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George Jetson (Character)
from "The Jetsons" (1962)

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"The Jetsons: Test Pilot (#1.15)" (1962)
George Jetson: Nobody could dial a breakfast like mother.

George Jetson: Everything, EVERYTHING you bought goes back to the store.
Jane Jetson: But George, you said our ship has come in.
George Jetson: It sunk.

George Jetson: We've got to think about our old age.
Elroy: What if we don't reach an old age?
Judy Jetson: Then we're stuck with all that money.

George Jetson: Honey, you asked me for $20 yesterday, now what did you do with that?
Jane Jetson: You didn't give it to me.
George Jetson: Excuses, excuses, that's all I hear.

George Jetson: Jane, this morning you wanted to buy some silverware. Here
[hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get it in gold.
Jane Jetson: Gold silverware?
George Jetson: Judy, you wanted some stereo-phonic tapes,
[Hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: go get yourself a band. Now what can I do for you, son?
Elroy Jetson: If I had known you were filling requests, I'd have brought a list.
George Jetson: You wanted a toy space fire engine.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get yourself a real fire engine.
[Hands him more cash]
George Jetson: might as well get yourself a fire too
Astro: What about re?
George Jetson: Of course, Astro, you wanted a bone.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Buy yourself a meat market.

George Jetson: The real George Jetson finally stood up.
Mr. Spacely: Well, would the real George Jetson care to sit down?

George Jetson: Olé! Olé! Oy vey!

George Jetson: [after getting squashed in the life jacket]
George Jetson: That must have been the vertical. Here comes the horizon-hal!

George Jetson: I'm going to Cogswell Cogs to see about a job.
Mr. Spacely: You mean you'd work for Cogswell after all this? You'd forget your dignity and go crawling to him for a job? You'd do THAT for a few miserly dollars a week?
George Jetson: Uh-huh.
Mr. Spacely: Wait for me, Jetson, I'll go with you.

George Jetson: You're going to broadcast pictures of my insides?
Dr. Radius: That's right. The Peek-A-Boo capsule will send back on-the-spot reports of everything.
George Jetson: You ought to play some background music like, "Liver Come Back to Me", or maybe, "I Get A Kidney Out of You"? How about, "Lung Ago And Far Away"?
Dr. Radius: Open your mouth, please. That should be easy for you.

Reporter: Mr. Jetson, I guess you're quite concerned about these tests.
George Jetson: Well, I...
Mr. Spacely: - I certainly am. Sure hope nothing happens to that life jacket.
Reporter: Oh um, Mr. Spacely, your every thought must be with the courageous man who's risking his life for you.
Mr. Spacely: Huh? Who's that?
Reporter: Your test pilot, Mr. Jetson.
Mr. Spacely: Oh him, yeah, I sure am worried about him. He's wearing MY life jacket.

Mr. Spacely: You can't tempt Jetson with money, can he?
George Jetson: Yep.

Mr. Spacely: Keep this up, Partner, and you'll have money to burn.
George Jetson: [Thinks he's dying] I was kinda hoping to go in the other direction.

George Jetson: What are you worried about? It's my life.
Mr. Spacely: Yeah well it's MY life jacket.
George Jetson: Alright, let'er rip!
Mr. Spacely: Don't say that!

Mr. Spacely: [the life jacket, once put in the wash, is destroyed] It was hit by lightning. Missiles. It was indestructable!
George Jetson: But it isn't washable. We should've put a label on it, "Dry clean only".

Jetsons: The Movie (1990)
George Jetson: Hey, you've done everything.
Rudy 2: Everything but press the button that gets it all going. That's your job, George, and Mr. Spaceley says you're the best.
George Jetson: Well I wouldn't say that... but - well yes, maybe I would.

[explaining how the factory works]
Rudy 2: There's the drilling bore. It brings up the ore.
George Jetson: The bore brings up the ore, got it!
[hits the start-up button]
Rudy 2: The ore makes the sprockets.
George Jetson: The ore makes the sprockets?
Rudy 2: Uh-huh.
George Jetson: Uh-huh.
Rudy 2: Pack the sprockets into packets.
George Jetson: Sack the packets into brackets?
Rudy 2: For the lockers.
George Jetson: For the lockers!
Rudy 2: Lock the sprocket locker key in the pocket of your jacket.
George Jetson: Got the sprocket locker key in my outer jacket pocket.
Rudy 2: Are you ready?
George Jetson: I'm ready.
Rudy 2: Take the bore ore sprocket packets from the packet brackets.
George Jetson: And we rocket...
Rudy 2: While we're rappin'.
Rudy 2, George Jetson: Yes we rocket while we're rappin' and we're rockin' and a rollin' and we rocket the sprockets to Spacely. Yeah!

Mr. Spaceley: Now what, Jetson? What is this time?
George Jetson: Just another little glitch, Mr. Spaceley!
Mr. Spaceley: Another little glitch, huh?
George Jetson: [shakes the Sprocket off his nose] Yes, sir.
Mr. Spaceley: I think I know what that glitch is, Jetson, and I'm looking at him!

Judy Jetson: Thanks, Dad. You're outer-galactic.
George Jetson: Yeah, I'm out of money too.

[the bore driller is operational while the Jetsons, Astro, Teddy 2, Fergie, Apollo Blue, Squet and the Grungies are still underground]
[motioning to the Jetsons]
Squet: Come on, come on, come on!
[the ground starts to give way under his feet]
Elroy Jetson: Oh no! Squet!
[grabs Squet's hand]
Elroy Jetson: Hang on!
[the ceiling crumbles over their heads, knocking them down over a edge]
Jane: [scared to death] ELROY!
[Everyone works together to move rocks. The Grungies form a 'human' chain to save Elroy and Squek as George and Jane look at each other with conerned looks on their faces. The Grungies pull a dirty Elroy, who is holding Squet, out from the caved in area]
Teddy 2: He's got Squet!
George Jetson: Elroy!
[picks up Elroy and Squet]
George Jetson: Oh thank God your safe son.
Jane: [Takes Elroy into her arms from George] Oh Elroy, darling. I was afraid.
[tears in her eyes]
Jane: I was so afraid.
Elroy Jetson: I'm ok, mom, I'm ok. Squet's ok, too.
[he slaps hands with Squet and the Grungies chant Squets name]
George Jetson: [to the grungies] Thanks to all of you.
[the Grungies cheer]
George Jetson: C'mon everybody. We've got to stop the drilling! C'mon!
[Everyone runs off]

Mr. Spaceley: I never should've made that dummy George Jetson vice president. When I get home, I'll get a new vice president.
[the Jetsons, Astro, Teddy 2, Fergie, Apollo Blue, Squet and some of the Grungies all rise up into the plant from the ore asteroid below by elevator]
George Jetson: [angrily] You've already got a vice president.
Mr. Spaceley: Jetson?
George Jetson: That's right, Mr. Spacely, that "dummy" George Jetson.

[Mr. Spacely has ordered George via video-phone to shut the plant down, which George does promptly]
George Jetson: It's off, sir.
Mr. Spaceley: And get it started soon. Lost time means lost money. And lost money means lost vice president! Get it?
[George gulps]

Rudy 2: There's something going on here, George, the two sprockett lockers were unscrewed from the lock sprockett sockets.
George Jetson: Say that again.
Rudy 2: I can't.

George Jetson: Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

George Jetson: Why did you wake me? I was dreaming about sleeping.

"The Jetsons: A Jetson Christmas Carol (#2.41)" (1985)
George: If you need me, I'll either be at work or the poor house.

George: That Spacely is worse than Scrooge. I wish some Christmas ghosts would visit him, though he'd probably scare them off.

R.U.D.I: Hey George, did you hear about the cat that crawled across the desert on Christmas?
George: Yeah, he got sandy claws. You better update your memory, R.U.D.I, the last time I heard that one I rolled over and fell out of my crib.

George: Merry Christmas, sir.
Mr. Spacely: Don't call me merry! I have an image to maintain!

George: [Astro is deathly ill] Are you sure he's not fakin'?

George: That's your Christmas list? It looks more like the Martian phone book.

"The Jetsons: Elroy's Mob (#1.24)" (1963)
George Jetson: [Astro jumps on George and licks him] Astro. If I wanted a bath I'd take a shower.

George Jetson: I feel lower than a Martian midget.

Elroy Jetson: Just wait until I play this for my pop. He'll never get over it.
George Jetson: I'll never get over it! Four D's, and an F, and an H?

Jane Jetson: Our son has run away!
George Jetson: Don't worry, honey, he won't get far. Where can a kid like him go?
Jane Jetson: No place. Just to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn...
George Jetson: [blubbering] That's enough! That's enough! That's enough!

"The Jetsons: Unilab (#1.10)" (1962)
George Jetson: I'll just tell Mr. Spacely I'm very sorry and that I'll never call him names again.
[Nearly has a head-on collision with another car]
George Jetson: Why you big strata-jerk. It's vacuum-heads like you who keep fuselage and fender shops in business. Come on out and face the music.
Mr. Spacely: [Emerges from the other car] 'Morning, Jetson. Nice day isn't it?
George Jetson: M-M-M-Mr. Spacely, I presume?
Mr. Spacely: Correct. I hope you're wearing your watch, Jetson, BECAUSE YOU HAVE EXACTLY 5 MINUTES TO CLEAN OUT YOUR DESK.

George Jetson: I'm a big coward.
Henry Orbit: Now, now, Mr. Coward. Er, I mean Mr. Jetson, there's lot's of other work around. Why I got a third cousin who's making out real well on Mars.
George Jetson: I don't think I could take Mars, Henry. I hear those little green bosses are murder.

George Jetson: I hope you get ulcers in your cyclotron.

George Jetson: I've got a wife, two kids and 10 finance companies to support. How am I supposed to pay my bills?

"The Jetsons: The Good Little Scouts (#1.6)" (1962)
George Jetson: Well, here we are, Men.
Anode: Yeah, Big Buddy, but where are we?
George Jetson: Well, according to the map, we're right about here: on the rim of that crater.
Anode: That's not a crater, Mr. Jetson. That's your thumb print.

George Jetson: Ready, R.U.D.I?
R.U.D.I.: R.U.D.I's ready.
George Jetson: Alright, what are my chances of getting a two week vacation this year?
[R.U.D.I processes, then prints out a card]
George Jetson: "Your weight is 168 pounds". I don't get it, what's my weight got to do with getting a vacation?
R.U.D.I.: Fat chance.
George Jetson: Ah, what do you know, you big junk pile!
[Kicks R.U.D.I then hops around, holding his foot in pain]

George Jetson: Now don't get too close to the edge of this crater. Look out, Orbit. That rock you're standing on is loose, Orbit. Orbit!
[the rock gives way]
George Jetson: Oh no. Now why didn't Orbit pay attention?
Elroy: Because that was Anode.
George Jetson: Oh. Sorry, Anode!

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987) (TV)
George Jetson: That's grass. I read about it in ancient history.

Mr. Spacely: Jetson, there's a leak around here and I want it stopped.
George Jetson: Yes, sir. I know a very good plumber: Mr. Skywrench.
Mr. Spacely: An *industrial* leak, you molecule brain! And don't play innocent with me, Jetson. I have my suspicions where that leak is coming from, and it's you!
George Jetson: Me?
Mr. Spacely: How else can I explain Cogswell stealing every major project I come up with right from under my nose?
George Jetson: Well, I... I... I...
Mr. Spacely: Darn right it's you, you, you!
George Jetson: But sir...
Mr. Spacely: I spent a fortune romancing General Blackhole just to get that secret contract to the Interstellar Lunar Probe. Nobody else knew it existed, but are they using Spacely Sprockets? No! They're using Cogswell Cogs!
George Jetson: How do you suppose Mr. Cogswell got wind of it, Mr. Spacely?
Mr. Spacely: From a windbag like you, Jetson!
R.U.D.I.: No, no...
Mr. Spacely: [to R.U.D.I] I told you to butt out!
[R.U.D.I. tunes out]
Mr. Spacely: Cogswell's beaten me out of every one of my secret projects, from the Lunar Probe to the Humphrey Bogar Lookalike sprocket for the nostalgia buffs.
R.U.D.I.: [tuning in momentarily] Too bad, sweetheart.
George Jetson: Uh, what can we do, boss?
Mr. Spacely: Not me, you, Jetson! You want to clear your name? Then find out how Cogswell's getting his information.
George Jetson: [gasp] You mean, *spy*? Are you suggesting I spy on him, Mr. Spacely?
Mr. Spacely: Either that or you're fired.
George Jetson: Spying isn't a bad suggestion when you put it that way, sir.
Mr. Spacely: Good.
[to R.U.D.I]
Mr. Spacely: Now you can sympathize with him, nosy.
[he leaves]

George Jetson: [Watching Dino and Astro interfering in pig catching contest] Astro Watch out!
Fred Flintstone: No Dino No.

"The Jetsons: G.I. Jetson (#1.19)" (1963)
Henry Orbit: The Space Guard is known for rapid promotions.
George Jetson: That's right. I've been here two hours. I'm overdue.

Indoctrination Center Robot: [the recruits are having their serial numbers stamped into their helmets, George has his done] Approved, US-51075. Next.
George Jetson: [Henry rolls up, but is holding his helmet in his hand] Psst, Henry. Your helmet.
Indoctrination Center Robot: [Before he can react, the stamping machine stamps his serial number hard onto his forehead] Approved, US-51076.
George Jetson: Henry, are you alright?
Henry Orbit: [Clearly dazed] Yes I am, and may I ask, when is the next bus to Chicago?

"The Jetsons: The Mirrormorph (#2.16)" (1985)
George: Yum, it's been lightyears since you programmed synthetic brownies.

Dr. Lunarby: Impossible, Professor, there are too many of them to contain!
George Jetson: Not when you have a roomy new Spacion Wagon.

"The Jetsons: Haunted Halloween (#2.26)" (1985)
George Jetson: [Telling a scary story to Elroy, Astro, and Orbity] As the group huddled nervously around the campfire they again heard the snapping of a twig as if someone or something were approaching step by stealthy step nearer
[a wolf howls]
George Jetson: step by step he seemed to getting closer and suddenly the bushes parted and there he was, his face a horrible distorted face, a decaying cadaverous green mask
[makes a ghoulish face]
George Jetson: his mouth partly open
[streches his mouth really wide]
George Jetson: his fang like teeth ready to strike
[lunges at Orbity with a monsterous fanged face]
George Jetson: the creeper moved slowly, slowly toward our hero and laughed
[lets out an evil laugh]
George Jetson: now I have you right where I want you! Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Orbity hides under a pillow]
Elroy Jetson: And then the hero pulled out a hand full of garlic and destroyed the evil creeper
[pulls out garlic]
George Jetson: No not garlic!
[grabs his throat and falls to the floor]
Elroy Jetson: [laughs] Tell us another one dad
Jane Jetson: George Jetson honestly do you want to give these kids nightmares?
Elroy Jetson: Yeah mom let him!
George Jetson: Come on honey it's almost Halloween!
Jane Jetson: If they come running into our bed they're sleeping on your side!
Elroy Jetson: I love those creeper stories mom and Orbity's never heard them before and he loves them too, right Orbity?
[Orbity hides under the pillow shivering with fright]

George Jetson: Janey I heard lots of Halloween stories as a kid and it hasn't affected me, affected me, affected me
[hunches his back over and gives a wicked grin]
George Jetson: give us a kiss sweetie!
Jane Jetson: Knock it off Igor or you sleep on the couch tonight!
George Jetson: [in a Dracula like voice] Ooh I love the couch reminds me of my coffin back home

"The Jetsons: Hi-Tech Wreck (#2.19)" (1985)
George: If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

[the doorbell rings]
Jane Jetson: Who could that be?
Judy Jetson: Probably one of our invisible Moongolian neighbors.
George Jetson: That makes it kinda hard to look'em in the eye.

"The Jetsons: Jetson's Nite Out (#1.3)" (1962)
George Jetson: Well now, "Football coach predicts victory at tonight's game". I wonder what he's got to say.
Coach: We'll moider dem.

"The Jetsons: High Moon (#2.18)" (1985)
George: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
George: Ha, "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do". I should've won three space Oscar awards.

"Family Guy: Meet the Quagmires (#5.18)" (2007)
[the Jetsons opening sequence is shown, but when Jane leaves with George's wallet, George puuls Jane back in the flying car]
George Jetson: Hey, hey, hey, hey! No, no, no. no! I took this one out for you! You take that one, I take this! You are not taking my whole wallet just so you can go shopping!
Jane Jetson: I was just going to buy some groceries.
George Jetson: Bullcrap!

"The Jetsons: Miss Solar System (#1.20)" (1963)
George Jetson: What a doll. She's got everything. Too bad all girls aren't like her, oh well, somebody's got to be in the PTA.

"The Jetsons: A Date with Jet Screamer (#1.2)" (1962)
[George gets stuck in rush hour traffic on his way home from work]
George Jetson: Well, here we go again. Another night, another traffic jam. Boy, this spaceway traffic gets worse every night. Hey, looks like an opening up ahead.
[he finds the opening and takes it, only to get stuck in more traffic]
George Jetson: There's another one.
[he tries to take that one, only to find someone else has taken it first. He crashes with it]
George Jetson: Space hog! I better cut around and try and slide in.
[he does just that]
George Jetson: Sunday astronaut!
[he then looks forward with a start]
George Jetson: Yikes!
[he crashes through a sign advertising for Cosmic Cola]
Traffic Cop: Hey, you! What do you think this is, the Indianapolis 500,000?
[he gets George to pull over]

"The Jetsons: Spacely for a Day (#3.10)" (1987)
George: You're kidding.
Elroy: Nope.
George: Then lie to me and say you're kidding.

"The Jetsons: Elroy's TV Show (#1.9)" (1962)
George Jetson: [Mr. Spacely is being beat up by a movie robot] Mr. Spacely, you'd better quit. It's too rough on you.
Mr. Spacely: What? And give up show biz? Never!