Wolfblood series 4: new setting, same brilliant show

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Wolfblood series 4 has changed everything and nothing. Underneath what's new, it's the same ace show with the same positive message…

Wolfblood series 4 hits the ground running... literally. First episode Captivity introduces its new urban setting and action-spy genre with a slickly directed nocturnal street chase that’s more Alias than Eolas. No longer a stranger to technology, formerly wild Wolfblood Jana has a headset and a mission. She’s the best agent in the business, and her prey doesn’t stand a chance.

In a fun twist, said prey turns out not to be a villain but Tj, the errant teenage son of Jana’s boss at swish multinational Segolia. He’s soon sniffed out and found mucking about in Katrina’s newly opened Kafe (a franchise don’t-you-know).

On their way home to mum, Jana and Tj cross paths with a couple of young Wolfbloods in
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