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Quotes for
Niobe (Character)
from The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

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Enter the Matrix (2003) (VG)
Niobe: If we fail, Neo fails. That cannot happen at any cost.

Ghost: What if they don't find us?
Niobe: They will.
Ghost: How do you know?
Niobe: I just know.
Ghost: What do you think will happen after that?
Niobe: I don't know. I've got a feeling this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Ghost: It's nice to have something to look forward to.
Niobe: Indeed it is.

Ghost: I've always said that when I die, let it be for something, and not of something.
Niobe: Amen.

Persephone: What is your lover's name?
Niobe: Jason.
Persephone: No... it's not Jason. But Jason knows his name.

Niobe: Who are you?
Agent Smith: Me? I guess you could say, that I am the Alpha...
Agent Smith Clone#1: ...Of your Omega.
Agent Smith Clone#2: I am the Beginning...
Agent Smith Clone#3: ...Of your End.

Niobe: Is the exit clean?
Sparks: As vestal as my bunghole.

[after plugging out from saving Morpheus]
Sparks: Ghost, can you help me out here? She promised and you heard her. Jack in, find the One, jack out. End of story.
Ghost: What happened?
Niobe: It's Morpheus. He just called.
Sparks: He says he needs your help. Can you imagine what that means? Our help? He's got Neo, why does he need you? I know you're both listening to me about as much as you're listening to this pole here, so I'll just tell you what I think. I think you just spent eight of your nine lives getting out of there, and if you turn around and go right back in, I don't think you're just pushing your luck, I don't think you're crazy... I think you have a death wish! A major, full-on Bronson! Since your lives obviously mean nothing to you, I ask you... try to think about something that does have meaning... Namely my life.
Ghost: Shut up, Sparks!
Sparks: [pause after losing] Yeah, sure, why not.
[walks away]
Ghost: It's your call Captain.

Sparks: You OK?
Niobe: Man, reality can be a bitch.
Ghost: Tell me about it.
Sparks: You want a shot? Dr. Fellgood can fix you up.
Niobe: Right now, all I want to know is what's on that disk.

Niobe: Sparks, the exit. Tell me it's close!
Sparks: Maintenance phone on the roof. The phone is behind the roof-access door.
Ghost: [groans] Uh, thanks Sparks. Couldn't it have been on the ground floor?

[Niobe, Ghost and Axel are at the subway]
Ghost: All right, Axel. That's your dust-off.
Axel: You know, there's a lot of guys that wouldn't have done what you did. I thank you for it.
Niobe: You would have.
Ghost: It was that, or kill you.
Axel: I'm just glad fate brought you to the airport.
Niobe: I'm not sure you'll agree with that tomorrow. Just tell Soren midnight. He'll know the place.
Axel: Okay.

[Before Niobe and Ghost plug in to the Matrix to get the package]
Ghost: We've scouted the post office.
Niobe: Is the drop still clean?
Ghost: Niobe, this won't be easy.
Niobe: Thadeus was my friend. I knew him. He never used a drop before. He didn't trust them. Whatever is in that box cost Thadeus his life and the lives of his crew. And I have a feeling if we don't get to it first, it's going to cost us a whole lot more. So, are you red or blue on this?
Ghost: You know me, Niobe. It's not a choice. It's a way of life.

Sparks: Because I know how valued my opinion is on this ship, I won't bother to tell you that I think it's insane for you not to wait for a support team. And for the record, when I cart your bodies back to Zion, do you prefer cremation or the gardens?
Ghost: Sparks, your faith in us remains a source of personal inspiration.
Sparks: Well, I am what I am and I do what I can.
Niobe: Then, can you shut up and hit the button?
Sparks: Your wish, oh Captain, my Captain, is my keystroke, colon, double backlash, execute, command.

[after Cain and Abel stole the key meant for Neo]
Keymaker: You must stop them! They'll ruin everything!
Niobe: What is so important about that key?
Keymaker: The key is integral to the path of the One.
Ghost: Why don't you just make another one?
Keymaker: Once it is used, it cannot be used again! They will bring about the end of everything!

[Seraph calls the Logos]
Sparks: Operator.
Seraph: Is this the Logos?
Sparks: Maybe.
Niobe: This is Captain Niobe of the Logos. Who is this?
Seraph: My name is Seraph. I bring word from the Oracle. You must come at once.

Trainman: [mumbling] 72 hours. 72 hours!
Niobe: What'd you say?
Trainman: That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time.
Niobe: What do you mean and who are you?
Trainman: Me? Nobody. Just a... spectator, enjoying the ride. Heheheh... 72 hours.

Niobe: Why do you do that?
Ghost: Do what?
Niobe: Check your guns.
Ghost: You never know.
Niobe: This is a program, they're loaded the same every time.
Ghost: Hume teaches us that no matter how many times you drop a stone and it falls to the floor, you never know what'll happen the next time you drop it. It might fall to the floor, but then again it might float to the ceiling. Past experience never proves the future.
Niobe: So...?
Ghost: So, you never know.

[after Niobe and Ghost enter the meeting spot in the sewers]
Corrupt: They're waiting.
Ghost: Has everyone arrived?
Corrupt: All but the Nebuchadnezzar.
Niobe: Figures. Anything for an entrance.

Niobe: Why do you always do it?
Ghost: What?
Niobe: Check your guns. They're always loaded the same way.
Ghost: Hume teaches us that past experiences don't affect the future. If you throw a stone, a hundred times it can fall down, yet once it may fly up.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
Niobe: Neo...
Morpheus: He fights for us...

Ghost: Well it's nice to have something to look forward to.
Niobe: Indeed it is.

Morpheus: You've never believed in The One.
Niobe: I still don't.
Morpheus: Then why are you doing this?
Niobe: [re: Neo] I believe in him.

Roland: This is asinine. If you want to kill yourself, go ahead, but do it without wasting one of our ships.
Neo: You have to believe me. I have to go.
Roland: Bullshit. I'm captain of this ship, *I'll* say where it has to go. And believe me, this ship will go to hell long before I let you take it anywhere!
Niobe: He can have mine.
Roland: Niobe! You can't do that!
Niobe: Don't you even begin to tell me what I can and can't do with my ship after that little speech.

[after the machines stop attacking, at Zion]
Niobe: What are they doing?
[seeing Morpheus put his gun down]
Niobe: What are *you* doing?

Niobe: Ah shit, she's got a fat ass.

Roland: Slow down! This ain't the Logos!
Niobe: Hold on to your lunch, Roland. Here we go.
[Niobe does a flip with the Hammer]
Roland: Holy Christ, I didn't know this ship could do that.

Morpheus: You saw the Oracle? What did she tell you?
Niobe: Same thing she always does: exactly what I needed to hear.

Lock: Three captains, one ship. I assume the other two were lost under equally pointless circumstances?
Niobe: It's good to see you, too, Jason.
Lock: The council awaits your report. You'll forgive me for not attending, but I need to find a way to salvage this debacle.
Roland: Did I miss something here, Commander? I thought we just saved the dock.
Lock: That's the problem with you people. You can't think more than five minutes in front of your faces. That EMP knocked out every piece of hardware, and every APU. If I were the machines, I'd send every sentinel I had over here right now. "Saved the dock" Captain?, you just handed it to them on a silver platter!

Morpheus: You're a hell of a pilot.
Niobe: Some things in this world never change.
Morpheus: But some things do?
Niobe: [sighs] Luckily... some things do.

[as the Hammer speeds through the mechanical line]
Morpheus: There's the exit.
Niobe: On my mark, give me full power, ninety degrees to lower left starboard.
Morpheus: Full power, ninety degrees...
[the ship approaches the exit... ]
Niobe: Now!
[... and she pulls it through a tight turn]
Niobe: Hold, on baby!
[the ship crashes through the exit, grinding to a halt]
Roland: God *damn*, woman, you can drive!

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Morpheus: What is it, Niobe?
Niobe: I can't help it, Morpheus, I can't help thinking, what if you're wrong? What if all this, the prophecy, everything is bullshit?

Morpheus: And does the Commander have a plan for dealing with two hundred and fifty *thousand* Sentinels?
Niobe: A strategy is still being formulated.
Morpheus: I'm sure it is.

Niobe: I remember. I remember when you used to dance. I remember you were... pretty good.
Morpheus: There are some things in this world, Captain Niobe, that will never change.
Commander Lock: Niobe.
Morpheus: Some things do change.

The Keymaker: Only the One can open the door. And only during that window can that door be opened.
Niobe: How do *you* know all this?
The Keymaker: I know because I *must* know. It is my purpose. It is the reason I am here. The same reason we are *all* here.

Link: Operator.
Niobe: Link, it's Niobe. We've been sent to bring you in. I need to talk to Morpheus.
Link: Believe me, Niobe, he needs you.
Niobe: Where is he?
Link: Just follow the sirens.

The Matrix Online (2005) (VG)
Anome: It wasn't us. You have as good a chance of finding out who killed him as we do.
Anome: They're lying, Niobe!
Niobe: We'll see. And we'll see justice done.