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Quotes for
Sparks (Character)
from The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

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Enter the Matrix (2003) (VG)
Niobe: Is the exit clean?
Sparks: As vestal as my bunghole.

[after plugging out from saving Morpheus]
Sparks: Ghost, can you help me out here? She promised and you heard her. Jack in, find the One, jack out. End of story.
Ghost: What happened?
Niobe: It's Morpheus. He just called.
Sparks: He says he needs your help. Can you imagine what that means? Our help? He's got Neo, why does he need you? I know you're both listening to me about as much as you're listening to this pole here, so I'll just tell you what I think. I think you just spent eight of your nine lives getting out of there, and if you turn around and go right back in, I don't think you're just pushing your luck, I don't think you're crazy... I think you have a death wish! A major, full-on Bronson! Since your lives obviously mean nothing to you, I ask you... try to think about something that does have meaning... Namely my life.
Ghost: Shut up, Sparks!
Sparks: [pause after losing] Yeah, sure, why not.
[walks away]
Ghost: It's your call Captain.

Sparks: You're not trying your luck. You have a death wish! A major, full-on Bronson!

Sparks: You OK?
Niobe: Man, reality can be a bitch.
Ghost: Tell me about it.
Sparks: You want a shot? Dr. Fellgood can fix you up.
Niobe: Right now, all I want to know is what's on that disk.

Niobe: Sparks, the exit. Tell me it's close!
Sparks: Maintenance phone on the roof. The phone is behind the roof-access door.
Ghost: [groans] Uh, thanks Sparks. Couldn't it have been on the ground floor?

Sparks: Think about something that does have meaning... my life.
Ghost: Shut up, Sparks!
Sparks: [pause] Yeah, sure, why not.

Sparks: Because I know how valued my opinion is on this ship, I won't bother to tell you that I think it's insane for you not to wait for a support team. And for the record, when I cart your bodies back to Zion, do you prefer cremation or the gardens?
Ghost: Sparks, your faith in us remains a source of personal inspiration.
Sparks: Well, I am what I am and I do what I can.
Niobe: Then, can you shut up and hit the button?
Sparks: Your wish, oh Captain, my Captain, is my keystroke, colon, double backlash, execute, command.

[Seraph calls the Logos]
Sparks: Operator.
Seraph: Is this the Logos?
Sparks: Maybe.
Niobe: This is Captain Niobe of the Logos. Who is this?
Seraph: My name is Seraph. I bring word from the Oracle. You must come at once.

Sparks: Oh, I can't watch this...
[Calls Ghost's cell-phone during the Freeway Scene]
Ghost: Yeah... I can't hear you!
Sparks: I said "Can I have your personal processing unit?"

[after seeing a picture of thousands of Sentinals coming at them]
Ghost: Sparks, I want the ship's guns online right now.
[Walks off]
Sparks: Oh When? When will it end?