotham Is Here

23 May 2017 1:00 PM, PDT

With only two episodes left until the two-part Season Finale, what does Gotham have in store for viewers this week?  We know that Barnes will transform into The Executioner (not sold on the costume), but will he be able to carry out The Court's plan to purge Gotham and start anew?  Will The Freaks team up to take-down The Court and gain control of Gotham?  Read on to find out the highlights from this week's episode:

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

The Penguin vs. The Riddler -- Cobblepot and Nygma clearly hate each other, with good reason.  Both are looking to kill each other once they get out of the hands of The Court. Unleash the two at the end of this season and make them the focus of Season 4.  There is a ton of source material they could use from the comics for story lines, and both actors are easily »

- Mark Cook

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Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins On Why She Prefers Film Over Digital

23 May 2017 12:56 PM, PDT

Film or digital? This is a conversation that has permeated movie geeks for the past 15 or so years. Ever since the early 2000s when Robert Rodriguez shot Once Upon a Time in Mexico on film, and when George Lucas started pioneering the format, the debate has taken over. Which is better, and can anyone really tell the difference? Time has seen digital quickly take over the landscape, with everything from indie flicks to big Marvel Studios blockbusters shooting digitally. From a process standpoint, it tends to be a lot faster, and from a financial standpoint, a bit cheaper. And when 95 percent of the audience can’t tell the difference, why even bother going to film, right?

Filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, however, have been fighting the good fight, doing what they can to ensure that film survives in today’s growing digital landscape. Nowadays, it seems like it »

- Joseph Medina

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Netflix Explains How Our TV-Viewing Habits Are Changing

23 May 2017 11:55 AM, PDT

Cord-cutting is no longer just a buzzword, it's a reality that's reshaping the way we watch television. Espn recently laid off more than 100 of their frontline writers, broadcasters, and analysts, due to dwindling viewership -- due in large part to cord-cutting and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Additionally, YouTube TV, SlingTV, DirectTV, Playstation Vue, and Hulu now offer their own online, live-streaming services, as alternatives to satellite and cable. CNBC reports that nearly 33 percent of satellite and cable subscribers plan to cord-cut sometime in the future. That's a significant shift in viewing habits.

For example, last night my wife and I watched the NBA Playoffs on YouTubeTV via a laptop, which we had partially recorded to avoid commercials. After the game we screened the latest Better Call Saul from our DVR, captured the previous night. Over the weekend I replayed the last few episodes of Iron Fist on Netflix from my iPad. »

- David Kozlowski

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Netflix Nabs Strange ‘Crowd-Sourced’ Concept Starring Rihanna & Lupita Nyong’o

23 May 2017 11:10 AM, PDT

This is an odd one, and a testament to the strange age of technology and crowd-sourcing we live in. Netflix has locked down a buddy movie starring singer Rihanna and Oscar-winning Lupita Nyong’o. The film is set to be helmed by A Wrinkle In Time and Selma director Ava DuVernay (who is a huge get for Netflix by herself), and will be written by Insecure’s Issa Rae.

The announcement comes in a year where Netflix is really starting to step up their game in terms of Netflix original films. We’ve already seen the streaming giant dominate the quality TV side of things, and with high profile original movies like Okja and War Machine on the horizon, they’re ready to set their sights on more short form stories.

Related: Trailer Hits For Okja, And It's Gorgeous

However, this isn’t the weirdest part of the story. What’s weird is its origins. »

- Joseph Medina

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Inhumans: Leaked Footage Shows Off Lockjaw

23 May 2017 10:25 AM, PDT

This fall will see the release of a new ABC Marvel series in the form of Inhumans. This has been an interesting project to follow from the get-go. When it was first announced as a part of Marvel Studios’ film lineup, it was interesting in how late in the game it came. And when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started utilizing the concept of Inhumans, it wasn’t exactly clear how all this would mesh together, considering the disparity between Marvel TV and Marvel Studios.

After a while, Inhumans fell off the Marvel Studios slate, and soon enough, it was picked up as a TV series -- one separate from what was executed on S.H.I.E.L.D. But the question remained: could Inhumans get pulled off on the small screen? Medusa alone is a character whose hair would likely require a good deal of visual effects. This, of course, »

- Joseph Medina

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Ant-Man 2: Evangeline Lilly Gets Fitted For Wasp Costume

23 May 2017 9:40 AM, PDT

We’re a bit over 13 months away from the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the follow-up to the original Ant-Man, which hit theaters back in 2015. The movie, while pretty formulaic, was still enjoyable enough, and audiences responded helping the film break $500 million at the box office. While not a huge smash hit, it more than made up its production costs, and proved that audiences would be okay with a more lighthearted and smaller scale Earth-based venture.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is also notable because it will be the first Marvel Studios film to have a female superhero name in the title, beating out Captain Marvel by a solid year. In the first film, we saw the superhero the Wasp in flashbacks, but by the time the credits rolled, it was clear that Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne was going to don the wings in their next appearance.

Related: »

- Joseph Medina

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Graces Vanity Fair With Four Different Covers!

23 May 2017 8:55 AM, PDT

As of this writing, we’re less than seven months away from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is a big deal not just because it’s a Star Wars film, and not just because it’ll be following up 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but because it will act as a sign off for Princess Leia. This adds an already-ungodly amount of pressure on the flick, but that’s not to say it isn’t up to the task. 

In order to truly create something worth making, the emphasis will always be on the characters. From Rey, to Luke, to Poe, and Finn, the first film did a great job of setting the foundation of things to come. With The Last Jedi, we will be seeing these characters move apart forward, and in a new set of covers for Vanity fair, we’re seeing »

- Joseph Medina

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Mel Brooks On Spaceballs 2: 'MGM Is Slightly Interested'

23 May 2017 8:00 AM, PDT

Ever since Disney brought Star Wars back in 2012, rumors have popped up from time to time about a sequel to Mel Brooks’ classic Spaceballs. During a Q&A following a recent screening of Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks spoke briefly about the possibility of a new Star Wars parody film:

 “MGM is slightly interested in doing it.” Said Brooks, “So we’re talking. Who knows?”

While there is certainly nothing concrete there, Brooks did seem excited about the project and sounded optimistic about the film being made. Brooks also said the studio is looking at the success of the Star Wars movies as a factor in the decision whether or not to move forward. Considering the current state of Star Wars fandom, there probably isn’t a better time to bring back Spaceballs. The world also needs another Mel Brooks parody, the last film made that was written by Brooks was the 2005 remake of The Producers. »

- Seth McDonald

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Do We Need A Venom Film Without Spider-Man?

22 May 2017 11:24 PM, PDT

Lrm reported the other day that Tom Hardy is tapped to star in the Ruben Fleischer directed Venom. Starring as Eddie Brock, we'll see how Eddie came across the Venom symbiote and wrecked havoc across New York City. The film will Not have the character of Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, involved however. The film is set to be an R-rated film.

There are some good and bad points to this. First off, Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock is a great choice. Even in horrible films like Star Trek: Nemesis, Tom Hardy has a way of making his presence felt on screen. Taking on such unique roles as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, or Max in Mad Max: Fury Road, he's shown a range of character that is unique for genre films. Seeing him play Eddie Brock in a serious Venom film is definitely an exciting prospect.

Ruben Fleischer is »

- Tim Jousma

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