Abu the Monkey
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Abu the Monkey (Character)
from Aladdin (1992)

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The Return of Jafar (1994) (V)
Blue Genie: [running up to Jasmine with Abu to catch Sultan and Aladdin] Make room for the picnic boys!
Princess Jasmine: They already left, Genie.
Blue Genie: Without us?
Abu the Monkey: Without us?
Blue Genie: No problem, I'll catch up in a flash.
Princess Jasmine: Wait! Without me, too. Aladdin needs some time alone with Father to patch things up.
Blue Genie: [to Abu] You know what this means, monkey boy? More food for us!

Blue Genie: [Thinking he destroyed Jafar] Hahahaha! Who's laughing now?
Jafar: Hahahahaa!
Jafar: Why, I believe it's me.
Abu the Monkey: Argh!

Princess Jasmine: [to Iago] How could you double cross Aladdin after all he's done for you?
Abu the Monkey: [chatters angrily]
Iago: Hey! Do I insult your mother?
Abu the Monkey: [Abu stops and gives Iago a dirty look]

Blue Genie: [arriving from his trip around the world] He's big, he's blue! And he's BACK!
Aladdin 'Al': [as he and Jasmine hug the Genie] Genie!
Princess Jasmine: You came back!
Blue Genie: [turning red, yelling and wincing] Ooh! Ah! Oh, watch the sunburrrn!
[stops wincing, then turns blue again]
Blue Genie: Aha! Kidding. Did you miss me? Be honest.
[handing his luggage to Abu]
Blue Genie: Take care of these, my good mammal.
Abu the Monkey: [Abu takes the luggage but falls down from Aladdin's shoulder]
Blue Genie: Careful they're heavy. Hang on, I've got souveniers for everybody!

Aladdin (1992)
[Princess Jasmine is in disguise, and hanging out with Aladdin, when the guards capture him]
Princess Jasmine: Let him go!
Razoul: [laughs] Looky here, men. A street mouse.
[throws her down]
Princess Jasmine: Unhand him!
[pulls off the hood of her cloak]
Princess Jasmine: By order of the Princess.
Razoul: [everyone falls silent and bows] Princess Jasmine!
Aladdin: The Princess?
Abu the Monkey: [peaks out from a jar] The Princess?
Razoul: What are you doing outside the palace? And with this street rat?
Princess Jasmine: That's not your concern. Do as I command. Release him!
Razoul: Well, I would, Princess, except my orders come from Jafar. You'll have to take it up with him.
Princess Jasmine: Believe me, I will.

Aladdin: [picking up the lamp] This is it? This is what we came all the way down here to...
[sees Abu take a ruby]
Aladdin: Abu! Nooo!
Cave of Wonders: Infidels!
Abu the Monkey: Uh-oh.
Cave of Wonders: [thundering] You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of day!

Iago: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome for Sorcerer Jafar!
Jafar: Now where were we? Ah, yes abject humiliation!
[He zaps Jasmine and Sultan with his staff, and they both bow to him. Rajah comes running at him]
Jafar: Down, boy!
[He zaps Rajah, and the tiger turns into a kitten. Rajah meows]
Jafar: Oh princess
[lifts Jasmine's chin with his staff]
Jafar: there's someone I'm dying to introduce you to.
Aladdin: [Flying towards him on Carpet] Jafar! Get your hands off her!
Jafar: [zaps Aladdin, Carpet flies away. Singing] Prince Ali, yes, it is he, but not as you know him. Read my lips and come to grips with reality.
Jafar: Yes, meet a blast from your past. Whose lies were too good to last! Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!
[zaps Ali back to Aladdin as he says it]
Iago: [mockingly] Or should we say Aladdin?
Princess Jasmine: [shocked gasp] Ali?
Aladdin: Jasmine, I tried to tell you. I just.
Jafar: [still singing] So Ali turns out to be merely Aladdin.
Jafar: Just a con, need I go on? Take it from me, his personality flaws, give me adequate cause,
[sends Aladdin and Abu in a pillar, Carpet flies in after them]
Jafar: to send him packing on a one way trip so his prospects take a terminal dip, his assets frozen, the venue chosen, is the ends of the earth.
Jafar: [sends the pillar in the air]
Jafar: Whoopee! So long!
Iago: Goodbye. See ya.
Jafar: [sings] Ex-Prince Ali!
[laughs maniacally]
Aladdin: Abu? Abu! Oh, this is all my fault. I should have freed the Genie when I had the chance.
Aladdin: Abu! Are you okay?
Abu the Monkey: [shivers] Uh-huh.
Aladdin: I'm sorry, Abu. I made a mess of everything, somehow. I gotta go back and set things right. Yeah! All right! Now, back to Agrabah! Let's go!

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) (V)
Genie: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Sultan of Agrabah: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Thieves: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Iago: [singing] Look at all these presents!
Princess Jasmine: [singing] We're finally getting married!
Abu the Monkey: [squeaking] You're finally getting married!
Aladdin: [singing] I'm finally getting married!

Iago: [with his tail stuck in the door] How bad is it?
Abu the Monkey: [chatters and pulls Iago free]

"Aladdin: Poor Iago (#1.38)" (1994)
Iago: At last! Okay, the Sultan's gold dust is stored right above this chamber!
Abu: [garbled] I dunno 'bout the Sultan...
Iago: Of course the Sultan won't mind! He's not gonna miss a few million dinari. Get a grip on yourself!