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Clifford (Character)
from "Muppets Tonight" (1996)

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Muppets from Space (1999)
[Gonzo appears on live TV]
Clifford: Hey, you better get down there, Kerm.
Kermit: Relax. No one is going anywhere, okay?
Gonzo: [on TV] You see, I was contacted through my breakfast cereal, and then it was confirmed to me by the Cosmic Fish that I am definitely from outer space.
Rizzo: So you want to go now, or wait for the commercial?
Kermit: Now.

Kermit: What is he doing up there?
Rizzo: His breakfast cereal told him to sit up there.
Clifford: Talk about whole grain and nuts.

Clifford: Nah, Baby! Me and Gonzo are very tight. In fact, we're gonna be chillin' in our hot tub later on. Perhaps you'd like to partake in the partay?

"Disneyland: The Muppets at Walt Disney World (#34.23)" (1990)
Floyd: How did our friends get on this show?
Janice: Luck and contageous!
Clifford: Yeah, they didn't have either one.

"Muppets Tonight: Andie MacDowell (#2.11)" (1998)
Clifford: Yo yo yo yo yo, Kerm, Kerm!
Kermit the Frog: Yeah, yeah?
Clifford: Listen, we got to do something about Dr. Dew. He's becoming Dr. Loop di dew.

"Muppets Tonight: Michelle Pfeiffer (#1.1)" (1996)
Clifford: I've always wanted to have my own show. Man, this is great! So when does it start?
Kermit the Frog: In about thirty seconds.
[Clifford faints]

"Muppets Tonight: Dennis Quaid (#2.7)" (1997)
Clifford: How are things going on the show?
Bobo the Bear: Oh, well, Dennis Quaid is doing great! Yeah, You know, you guys really ought to do this show together. You know, well, we could call it: The Dennis Quaid and Clifford Muppet Good Time Hour featuring Dennis Quaid!