Wong Fei Hung
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Wong Fei Hung (Character)
from Once Upon a Time in China (1991)

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Huang Fei Hong (1973)
Huang Fei-Hung: Brother. For ten years, I've tried to forget that kick. No, brother... I won't forget. I can never forget it!

Student of Fei-Hung: If teacher won't teach us that kick, he must have a reason.
Liang Kuan: Teacher, if you won't teach it, why not tell us why?
Huang Fei-Hung: Tell what? There's nothing to tell! Ten years... I've been trying, trying to forget that damned kick!

Huang Fei-Hung: Now, get this: forget about that kick. Because I'll never teach it to you!

The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)
Wong Fei-hong: Drinking gives Herculean strength!

Wong Fei-hung: [Drinking some very strong alcohol in the middle of a fight] What the hell is that?
Mrs. Wong: What does it mean when there's a picture of a skull?
Wong Fei-hung: Good stuff!!!

Last Hero in China (1993)
So: [crying because Wong has to leave] Master, I'm so sorry...
Wong Fei-hung: You're a man. Stop crying!
So: [nods to Mass Tar Wong] He's crying too.
Wong Fei-hung: [looks at Mass Tar Wong, who is crying comically] He's different. He's not a man.

Wong Fei-hung: Fau San Shadow-less Kick!
[punches Liu several times]
Liu-Heung: [recoiling] What! Wong Fei-hung, you said it was the Shadow-less kick!
Wong Fei-hung: So Wong Fei-hung can't lie now? Idiot! Fau San Shadow-less Kick!
[kicks Liu off the bridge]
Liu-Heung: [falling] Wong, you're tacky! I won't let you escape so easily!
Wong Fei-hung: If I tell lies, you don't like it. If I tell the truth, you still don't like it. So difficult to please people!

Once Upon a Time in China (1991)
Wong Fei Hung: Why so many swords and daggers on the table?