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The Rise Of Tom Holland

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man franchise proved to be a huge hit with audiences. He was praised for bringing youthful energy and a sense of humour to the role. Since being spotted at a local dance show by the choreographer of Billy Elliot, Holland’s career has blossomed over the last decade. His latest film, Spider-Man: Homecoming (out on Digital Download and Blu-ray now) was a global success, becoming the fourth highest grossing film of 2017 and breathing new life into the Marvel Universe. To celebrate the release, we’re taking a look at the performances that have been key to his success.

Billy Elliott the Musical (2008)

At the age of twelve, Holland made his West End debut in Billy Elliot the Musical as Michael, requiring eight auditions and two years of training. Later that year he starred as Billy in the show, receiving rave reviews for his performance.
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'Fifty Shades Freed' Trailer Implores Fans Not to 'Miss the Climax' as Christian and Anna Return to Red Room

'Fifty Shades Freed' Trailer Implores Fans Not to 'Miss the Climax' as Christian and Anna Return to Red Room
The newly released trailer for the final sequel of the Fifty Shades film franchise is full of drama, romance and, of course, sex!

In the Fifty Shades Freed sneak peek, fans get another glimpse into Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) saying "I do" to Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

The two then settle in to the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and it's clear that Anna is no longer the mousy, shy college student that Christian met in the first film.

Photo: 'Fifty Shades' Star Dakota Johnson Rocks Sexy Sheer Bedazzled Bodysuit for 'Vogue' Spain

When an architect flirts with Christian in front of his new wife, Anna puts the woman in her place. "Please stop speaking to my husband as if I weren't here. ...You may call me Mrs. Grey," she instructs.

The newlyweds also return to the red room in this third installment, and attempt to top themselves with sexy love scenes. 

The honeymoon also boasts
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Pacific Rim: Uprising Producer Outlines Guillermo Del Toro’s Involvement In The Sequel

Hellboy wasn’t the only cult franchise to lose visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro; in 2016, Pacific Rim found new blood in Daredevil director Steven S. DeKnight, who is now prepped and ready to launch a cinematic Uprising.

Working from the foundations put in place by del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham, Pacific Rim: Uprising will seemingly take one giant step toward becoming Hollywood’s next cinematic universe – perhaps opening up a potential crossover with Legendary’s MonsterVerse in the process?

The jury’s still out on that one, but as Pacific Rim: Uprising inches closer and closer to release, caught up with the film’s producer, Cale Boyter, who outlined Guillermo Del Toro’s involvement in the larger-than-life sequel.

He’s been involved from the different ideas, weighing in, the different drafts. We send him all the visuals and everything. He loves Boyega. Obviously all the
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A24’s ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’ Trailer: Welcome To Hell On Earth

  • The Playlist
A24 has made a name with their taste-making choices, while “A Prayer Before Dawn” might not have been on your radar, the first trailer is certainly going to make you sit up and take notice.

Originally slated to star Charlie Hunnam, rising actor Joe Cole (“Green Room,” “Peaky Blinders“) takes the lead role, in this based on a true story tale about English boxer Billy Moore , who gets incarcerated at Klong Prem (aka the Bangkok Hilton), where he trains in the art of Muay Thai Boxing, and fights to survive.

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10 Sons of Anarchy Characters to Be This Halloween

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Because your love for Sons of Anarchy will never die, why not dress up as a Redwood Original for Halloween this year? Of course, Jax and Tara are a great option for couples, but there are still so many more characters you could be. Before you plan out which trendy costume to go with this year, consider some old favorites. Related38 Sexy Reasons We Miss Charlie Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy17 Reasons You Should Definitely Binge-Watch Sons of AnarchyThe Hands-Down Hottest Jax Teller Moments on Sons of AnarchyNSFW: 25 Sexy and Shirtless Jax Teller Moments You'll Never Get Over
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Film Review: ‘Same Kind of Different as Me’

Film Review: ‘Same Kind of Different as Me’
In 1998, millionaire art dealer Ron Hall, a Fort Worth father of two and an adulterer, promised he’d do anything to win back his wife Debbie, a “girl with a heart so big that all of Texas couldn’t hold it.” Debbie gave him a challenge: help her feed the homeless at Fort Worth’s Union Gospel Mission and befriend the scariest man on the block, an ex-felon and murderer named Denver “Suicide” Moore.

He did, and the two men’s unusual friendship is the foundation of Michael Carney’s empathetic faith-based drama “Same Kind of Different as Me,” starring Greg Kinnear and Renée Zellweger as the wealthy white couple, and Djimon Hounsou as the traumatized sharecropper welcomed into their 15,000-square-foot home. The three leads have six Academy Award nominations between them. However, the film’s key draw is the nonfiction bestseller that inspired it, co-written by Hall, Moore and “Heaven is For Real’s” Lynn Vincent, who saw
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‘Same Kind of Different as Me’ Stars: It’s a Turning Point for Women in Hollywood

‘Same Kind of Different as Me’ Stars: It’s a Turning Point for Women in Hollywood
“I think change has to happen, if it has to happen this way, than this is the perfect way for it to go,” actress Ann Mahoney said of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, on Thursday at the Los Angeles premiere of “Same Kind of Different as Me.” “And hopefully this will make others who are doing this stop.”

Mahoney, who plays a homeless prostitute named Clara in the film, hopes that this will be a turning point for women in Hollywood, opening up “casting for women across age, color, and what we typically talk about as beautiful.”

This desire to spin gold out of straw is in line with the film’s message: Through tough situations — infidelity, cancer, prison, homelessness — you can accomplish some good.

Same Kind of Different as Me,” which opens on Oct. 20, is based on the true-life events of Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear), Deborah Hall (Renée Zellweger), and Denver Moore (Djimon Hounsou). It follows Hall, an
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Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Is Here

  • MovieWeb
Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Is Here
After four years of waiting, we finally have our first good look at Pacific Rim: Uprising, the long-awaited, highly-anticipated sequel to Pacific Rim. Despite early reports suggesting that Universal and Legendary were going to make us wait until Saturday for the first Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer, they decided to give it to us a day early. So buckle up, because there is a whole lot of giant monster and robot action to feast your eyes upon. We've got new Jaegers, new Kaiju and new characters, but the important thing here is that monsters and robots are duking it out for our enjoyment.

In Pacific Rim: Uprising, John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) plays Jake Pentecost, a once-promising Jaeger pilot whose father, Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) gave his life to secure humanity's victory against the Kaiju. Jake has since abandoned his training in favor of a life in the criminal underworld.
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John Boyega Is Humanity's Last Hope in the New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

  • BuzzSugar
Pacific Rim Uprising might not have Charlie Hunnam or Idris Elba's characters from Guillermo del Toro's 2013 sci-fi action film, but that doesn't mean the sequel looks any less epic. The first trailer for the upcoming movie, due out March 23, stars John Boyega as Jake Pentecost, one of humanity's last hopes in the stand against "the monsters that destroyed our cities, and the monsters we created to stop them." Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi, and Burn Gorman are set to reprise their roles from the original and will be joined by Scott Eastwood, Tian Jing, and Jin Zhang.
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John Boyega Readies for War in ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Trailer

John Boyega Readies for War in ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Trailer
The uprising has begun.

The first trailer for “Pacific Rim Uprising” wowed audiences at New York Comic-Con on Friday.

“We were born into a world at war. Between the monsters that destroyed our cities and the monsters we created to stop them, we thought we had sacrificed enough,” John Boyega’s Jake Pentecost narrates in the clip. “But the war we thought we finished is just beginning, and the only thing standing in front of the apocalypse is us.”

From there, the action-packed preview introduces a new generation of Jaeger pilots ready to combat the evolving Kaijus and prevent humanity’s extinction. The sequel picks up 10 years after the Battle of the Breach, and Boyega takes up the legacy of his father (Idris Elba’s character), who sacrificed his life in the first film.

The cast also includes Scott Eastwood, Jing Tian, Cailee Spaeny, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona, and Charlie Day.
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Re-Cancel The Apocalypse in the First Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

New York Comic-Con brings the previously promised trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, giving us our first real look at the action packed sequel and the new robot versus kaiju action. Come inside to check it out!

The long-gestating Pacific Rim sequel is heading into theaters early next year, but today, thanks to Nycc 2017, we're getting our first real look at the movie in action. Sure, Sdcc gave us a little promo, but that showed nothing of the actual movie or story that will be playing. This morning's trailer is bringing the goods, with plenty of action!

It's awesome to see some familiar faces in this trailer along with the newcomers. The first film disappointed me a great deal, though I'm fairly certain Charlie Hunnam's character is what completely threw me off. With him out of the picture and a new story, I find myself feeling the tendrils of hype seeping into my core.
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First Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Is Larger Than Life

Ten years have passed since Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi’s heroes channeled their inner Stacker Pentecost and canceled the apocalypse, but the years have not been kind to the Ppdc’s (Pan Pacific Defense Corps) Jaeger program.

Written off as a costly and unnecessary endeavor once the Kaiju have been defeated, by the time Pacific Rim: Uprising begins, those towering mechs will ostensibly be collecting dust – that is, until those otherworldly creatures begin to claw their way back from beyond the Breach. And so, the Ppdc begins to mount a defense against yet another mass invasion.

Headed up by two Jaeger pilots – played here by John Boyega (The Force Awakens) and Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad) – the Mark VI fleet of Pacific Rim: Uprising is armed to the teeth with WMDs and other bells and whistles. Heck, one could even argue that each bipedal Jaeger is a Wmd in and of itself,
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Watch: Marilyn Manson Hospitalized After Huge Prop Falls on Him Onstage During NYC Concert

Watch: Marilyn Manson Hospitalized After Huge Prop Falls on Him Onstage During NYC Concert
Marilyn Manson was hurt Saturday night after a massive stage prop collapsed onto the singer during his concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Manson, 48, was about 45 minutes into his set, performing a cover of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," when he tried to climb a podium flanked by two large fake handguns. The prop immediately toppled over, causing the show to come to an abrupt end. After the stage crew lifted the prop back up, Manson reportedly lay on the ground for several minutes, at which point, Emt workers rushed to the backstage area, as venue workers shouted for ice.

"Manson suffered an injury towards the end of his incredible NYC show," a rep for the rock star told Rolling Stone. "He is being treated at a local hospital."

Related: Marilyn Manson Opens Up About His Unexpected Feud With Justin Bieber and How He Got Revenge

Several fans captured video footage of the
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Are You Screening? Podcast #213 – King Arthur & Alien: Covenant Reviews

The summer didn’t kick off with a bang for us, which shouldn’t be a surprise given that the Alien franchise disappointed us with its last installment. Covenant really turns the crazy up to 11, but also the nonsensical characters and plot development.

King Arthur didn’t exactly fare a lot better, though it had a lot of fun moments built into the weird world it was after. Oddly, I was more disappointed with this one, although that’s just because I had some expectations. It’s one more wacky trip with Guy Ritchie, which just makes him more confusing, but it offers hope for Charlie Hunnam‘s future, because I don’t think you can blame him for anything.

We give you the full scoop on these movies and much more.

Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox

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Charlie Hunnam Booed For Cutting Airport Line?

  • GossipCop
Was Charlie Hunnam really booed by angry passengers at the airport for using his celebrity status to cut the long immigration line? One of the tabloid’s claims the actor recently caused a scene at an airline terminal, but Gossip Cop looked into the alleged situation and we can exclusively set the record straight. Hunnam attended […]
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‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ DVD Review

Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou | Written by Guy Ritchie, Joby Harold, Lionel Wigram | Directed by Guy Ritchie

The first movie I saw directed by Guy Ritchie was Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. When I started watching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, little did I know that I’d find myself comparing the gangster feel of the two. In many ways this represents how confusing a movie it can be, especially when it is about a character like King Arthur

Robbed of his birth right as King, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) grows up the hard way, fighting for what he can and protecting those around him. Forced to pull a sword out of a stone, he soon begins the journey to becoming the true king with the help of a Mage (Astrid Berges-Frisbey). With his legend growing, this pushes him towards his destiny, a confrontation with
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King Arthur; Baywatch; The Red Turtle; 3 Hearts and more – review

Guy Ritchie’s sword-and-sorcery epic and a remake of a 90s camp classic fall flat while there are delights for young and old alike elsewhere

As the days shorten, outfits lengthen and autumn greets us with chilly reserve, Hollywood is still poring over the results of its summer autopsy – a grim one, with the season ending in its lowest Us box office total in a decade. As fingers of blame are pointed in any number of directions, from Netflix to the political administration, the slump is more easily explained in a few individual cases; even the least discerning viewers couldn’t find much to love in films as obnoxiously misconceived as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Warner, 15) and Baywatch (Paramount, 15).

The former sees Guy Ritchie trying out the same trick he pulled with Sherlock Holmes – meshing the lairy contemporary laddishness of his geezer crime flicks to an older-school English storytelling institution.
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CBS Developing Medical Miracle Drama Series With Dr. Oz

CBS Developing Medical Miracle Drama Series With Dr. Oz
CBS is developing a series that explores the intersection of faith and medicine with Dr. Mehmet Oz attached as an executive producer, Variety has learned.

The currently untitled project would follow two surgeons, one who is grounded in hard data, and the other who pursues a dual mission of faith and science. It is based on the nonfiction best-selling book “Miracles We Have Seen: America’s Leading Physicians Share Stories They Can’t Forget” by Dr. Harley A. Rotbart.

Oz will serve as an executive producer on the project along with his wife Lisa. Grant Thompson will write and executive produce. Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell will also executive produce under Harold’s Safehouse Pictures banner. CBS Television Studios will produce in association with Sony Pictures Television and Safehouse.

Dr. Rotbart is represented by CAA, The Leshne Agency, and Andrew Hurwitz of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. Safehouse Pictures is represented by CAA and Bloom Hergott. Dr. Oz
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‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Teaser: The Honeymoon Doesn’t Go as Planned — Watch

  • Indiewire
‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Teaser: The Honeymoon Doesn’t Go as Planned — Watch
As if in response to “It” making $117 million at the box office this weekend, the first teaser trailer for a rather different blockbuster has just been released: “Fifty Shades Freed.” The third entry in the soon-to-be billion-dollar franchise finds its stars ready to embark on their honeymoon, which probably won’t go as planned — if it did, why would they need to make a movie about it? Watch below.

Read More:‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Director Sam Taylor-Johnson Says She Regrets Making the Steamy Romance

“I solemnly vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others. I promise to trust and respect you and to keep you safe for as long as we both shall live,” narrates Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) as the teaser opens. From there, things get less traditionally romantic — Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) is pursued by would-be kidnappers and the couple’s famed S&M exploits are briefly teased.
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