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Mr. Arrow (Character)
from Treasure Island (1934)

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Treasure Planet (2002)
Captain Amelia: I'm Captain Amelia. Late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada, nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars; You've met my first officer, Mr. Arrow? Sterling, tough, dependable, honest, brave and true.
Mr. Arrow: Please, Captain...
Captain Amelia: Oh, shut up, Arrow. You know I don't mean a word of it.

Captain Amelia: [to a protesting Doppler] Let me make this as... monosyllabic as possible. I... don't much care for this crew you hired. They're...
[to Arrow]
Captain Amelia: how did I describe them, Arrow? I said something rather good this morning before coffee.
Mr. Arrow: 'A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots,' ma'am.
Captain Amelia: [to Doppler] There you go, poetry.

Captain Amelia: [sternly] Mr. Arrow, I've checked this miserable ship from stem to stern and as usual it's-
Captain Amelia: -spot on. Can you get nothing wrong?
Mr. Arrow: You flatter me, Captain.

Mr. Arrow: We're about to get under way. Would you like to observe the launch, Doctor?
Doctor Doppler: Would I? Does an active galactic nucleus have superluminal jets?
Doctor Doppler: [Sheepishly] I'll follow you.

Mr. Arrow: You know the rules. They'll be no brawling on this ship. Any further offenders will be confined to the brigg for the remainder of the voyage. Am I clear, Mr. Scroop?
[Scroop glares at Arrow, but literally catches a warning glint from Silver's eye]
Scroop: Transparently.