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Elroy Jetson (Character)
from "The Jetsons" (1962)

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"The Jetsons: Elroy's Mob (#1.24)" (1963)
Elroy Jetson: Just wait until I play this for my pop. He'll never get over it.
George Jetson: I'll never get over it! Four D's, and an F, and an H?

Elroy: What about Mugsy Megatron? He sure sounds rough.
Astro: Ron't worry, Relroy.
Elroy: Don't worry? What would you do if you saw him?
Astro: Run for relp.
Elroy: Run for help. Great.

Elroy Jetson: How much will I get for my part?
Mugsy Megatron: Oh about 5 to 10 years if we're caught.

Mugsy Megatron: [Pretending to be a director filming a heist TV show] It's called the, um, The Unspaceables.
Elroy: The Unspaceables? I love that show. Lot's of action, and cops and robbers.
Mugsy Megatron: Er, no cops in this one. Only robbers.

Jane Jetson: And remember, Elroy, no stopping at the space burger satellite on your way to school.
Elroy: Ah gee, Mom. How about on the way home?
Jane Jetson: Now, now, not another word. Come on, come on, it's off to school for you.
Elroy: Bye Mom, see you in orbit.

Elroy: What are you watching?
Kenny Countdown: It's the billionth rerun of The Flintstones.
[Fred says he famous catchphrase before diving into a pool ontop of Barney]
Kenny Countdown: "Yabba Dabba Doo" Ha ha ha ha.

Jetsons: The Movie (1990)
Elroy Jetson: This move I call the Elroy Elevator.

[the bore driller is operational while the Jetsons, Astro, Teddy 2, Fergie, Apollo Blue, Squet and the Grungies are still underground]
[motioning to the Jetsons]
Squet: Come on, come on, come on!
[the ground starts to give way under his feet]
Elroy Jetson: Oh no! Squet!
[grabs Squet's hand]
Elroy Jetson: Hang on!
[the ceiling crumbles over their heads, knocking them down over a edge]
Jane: [scared to death] ELROY!
[Everyone works together to move rocks. The Grungies form a 'human' chain to save Elroy and Squek as George and Jane look at each other with conerned looks on their faces. The Grungies pull a dirty Elroy, who is holding Squet, out from the caved in area]
Teddy 2: He's got Squet!
George Jetson: Elroy!
[picks up Elroy and Squet]
George Jetson: Oh thank God your safe son.
Jane: [Takes Elroy into her arms from George] Oh Elroy, darling. I was afraid.
[tears in her eyes]
Jane: I was so afraid.
Elroy Jetson: I'm ok, mom, I'm ok. Squet's ok, too.
[he slaps hands with Squet and the Grungies chant Squets name]
George Jetson: [to the grungies] Thanks to all of you.
[the Grungies cheer]
George Jetson: C'mon everybody. We've got to stop the drilling! C'mon!
[Everyone runs off]

"The Jetsons: Elroy's TV Show (#1.9)" (1962)
Jane Jetson: Your brother is going to be "Spaceboy, zoom!" What do you think of that?
Judy Jetson: Eeeeyuck!
Jane Jetson: Judy.
Judy Jetson: Gosh, Mom, it's bad enough having a kid brother around the house without having one on television.
Jane Jetson: Well, young lady, with your brother as a television star, he could put you on the show for a guest spot.
Judy Jetson: Hey, I never thought of that. Oh Elroy!
Jane Jetson: Oh dear.
Elroy: [Judy enters Elroy's room] Hi.
Judy Jetson: Can I help you?
Elroy: No. Girls don't know nothing about scooters.
Judy Jetson: Aw, you're the best brother a girl ever had. I'd do anything for you, Elroy. Anything at all. Would you do something for me?
Elroy: No, you're not gonna be on my TV show.
Judy Jetson: Ooh! Kid brothers!

Jane Jetson: Goodbye.
Elroy: Goodbye.
Judy Jetson: [angrily] Goodbye!
Jane Jetson: Why Judy, I do believe you're jealous of your brother.
Judy Jetson: Jealous? Ha, me? Jealous of Elroy? Ha ha ha ha. Just because he's on TV.
Judy Jetson: That's a hot one! Jealous? Yes, I'm jealous. I'm only the big sister of "Spaceboy, zoom".
Jane Jetson: [laughs]

"The Jetsons: Test Pilot (#1.15)" (1962)
George Jetson: We've got to think about our old age.
Elroy: What if we don't reach an old age?
Judy Jetson: Then we're stuck with all that money.

George Jetson: Jane, this morning you wanted to buy some silverware. Here
[hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get it in gold.
Jane Jetson: Gold silverware?
George Jetson: Judy, you wanted some stereo-phonic tapes,
[Hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: go get yourself a band. Now what can I do for you, son?
Elroy Jetson: If I had known you were filling requests, I'd have brought a list.
George Jetson: You wanted a toy space fire engine.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get yourself a real fire engine.
[Hands him more cash]
George Jetson: might as well get yourself a fire too
Astro: What about re?
George Jetson: Of course, Astro, you wanted a bone.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Buy yourself a meat market.

"The Jetsons: A Jetson Christmas Carol (#2.41)" (1985)
Elroy Jetson: That's all right, Mom, I can live without it. But not happily.

Elroy Jetson: We can make money the old-fashioned way: we can borrow it.

"The Jetsons: The Odd Pod (#3.8)" (1987)
Judy Jetson: Where's my notebook? Elroy, are you hiding it?
Elroy Jetson: Get off my back, will ya? What would I do with your notebook? Fail?

Elroy Jetson: [their plant just died] Maybe it left a will.
Judy Jetson: Elroy!

"The Jetsons: The Good Little Scouts (#1.6)" (1962)
George Jetson: Now don't get too close to the edge of this crater. Look out, Orbit. That rock you're standing on is loose, Orbit. Orbit!
[the rock gives way]
George Jetson: Oh no. Now why didn't Orbit pay attention?
Elroy: Because that was Anode.
George Jetson: Oh. Sorry, Anode!

"The Jetsons: Unilab (#1.10)" (1962)
Jane Jetson: Elroy, why aren't you ready for school?
Elroy Jetson: I don't feel good, Mom. I think... I think I'm coming down with Venus Virus.
Jane Jetson: Venus Virus, eh? Last week you said it was Martian Mumps. Anything to get out of taking that space calculus test.

"The Jetsons: Haunted Halloween (#2.26)" (1985)
George Jetson: [Telling a scary story to Elroy, Astro, and Orbity] As the group huddled nervously around the campfire they again heard the snapping of a twig as if someone or something were approaching step by stealthy step nearer
[a wolf howls]
George Jetson: step by step he seemed to getting closer and suddenly the bushes parted and there he was, his face a horrible distorted face, a decaying cadaverous green mask
[makes a ghoulish face]
George Jetson: his mouth partly open
[streches his mouth really wide]
George Jetson: his fang like teeth ready to strike
[lunges at Orbity with a monsterous fanged face]
George Jetson: the creeper moved slowly, slowly toward our hero and laughed
[lets out an evil laugh]
George Jetson: now I have you right where I want you! Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Orbity hides under a pillow]
Elroy Jetson: And then the hero pulled out a hand full of garlic and destroyed the evil creeper
[pulls out garlic]
George Jetson: No not garlic!
[grabs his throat and falls to the floor]
Elroy Jetson: [laughs] Tell us another one dad
Jane Jetson: George Jetson honestly do you want to give these kids nightmares?
Elroy Jetson: Yeah mom let him!
George Jetson: Come on honey it's almost Halloween!
Jane Jetson: If they come running into our bed they're sleeping on your side!
Elroy Jetson: I love those creeper stories mom and Orbity's never heard them before and he loves them too, right Orbity?
[Orbity hides under the pillow shivering with fright]

"The Jetsons: Spacely for a Day (#3.10)" (1987)
George: You're kidding.
Elroy: Nope.
George: Then lie to me and say you're kidding.

The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera (1990)
Dick Dastardly: I'm as deliciously wicked and unscrupulous as ever. In fact, you should make me and Muttley the stars of Hanna-Barbera's next project.
Joseph Barbera: Sorry, Dastardly, but Elroy's next followed by the Flintstones.
Elroy Jetson: Yeah!
William Hanna: Then Scooby-Doo!
Dick Dastardly: Enough! If I'm not the star of your next project, then no one will be.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987) (TV)
Jane Jetson: Where's your father?
Elroy Jetson: You're standing on him.