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Quotes for
Astro (Character)
from "The Jetsons" (1962)

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"The Jetsons: Elroy's Mob (#1.24)" (1963)
Elroy: What about Mugsy Megatron? He sure sounds rough.
Astro: Ron't worry, Relroy.
Elroy: Don't worry? What would you do if you saw him?
Astro: Run for relp.
Elroy: Run for help. Great.

"The Jetsons: Test Pilot (#1.15)" (1962)
George Jetson: Jane, this morning you wanted to buy some silverware. Here
[hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get it in gold.
Jane Jetson: Gold silverware?
George Jetson: Judy, you wanted some stereo-phonic tapes,
[Hands her a wad of cash]
George Jetson: go get yourself a band. Now what can I do for you, son?
Elroy Jetson: If I had known you were filling requests, I'd have brought a list.
George Jetson: You wanted a toy space fire engine.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Get yourself a real fire engine.
[Hands him more cash]
George Jetson: might as well get yourself a fire too
Astro: What about re?
George Jetson: Of course, Astro, you wanted a bone.
[Hands him a wad of cash]
George Jetson: Buy yourself a meat market.

"The Jetsons: A Jetson Christmas Carol (#2.41)" (1985)
Jane Jetson: George will be so happy when he hears how much Astro liked his new toy.
Astro: I'm gonna tear that toy cat apart!