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Mr. Slate (Character)
from "The Flintstones" (1960)

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The Flintstones (1994)
Fred Flintstone: Sorry I'm late. Had car trouble, I picked up a nail.
[Shows everyone a bandaid on his dirty foot]
Mr. Slate: Thank you for sharing that with us, Mr. Flagstone. May we continue?

Mr. Slate: Gentlemen, please, I can't endorse this modernization if it means laying off all those workers. Some of them have been here since the beginning of time.
Cliff Vandercave: What if I could quadruple your income?
Mr. Slate: I'll miss them. You were saying?

Fred Flintstone: Well, I'm not going to jail, but it won't be easy finding a new job. What kind of reference is Mr. Slate gonna give me after I destroyed his quarry.
Betty Rubble: Aw, none of this was your fault, Fred. I'm sure Mr. Slate will understand.
Mr. Slate: [screams] FLINTSTONE!
Fred Flintstone: Sure, now he gets my name right.

Mr. Slate: How did this happen?
Fred Flintstone: Well, it all started when I lent money to Barney so he could adopt a baby.
Mr. Slate: Not that. How did this happen to Cliff?
[shows Cliff trapped in a hard rough substance]
Fred Flintstone: Well, the machine went haywire and the rocks got crushed up and mixed with the water, and it got onto Cliff. Mr. Slate, I'm sorry.
Mr. Slate: Sorry? I love this stuff! I'm gonna name it after my daughter, Concretia.

Mr. Slate: How did this happen?
Fred Flintstone: Well, Mr. Slate. It all started when the Rubbles here wanted to adopt a baby.
Mr. Slate: Not that!
[he notices that Cliff is concreted gray]
Mr. Slate: How did this happened to Cliff?
Fred Flintstone: Well, you see, Mr. Slate, the machinery went haywire and the rocks got all crushed up and that got mixed in with water and that came all down the hill. Mr. Slate, I'm sorry.
Mr. Slate: Sorry?
[he turns to Cliff is concreted]
Mr. Slate: I love this stuff! I'm gonna name it after my daughter Concretia.

"The Flintstones: Fred's New Job (#3.22)" (1963)
Mr. Slate: When Fred Flintstone comes by to see me, tell him to wait because I'm speaking with the vice president.
Mimi: You got it, Poopsie.
Mr. Slate: Shhh! Mimi, please. Not with the poopsie.
Mr. Slate: [to himself as he's walking back to his office] Ever since that last office party I've been Poopsie. I wondered what happened.

A Flintstones Christmas Carol (1994) (TV)
Mr. Slate: See? I'm no Scrooge.
Fred Flintstone: No, I am.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987) (TV)
George Nate Slate: [after he knocks Barney wig off] Rubble!
George Nate Slate: Hold on you phony! Barney Rubble is your girlfriend?
Fred Flintstone: Oh After all these years sir, I can't believe you're not a Woman.
George Nate Slate: [Rips Fred's Moustache off] Well can you believe your both fired Flintstone?
Fred Flintstone: Oh!