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Minnie Mouse (Character)
from Steamboat Willie (1928)

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Totally Minnie (1988) (TV)
Minnie Mouse: [on the 12-piece TV set] So, you wanna be hip. Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Maxwell Dwebb: [gets blown back] Wait, I've changed m mind! I really don't! No thank you! No thanks!

Maxwell Dwebb: [to the director] You're seeing someone else, aren't you?
Minnie Mouse: Uh uh... jealousy, totally unhip.

Director: [Maxwell's trying to kiss her] No no no no...
Minnie Mouse: Uh uh, nasty boys are *very* unhip.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004) (V)
Minnie: Ah... Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Oh! Look Daisy! Mickey and I have the same last name! Ah...
Daisy: Well, It must be destiny. Good thing destiny doesn't control my love life.
Minnie: Well, what'd you mean?
Daisy: Well look at me. If it did, I'd get stuck with mister...
[imitating Donald, both laughing]

Minnie: Isn't it romantic, Daisy? Being protected by three dashing musketeers, and the little one is so handsome.
Daisy: Yeah, he is kinda cute, you know. But you're forgetting something. They're musketeers. Commoners. Non-college bound. You know what that means.
Minnie: Our love is, forbidden?
Daisy: Bingo.
Minnie: A forbidden love. How romantic.

Minnie: Just imagine. He'll stride into the room. Light will glow from him. I'll hear music. He'll bring me flowers.
[Flowers magically transformed into butterflies]
Minnie: And he'll sweep me off my feet. And I'll know he's the one, when he makes me laugh.
Daisy: You're majesty.
[pops on Mickey's body]
Daisy: It's time to cut the cheese.
[Record needle scratches]
Minnie: What? What?
Daisy: Here we are. Roquefort anyone?
[Knife shines]
Goofy: Knife!
Donald Duck: Bad guy!
Mickey Mouse: Grab her!
Daisy: Oh no.
[Mickey, Donald and Goofy accidently attacked on her]
Daisy: [during the attack] Ahh! Help! Ahh!
Minnie: Oh! Unhand her! Release her! Stop it!
[the fighting stops]
Minnie: Drop her!
[Mickey, Donald and Goofy dropped Daisy]
Minnie: She is my lady in waiting!

Mickey's Rival (1936)
[last lines]
Mickey Mouse: So you still think that guy's funny?
Minnie Mouse: Who, Mortimer? No!
Mickey Mouse: [holding out his hand] Shake!
[they shake hands]

Minnie Mouse: [to Mickey about Mortimer] Isn't he great?
Mickey Mouse: [scoffs] A perfect scream. Bah!
[storms off]
Minnie Mouse: Hmph! You're just jealous.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999) (V)
Minnie Mouse: Aw, Mickey! When you play your harmonica, my heart sings!

Minnie Mouse: Say, uh, Mickey, why don't you play some music?
Mickey Mouse: I-Isn't it about time we were opening our presents? And, uh, speaking of time - What time is it?
Minnie Mouse: Well, I, um - I think it's time for you to open your gift.
[they both open their presents]
Mickey Mouse: Oh! A case... for my harmonica.
Minnie Mouse: Oh, my! A chain for my... watch. Oh, Mickey, it's beautiful. But I traded my watch to get you that case.
Mickey Mouse: And I traded my harmonica to get a chain for your watch.
Minnie Mouse: Oh, Mickey! I can't believe you gave up what means the most to you for me.
Mickey Mouse: Oh, Minnie. You're all the music I'll ever need.

Plane Crazy (1928)
[first lines]
Minnie Mouse: Who me?

[last lines]
Minnie Mouse: Help! Help! Help!

The Karnival Kid (1929)
Mickey Mouse: [his first words] Hot dogs! Hot dogs!

"Mickey Mouse Works: Mickey's Mix-Up/Whitewater Donald/Mickey's Christmas Chaos (#3.2)" (2000)
Minnie Mouse: [reads] Minnie, watch out for purse snatchers in the area, signed Daisy.
Mickey Mouse: Daisy? Then who got the fax I sent?
[cut to Roy E. Disney's workshop]
Roy Edward Disney: [after the fax appears] Huh? What'd I ever do to him?

Runaway Brain (1995)
[Mickey is playing a video game when Minnie enters]
Minnie Mouse: Mickey? Hello?
[Stands in front of TV]
Minnie Mouse: I'm so excited about tonight. Aren't you?
Mickey Mouse: Minnie! You trying to get me killed?
Minnie Mouse: Hmm, maybe. Oh, Mickey Mouse! You forgot, didn't you?
Mickey Mouse: Oh, no. No, no. Forgot what?
Minnie Mouse: Our anniversary?
Mickey Mouse: Oh, yeah! Ha-ha! Anniversary. Of what?
Minnie Mouse: Our very first date. Ooh! Well, from now on you can date your stupid video game!

Ye Olden Days (1933)
King: On my command, you'll give thy hand and wedlock to yon prince.
Goofy: [guffaws] I know you'll learn to love me.
[kisses Minnie]
Minnie Mouse: [slapping Goofy] Never! Never! Never!

"House of Mouse: Ladies' Night (#2.12)" (2002)
Minnie Mouse: [singing] Who's the guy that you and I just love to adore?
Daisy Duck: [singing] Who's got looks and brains and brawn and talent galore?
Clarabelle Cow: [singing] And every time he takes a bow they're screaming for more?
Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow: [singing] Mortimer, Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!
Daisy Duck: Oh brother, who wrote these lyrics?
Clarabelle Cow: I'll give you three guesses.

The Klondike Kid (1932)
Mickey Mouse: Hello.
Minnie Mouse: [sobbing] Hello.
Mickey Mouse: Who are you?
Minnie Mouse: I'm nobody.
Mickey Mouse: Ain't you got no folks?
Minnie Mouse: Nobody!
Mickey Mouse: Just an orphan?
Minnie Mouse: Oh, there's nobody!
Mickey Mouse: Ha ha! Me too. Guess we're both nobodys.
[both laugh]

Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952)
[last lines]
Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy: [singing] Deck the halls with boughs of holly / Fa la la la la la la la la. / 'Tis the season to be jolly / Fa la la la la la la la la.
Chip, Dale: [singing] Don we now our gay apparel / Fa la la la la la la la la. / Troll the ancient Yuletide carol / Fa la la la la la la la la.

"Family Guy: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks (#2.11)" (2000)
Minnie Mouse: [In a cutaway, Walt Disney draws Minnie] Do I, do-do I have to?
Walt Disney: You wanna be a star, don't you? Then take it off!
[Minnie takes her dress off while sobbing]
Walt Disney: Yeah, that's nice.

Mickey's Surprise Party (1939)
Minnie Mouse: I wanted to make them the way your mother did.
Mickey: Aw, my mother used to burn the whole batch all the time!

"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow Toons" (2011)
Clarabelle Cow: Well, fixed your pipes Minnie. Good as new.
Cuckoo Loca: Uh, don't the pipes go inside the wall?
Clarabelle Cow: What was that?
Minnie Mouse: Great idea, Clarabelle. Those pipes will be much easier to fix next time they break.
Cuckoo Loca: [to Daisy] She's kidding, right?

Mickey's Speedway USA (2000) (VG)
Minnie Mouse: Well, I never!

"Mickey Mouse: Captain Donald (#2.7)" (2014)
Daisy Duck: [about Donald] Didn't I tell you? He's the best sailor.
Minnie Mouse: No, you said that if he keeps up with the lies and the tantrums, he can go fly a kite.
Daisy Duck: Uh-huh. Plus, he's the best sailor.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004) (V)
[Minnie cries, tear sheds out]
Daisy Duck: Are you okay?
Minnie Mouse: I think so.
Daisy Duck: What was I thinking? I'm sorry.

Get a Horse! (2013)
Minnie Mouse: Where are we, Poughkeepsie?