Sasha La Fleur
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Sasha La Fleur (Character)
from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)

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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)
Charlie: Hi, I'm Charlie. And, you are?
Sasha: Not remotely interested.

Sasha: He's only 8 years old!
Charlie: That's 56 in dog years.

Sasha: Fine! Don't listen to me. Listen to your guardian angel.
Charlie: David, Cannery Square sounds like a great plan to me.

Charlie: Is there a Mr. Sasha?
Sasha: No. And I'm not taking applications.

[the Labrador gives Sasha a first-place ribbon and a bone for winning the talent contest]
Sasha: You advertised a meal for the winner!
Labrador: If it's a meal ya want honey, I'm off at ten.
Sasha: Honey, I'd rather eat out of the garbage.
Labrador: [almost to himself] That's what I had in mind.

Charlie: Why don't you ask him yourself?
Sasha: Now that would be a miracle.
Charlie: One miracle coming up.
[disappears by taking off the collar and reappears in front of Sasha and kisses her, his miracle goes into her]
Sasha: Ugh! Of all the arrogant, presumptuous, egotistical mutts I've ever met!
David: Ahh! Now you talk.
[Sasha puts her paw over her mouth]
David: You must be an angel.

Charlie: So, is there a Mr. Sasha?
Sasha: Nope and I'm not taking applications.
Charlie: Okay. Okay but, if you were; what uh... what qualities would you be looking for?
Sasha: Oh, I don't know.
Charlie: Ah, of course you do.
Sasha: Hmmm. Well... loyalty, strength, breeding...
Charlie: I'd be good at that.
Sasha: ...humility... compassion
[Charlie accidently hits his head]
Sasha: and of course, style.