Ben Gunn
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Ben Gunn (Character)
from Treasure Island (1950)

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Carry on Again Christmas (1970) (TV)
Ben Gunn: [having been introduced to 6 beautiful island girls, from monday to saturday] What about Sunday?
Long John Silver: We sing hymns.

Treasure Island (1990) (TV)
[Silver sneaks up behind Ben Gunn, holding a knife to his throat.]
Long John Silver: Evening, Ben Gunn.
Ben Gunn: [nervously] Evening, Barbeque.
Long John Silver: It'd be a mortal shame if you was to cry out now. I might just let this here knife slip and cut your throat to the neck bone. It's mighty sharp.
Ben Gunn: Right.
Long John Silver: Right. Now you just stay the course there and give your old shipmate time to get away and I'll forget all about how you done me back there at the island.
Ben Gunn: Aye-aye, captain.
Long John Silver: You'll give me a good half hour to get up to windward, mind you!
Ben Gunn: I will.
[Long John turns away from Ben, ready to escape.]
Ben Gunn: [smiling now] And the best of luck to you, Silver!

"John Silver's Return to Treasure Island: Island of the Damned (#1.3)" (1986)
Ben Gunn: [exclaiming in the middle of a sentence] Mother o' mercy, it's a ghost ship!