Squire Trelawney
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Squire Trelawney (Character)
from Treasure Island (1950)

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"John Silver's Return to Treasure Island: Treasure Island (#1.10)" (1986)
Van Der Brecken: I think Jim has needs of his friends.
Trelawney: We'll lay it in, by heaven, every last stitch of canvas, Smollett!
Van Der Brecken: No, no, no no. We take my boat.
Capt. Smollett: That's sense. She's as trim a vessel as ever I saw.
Trelawney: Well, I'll swim if I get this faster, what? Hm?

Trelawney: But sir, Silver has saved our lives over and over again.
Jim Hawkins: Ah, but how many lives has he taken, eh? Answer me that?
[a beat]
Jim Hawkins: Enough to hang an Archangel twenty times over!

Treasure Island (1999/II)
Squire Trelawney: [They're following the pirates to the treasure] Do you think they know what they're doing?
Captain Smollet: Who better to decipher the convolutions of a twisted pirate's mind than another twisted pirate?

Treasure Island (1950)
Dr. Livesey: When do we sail?
Squire Trelawney: Better ask Captain Smollett. Five days, he's been selecting a crew. Six men, all he's got to show for it.
Dr. Livesey: Cautious, eh?
Squire Trelawney: Cautious? He pries into every seaman's past like a judge at a quarter session. When I threatened to step in, he told me to hire a sea cook, so, by Jove, I did hire a sea cook, right out of his own tavern! Ha ha! Fellow by the name of Long John Silver. I didn't waste my time poring over his credentials. All the credentials I needed was a taste of his ham and his buttered eggs!

"John Silver's Return to Treasure Island: In Chains (#1.8)" (1986)
Dr. Livesey: Trelawney!
Trelawney: No, no, no, no, no, doctor. Enough of your shilley shalley. We sail for Jamaica on first tide.

Treasure Island (1990) (TV)
Squire Trelawney: Mutiny! By God, I'll see them hang for it!
Dr. Livesey: It's worse than Mutiny, Squire. It's murder. And if they're successful you won't see anything at all because you will be quite dead!
Squire Trelawney: Captain, you were right and I was wrong. I own myself an ass and I await your orders.
Captain Smollet: No more an ass than I, sir. This crew beats me!
Dr. Livesey: It's that Silver, he's a most remarkable man!
Captain Smollet: He'd look remarkably from a yard arm!

Treasure Island (1934)
Long John Silver: Silver's the name, Long John Silver they calls me. At your service, sir.
Squire Trelawney: Mr. Silver, Trelawney's my name, Squire Trelawney. And this is our cabin boy: Jim, Jim Hawkins.
Long John Silver: Aye, Matey. Smart as paint I'll warrant.
Jim Hawkins: Smart enough to see you've only one leg, sir.
Squire Trelawney: Jim Boy!
Jim Hawkins: Yes, sir.
Long John Silver: You're pretty smart, Jim. So was that French gunner who touched off the ball that blew that ol' leg o' mine overboard.

Treasure Island (2012) (TV)
Long John Silver: I say she's a lovely ship, sir. Well chosen.
Squire Trelawney: Thank you.
Long John Silver: She's got an arse on her that would sit well on any rollicking sea. I always say a man who could choose a good horse could choose a good ship, just by looking at its arse. And you, sir, look like a man who knows his way around a horse's arse.

"John Silver's Return to Treasure Island: The Map (#1.1)" (1986)
Trelawney: [Joe has been captured] Now fellow, let's hear what you have to say.
Dr. Livesey: I fear you'll not get a word out of him, Trelawney.
Trelawney: A stubborn dog you think? But then you're a kindly and merciful sort of man, Livesey. I flatter myself that I on the other hand will succeed in losening his tongue!
Dr. Livesey: That is precisely what you will not be able to do. He does not possess a tongue.