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Captain Abraham Smollett (Character)
from Treasure Island (1950)

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Treasure Island (1990) (TV)
Squire Trelawney: Mutiny! By God, I'll see them hang for it!
Dr. Livesey: It's worse than Mutiny, Squire. It's murder. And if they're successful you won't see anything at all because you will be quite dead!
Squire Trelawney: Captain, you were right and I was wrong. I own myself an ass and I await your orders.
Captain Smollet: No more an ass than I, sir. This crew beats me!
Dr. Livesey: It's that Silver, he's a most remarkable man!
Captain Smollet: He'd look remarkably from a yard arm!

Captain Smollet, Redruth: [the crew have just fought off the attacking mutineers]
Redruth: I got one of them in the leg, sir. I'm sorry.
Captain Smollet: Nothing to be sorry for, man. You were fighting in self-defense.
Redruth: Yes, but I was aiming for his head. This musket was firing low!

Captain Smollet: *Bloody hell!* They've brought up a gun!

Treasure Island (1934)
Capt. Alexander Smollett: Lower the flag? Strike my colors? Not I, sir! We're without without provisions but we've plenty of powder and ball and, by heaven, sir, this spot is England!
[Salutes the Union Jack]

Capt. Alexander Smollett: My name is Alexander Smollett. I've flown my sovereign's colors, and I'll see you all to Davy Jones.
Long John Silver: [Lying on the ground without his crutch] That final?
Capt. Alexander Smollett: That's the last good word you'll hear out of me, by heaven. The next time we meet, I'll put a bullet in you. Do you meet my terms?
Long John Silver: No!
Capt. Alexander Smollett: Then tumble out of here, m'lad, hand over hand on the double!
Long John Silver: Gimme a hand up?
Capt. Alexander Smollett: Yah! I'd sooner touch carrion!
Long John Silver: Who'll give me a hand up?
[No one replies]

Capt. Alexander Smollett: When there's treasure in the hold, there's fire in the fo'c'sle.

Treasure Island (1999/II)
Long John Silver: We want the treasure and we'll have it, that's the point. We have the boy and you want him, and we'll trade for the chart.
Captain Smollet: The boy? We don't want the boy. In six months time, he'll be sun-dried and dangling from a gibbet in Tilbury, like all the rest of you.
Long John Silver: But he's one of you!
Captain Smollet: Not any more, Silver.

Squire Trelawney: [They're following the pirates to the treasure] Do you think they know what they're doing?
Captain Smollet: Who better to decipher the convolutions of a twisted pirate's mind than another twisted pirate?

Treasure Island (2012) (TV)
Captain Smollett: The next time I see you, you better come up bleating, man.
Long John Silver: Oh I will, Smollett, I will. And those that die, they will be the lucky ones!

"John Silver's Return to Treasure Island: Treasure Island (#1.10)" (1986)
Van Der Brecken: I think Jim has needs of his friends.
Trelawney: We'll lay it in, by heaven, every last stitch of canvas, Smollett!
Van Der Brecken: No, no, no no. We take my boat.
Capt. Smollett: That's sense. She's as trim a vessel as ever I saw.
Trelawney: Well, I'll swim if I get this faster, what? Hm?