Judy Jetson
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Judy Jetson (Character)
from "The Jetsons" (1962)

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Jetsons: The Movie (1990)
Jane: Hey Judy, wanna come with me to the big shopping mall tomorrow?
Judy Jetson: Oh I don't think I could possibly... What time does it open?

Judy Jetson: [bawling] I just found out Doris told Susie and Susie told Mary and Mary told Francie and Francie told me Helen took my date with Cosmo! And now my heart is totally broken! I'll never be happy again! Never! Never! Never! Never! I hate this place!
[runs away bawling]

Judy Jetson: Thanks, Dad. You're outer-galactic.
George Jetson: Yeah, I'm out of money too.

Cosmic Cosmo: Hey, what's your name?
Judy Jetson: J-J-Judy.
Cosmic Cosmo: Well, J-J-Judy. We've got a date Friday night.

"The Jetsons: Elroy's TV Show (#1.9)" (1962)
Jane Jetson: Your brother is going to be "Spaceboy, zoom!" What do you think of that?
Judy Jetson: Eeeeyuck!
Jane Jetson: Judy.
Judy Jetson: Gosh, Mom, it's bad enough having a kid brother around the house without having one on television.
Jane Jetson: Well, young lady, with your brother as a television star, he could put you on the show for a guest spot.
Judy Jetson: Hey, I never thought of that. Oh Elroy!
Jane Jetson: Oh dear.
Elroy: [Judy enters Elroy's room] Hi.
Judy Jetson: Can I help you?
Elroy: No. Girls don't know nothing about scooters.
Judy Jetson: Aw, you're the best brother a girl ever had. I'd do anything for you, Elroy. Anything at all. Would you do something for me?
Elroy: No, you're not gonna be on my TV show.
Judy Jetson: Ooh! Kid brothers!

Jane Jetson: Goodbye.
Elroy: Goodbye.
Judy Jetson: [angrily] Goodbye!
Jane Jetson: Why Judy, I do believe you're jealous of your brother.
Judy Jetson: Jealous? Ha, me? Jealous of Elroy? Ha ha ha ha. Just because he's on TV.
Judy Jetson: That's a hot one! Jealous? Yes, I'm jealous. I'm only the big sister of "Spaceboy, zoom".
Jane Jetson: [laughs]

"The Jetsons: The Odd Pod (#3.8)" (1987)
Judy Jetson: Where's my notebook? Elroy, are you hiding it?
Elroy Jetson: Get off my back, will ya? What would I do with your notebook? Fail?

Elroy Jetson: [their plant just died] Maybe it left a will.
Judy Jetson: Elroy!

"The Jetsons: Fantasy Planet (#2.24)" (1985)
Judy Jetson: Hey nice clothes, Elroy. Designer diapers.

"The Jetsons: Judy's Birthday Surprise (#2.4)" (1985)
Judy Jetson: Elroy, why are you playing with your junk in the dining room?

"The Jetsons: Dance Time (#2.13)" (1985)
Judy Jetson: Daddy, if you dance like that in front of my friends I have to go live in another galaxy. Oh daddy, your dancing went out with pop-up fuels it is practically 20th century.

"The Jetsons: Test Pilot (#1.15)" (1962)
George Jetson: We've got to think about our old age.
Elroy: What if we don't reach an old age?
Judy Jetson: Then we're stuck with all that money.

"The Jetsons: A Jetson Christmas Carol (#2.41)" (1985)
Judy Jetson: Oh dear, by the time I make up my mind, I'm full of indecision.

"The Jetsons: Hi-Tech Wreck (#2.19)" (1985)
[the doorbell rings]
Jane Jetson: Who could that be?
Judy Jetson: Probably one of our invisible Moongolian neighbors.
George Jetson: That makes it kinda hard to look'em in the eye.