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Mifune (Character)
from The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

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The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
Mifune: All right! This is it! Now you all know me, so I'm gonna say this as simply as I can. If it's our time to die, it's our time. All I ask is, if we have to give these bastards our lives... WE GIVE 'EM HELL BEFORE WE DO!

Mifune: What the shit is goin on over here?

Mifune: What's a pod-born pencil-neck like you doing volunteering for my corps?

Mifune: How old are you, kid?
Kid: Eighteen.
Mifune: Should have said sixteen, I might have believed that.
Kid: All right, I'm sixteen.
Mifune: The minimum age for the Corp's eighteen. Sixteen's too young.
Kid: The machines don't care how old I am. They'll kill me just the same.
Mifune: ...Ain't that the goddamn truth.
Kid: Please, Captain Mifune, give me a chance. I won't let you down.
Mifune: You do, and you're gonna find that me and the machines got something in common.

Mifune: [dying] They're coming... they're coming... the Hammer.
Kid: What?
Mifune: You have to open that gate. Cut the counter-weights. You can do it. Hurry, there's no time.
Kid: Captain, I... I didn't finish the training program.
Mifune: [smiles] Neither did I.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Morpheus: Captain Mifune.
Mifune: Captain Morpheus.
Morpheus: Are you here to escort me to the stockade, Captain?
Mifune: I'm just here to keep the peace.
A.P.U. Escort: Commander Lock demands!...
Mifune: [interruptingly clears his throat]
A.P.U. Escort: ...Requests your immediate counsel, sir!