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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)
Keno: Hey which of you lovely ladies gets to ride with me tonight?
Girl: Dream on, Dweeb.
Keno: Okay, and when I do I'll dream of someone a little thinner.

Raphael: Okay, we get you in, we find the Foot headquarters, we get you out to tell the others, right?
Keno: Gee, maybe I should write this down.
Raphael: What?
Raphael: I'm being punished aren't I?

Keno: [upon seeing the turtles for the first time] Who? What? Where? How?
Donatello: Well, I guess that leaves out 'why' and 'when', doesn't it?

Michaelangelo: Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it 'the pink one'?
Professor Jordan Perry: [pours a liquid in a pan, and eats a piece of pizza] Pepperoni heaven!
Professor Jordan Perry: [pours two liquids in a pot] Donatello, continue aeration!
Donatello: Continuing aeration.
[begins to stir the mixture the pot]
Raphael: [sniffs the mixture] Man! This stuff is rank!
Keno: Yeah, try carrying it on the subway sometime. I never got a seat so fast in my life.
Leonardo: [sniffs the mixture] Blech! Thanks for doing all the shopping for us, Keno.
Keno: No problem. I hope you didn't mind me picking up a few pies.
Michaelangelo: You're forgiven.
[sniffs the mixture]
Michaelangelo: Whoa!
[drops a slice of pizza in the mixture]
Michaelangelo: [Donatello continues to mix the stuff with the pizza slice]

Raphael: First chance we get, we're out of here...
[gapes in horror has he sees Shredder from a distance]
Keno: What?
Raphael: Uh, I thought I just saw a ghost.

[about to leave April's apartment, having seen Raph's foot pretruding from behind the changing curtain and becoming suspicious about their weapons "she" has lying around]
Keno: One last thing, though. I think you might want to know about THIS!
[slams his foot on Raph's]
Raphael: ARGH!
[Raph comes out from behind the curtain]
Keno: It's you guys!
[cluthching his foot and being held back by Donny, Leo, and Mikey]
Raphael: Ah, ah! Let me hurt him. Please! Tell me I can hurt him! Please, please! Grr!
[Splinter puts his hand on Keno's shoulder]
Splinter: I think you'd better sit down.
[Keno sees Splinter and faints]

Keno: Hold it! You guys are under arrest.
Burglar: What are you, night security?
Keno: No, I'm a pizza delivery.
[the gang laugh and attack, and Keno easily kicks their asses]
Keno: Did I mention I also study the martial arts?