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Orson Pig (Character)
from "Garfield and Friends" (1988)

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"Garfield and Friends: Box O' Fun/U.S. Acres: Unidentified Flying Orson/School Daze (#1.2)" (1988)
Lanolin: A new book? Whatcha reading, Orson? Attack of the Awesome Space Zombies, oh not one of these!
Orson: There's nothing wrong with reading science fiction.
Lanolin: For a normal person, *no*. The trouble with you, pig, is you believe everything you read.
Orson: I do not.
Booker: You *do* sometimes get carried away.
Lanolin: You *should* be carried away.

Bo: Hi, Orson, wanna go halfsies on a cheese danish?
Orson: Bo! That is not a cheese danish, it's a baby martian!
Wade Duck: [running up] Orson! I just found prune danish by the chicken coop!
Orson: *Prune* danish? Those must be men from Jupiter! Come on!
[they run off]
Bo: [looks to the camera] Hey man, I don't know what's going on, and I don't want to know either.
[bites into the danish, makes a face]
Bo: This martian's a little stale.

"Garfield and Friends: Identity Crisis/U.S. Acres: The Bad Sport/Up a Tree (#1.6)" (1988)
Orson Pig: The blue team starts honking like geese until the red team does 30 pushups or sits in three banana cream pies, whichever occurs first. The players start looking at each other. Play begins when the two captains toss a baked potato in the air. If it lands sour cream down, the game is immediately canceled and all players must immediately move to Scottsdale, Arizona and open a dry-cleaning business. Roy, who's been listening, dashes off to laugh at them. The second inning cannot start until everyone puts on a bow tie and the captain of the blue team locates a live hippopotamus. The red team gets 11 points for every vegetable they impersonate while the blue team builds a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger out of coleslaw, and for six points, dress up like a cupcake and locate the Klopman diamond and...

"Garfield and Friends: Pest of a Guest/U.S. Acres: The Impractical Joker/Fat & Furry (#2.1)" (1989)
Lanolin: [Orson fires Roy] Come on, pig, you're the one who said that Roy's jokes were harmless.
Orson: Well, I guess that was when they weren't about me.

"Garfield and Friends: Peace & Quiet/U.S. Acres: Wanted: Wade/Garfield Goes Hawaiian (#1.1)" (1988)
Orson Pig: Oh, everyone's up. Roy can knock off that crowing... I'm gonna go tell him to stop.
Wade Duck: Hey Orson! Is this your paper here under the sofa?