Clarabelle Cow
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Clarabelle Cow (Character)
from Mickey's House of Villains (2001) (V)

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"House of Mouse: Ladies' Night (#2.12)" (2002)
Jasmine: [Clarabelle] Looks like a cow.
Clarabelle Cow: And proud of it!

Minnie Mouse: [singing] Who's the guy that you and I just love to adore?
Daisy Duck: [singing] Who's got looks and brains and brawn and talent galore?
Clarabelle Cow: [singing] And every time he takes a bow they're screaming for more?
Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow: [singing] Mortimer, Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!
Daisy Duck: Oh brother, who wrote these lyrics?
Clarabelle Cow: I'll give you three guesses.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004) (V)
Clarabelle: [to Goofy, singing] You will not change my mind one smidge, I'm going to drop you screaming off this bridge!

Pete: [singing to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King] I was born to cheat and lie/I'm a mean, rotten guy/ when you ask me, why I'm nasty, here's my reason why/At that stork delivery, mommy screamed: "Woo is me/Such a dork, hey Mister Stork, behold my misery/Pete is ghastly, Pete's a blob, Pete's a nasty, naughty slob"/Can in it sister, I'm the mister who will get the job/So I'm nasty, I'm no good, I'll be king, knock on wood/I'll impress you though I'm just a common lowly hood/ If you can't be loved, be feared/Don't get shoved, chickensh /Be the king, pull the string or else you might be speared/I'm so happy I could dance/Seek my chance, I'll advance/Come and cheer me, love and fear me/Pete's king of France.
Pete: Evening trusted Lieutenant. Watch out for the bricks.
Clarabelle: What?
[get's hitten by bricks]
Pete: Come and cheer me, love and fear me/Pete's king of France!
Pete: Why'd the music stop?

"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow Toons" (2011)
Clarabelle Cow: Well, fixed your pipes Minnie. Good as new.
Cuckoo Loca: Uh, don't the pipes go inside the wall?
Clarabelle Cow: What was that?
Minnie Mouse: Great idea, Clarabelle. Those pipes will be much easier to fix next time they break.
Cuckoo Loca: [to Daisy] She's kidding, right?

"House of Mouse: Clarabelle's Big Secret (#2.3)" (2001)
Mortimer Mouse: Ah, can it. Your news is older than Rafiki.
Timon: Ooh hoo ha! Older than Rafiki! Ha ha ha!
[Gets clubbed on the head by Rafiki]
Clarabelle Cow: Uh... I have other big news.
Mortimer Mouse: What? That Snow White is the farest of them all?
Timon: He he he!
[Gets clubbed on the head by the Wicked Queen]