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Flounder (Character)
from The Little Mermaid (1989)

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The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (2000) (V)
Ariel: We have to keep Melody away from her. Until Morgana is found Melody can't go in the sea.
Flounder: But Ariel.
Ariel: I'm sorry Flounder, but if Morgana is anything like Ursula, she will never give up. This is the only way. Melody can't know about merpeople or Atlantica or even about you, Daddy.
King Triton: Very well, Ariel, you're right.

Flounder: Now what?

Flounder: Ariel?

Flounder: You can say that again.

Flounder: Children, what did I say about playing "kick the clam" on the reef?

Flounder: Uh, kids.

Flounder: I'm sorry about Melody.

Flounder: Wild sea horses couldn't stop me.

Flounder: Ah, don't worry, Ariel. We'll find her.

Flounder: Oh, but if that old sea witch is in there, and then there's that mean little shark... and then those manta rays come, a-and then she takes those-those creepy tentacles... so suction cups stick to your face, and, and... Uh. Uh-uh. No way you're goin' in there alone.

Flounder: We're doomed.

Flounder: The name's Flounder.

Flounder: "Grrr" yourself, pipsqueak.

Flounder: Melody!

Flounder: We gotta keep trying.

Flounder: Hold on, Melody! I'm gonna bust us outta here... if it's the last thing I... do.

Morgana: Tell me, Melody. Is being a mermaid everything you dreamed? Was it worth it?
[throws Melody inside a cave]
Flounder: Melody!
Morgana: [she starts covering the cave entrance with ice] Oh, and by the way, your time as a mermaid has just about expired. Catch you later. I've got bigger fish to fry!

The Little Mermaid (1989)
Scuttle: I haven't seen this in years, this is wonderful!
Ariel: What is it?
Scuttle: A banded, bulbous snarfblatt.
Ariel, Flounder: Oh.

Ariel: All right, I'm going inside. You can just stay here and watch for sharks.
Flounder: Okay. Yeah, you go. I'll just stay and What? Sharks? Ariel!

Triton: I just don't know what we're going to do with you, young lady.
Ariel: Daddy, I'm sorry, I just forgot, I.
Triton: As a result of your careless behavior.
Sebastian: Careless and reckless behavior!
Triton: The entire celebration was, er.
Sebastian: Well, it was ruined! That's all, completely destroyed! This concert was to be the pinnacle of my distinguished career. Now thanks to you, I am the laughingstock of the entire kingdom!
Flounder: But it wasn't her fault! Ah well first, ahh, this shark chased us yeah yeah! And we tried to but we couldn't and then grr and and we whoa! Ah, and then we were safe. But then this seagull came, and it was this is this, and that is that, and.
Triton: Seagull?
[Flounder gasps and hides in Ariel's hair as she gives him a dirty look]
Triton: What? Oh you went up to the surface again, didn't you? Didn't you?
Ariel: Nothing happened.
Triton: Ariel, How many times must we go through this? You could've been seen by one of those barbarians by by one of those humans!
Ariel: Daddy, they're not barbarians!
Triton: They're dangerous; do you think I would want to see my youngest daughter snared by some fish eater's hook?
Ariel: I'm sixteen years old. I'm not a child anymore.
Triton: Don't you take that tone of voice with me, young lady. As long as you live under my ocean, you'll obey my rules!
Ariel: But if you would just listen.
Triton: Not another word! And I am never, never to hear of you going to the surface again. Is that clear?
[Ariel leaves, crying]

Scuttle: Well, look at what the catfish dragged in!
Scuttle: Look at ya! Look at ya! There's something different. Don't tell me. I got it. It's your hairdo, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right?
[Ariel shakes her head]
Scuttle: No? No, huh? Well, let me see. New seashells? No new seashells. I gotta admit, I can't put my foot on it right now, but if I just stand here long enough, I should...
Sebastian: She's got legs, you idiot! She traded her voice to the sea witch and got legs! Geez, mon!
Scuttle: I knew that.
Flounder: Ariel's been turned into a human. She'll have to make the prince fall in love with her, and he's gotta he's gotta kiss her.
Sebastian: And she's only got three days!

Ariel: Flounder, don't be such a guppy.
Flounder: I'm not a guppy.

Ariel: [after Rescuing the Prince] Is he dead?
Scuttle: It's hard to say.
[Place's his ear to Eric's foot]
Scuttle: Oh I can't make out a heartbeat.
Ariel: No look, he's breathing. He's so beautiful.
Ariel: [singing] What would i give to live where you are/ What would I pay to stay here beside you/ what would I do to see you smiling at me/ Where would we walk/ where would we run/ If we could stay all day in the sun/ Just you and me/ and I could be/ part of your world
Grimsby: [Calling Out] Eric. Eric
[the approaching Grimsby and Max's barking send a startled Ariel Back into the Ocean]
Grimsby: [Helping Eric to his Feet] Oh, you really delight in these sadistic strain on my blood pressure don't you.
Prince Eric: A girl, rescued me. She was singing. She had the most beautiful voice.
Grimsby: Ah Eric, I think you swallowed a bit to much sea-water. Off we go. Come along Max.
Sebastian: [after watching the unfolding events] We just gonna forget the whole thing ever happened. The Sea-King will never know. You won't tell him.
Flounder: [Knods in agreement]
Sebastian: I won't tell him. I will stay in one peace
[Ariel has possitioned herself on top of a rock watching Eric longinly]
Ariel: [sung] I don't know when/ I don't know how/ But I know something's starting right now/ Watch and you'll see/ Someday I'll be/ Part of Your World

Scuttle: You see the snarfblatt dates back to pre-hysterical times when humans would sit around and stare at each other all day.
[long pause]
Scuttle: got very boring. So they invented this snarfblatt to make fine music, allow me!
[Attempts to blow the pipe and seaweed crops out of it]
Ariel: [realizing] Music?
Scuttle: It's stuck!
[coughs and gags]
Ariel: Oh, the concert! Oh my gosh my father's gonna kill me!
Flounder: The concert was today?

Ariel: Flounder, you really are a guppy.
Flounder: I am not!

"The Little Mermaid: Charmed (#1.7)" (1992)
Flounder: We can't just stay out here late, Ariel. It's getting cold
Ariel: Oh, Flounder, you're a fish! You're always the same temperature!
[Ariel tries to pull out the bracelet but can't. She uses a root of pink seaweed on it, which breaks. She throws it away and looks at it closely]
Ariel: I need the other piece! The one that's stuck down the abyss!
Flounder: Bad idea, Ariel. Ariel!

"The Little Mermaid: Urchin (#1.4)" (1992)
Flounder: [Ariel and Flounder are playing tag around the king's treasure vault. Ariel swims off sneakily thinking Flounder won't get her; and he sneaks up behind her] Ha, tag! You're it!
Ariel: Pretty sneaky, Flounder!
[she swims off and they continue playing, until she is stopped by Sebastian, and she runs him over]
Sebastian: Ariel! You're going to be late for de Neptune Ball! De food is laid out, de guests are arriving, and you're out here playing tag around de King's treasure vault!
Ariel: [sighs] Alright, Sebastian. Just one more tag.
[giggles and taps him on the head]
Ariel: You're it!
Sebastian: I am most certainly *not* it! And no such foolishness at de Neptune Ball!