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Big Bird (Character)
from "Sesame Street" (1969)

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Follow That Bird (1985)
Miss Finch: You know, Big, you shouldn't be living here all alone.
Big Bird: Well, I'm not all alone. Why, there's Gordon and Susan and...
Miss Finch: But they're not birds like we are.
Big Bird: I know, but they're nice people.
Miss Finch: But you should have a home and a family.
Big Bird: Well, I am home. I like it here on Sesame Street.
Miss Finch: Wouldn't you like to be with your own kind? Wouldn't you like to live in a big, beautiful bird house with a nice bird family of your own? And a brother bird, and a sister bird, and a father bird, and a mother bird? And sing and play bird games all day long? Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?
[Big Bird imagines life with a bird family]
Big Bird: Gee, I think I'd like that!
Miss Finch: Good! Because in a lovely city called Ocean View, Ilinois, there's a fine feathered family waiting just for you!
Big Bird: Really? Oh, when can I leave?

Mr. Snuffleupagus: Oh, Bird, this is goodbye. You're leaving Sesame Street.
Big Bird: Well, I'm not really leaving. I'm just going away.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: Oh.
Big Bird: Besides, as soon as I get to Ocean View, you can come and visit.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: I can?
Big Bird: First thing, ol' pal. I wouldn't go if you couldn't come and visit.

Miss Finch: Come on, Big Bird, you don't want to miss your plane.
Maria: Just a minute. Give me a big hug, Big Bird.
[they embrace]
Maria: Don't forget to write.
Big Bird: I won't, Maria.
Count: Don't forget to count, Big Bird!
Big Bird: Okay, Count.
Bob: And don't forget to dress warmly, okay, Big Bird?
Big Bird: I've got my muffler, Bob.
Grover: Don't forget to breathe! In and out!
Big Bird: I always do, Grover.
[Linda signs something to Big Bird]
Big Bird: I'll read every day.
Cookie Monster: Don't forget to eat, Big Bird!
Big Bird: I won't, Cookie Monster.
[Oscar comes slowly out of his trash can]
Big Bird: Well, goodbye, Oscar.
Oscar the Grouch: [surprised] What? Why, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Daddy Dodo: Excuse me, was there a big yellow bird on this plane?
Big Bird: Well, only me.
Mommy Dodo: [not catching on] Oh, too bad. Maybe he'll be on the next plane.

Big Bird: Hey, I've got a great idea. Let's play make-believe. I'll be Snow White.
Donnie Dodo: But you're not Snow White.
Marie Dodo: You're bright yellow.
Donnie Dodo: Yeah.
Big Bird: [not choosing to notice this remark] And you could be the Seven Dwarves.
Donnie Dodo: But we're not dwarves.
Marie Dodo: We're birds.
Big Bird: I said we just could make believe. You know, pretend? Uh, use your imagination.
Donnie Dodo: Oh, okay. I'll pretend I'm Donnie.
Marie Dodo: And I'll pretend I'm Marie.
[Big Bird sighs with disgust]

Daddy Dodo: Who's Mr. Sniffuplaga
[struggles with the name]
Daddy Dodo: Sniffleblguh
Big Bird: Uh, Snuffleupagus.
Daddy Dodo: Yeah.
Big Bird: Well, he's my best friend.
Mommy Dodo: What kind of a bird is he?
Big Bird: He's not a bird. He's a Snuffleupagus.
[the Dodos laugh]
Daddy Dodo: But your best friend should be a bird.
Big Bird: Why?
Mommy Dodo: Because you're a bird. Isn't that right, Daddy?
Daddy Dodo: That's right, Mommy. And you should be with your own kind: birds.
Mommy Dodo: You'll find lots of birds your own age.
Daddy Dodo: And make some new best friends. Now come on out and hunt for worms.
Big Bird: But I don't want to hunt worms. I want Snuffy to come and visit. And if he can't come and visit, I don't want to be here anymore. I want to go home!
Mommy Dodo: But you are home!

Big Bird: [to a truck of turkeys] Hey, fellas, can you give me a lift? Talk to who?
[turns to see a man loading another crate of turkeys into the truck]
Big Bird: Oh, say, you must be the driver.
Truck Driver: Well, what can I do for you, big fella?
Big Bird: Well, do you have room for just one more?
Truck Driver: I don't take no riders. This here's a turkey truck.
Big Bird: Oh well.
[Then a thought hits him]
Big Bird: But my friend Oscar always says that I'm a big turkey!
Truck Driver: Well, I don't guess I can argue with that. Hop in.

Truck Driver: So you are the bird on the run.
Big Bird: Oh, yeah, and I can't wait to get back to my real home on Sesame Street. I figure I can walk back there in, oh, about three hours.
Truck Driver: Three hours?
[shakes his head]
Truck Driver: More like three weeks, buddy.
Big Bird: Three weeks? Oh, no. I'll never get home!
Truck Driver: Sure, you will. You've just got to keep going. Pick up your feet and follow your beak.

Floyd: You're the biggest chicken I've ever seen.
Big Bird: Oh, I'm not a chicken actually. I'm a bird on the run.
Ruthie: Oh yeah. Floyd, he's the bird on TV who ran away.
Big Bird: Oh, I didn't run away. I'm going back to my real home on Sesame Street where I belong.
Ruthie: Are you tired?
Big Bird: Well, maybe a little. I sure wish I had a place to sleep.
Ruthie: Have you ever slept in a barn?
Big Bird: [looking toward the barn] Hmm.

Big Bird: Gee. There's still no sign of Sesame Street. Nothing but amber waves of grain. I think I'm lost. What'll I do? I wish Snuffy were here. Then I'd be lost with my best friend.
[at that moment, a mirage-like image of Snuffy appears in the field]
Mr. Snuffleupagus: Hello, Bird.
Big Bird: Snuffy? I thought I'd never see you again! I can hardly see you now.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: That is because you are imagining me, Bird.
Big Bird: Oh. Well, it's so good to almost see you. I suppose a hug is out of the question, you being imaginary right now.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: You could imagine that we're hugging, Bird.
Big Bird: That's right. How brilliant. Here it comes.
[Big Bird and Snuffleupagus try to hug, but keep passing through each other]
Big Bird: Oh, I'm afraid this isn't working, Snuffy. For hugging, you need the real thing.
Mr. Snuffleupagus: Don't worry, Bird. We can hug for real when you get back to Sesame Street.
Big Bird: ''If'' I ever get back to Sesame Street. But I will.

Big Bird: Say, there's a lady named Miss Finch who's chasing me and, uh, do you mind if I hide in your fun fair?
Sam Sleaze: Why, no, not at all. We have the perfect place for you to hide. Right here in our hiding cage.
[Locks him up]
Sam Sleaze: You'll be safe here.
Sid Sleaze: Yeah, real safe.
Big Bird: Gee, thanks.
[Sid and Sam laugh]
Sam Sleaze: Let's go!
Big Bird: Ha, ha, ha! Oh, gee, I sure am a lucky bird.

Big Bird: [sees the WB logo] Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters W and B.

Miss Finch: Are you all right, Big? You are Big Bird?
Big Bird: [looking himself over] Yeah, I guess I am.
Miss Finch: [facing the camera] This is worse than I thought!

Big Bird: Isn't flying wonderful? It makes me feel like a bird.

Sam Sleaze: What's the matter, don't you like your cage?
Big Bird: My cage? My, my, MY CAGE?

[In a car chase between the Sleaze Bros and Gordon, Big Bird's cage opens]
Big Bird: Gordon, look, the doors are open!
Gordon: I know, now-now, come on!
Big Bird: Come on? Gordon, you know I can't fly.
Big Bird: JUMP?
Big Bird: I'm not even supposed to do this! Why, you should never jump from a moving truck! Why... I shouldn't even be standing up!
Gordon: You have my permission! Just this once. NOW, COME ON!

Five Sesame Street Stories (1985) (V)
[last lines]
Big Bird: I don't need to wait for spring at all.

Big Bird: I'm going to go get some flowers at Macintosh's store right now. I'll buy some flowers to put in my nest.
Oscar the Grouch: Yeah! You could get some cactus flowers or a Venus Flytrap.

Big Bird: Is Oscar still playing his violin, Grover?
Super Grover: No. He has stopped.
Big Bird: Then why are you still making that horrible face?
Super Grover: My super-hearing tells me that Oscar has stopped practicing his violin. But my keenly developed sense of super-smell tells me that Oscar has just... cooked his dinner! It smells like old socks with sardine sauce. Yecch!

Narrator: As soon as the Count's friendly bats saw the flowers, they started to count them.
The Count's bats: One beautiful flower. We love counting flowers. Heh heh heh! Two. Three. Four. Five. Six beautiful flowers.
Big Bird: Gee. I didn't buy the flowers to count them. I bought them to remind me of spring. Um, would you like to keep this pretty pink daisy?
Narrator: The Count thanked Big Bird. Counting petals would be something wonderful to do.
The Count's bats: One pretty pink flower petal. Two pretty pink flower petals. Three pretty pink flower petals. Four pretty pink flower petals.

Big Bird: What's the matter, Super Grover? That's a horrible face you're making.
Super Grover: Aha! It is Oscar. My super-hearing tells me that-oh, no-he has started practicing his violin. Oooow!

Oscar the Grouch: I love this crummy weather. Gotta chill this hot chocolate down so it tastes good and yucky.
Big Bird: Hi, Oscar.
Oscar the Grouch: Hey, what's the matter, Big Bird? It's a great storm. You ought to be happy.
Big Bird: I'm tired of this plain, white snow.
Oscar the Grouch: Yeah. Me too. I wish somebody would put some dirt or soot on it, or something. We haven't had any good slush all winter.
Big Bird: That's not what I meant, Oscar! I need the spring. I'm sad and slumpy. I need the spring. I'm all goosebumpy. The cold and slush and all that sneezing? I hate the snow!
Oscar the Grouch: Who needs the sun? I like it freezing. Let that wind blow! Oh, that's heaven, gloomy and deary. I love a day that is chilly, wet, and bleary.
Big Bird: I need the days with the warm and gentle sun. This long dark winter is just no fun.
Oscar the Grouch: It warms my heart to feel the frost.
Big Bird: I want the warmer days I've lost, of spring, spring, spring!
Oscar the Grouch: Well, forget it, feather face!

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1978) (TV)
Big Bird: [Oscar crashed through a wall and fell down the stairs] Oscar, are you okay?
Oscar: [pops up in his can] Okay? Let's go back and do it again!

Big Bird: Look at all the people down there, they'll all running around. Guess somebody must be lost.

Snuffy: [squeezed into a garbage can to prove Santa can fit in chimneys] Bird?
Big Bird: Yes, Snuffy?
Snuffy: Now that we know how Santa gets *into* the chimney, how does he get *out*?

Big Bird: Hey Oscar, wait! Hey Oscar! I know how Santa gets down the chimney! All he does is take that big belt of his and tie it real tight around his waist, and it makes him so skinny he fits right down the chimney.
Oscar: [pops out of the can] You are, without a doubt, the stupidest...
[most of what he says next is drowned out by the noise of a passing subway train]
Oscar: ... bird I've ever met.
[goes back in the can]

Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1983) (TV)
Big Bird: Hi. Do you guard this museum?
Museum Security Guard: Yeah.
Big Bird: Well, good work! We were here all night, and nobody bothered us. Ta-ta.
Museum Security Guard: No you weren't. No.
Big Bird: [off screen] We were too.

Prince Sahu: I'm Prince Sahure of Egypt, son of the God Userkaf, king of kings, lord of the two lands, conqueror of the East and West, and fabulous fisherman.
Big Bird: Uh, you don't have a nickname, do you?

Big Bird: Eh... who's Osiris?
Prince Sahu: Him.
[points at a fresco as ominous music plays]
Prince Sahu: The lord of the underworld.
Aloysius Snuffleupagus: A gangster?

Big Bird: Oh, the cat stopped. But where is the temple of Dender?
Aloysius Snuffleupagus: I wouldn't know, Bird. The only temple I've ever seen is Shirley Temple.

"Sesame Street: Hurricane: Part 2 (#32.62)" (2001)
Big Bird: [Mourning the loss of his nest] Oh, Gordon! My Home! My Nest!
Gordon: Big Bird, It's alright!
Big Bird: NO, IT'S NOT!
Gordon: [Sadly] You're right! You're right, Big Bird! It's not alright! But it will be alright!
Big Bird: But what happened to my nest?
Gordon: Well, The wind was so strong it blew it all apart.
[as he comforts Big Bird]
Gordon: I am with you.

Big Bird: My home, My nest.
Maria: Don't worry, Big Bird. We are all here to help.
Gabi: Yeah, My mother is good at fixing things.
Luis: HEY, EVERYBODY! I have a plan!
Big Bird: My home, My nest?
Luis: Well, That's what the plan is. We are rebuilding your nest. As we can see, There has been a lot of damages done.
Big Bird: [Shocked] A lot of damages? My Home, My Nest!
Maria: But that's what Luis is trying to tell you. We can fix things.
Gabi: Yeah, My parents are good at fixing things.
Big Bird: [to his Teddy Bear, Radar] Well, Radar. We can come home tonight.
Maria: [Chuckles] Uh, No. No, Big Bird. You won't have your nest tonight.
Big Bird: [Shocked] But why not?
Gordon: Well, Big Bird. Even with everybody pitching in and helping out, That's a lot of work.
Alan: And it takes time for it to process.
Big Bird: But I want my nest now! Where should I stay then?
Susan: Well, There's some leftover Birdseed stew in my apartment.
Big Bird: There is? Well, Okay!

"Sesame Street: Episode #15.4" (1983)
Big Bird: [has drawn caricatures of Luis, Susan, Gordon, Bob, Maria, David, Olivia, and Mr. Hooper. After handing out seven of them, he sees that Mr. Hooper is missing] Say, where is he?
Maria: Big Bird, don't you remember we told you? Mr. Hooper died. He's dead.
Big Bird: Oh, yeah, I remember. Well, I'll give it to him when he comes back.
Susan: Big Bird, Mr. Hooper's not coming back.
Big Bird: Well, why not?
Susan: Big Bird, when people die, they don't come back.
Big Bird: Ever?
Susan: [shakes her head] No, never.
Big Bird: Well, why not?
Luis: Well, Big Bird, They're *dead*. They... They can't come back.
Big Bird: Well, he's got to come back. Why, who's going to take care of the store? And who's going to make my birdseed milkshakes, and tell me stories?
David: Big Bird, I?m going to take care of the store. Mr. Hooper - he left it to me. And I'll make you your milkshakes, and we'll all tell you stories, and we'll make sure you're okay.
Susan: Yeah, we'll look after you.
Big Bird: Oh, hmm.
[walks around as he thinks]
Big Bird: Well, it won't be the same.
Bob: You're right, Big Bird. It's... It'll never be the same around here without him. But you know something? We can all be very happy that we had the chance to be with him, and to know him, and to love him a lot when he was here.
Olivia: And Big Bird, we still have our memories of him.
Big Bird: Oh, yeah, Our memories. Right. Why, memories... that's how I drew this picture. From memory. And we can remember him, and remember him, and remember him... as much as we want to.
[looks at Mr. Hooper's picture]
Big Bird: But, I don't like it.
[chokes up]
Big Bird: It makes me sad.
David: We all feel sad, Big Bird.
Big Bird: He's never coming back?
[David and Olivia shake their heads]
Big Bird: Well, I don't understand! You know everything was just fine. Why does it have to be this way? Give me one good reason!
Gordon: Big Bird, It has to be this way... because.
Big Bird: Just because?
Gordon: Just... because.
Big Bird: Oh.
[looks at the picture]
Big Bird: You know, I'm going to miss you, Mr. Looper.
Maria: That's *Hooper*, Big Bird. Hooper.
[she and the others chuckle]
Big Bird: Right.
[as he continues to look at the picture, the others gather around him. Our view pulls back to a wide shot of the set, and the screen slowly fades to black]

[Gordon notices Big Bird walking backwards with his back bent and his head between his legs]
Big Bird: Oh, hi, Gordon.
Gordon: Hi, Big Bird. Uh...
Big Bird: [as if acting normally] Nice day, isn't it?
Gordon: [somewhat confused] Yeah, very nice. Big Bird?
Big Bird: Mm?
Gordon: Why are you doing that?
Big Bird: What?
Gordon: [indicating Big Bird's walking] *That*, with your head between your legs?
Big Bird: Oh, because.
Gordon: [after a short pause] Because *why*?
Big Bird: Just, because.
Gordon: You're walking with your head between your legs, just *because*?
[Big Bird nods]
Gordon: Can't you give me a better reason than just because?
Big Bird: Well, I guess I could try, but I don't think I could come up with a better reason?
Gordon: [still a bit confused] Yeah, I understand.
Big Bird: You know what I'm going to do now?
Gordon: What?
Big Bird: This...
[Big Bird walks sideways]
Big Bird: [walking off] De-doo, de-doo, de-doo, de-doo...
[Gordon looks on and laughs briefly]
Gordon: [imitating Big Bird's sideways walk] De-doo, de-doo...

"Sesame Street: Dances from All Over the World Day (#28.46)" (1997)
Big Bird: Tarah, I know your legs don't work too good. But are you going to do this dance?
Tarah: Why, no! I can't! My legs don't work to well to dance over those sticks. I can really hurt myself. That's why I need this wheelchair. But I am going to do the rhythm.
Celina: You know what, Tarah! That's a good idea. This dance needs rhythm. Can you do the rhythm for me? Here is your sticks. Okay, Let's go!

Celina: [as she picks up the phone] Hello! Oh, yes! This is Celina. How are you?
Celina: What? Oh my god! That's too bad. No, no. We will be okay, We can manage. Thanks for calling. And I hope Spencer feels better soon. Bye!
[Hangs up]
Celina: I know that, Big Bird. But, I just got a phone call from Spencer's mother. And, He is sick, He can't come.
Big Bird: SICK, OH NO!
Ruthie: Calm down, Big Bird. We can have a substitute.
Big Bird: Who will take Spencer's place.
Ruthie: How about me?
Big Bird: You will? Okay then. That settles.

"MisteRogers' Neighborhood: 1483: Competition (#11.8)" (1981)
Big Bird: Your Majesty, I'm sorry if my drawing is too big.
King Friday XIII: Who told you that, Mr. Bird?
Big Bird: [points to Lady Elaine] Well, uh, this little lady.
King Friday XIII: Fairchilde, you know there are no restrictions in this contest. Simply draw the Neighborhood of Make Believe, and leave the judging up to ME.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: But I want to win all the gold.
Big Bird: Gold?

Big Bird in China (1983) (TV)
Big Bird: We're off to find the Phoenix!
Grover: I thought Phoenix was in Arizona.

Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse (1990) (V)
Big Bird: Chief, what's the red furry thing at the top of the ladder?
Chief Kirby: What red furry thing?
Gordon: [They find Elmo at the top of the ladder] Hey! Hey, Elmo, how did you get up there?
Elmo: Look, Mr. Chief! Look, everybody! Elmo is a firefighter!
Gordon: Elmo, get down from there now!
Elmo: Oh, jeez.

"Sesame Street: Luis Has Back Pain (#28.91)" (1997)
Big Bird: You know something? I am getting really board with this ''Look at your feet, OOH, EEH, AHH, game!'' Can we play something else.
Maria: Big Bird, We are not playing a game. Luis hurt his back.
Big Bird: No wonder you were bending down. Maybe you should stand up straight.
[as Big Bird put Luis back]
Luis: YEOWWWWWWWWWWW! Big Bird, I can't stand up straight.

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999)
Oscar: Huxley! First this guy ruined my beautiful Grouclland, and now, he's messin' with my frie...
[everyone is surprised to hear what Oscar just said]
Big Bird: Oscar, were you gonna say "friend"?
Oscar: No. I was gonna say... "French-fried fish-heads"!
[everyone else scoffs in disagreement]
Oscar: All right. So the little stink ball IS my friend. Oh, I gotta go do somethin' about this!

Big Bird in Japan (1988) (TV)
Big Bird: You know, it's weird. She shows up out of nowhere, helps me and Barkley, and then just disappears. And I don't even know her name. Maybe she's the Lone Ranger?

The Muppet Movie (1979)
Kermit: Hey, Fozzie, look up ahead there.
Fozzie: What is that?
Kermit: Maybe we should give him a ride.
Fozzie: I don't know, he's pretty big.
Fozzie: [to Big Bird] Hey there, wanna lift?
Big Bird: Oh, no thanks. I'm on my way to New York City to try to break into public television.
Fozzie: Oh. Hm, good luck.

Sesame Street Stays Up Late! (1993) (TV)
Baby Bear: The department of celebrations and parties?
Big Bird: Sounds important.

"Sesame Street: Big Bird Goes Fishing with Kids for Wolfgang (#27.116)" (1996)
Uncle Wally: Oh, Hello! Welcome to SESAME STREET!
[to Wolfgang]
Big Bird: You said it, Uncle Wally!
Uncle Wally: Uh, Big Bird. Wolfgang can't talk. It's only us we have to try to figure out.
Mr. Handford: What's going on here?
Big Bird: We are trying to figure out why Wolfgang won't stop barking.
Uncle Wally: What is he barking at?
Mr. Handford: Oh, I bet you. I know why. Do you see the sign that window? It reads "Today's Special: FISH"
Telly Monster: Is that what Wolfgang is Barking at?
Big Bird: I believe so. He has been waiting for you to open the store. So, He can get his fish.
Telly Monster: That's was I was thinking of.
Uncle Wally: Well, Wolfgang, Your problem is solved!
Mr. Handford: [Chuckles] Oh, no. They are not!
Telly Monster: They are not? But why not?
Mr. Handford: Because, That sign was yesterday's sign. I forgot to take it down.
Uncle Wally: Then if it's not fish. What is today's special?
Mr. Handford: Today's special is turkey!
Uncle Wally: That's today's special?
Big Bird: You mean there is no fish?
Mr. Handford: Nope.
Telly Monster: Aww, That makes Wolfgang so sad
[Wolfgang howls in disappointment]
Telly Monster: .

"The Muppet Show: Leslie Uggams (#3.18)" (1979)
Miss Piggy: Holy maracas!
Big Bird: Oh, hi. I'm Big Bird.
Miss Piggy: Huh. No kidding.
Big Bird: I'm a friend of Kermit's.
Miss Piggy: Oh.
Big Bird: Yeah, we both come from the same neighborhood. Sesame Street.
Miss Piggy: Oh. Isn't that that cute little children's show with puppets?
Big Bird: Uh-huh. And who are you?
Miss Piggy: Who am I? I am Miss Piggy.
Big Bird: Oh. Well, do you work around here?
Miss Piggy: Uh, listen, yellow thing. Do you see that star here?
Big Bird: Oh, yes. It's very pretty.
Miss Piggy: And, uh, do you know why it is there?
Big Bird: Well, uh... Perfect attendance?
Miss Piggy: I am the singing star of this show.
Big Bird: A singing pig? That's very funny!
Miss Piggy: Kiss your feathers goodbye, bird! Hai-ya!
[swings at Big Bird, but he doubles over and she misses and falls]
Big Bird: Oh, you do acrobatics, too. She's very versatile.

"Sesame Street: Hurricane: Part 4 (#32.64)" (2001)
Granny Bird: Hello?
Big Bird: Hello, Granny Bird.
Granny Bird: Is that my favorite grandson, Big Bird?
Big Bird: [sighs] Yes. That's me, Big Bird.
Granny Bird: Is everything alright?
Big Bird: No! Everything is not alright! The hurricane blew my nest away!
Granny Bird: [Shocked] Oh dear. I hate it when that happens. Now, Don't you worry. I, Granny Bird will help you rebuilt your nest as well.