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Bugs Bunny (Character)
from A Wild Hare (1940)

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Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)
Daffy Duck: You'd never catch that rabbit doing something this heroic.
Bugs Bunny: [appearing in the seat next to Daffy] Eh, what's up, duck?
Daffy Duck: You're dethpicable.

Marvin the Martian: You tricked me!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Darth?

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what gives, doc? We made thirty-five pictures togetha'.
Elmer Fudd: Well, as it turns out, I'm secwetwy evil.
Daffy Duck: That's showbiz for ya!
Elmer Fudd: Now, make with da the card; so I can pwease my dark masters!

Bugs Bunny: [fishing from a boat in the backseat of Kate's flooded Alfa Romeo] Well, whaddya know, I found Nemo!

[Bugs is served a martini by one of the contraptions in Damian Drake's spy car]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, well... it's five o' clock somewhere.
Kate Houghton: If you touch one more thing...
Bugs Bunny: Shhh... I'm about to defy you.

[making suggestions to improve Bugs's image]
Kate Houghton: So, what do we do? We team you up with a hot female co-star!
Bugs Bunny: Usually...
[dresses in drag]
Bugs Bunny: *I* play the female love interest!
[Michigan J. Frog, at the table behind Bugs, jumps up and begins to sing "Hello, My Baby"]
Kate Houghton: Okay, about the crossdressing thing - then, funny; now, disturbing.
[Bugs removes the dress and lipstick]
Bugs Bunny: Lady, if you don't find a rabbit wearin' lipstick amusing, then we ain't got nothin' to say to each other.

Bugs Bunny: Daff never misses a cue.

DJ Drake: [to Kate] You.
Kate Houghton: [to DJ] You.
Daffy Duck: [to Bugs] You.
Bugs Bunny: [about DJ] Him.
Daffy Duck: [about Kate] Her.
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck: Them.

Bugs Bunny: I'm tellin ya, Daffy, I heard the Warner Brothers say that you were their best duck.
Daffy Duck: Flattered though I may be, flattened I will not, in order for you to get the laughs! It's all "woo-hoo, yuk yuk", and then "wham, bam, blam!"
[whacks himself around for added emphasis]
Bugs Bunny: And your tail's on fire.
Daffy Duck: Exactly my point! I...
Bugs Bunny: No, I mean your tail's on fire.
[Daffy sees that his tail IS on fire - he runs around trying to extinguish it - Bugs laughs]
Bugs Bunny: Daff, you're accident prone.
[Daffy finally puts out his tail]
Daffy Duck: Oh, what am I talking to you for? All you have to do is munch on a carrot and people love you.

[Bugs and Daffy crash-land their spaceship through the window of Acme HQ, then walk away unscathed]
Bugs Bunny: I think we scratched it.
Daffy Duck: Who cares, it's a rental.

Daffy Duck: What a fantastic view.
Bugs Bunny: Unless you're in the audience in which case you've been staring at an elephant's behind for 30 seconds.

Bugs Bunny: Gee, it was really nice of Wal-Mart to give us all this free Wal-Mart stuff just for saying "Wal-Mart" so many times.

Bugs Bunny: All those in favour of us *not* hitting that wall, say 'aye'.
Kate Houghton, DJ Drake, Daffy Duck: Aye!
Daffy Duck: Mother!
Spy Car Computer: Taking you to Mother!

Bugs Bunny: So this is Area 51?
Mother: No.
Bugs Bunny: The secret government base?
Mother: No.
Bugs Bunny: Where they keep all the aliens?
Mother: No. Area 51 is a paranoid fantasy we concocted to hide the true nature of this facility.
DJ Drake: Which is?
Mother: Area 52.

Kate Houghton: Look, I'm trying to be nice, but I was brought in to leverage your synergy, and I am not going to let you or some wacky duck...
Bugs Bunny: Daffy.
Kate Houghton: Wacky, daffy, nutty, fruitcake, crispy over rice, it doesn't matter.
Bugs Bunny: [produces award statuettes] Well, these matter...
[hoists up Walk of Fame star]
Bugs Bunny: ...and this, and they say bring Daffy back. Right, boys?
Statuettes: We want Daffy! We want Daffy

Bugs Bunny: Oh, I hate to see a grown man cry... especially when it's a girl.

[a Wal-Mart appears in the desert]
Bugs Bunny: Is that a mirage, or just product placement?
Daffy Duck: Oh, who cares, with shopping convenience at such low prices? Water! Fresca! Mountain Dew! Your Product Name Here!
DJ Drake: Is this your idea?
Kate Houghton: The audience expects it. They don't even notice this kind of thing anymore.

[poking at Mother's Area 52 from the outside]
Bugs Bunny: Suddenly I feel like I'm in Aunt Marge's Jell-O mold.

Kate Houghton: There are some aspects of the script that need work. There's no heart, no cooperation, no one learns anything...
Bugs Bunny: Daffy learns not to stick his head in a jet engine.

Bugs Bunny: [car almost crashes and then stops all of a sudden] Eh, out of gas.
Kate Houghton: [screen goes black] What? It doesn't work like that!
Bugs Bunny: [screen goes back to car as it crashes] Thanks, toots.

[the group is lost in the desert]
Bugs Bunny: I told you we should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque.
Daffy Duck: Now don't start that again.

Space Jam (1996)
Daffy Duck: You think she's got enough toys?
Bugs: Speaking of toys, remember those mugs and t-shoits and lunchboxes with our pictures on 'em?
Daffy Duck: Yeah.
Bugs: You ever see any money from all that stuff?
Daffy Duck: Hah, not a cent!
Bugs: Hmm... me neither.
Daffy Duck: [sighs] It's a crying shame. We gotta get new agents, we're gettin' screwed!

Daffy: How's this for a new team name: The Ducks!
Bugs: Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks?

Monstar Bupkus: That's mine!
Bugs: [stealing the ball] Not today.

Bugs: Look at our facilities.
Daffy: We've got hoops!
Elmer Fudd: We've got weights!
Sylvester: We've got balls!
Michael Jordan: You sure do. This place is a mess.

Lola Bunny: [Bugs has just been squashed after pushing Lola out of the way] Are you okay?
Bugs: Me? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?
Lola Bunny: Oh Bugs, thank you.
Bugs: Aww, it was nothin'.
Lola Bunny: That was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
[she gives him a long kiss, then leaves]

Michael Jordan: Bugs?
Bugs: Yeah, Mike?
Michael Jordan: Stay out of trouble.
[he leaves]
Bugs: [to Lola] You know I will.
[Lola laughs]
Bugs: [grabbing her arms] Come here!
[he gives her a long kiss, she howls and then quickly changes to the next scene by pulling it down over them like a window shade]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the starting lineup for the Toon Squad: Standing two foot four, The Wonder from Down Under: The Tasmanian Devil!
[Taz squeezes two balls in his mouth, pops them, and spins around]
Announcer: At small forward: standing a scintillating three foot two, The Heartthrob of the Hoops: Lola Bunny!
[Lola dribbles and spins the ball on her finger]
Announcer: At power forward, The Quackster of the Court: Daffy Duck!
Daffy Duck: Thank you! Thank you!
[Silence from the audience, crickets chirping]
Daffy Duck: [disappointed, but sarcastically] Very funny. Leth's all laugh at the duck!
Announcer: And the point guard, standing three foot three, four feet if you include the ears, Co-captain of the toon squad, the Doctor of Delight: Bugs Bunny!
Bugs: Thank you! Thank you!
Announcer: And now, the player coach of the Toon Squad, at six foot six from North Carolina, his Royal Airness: Michael Jordan!

Bugs: You wanna play a little one on one, doll?
Lola Bunny: [angrily, with fire in her eyes] Doll?
Bugs: [with hearts over his head] Uh huh.
Lola Bunny: On the court, *Bugs*.
Bugs: Sure.
Tweety Bird: Ooo, she's hot.
[Touches his rear and steam appears with a hissing sound]
Lola Bunny: [starts dribbling] Ready?
Bugs: Yes.
[she gets past him]
Bugs: I got it, I got it!
[she spins around him, he winds up into a knot and she makes a basket]
Michael Jordan: The girl's got skills.
Bugs: [Lola comes over to him seductively] Yes?
Lola Bunny: Don't ever call me "doll".
[blows her ears out of her face]
Bugs: Check.
Lola Bunny: [as she is leaving] Nice playin' with ya.
Michael Jordan: Very smooth.
Bugs: Ahh, she's obviously nuts about me.
Michael Jordan: Obviously.

Michael Jordan: What's going on here?
Bugs: Why Michael! l thought you'd never ask! You see These aliens from outer space want to make us slaves in their theme park. They're little. So we challenged them to a basketball game. Eh, what do we care? They're little, so we challenge them to a basketball game! But then they show up and they ain't so little,
Bugs: they're huge! We need to beat these guys, 'cause They're talking about slavery! They'll make us do stand-up, the same jokes every night every night for all eternity! We're going to be locked up like wild animals and then trotted out to perform for a bunch of lowbrow, bug-eyed, bad-headed, humor-challenged aliens! Eh, what I'm trying to say is...
Bugs: we need your help!
Michael Jordan: Yeah, but I'm a baseball player now!
Bugs: Right.
[gets out rabbit skull]
Bugs: And I'm a Shakespearean actor.

Nerdluck Bang: We seek the one they call Bugs Bunny.
Nerdluck Nawt: Yeah, Bugs Bunny.
Nerdluck Bupkus: Have you seen him?
Nerdluck Blanko: Is he around?
Bugs: Hmmm... Bugs Bunny... Bugs Bunny... Say, don't he have, uh, great big long ears...
[pulls his ears]
Bugs: like this?
Nerdlucks: Yeah.
Bugs: And does he hop around like this?
[hops around the forrest]
Nerdlucks: Uh-huh.
Bugs: And does he say, "What's up, doc?" like this?
[chomps carrot]
Bugs: Eh, what's up, doc?
Nerdlucks: [excited] YEAH!
Bugs: [leaves] Nope, never heard of him.
Nerdlucks: Aw...
Bugs: [to the audience] Y'know, maybe there *is* no intelligent life out there in the univoise after all.

Sylvester: [after a few suggestions of what to challenge the Nerdlucks to] Suffering succotash! What's wrong with all of ya? I say... we get a ladder
[as you see a mental image of him on a ladder outside of a window where Tweety Bird is sitting in his cage]
Sylvester: ... wait till the old lady gets out of the room... then grab that little bird!
[grabs Tweety Bird, then the scene transitions back to Sylvester holding on to one of his thumbs, hyperventilating]
Bugs: Whoa, whoa! Take a deep breath, Sly!

Bugs: Okay, okay, which one of you maroons has ever played basketball?

Bugs: Yeah, sure, let the little pipsqueaks knock themselves out.

Bugs: These little pipsqueaks just turned into superstars!

Bugs: You expected the Easter Bunny?

Bugs: Look out for that first step, doc, it's a real lulu.

Bugs: Not real? lf l weren't real, could l do this?

Bugs: Let the doctor take a look. A little high. Going down!

Bugs: You know, maybe there is no intelligent life out in the universe after all.

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (1992)
Bugs Bunny: It all began in a vast uncharted region of outer space. A whole flock of strange looking carrots drifting in space for billions of years, were floating down toward the Earth. But I didn't know it at the time. As far as I was concerned it was just another typical day, except that I was late to work.
[Very first line and quote, as Opening Credits near its completion]

Bugs Bunny: Hey taxi!
[gets in the cab]
Bugs Bunny: To the middle of nowhere, quick!

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs sees first bunch of weird alien carrots] Gee, what strange looking carrots. Oh well.
Bugs Bunny: I should've known right then that there was something screwy about those carrots. But gosh, I didn't have time to think. I had a date out west with a fiery redhead!

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs sees second bunch of weird alien carrots] Gee, what strange looking wild cactus carrots. Oh well.
Bugs Bunny: I didn't realize that I left ol' Sam in the lurch like that. I couldn't wait, I had a pressing appointment in duck hunting country.

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs sees third bunch of weird alien carrots] Gee, what strange looking... aw, you know!

Bugs Bunny: It's no use, I just can't sleep. My delicate inner sense of danger tells me there's something fatally foreboding in the atmosphere. Elmer Fudd was a pale stereotype of his former self. Even paler than the original, if that's possible. And Sam wasn't Sam but an unreasonable facsimile thereof, a not so incredible insinuation. And that duck, sure, it looked like a duck and quacked like a duck.
[the carrot Bugs Bunny accepted from Daffy rolls off a desk onto his floor, cracks open like an egg and out comes an alien rabbit]
Bugs Bunny: [after feeling three light taps on a shoulder] Yeeesss?
Pale Stereotype of Bugs: [brandishing an axe] Eh, what's up doc?
[Bugs then runs away, screaming, then stops long enough to speak to the audience]
Bugs Bunny: You know something, folks? This is the scariest part of the picture.
[resumes running and screaming, Closing Credits began, but Bugs Bunny stops it, lifting the film back up]
Bugs Bunny: You don't think I would let it end that way, do you?

Bugs Bunny: Now maybe if I get rid of these robot retreads, then the genuine articles would come back. Gee, I don't know, but it just might work.

Pale Stereotype of Bugs: [brandishing an axe, ready to chop with] Eh, what's up, doc?
Bugs Bunny: Give me that. Get in the sack, evil twin, I've got plans for you.
Pale Sterotype of Elmer Fudd: [comes up on rolling legs, like a unicycle] I'm hunting wabbits, I'm hunting wabbits, I'm hunting wabbits.
Bugs Bunny: Over here, darling, your rabbit's right in this bag.
Pale Stereotype of Yosemite Sam: Racken fracken varmint, racken fracken varmint, racken fracken varmint.
Bugs Bunny: This way, deadpan, don't dilly dally.
Pale Stereotype of Daffy: [going from right to left and repeating] You're despicable! you're despicable! you're despicable!
Bugs Bunny: [after capturing all of them & putting them into a sack] Oh, Margaret, what dopey dopplegangers.

Bugs Bunny: [speaking of Elmer Rudd] He likes me, he really likes me.
Bugs Bunny: [speaking Yosemite Sam] I never realized that so many people wanted to kill me.
Elmer Fudd: Come out of thewe, you wetch!
[Closing Credits begin. A fraud Porky Pig, apparently from the planet, "Noodnik", starts to come out of a Warner Brothers' Looney Tune and Merry Melody drum hole. As it started to speak, Bugs Bunny recognizes it to be a counterfeit and quickly immediately kicked it out it of the way and put the original Porky Pig in]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no you don't!
Porky Pig: [after Bugs disposed of the counterfeit and much slower speaking pig, Porky Pig always stutters, and says his long time closing line of] Th-th-that's all folks!

Pale Sterotype of Elmer Fudd: [deadpan] Be vewy, vewy quiet I'm hunting wabbits.
Bugs Bunny: Da-da-da-ta-ta! Here I am, here's your wabbit! What'll it be today wabbit stew?, wabbit cutwets?
Pale Sterotype of Elmer Fudd: I'm hunting wabbits.
Bugs Bunny: Okay, fair enough but you'll have to catch me foist!
Pale Sterotype of Elmer Fudd: Be vewy, vewy, quiet, vewy quiet, vewy quiet.
Bugs Bunny: There was something different about him, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it,
[Bugs snaps a thumb and finger, of right hand, at the replacement]
Bugs Bunny: he had a big dopey grin on his face and seemed could it be badly drawn!
[Bugs knocks on the replacement's head]
Bugs Bunny: Hey what's coming off here don't you want to chase me?
Pale Sterotype of Elmer Fudd: Hewwo, I want to spwead sunshine, whereever I can, I can, I can.

Pale Stereotype of Yosemite Sam: No, varmint. I don't wanna massacre ya. I'm a kinder, gentler Sam.
Bugs Bunny: Oh brother!
Pale Stereotype of Yosemite Sam: I like you and I think it's plum hilarious when you bamboozle me off this here cliff!
[the Pale Stereotype of Yosemite Sam then jumps off the cliff, almost like suicide, to Earthlings]
Bugs Bunny: Man, that's one for Ripley's!
Pale Stereotype of Yosemite Sam: [Sam returns and unflattens himself] You see rabbit, I'm your friend. Now be a nice critter and bring home one of these wild cactus carrots, they're good for ya, for ya, for ya.
Bugs Bunny: I didn't even know he liked ve-ge-tables.

Pale Stereotype of Daffy: [Looking and moving like a puppet while his body occasionally disappears and reappears] Bugsy old pal, I want you to know that I enjoyed our little tay ta tays over the years.
[Daffy's beak is now shows part of a human being's lips, when speaking]
Pale Stereotype of Daffy: But now, it's all over it doesn't matter anymore.
[repeatedly pointing at Bugs]
Pale Stereotype of Daffy: You win, it is duck season. I admit it.
[He walks away with his face, almost sliding off its head]
Pale Stereotype of Daffy: [Shuffling out into the open] Fellas, the rifles!
[Pale Stereotype of Daffy gets shot repeatedly, and then appears partially perforated, from the numerous bullet holes, through its feathered body]
Pale Stereotype of Daffy: [Counterfeit Daffy returns with his entire body perforated with bullet holes and talking with a crazy looking mouth] Ya see old chum I bear you no personal animosity just bring home the...
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs then interrupts Daffy] I know, I know just bring home one of these strange looking carrots! Okay, I'll do it.
[Bugs accepted the alien carrot from the distraught counterfeit Daffy Duck]
Bugs Bunny: So I took that creepy looking thing, but somehow I wasn't very hungry!

Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over (1980) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: No more classes, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks!

Bugs Bunny: In the spring, a young rabbit's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of mischief.

Bugs Bunny: Whereas - in the spring, a adult rabbit's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of spring - and love of his fellow creatures, and birds, and flowers - and rocks!

Bugs Bunny: Ah yes, and in the spring, a young coyote's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of - lunch. Road runner au gratin, to be exact.

Bugs Bunny: If there's one thing I've learned from this little junkyard, it's not to get too familiar with strange carrots. Hey! Whaddya know? I'm a flying object lesson!

Bugs Bunny: I'm glad I'm not young anymore. But you know, Elmer and I were the first people to ever start chasing each other.
[a baby Coyote and baby Road Runner pass by him, Coyote chasing the Road Runner]
Bugs Bunny: Yet, I could be wrong, you know.

Bugs Bunny: Trouble with this world is that everybody's out to get everybody else. I mean, why can't people be more like me? I love everybody.

Bugs Bunny: Hello, robot. Hello, object d'arte. Hello, space probe. Hello, Earth.
Bugs Bunny: Hello what? If that's the Earth, where the cotton-pickin' heck am I?
Marvin the Martian: You're on Mars. Isn't that lovely?
Bugs Bunny: Mars? You mean the *planet* Mars?
Marvin the Martian: Yes. I brought you here from the planet Earth, in my Unidentified Flying Object.
Bugs Bunny: OK, Shorty, and you can just bring me back to Earth immediate - now.
Marvin the Martian: Oh, dear, no. We musn't disappoint Hugo.
Bugs Bunny: And just who, may I ask, is this poor, pitiful Hugo?
Marvin the Martian: I caught him in the Himalayas. He is an abominable snowman.

Bugs Bunny: [Elmer has just run on the air after being chased by Bugs, riding a cannonball-like cork] Hey, Doc, you have a slight problem.
Elmer Fudd: I do? What?
Bugs Bunny: [pointing to the ground] Gravity.
Elmer Fudd: [walking back toward the ground] No uh, that's all right. We haven't studied gwavity yet.

Bugs: Eh, what's in it for me, Doc?
Elmer: What's in what for you?
Bugs: Eh, what's in it for me to be "vewy, vewy quiet"?
Elmer: Well, uh, gee. I, uh, I don't know. I, uh, I didn't know I had to pay for quiet. Uh, how 'bout a nickel?
Bugs: AHA! Tryin' to bribe me, eh?'! That, sir, is contributing to the delinquency of a minor!

Bugs: [to the home audience] I wonder if some of you out there would care to contribute to the delinquency of a minor. After all, you wouldn't want me to WOIK my way through reform school. Hey, y'got a pencil? Just send all contributions to Bugs Bunny.
Elmer: Bugs Bunny?'! Why, you're a pesky wabbit! I'm gonna blast you good!

The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special (1980) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: Fight fire with fire, I always say.

Yosemite Sam: I'm gonna give you solitary confinement for 99 years!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, you wouldn't be so tough if you weren't wearing uniform!
Yosemite Sam: Oh, I wouldn't, huh?

Bugs Bunny: [singing] Oh give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above. Don't fence me in. Let me run through the wide, open country that I love, oh don't fence me in.

Bugs Bunny: Gee, I uh, really don't think I'm your type, Doc.
Elmer Fudd: Don't play games with me, Wabbit! You're under awwest!
[handcuffs Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: [munches on his carrot] A simple case of mistaken indemnity.

Wile E. Coyote: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mud!
Bugs Bunny: And remember: mud spelled backwards is 'dum'!

Elmer Fudd: It's the end of the wine, Tall Dark Stwanger. I have a warrant for your awwest!
[shows Bugs a card saying "I. O. U.", but he soon turns it over and is surprised]
Elmer Fudd: I. O. U.?
Bugs Bunny: And *I* *love* *you*!
[smooches Elmer]

Bugs Bunny: [after Yosemite Sam locks him in the jail cell] Gee, I don't get it, Doc. How come you locked me outside?
Yosemite Sam: Outside? Why, you're *inside!*
Bugs Bunny: [chuckles] Oh, no, I'm not; I'm outside. *You're* inside.
Yosemite Sam: [glancing puzzledly around the cell] I am?
[opens the cell door]
Yosemite Sam: Well then, get in here!
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs shrugs, walks out, locks Sam in the cell, then takes the keys out and walks away] Boo-hoo. Now I'll never see my wife and kids again. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Elmer Fudd: Aha! I've got you now! You tall, dark stwanger!
[Bugs tacitly tells Elmer that the tall dark stranger wasn't him, he motions Elmer to look at the actual tall dark stranger, looming before them]
Bugs Bunny: All right now, this has gone far enough. Let's have a look at ya.
[the stranger unmasks himself, which turns out to be Porky]
Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny: You!
Porky Pig: [stammers] Well, I had to get this story...
Porky Pig: moving somehow.
Bugs Bunny: I could've sworn the butler did it.

[last lines]
Porky Pig: Well, as - as you can see, everything came out fine in the end. Everyone got what they-they-they deserved.
Porky Pig: Even me.
Bugs Bunny: [closing Porky's cell door] Yep. Even you.
Porky Pig: [stammers] Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Bugs Bunny: [voiceover] Extra! Read all about it! Tweety Boid missing! Boid gets the boi-d! Read all about it! Million dollar boid gone!

Bugs Bunny: [singing as he flies the plane] You're off for the big show tonight, so fly from wing to wing...
Yosemite Sam: [rushing into the cockpit] I'm a-takin' over this flyin' machine! Gimme that wheel!
Bugs Bunny: [shrugs] Well, if you insist.
[he yanks the steering wheel out and throws it out the window]

Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television (1982) (TV)
Porky Pig: [stammers] But you can't quit, Bugs. You-you've made our network, er, uh, number one.
Bugs Bunny: Sorry, pal, but what you need for a president is someone less sensitive than me.
Yosemite Sam: [pounding his fist on Bugs's desk] I'm not sensitive about *nothin*'!
Bugs Bunny: Someone not afraid to make raw decisions.
Yosemite Sam: I'm about as raw as you're a-gonna get!

Bugs Bunny: [silences Sam's gunshots] Hold it, Sam. What if I make you a Vice President in charge of Specials?
Yosemite Sam: Phew. It pays to be a good negotiator.

Bugs Bunny: I dunno, Mr. Fudd. What is it that has four legs and flies?
Elmer Fudd: A horse in summertime, stupid!

Bugs Bunny: I give up, Mr. Fudd. Why is the state of Ohio different?
Elmer Fudd: Because it's high in the middle and wound on both ends! O-HI-O!

Elmer Fudd: Hey, pinhead, you know how to make Auntie fweeze?
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, hide her nightgown!

[last lines]
Porky Pig: You know why I'll...
Porky Pig: put you on as, uh, President, Sam?
Yosemite Sam: [earnestly] Why?
Porky Pig: [staring him in the face angrily] Uh, so as I can fire you!
[he kicks Sam out the window and he plummets into a fountain down below]
Yosemite Sam: Now can you see why it's so lonely at the top?
Bugs Bunny: [appearing at the fountain] And so wet at the bottom!

Elmer Fudd: Tell us about your life, Bugs.
Bugs Bunny: Oh...
[chuckles shyly]
Bugs Bunny: I'm - I'm so unimportant.

Elmer Fudd: Start from the beginning.
Bugs Bunny: Well, in the beginning, there was no life. The earth was forming.
Elmer Fudd: No, no, that's too far back!

Bugs Bunny: [about to throw a pie in Elmer's face from behind a studio door] Remember, you're asking for it!

Elmer Fudd: Yeah, I gotta find that wabbit or my caweer will be wuined.
Bugs Bunny: Oh there you are. Where have you been? You're on in three minutes, you know; come on, come on, hurry!
[guides Elmer into the dressing room]
Elmer Fudd: But - but I'm not...
Bugs Bunny: [closing the dressing room door] Oh come on, come on now. Get in your costume. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
[angle change to Bugs watching Elmer undress]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, hurry up!
[Elmer emerges from the room, wearing a rabbit costume]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, how darling!
Elmer Fudd: But I...
Bugs Bunny: [guiding Elmer to the substage launch room] Quick now, right in there.

8 Ball Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny: [singing while playing guitar] Bugs Bunny came to Martinique / When he arrived he was pretty weak / His knees look like they would buckle in / His tribulations caused by a penguin / Now he's built a boat on which they both could leave / He hoped that fickle fate have nothing up her sleeve.
Bogart: Say, pardon me but, could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?
Bugs Bunny: [tossing him a coin] Hit da road!
Bugs Bunny: If he should accomplish this daring thing / A miracle to Martinique Bugs did bring.

Bogart: Pardon me, but uh...
Bugs Bunny: But could YOU help an American whose down on HIS luck? Here!
[gives him Penguin, then runs off hysterically]

Bugs Bunny: Hoboken! Oooooh I'm dying again!

Bugs Bunny: [on a railroad car with the penguin] Me and my big fat promises.
[Penguin cries]
Bugs Bunny: All right, all right! If there's one thing I can't stand is to see a penguin cry.
Hobo: Me neither. Penguins is practically chickens. And I hates to see chickens cry so much, that I has to put them out of their misery.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, pardon me, Mac, but, er, rabbits is bigger than penguins.
Hobo: So they are, and I love rabbit stew!
[chases Bugs; Bugs trips him up and sends him flying out the car]

Bugs Bunny: What the... It's a boid! A boid in a tuxedo!
Bugs Bunny: [sternly] Listen, playboy! What's the idea crashing in in the middle of the night and disturbing an honest rabbit's slumber? Why don't you give up on this night life and go fly south or something?

Bugs Bunny: And now, then, all we have to do is find out where you came from.
[Looks up in a book]
Bugs Bunny: Lets see now... Hey, what do you know? You're a penguin. And a penguin, it says here, comes from the South Pole. South Pole? Ooh, I'm dying!

Bugs Bunny: [after getting the penguin on the Admiral Byrd] Ah, this New Orleans. I think I'll stick around for the Madri Grass.
Man drinking mint julep in New Orleans: There goes the old Admiral Byrd, bound for Brooklyn.
Bugs Bunny: Brooklyn? Hey, wait! Wait!

Bugs Bunny: I leave you alone for a few minutes, and what happens? You end up on the menu.

Bugs Bunny: [trying to go through the Panama Canal with the penguin] Twenty five cents to go though this thing? Humph, we'll walk foist!

Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (1953)
[Bugs' cup of molasses is shot into holes by Elmer]
Bugs: Funny. I never thought molasses would run in January.

Elmer Fudd: [to Bugs as a game warden] Oh, Mr. Game Warden. I hope you can help me. I've been told I could shoot wabbits and goats and pigeons and mongooses and dirty skunks and ducks. Could you tell me what season it weawwy is?
Bugs Bunny: Why, coitenly, me boy. It's baseball season!

[Daffy is writing a license to shoot a fricasseeing rabbit to Elmer Fudd]
Daffy: This license permits bearer to shoot a frica... Hey, bud, how do you spell "Fricasseeing".
Bugs: F-R-I-C-A-S-S-E-E-I-N-G... eh, D-U-C-K!
[Daffy gives Elmer the license]
Daffy: Here you are, Leatherstocking. All nice and legal.
[Elmer pauses to read the license]
Daffy: [impatiently] Hurry up, hurry up! The fine print doesn't mean a thing!
[Elmer looks confused]
Daffy: Hurry up, Hurry up!
[Elmer shoots Daffy; his beak spins around]
Daffy: Hey, let's see that thing!
Daffy: ... fricasseeing duck. Well, I guess I'm the goat.
Sign: Goat Season Open!
[Elmer shoots the "goat"]

Elmer: [after shooting a rabbit Bugs made out of snow] Good heavens! He disintegwated.
[Bugs comes down as the "angel" of the snow rabbit]
Bugs: Eh, what's up, doc? How are things down here on Earth?
Elmer: I'm sowwy, Mr. Wabbit. I hope I didn't hurt you too much when I killed you.
Daffy: Are you nuts? Why, if he's dead, then I'm a mongoose!
Bugs' Sign: Mongoose Season.
[Elmer shoots the "mongoose"]

Daffy: You're a dirty dog...
Bugs: And YOU are a dirty skunk!
Daffy: I'm a dirty skunk? I'M a dirty skunk?
[Bugs holds up a sign saying "Dirty Skunk Season" - Elmer, predictably, lets him have it]

Bugs Bunny: Just between the two of us, what season is it, really?
Daffy Duck: Ha, ha, ha! Don't be so naive, buster. Why, everybody knows it's really duck hunting season.
[Hunters suddenly materialize and shoot Daffy; he drags himself towards Bugs]
Daffy Duck: [panting] You're despicable!

Elmer Fudd: Got you, you wabbit stew, you.
Bugs Bunny: Look, Doc. Are you looking for trouble? I'm not a stewing rabbit. I'm a fricasseeing rabbit.
Elmer Fudd: Fwicasseeing wabbit?
Bugs Bunny: Have you got a fricasseeing rabbit license?
Elmer Fudd: Well, no. I...
Bugs Bunny: Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricasseeing rabbit without a fricasseeing rabbit license?

Daffy Duck: Now then, you've got it straight: You're not gonna pay no more attention to no more signs! You're just gonna listen to me, right?
Elmer Fudd: Wight.
Bugs: [disguised as a duck] Quack! Quack!
[moves his eyebrows up and down]
Daffy Duck: Oh, so that's his little game is it? Shoot the duck! Shoot the duck!
Elmer Fudd: [shoots Daffy Duck]

[Bugs is disguised as a game warden]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, Mr. Game Warden, I hope you can help me. I've been told I can shoot wabbits, and goats, and pigeons, and mongooses, and dirty skunks, and ducks. Can you tell me what season it weawy is?
Bugs Bunny: Why certainly, my boy.
[Holds up a baseball]
Bugs Bunny: It's baseball season!
[Elmer laughs dementedly]
Bugs Bunny: [Throws the baseball] Here, boy! Here, boy! Go get it! Go get it!
[Elmer runs after the baseball, shooting it repeatedly]

Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs: That's the trouble with some dames. Kiss 'em and they fly apart!

Bugs Bunny: Listen, Dracula... Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? Like the eyes of strange things are upon you? Look, out there in the audience.
Bugs Bunny: [Bug then starts speaking, extra slowly and almost whispers] Look, out there, in the audience.
Gossamer: PEEEE-PLE! Aieeeeeeee!
[Gossamer then runs away through the laboratory walls screaming]

Bugs Bunny: Is there a doctor in the house? Is there a doctor in the house?
Doctor in audience: I'm a doctor!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc?

Bugs Bunny: And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven... 'cause it hasn't.

Bugs Bunny: And so, having disposed of the monster, exit our hero through the front door, stage right, none the worse for his harrowing experience.

Bugs Bunny: And so, having re-redisposed of the monster, exit our...
[wind-up decoy walks by]
Bugs Bunny: ... he... ro. Mechanical.
[decoy kisses Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Well, so it's mechanical.
[follows decoy]

Bugs Bunny: [to Gossamer/Rudolph] Hey, Frankenstein!

Bugs Bunny: Oh, for shame! Just look at your fingernails!
[Bugs rushes off and immediately returns with manicurist's table and equipment and begins to do the monster's nails]
Bugs Bunny: My, I bet you monsters lead interesting lives. I said to my girlfriend just the other day - Gee, I'll bet monsters are interesting, I said. The places you must go and the places you must see, my stars! And I'll bet you meet a lot of interesting people, too. I'm always interested in meeting interesting people. Now let's dip our patties in the water!
[Bugs dips the monster's hands into two bowls, where two mousetraps snap shut on them]

[Bugs goes up a flight of stairs but the lights aren't on. Gossamer chases after him, but Bugs runs back down the stairs and runs into Gossamer and knocks the monster down]
Bugs Bunny: Don't go up there! It's dark!

From Hare to Eternity (1997)
Bugs Bunny: Eh... What's up doc?
Yosemite Sam: Doc? I ain't no doctor. But get off my treasure crest, or you'll be needing one. A doctor, that is.
Bugs Bunny: You're cute.

Bugs Bunny: I am the captain of this here ship and a right captain too.

Bugs Bunny: I'm calling little buttercup.

Bugs Bunny: Now, that looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. But what I don't understand is why anybody but me would want 18 carrots anyway.

Yosemite Sam: Aw, come on, come on, don't be a baby.
Bugs Bunny: But I might get all wet.
Yosemite Sam: Aw, shut up and start drowning. Ohh, I hate a poor spot. Oh, I'm tired of your shillying and your shallying.

Bugs Bunny: Golden girls? Why you didn't you say so? Come on, let's go.

Bugs Bunny: Nope.

Bugs Bunny: You might try jumping on it.
Yosemite Sam: well, thank you, varmint.

Bugs Bunny: I'm calling little buttercup. Dear little butterchup though I could never tell why?
Yosemite Sam: But you're called buttercup, dear little buttercup.
Bugs Bunny: Sweet little buttercup, pie.
Yosemite Sam: Buttercup pie? Ooh, I love buttercup pie. Kiss me, my fool.

Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs: [pulls out "1000 Ways to Cook A Duck"] Fillet of duck Bordelaise maitre d'butter. Yum-yum. Duck polonaise under glass. Mmm-mm.
Daffy: [pulls out "1000 Ways to Cook a Rabbit"] Rabbit au gratin de gelatin under tooled leather. Oh, drool, drool.
Bugs: Barbecued duck meat with broiled duck bill Milanese. Yummy-yum.
Daffy: Chicken-fried rabbit with cottontail sauce braised in carrots. Mm-mmm.

Bugs: For shame, Doc! Huntin' rabbits with an elephant gun.
Elmer Fudd: Ewephant gun?
Bugs: That's right, Doc. So why don't you go shoot an elephant?
Elephant: You do, and I'll give you such a pinch!
[the elephant whacks Elmer into the ground]

Bugs: Say, doc, are you trying to get yourself in trouble with the law? This ain't wabbit huntin' season.
Elmer Fudd: It's not?
Bugs: No, it's duck huntin' season.
Daffy: That, sir, is an in-mitigated frab-rication. It's wabbit season.
Bugs: Duck season.
Daffy: Wabbit season.
Bugs: Duck season.
Daffy: Wabbit season.
Bugs: Duck season.
Daffy: Wabbit season.
Bugs: Wabbit season.
Daffy: Duck season.
Bugs: Wabbit season.
Daffy: I say it's duck season. And I say fire!

[last lines]
Bugs: Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. We're hunting Elmers.
Daffy: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Daffy: [disguised as Bugs] Eh, what's up, doc? Having any luck on those ducks? It's duck season, you know.
Bugs: [disguised as Daffy] Just a darn minute. Where do you get that duck season stuff?
Daffy: Says so right over there on that sign, if you're so smart.
[the sign reads "rabbit season"]
Daffy: You know what to do with that gun, doc.
[Elmer shoots Daffy]
Daffy: [to Bugs] You're despicable.

Elmer Fudd: [pulls rifle trigger] Well, what do you know? No more buwwets.
Bugs: No more buwwets?
Bugs: [to Daffy] Hey, Laughing Boy, no more buwwets!
Daffy: No more buwwets? Here, let me see that thing.
[Daffy looks into shaft]
Daffy: Hmm.
[the gun fires in Daffy's face]
Elmer Fudd: Well, what do you know? One buwwet left!
Bugs: One buwwet left? Hey, Laughing Boy, there was...
Daffy: [as his scalp, with a bullet lodged in it, flaps behind him] I know, I *know*!

Bugs: [as a lady hunter] Oh, how simply dreadful. You poor little man. Did I hurt you with my naughty gun?
Elmer Fudd: Aw, shucks. Well, I... Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
[Daffy, as a hunting dog, bites Elmer in the leg]
Elmer Fudd: Yeow!
Bugs: Gypsy, you naughty bow-wow. Stop that.

Elmer Fudd: I'm sowwy, fewwas, but I'm a vegetawian. I just hunt for the sport of it. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Bugs: Oh, yeah? Well, there's other sport besides huntin', ya know!
Daffy: Anyone for tennis?
[Elmer shoots Daffy]
Daffy: Nice game!

Rabbit Rampage (1955)
Bugs Bunny: [Pointing to his tailless behind] All right, you vandal, put that tail back!
[a horse's tail is painted in place of Bugs Bunny's tail]
Bugs Bunny: That is a horse's tail, my friend. It belongs on a horse.
[the rest of Bugs Bunny is erased and replaced by an old nag of a horse. The horse immediately stands on its hind legs and starts munching on a carrot]
Bugs Bunny: [as a horse] Look, my contract CLEARLY STATES that I am always to be drawn AS A RABBIT!

Bugs Bunny: [With a pumpkin head] Okay, buddy, you've had your fun. Now,what about a RABBIT's head?
[the animator puts on rabbit ears]
Bugs Bunny: All right, you comic book Rembrandt, make with the eraser.

Bugs Bunny: So I'm me again. What a novel idea. Sure you wouldn't like to turn me into a grasshopper or something?
[Recoils in fear as the paint brush appears]
Bugs Bunny: No, no, I take it back.
[Paint brush disappears]

Bugs Bunny: Brother. What a Leonardo da Punchy. What a Too-Lousy Lautrec.

Bugs Bunny: What's the first thing on the agend...
[notices the animator has drawn a huge hat on him]
Bugs Bunny: You know I'm not supposed to wear a hat!

Bugs Bunny: Ehh, what's up doc?
[after seeing that the 'phantom menace cartoonist' is in charge of animation]
Bugs Bunny: Oh... you, huh? If you're drawing this picture, count me out! Capital O capital U capital T! So goodbye to you and farewell to thee!

Bugs Bunny: [the horse is erased, and Bugs ie redrawn in an abstract style with big cheeks and huge feet] All right, okay. That's better.
Bugs Bunny: [looking down at himself] Holy codfish, look at my feet! Hmph! Continue to draw me like this, buddy, and we'll *both* be outta work!

Bugs Bunny: [Notices his ears are missing] Ears!
[the animator draws on a pair of human ears; Bugs feels the lobes with his finger]
Bugs Bunny: Not human ears, my friend - rabbit ears. Long ones.
[Animator erases the human ears and draws on long rabbit ears that trail along the ground]
Bugs Bunny: Don't be so dang literal!

Bewitched Bunny (1954)
Bugs Bunny: [as a truant officer] You oughta be ashamed of yourself - roasting children!
Witch Hazel: [innocently] Call it a weakness.

Bugs Bunny: And pray, what are your names, my poor children?
Gretel: [smiling] My name is Gretel.
Hansel: And my name is Hansel.
Bugs Bunny: [entirely puzzled] Hansel? Hannnsel? Hansel?

Bugs Bunny: This looks like a job for the Masked Avenger! But since he's not around, I guess I'll have to take care of it myself.

Bugs Bunny: Run for your dear little lives. She is a witch, and means to eat you for her supper!
Gretel: Ach!
Hansel: Und himmel!
Gretel, Hansel: [in unison, to the Witch] Ahhh, your mother rides a vacuum cleaner!

Bugs Bunny: What's cooking? I get to lick the pot! I get to lick the pot!
Witch Hazel: Get your hands out of that pot. Go out until I call you.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [to the audience, as he prepares leaving with the bunny beauty] Ah sure, I know. But aren't they all witches inside?

Bugs Bunny: Well, thanks a large for bringing me out of that, mac. But you're looking for Snow White, this here's the story of Hansel and Gretel.
Prince Charming: [entirely puzzled] Hansel? Hannnsel? Hansel? Han-sel?

Bugs Bunny: Me and my generous impulses!

Hare Tonic (1945)
Elmer Fudd: [singing] Mama's wittle baby woves wabbit, wabbit, Mama's wittle baby woves wabbit stew!
Bugs Bunny: [inside Elmer's basket] Eh, what's up, Doc? What's in the basket?
Elmer Fudd: A wabbit. I'm gonna make a wabbit stew.
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit? Mmm, mmm! Love it, love it!
[Jumps out of basket and jumps excitedly in front of Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, Lemme see the rabbit, mister! Can I see the rabbit, Huh? Please let me see the rabbit!
Elmer Fudd: Awright.
[Bugs goes inside basket, comes out other side]
Bugs Bunny: No rabbit in there, Doc! You've been robbed!
Elmer Fudd: No wabbit? Well, I...
[Elmer crawls into basket, Bugs carries basket]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] Mama's little baby loves rabbit, rabbit, mama's little baby loves rabbit stew!
Elmer Fudd: Ooh, you twickster! You're the wabbit!

Bugs Bunny: [as Dr. Killpatient] Tell me, Mr. Fudd. Do you have any rabbit inclinations?
Elmer Fudd: Well, no.
Bugs Bunny: What's two times two?
Elmer Fudd: Four.
Bugs Bunny: Three times three?
Elmer Fudd: Six.
Bugs Bunny: Ah-ha! Multiplying! Yep, you're even beginning to look like a rabbit.

Bugs Bunny: [after Elmer gets "contaminated", he tries to take a shower, but no water comes out and it is then revealed that Bugs Bunny is the shower head] Goigle, goigle. Why don'tcha pay your water bill, doc?

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs is chased out of Elmer's home, but stops him in his tracks] Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Look, the people out there in the audience - the lady there with the long ears. They're getting longer all the time. And the guy back there in the seventeenth row with the cute tomato - he's gettin' all fuzzy. Yeah, they've got it. Everybody out there's got rabbititus! Yaah!
Bugs Bunny: [Elmer storms back into the house] Oh, Margaret, what a dope. That was just a gag, of course. You folks haven't got rabbititus. Why, if you had rabbititus, you'd see red and yellow spots before your eyes.
Bugs Bunny: [red and yellow spots appear on the screen] Yeah, that's right. And then they'd start swirling and swirling around.
[the spots start swirling rapidly]
Bugs Bunny: And then suddenly, everything would go black!
[screen immediately fades to black. Bugs is heard laughing]

Bugs Bunny: [is about to escape, but stops himself] Uh-oh. Wait a minute. This set-up's too good. I just can't leave. I gotta go back and heckle that character.

Elmer Fudd: Oh, this is tewwible. Trapped with a cwazy, contaminated wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, now doc. Don't get yourself in a dither. How do you know I'm contaminated? I haven't got no symptoms. You don't see no spots before my eyes, do you?
[Spots appear before Bugs' eyes]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: My tongue ain't coated. See?
[Sticks out his tongue; it has a small overcoat on]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, my gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: I don't throw fits.
[Starts throwing fits]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious! Oh, my!
[Bugs advances towards Elmer like the Frankenstein monster; Elmer backs against a wall]
Bugs Bunny: No, siree. Never felt better in my life. I'm full of pep.
[Grabs Elmer's hand and starts dancing with him]
Bugs Bunny: Well yes, yes. Well all reet. C'mon, Jackson. Cut yourself a slice of rug.
Elmer Fudd: Oh, let go of my hand, you cwazy wabbit! Oh, now you've done it. You've contaminated me! Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho!

Bugs Bunny: [in disguise] I'm Dr. Killpatient from the Board of Health. Where's the contaminated rabbit at?
Elmer Fudd: Oh, I'm gweatwy gwatified to see you, Doctor.
Bugs Bunny: Okay, okay, where's he at?
Elmer Fudd: He's wight in here, some pwace.
Bugs Bunny: [Enters a room and closes the door] Hmm. Mmm-hmm. Hmm. Yes? Mmm.
[Opens door]
Bugs Bunny: Mr. Fudd, come in a minute, please.
[They enter the room; it's painted with colored spots]
Elmer Fudd: Oh! Oh, my gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: [Hiding the buckets of paint] Why, what's the matter, Fudd?
Elmer Fudd: Spots! I see spots before my eyes!
Bugs Bunny: Spots? Mmm, that's bad. Spots, Mmm. Foist symptom of rabittitus.

Bugs Bunny: [as Dr. Kilpatient] Okay Doc let me test your reflexes,
[hits his knee with a mallet]
Bugs Bunny: first this one,
[hits his other knee]
Bugs Bunny: than that one, this one, that one, this one, that one
[Bugs and Elmer go off into a Russian Dance]
Bugs Bunny: Hey!
Elmer Fudd: [suddenly realizing] Hey you're not a doctor you're that scwewy wabbit!
Bugs Bunny: [continues dancing] Hey!
[Elmer whips out a shotgun and shoots at him]
Bugs Bunny: Hey!,Hey!,Hey!
[runs away]

Bugs' Bonnets (1956)
Elmer Fudd: [as a Thanksgiving hunter] I'm just shooting turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner.
Bugs Bunny: [as a Indian chief] Ug.
[grabs Elmer's gun and begins to shoot him]
Bugs Bunny: Yah-ahboahboahboahboboo!

Bugs Bunny: [wearing a judge's wig] You're a family man, Monahan, so I'm only going to sentence you to 45 years, at hard labor. One thing I cannot stand is a dishonorable police officer.
Elmer Fudd: [as a bride] Ohhhh, ju-u-u-udge? Will you marry me?
Bugs Bunny: [groom's hat flies on top of Bugs' head] Certainly, my darling sweety. I would be delighted to marry up with you.

Bugs Bunny: [as an army sergeant] Forwa-a-a-a-rd... march.

Elmer Fudd: Come on out now, and let me see the cowor of your spurting bwood!
Bugs Bunny: My spurting blood? Yipe!

Elmer Fudd: [wearing a General McArthur hat] I have weturned!
Bugs Bunny: Yipes! I've been outweighted!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: You know, I think it always helps a picture to have a romantic ending.

Bugs Bunny: Okay, buster, what's the idea of shooting sergeants out of season?

Bugs Bunny: [to Elmer, wearing a gangster's hat, smoking a cigar] I told ya, Marooni, this was my territory. Told ya to keep out, so...
[Bugs blows cigar smoke in Elmer's face while he says:]
Bugs Bunny: I'm gonna rub ya out, Marooni, see? Yeah, rub ya... out, see? Yeah. See? Out. See? Out.
[a police cap falls on Elmer's head]
Bugs Bunny: See?
Elmer Fudd: All wight, Wocky, you're comin' with me, you mawefactor!
Bugs Bunny: Hey, look, copper, we can settle this outta court. Yeah, moolah, yeah.
[he hands Elmer a wad of cash]
Bugs Bunny: Ten G's, yeah. Buy somethin' for the kids, yeah.
Elmer Fudd: How dare you twy to bwibe me, you miscweant!

Bowery Bugs (1949)
[Brody enters the swami's shop]
Bugs Bunny: Enter, O seeker of knowledge.
[a sandbag swings down and hits Brody in the head]
Bugs Bunny: That's you, fathead!

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: This is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. 133 feet high, 1,500 feet long. Contains hundreds of miles of cable. From it, Steve Brody made his sensational leap into the East River.
Old Man: [chuckling] What in tarnation did he do that for?
Bugs Bunny: I'm glad you asked that, friend. It happened in 1886, when Steve Brody had a terrific run of luck...
Bugs Bunny: ... all bad! Then one day, an idea - he needed a good luck charm. But what? Right, a rabbit's foot! But where to find a rabbit in the big city? Nope, nowhere. He must go back to the woods, to the forest primeval; to Flatbush. And there he found the object of his search: a rabbit.

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Steve Brody: Sorry, Mac. Me luck's run out, and I gotta have a good luck charm - and you're it!
Bugs Bunny: Now wait a minute, Doc. Let's not be hasty. Rabbit's feet ain't lucky.
Steve Brody: No?
Bugs Bunny: No, look at the life rabbits lead. Dogs, hunters, hasenpfeffer... these rabbit's feet never brought me any luck.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: And that's why Steve Brody jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. Anything more you want to know?
Old Man: Nope. That's enough, son. I'll buy it.
[Old man hands Bugs a bundle of money as he winks at the camera]

Bugs Bunny: Here's your answer: the stars. When was you born?
Steve Brody: I don't remember; I was pretty young then...
Bugs Bunny: Never mind.
[Spins astrological chart like a roulette]
Bugs Bunny: Round and round she goes, there's a winner every time! Watch your numbers, please. And it stops on Lobo, the sign of the wolf. There's the answer; unlucky at cards? You must be lucky in love. Oh, you kid! 23 skidoo! Chicken inspector!
Steve Brody: [sheepishly] Oh, gosh...
Bugs Bunny: You should strive for "l'amour", as we swamis say. Now go on out and knock 'em dead!

Steve Brody: [What looks like a woman drops her handkerchief on the ground. Steve Brody picks it up] Ahem
Bugs Bunny: Oh you masher! Cad! Ruffian! HELP! POLICE!
[a police officer clubs Steve Brody on the head]

Steve Brody: Oh boy.
[Walks by Bugs]
Steve Brody: Hey you! What kind of flower is that?
Bugs Bunny: It's a carnation doc! Why?
Steve Brody: Come on! You're me mascot see? You've got to influence these dice.
[inside the pool hall Bugs shakes the dice during a card game using a variety of nonsensical yammering]
Steve Brody: Hey I lost.
Bugs Bunny: Well even us mascots have got to warm up a little. Here on these I'm practically invaluable.
[Bugs pulls the lever on the one armed bandit after which it shoots out lemons]
Steve Brody: Hey you ain't no luck charm you!
Short Bartender: At it again eh Brody. I'll have to call the bouncer. Hey Gorilla!
[a snarling gorilla pushes his way out the door and proceeds to beat Steve Brody up]
Short Bartender: [a lot of thumping is heard from the outside of the bar. Steve Brody is thrown out of the bar in a heap on the curb. A dog walks past Brody and decides to kiss him but instead the dog walks off in disgust]

Steve Brody: Okay... I know you've got a mess of dough here. Let me have it!
Bugs Bunny: If you insist. Grandma's Happy Home Bakery is glad to oblige.
[Bugs drops a mess of dough on top of Steve Brody's head and he bakes in the oven and comes out looking like a pie]
Bugs Bunny: What a Tarara Goon Dee Ay.
Steve Brody: Hey you're that rabbit that sent me... That sent me? Oh no it couldn't be.
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as a good luck charm] What's up doc?
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as the fair damesel] What's up doc?
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as the Swammi] What's up...
Steve Brody: I know don't tell me? What's up doc? Rabbits! Everybody's turning into rabbits. Awwe come on Brody. Get a hold of yourself. You ain't a rabbit.
[Steve looks in the mirror and sees Bugs' reflection in the mirror]
Steve Brody: What's up doc? What's up doc? What's up doc? Please officer! You've gotta help me. I'm flipping me lid. Everybody's turning into rabbits.
Bugs Bunny: What's all this about rabbits doc?
[Steve Brody then jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge]

Box-Office Bunny (1990)
Elmer Fudd: Sneak into my theater will you, you wasically wabbit?
Daffy Duck: "Wabbit?" Pardon, mon frere, but this is the rabbit you seek. I'm no rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Well, if he's no rabbit, then where are his ears?
Daffy Duck: Yeah, Einstein, if I'm no rabbit, then where are my - - oh no, nuh-uh. End of discussion. I've come too far. I'm above all that now.
Bugs Bunny: But not above sneaking into movie theaters.
Daffy Duck: Yeah, but not above sneak - -
[to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: Are you going to stand around jabbering all day? Catch this guy!

[Bugs is disguised as a snack bar attendant]
Elmer Fudd: Say, have you seen a wabbit wun by here?
Bugs Bunny: No I haven't, Mac, but what can I get ya?
Elmer Fudd: Well, I am kinda hungwy...
[Daffy slaps his forehead]
Elmer Fudd: Having a warge popcorn.
[Bugs gives Elmer a large box of popcorn]
Elmer Fudd: And a medium soft dwink.
[Bugs gives Elmer a medium sized soda]

Bugs Bunny: Would you like genuine, artificial, imitation, butter-flavor on your popcorn?

[Daffy and Elmer have been sent flying into a movie]
Daffy Duck: Hey! We're in pictures!
[a Jason Voorhees-look alike appears and revs his chainsaw]
Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd: AAHH!
Daffy Duck: Let me out of here!
Elmer Fudd: Let me out of here!
Daffy Duck: Wah-ha-ha-ha!
Elmer Fudd: Let us out of here!
[Bugs is in the audience watching]
Bugs Bunny: It takes a miracle to get into pictures, and now these two jokers wanna get out.

Bugs Bunny: Two seats down front.

Bugs Bunny: Ask me to leave? what about you? Where's your ticket, Mac.
Elmer Fudd: Me, I don't a ticket.
Bugs Bunny: No ticket?
Elmer Fudd: It must be here someplace.
Bugs Bunny: No ticket, eh, Well you've got one now. You know how fast were coming down to that aisle?
Elmer Fudd: No, officer.
Bugs Bunny: real fast. And weaving. And you've got one headlight. Why there might've been kids playing in the aisle. You're in some big trouble, that's all I know.
Elmer Fudd: Oh, Mr. officer, sir, please give break. you see, I was just - hey, you're that screwy rabbit that snuck in here.

[Elmer and Daffy bursts through the "That's All Folks!" ending card to escape out of the movie]
Bugs Bunny: And That's All, Folks.

Movie Actor: It's matter if it's dangerous, huh? I was born in Brooklyn, I dropped out of school in Brooklyn, and now I'm gonna be ready to die for Brooklyn.
Movie actress: Benny, I love you.
[Bugs munched on his carrot]
Elmer Fudd: Ssshhhh.
[Elmer points his flashlight at Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc?
Elmer Fudd: Excuse me, but you have to be qwiet or - hey, I didn't see you come in. If you've haven't got a ticket, I must ask you to weave.

Baby Buggy Bunny (1954)
[last lines]
Finster: [crying] Let me outta here! Get me another mouthpiece! I've been framed! I didn't do nothin'!
Bugs Bunny: Don't be such a crybaby. After all, ninety-nine years isn't forever.

Bugs Bunny: Now we'll play some nice games before beddy-time.
[Baby Finster pulls out a "toy" gun and aims it at Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, goodness! Hopalong Finster's gonna shoot big bad-guy rabbit with his toy pistol!
[Bugs gets blasted in the face]
Bugs Bunny: Some toy.

Bugs Bunny: I'm rich! Diamond-studded hutches! 14-karat carrots! Ha-ha-ha!

Bugs Bunny: No, no, no, no. You mustn't play with the money. It's very dirty.
[Finster holds his breath and starts turning blue]
Bugs Bunny: Finster, stop that! Why are you holding your breath?
[Finster points at the money]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, kid, here, here you are.
[Gives him the bag of money; Finster breathes again and coos happily]
Bugs Bunny: Gosh, don't do that again. You had me scared.

Bugs Bunny: Finster? Finster, where are you?
[Finster is sneaking away with the bag of money; Bugs comes behind him and tickles him]
Bugs Bunny: Cootchy-cootchy-cootchy!
[Finster hits him over the head with bag]
Bugs Bunny: [Dazed] Cootchy.

Bugs Bunny: Finster shaving at his age? And tattooed? And smoking a cigar?

Bugs Bunny: Oh, Finster! Oh, Finster, baby!
[Sees Finster trying to get the money]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, there you are, you naughty baby.
[Shakes Finster]
Bugs Bunny: How many times I have told you not to play with that dirty money? We'll just have to get hims all tidied up.
[Puts Finster in the washing machine and turns it on; takes him out, covered in suds]
Bugs Bunny: There, nice enough to be kissed. Ah, whoops, the baby!
[Throws Finster up against the ceiling]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, dear. I do believe I've forgotten my fudge.
[Turns around, Finster falls behind him]
Bugs Bunny: Aw, sakes alive. Did'ims fall down?
[Finster pulls out a knife and tries to stab Bugs; he misses and stabs himself in the butt]
Finster: Yeow!
[Murmurs obscenities]
Bugs Bunny: [as he spanks Finster, weapons fall out] We'll just have to learn not to play with knives and not to use naughty words. And believe me, Finster, this hurts you more than it does me.

Bugs Bunny: [seeing Finster for the first time] Eh, what's up, uh, pediatrician?

Hare-Way to the Stars (1958)
[after the rocket has left the Earth]
Bugs: The sun ain't even up. No wonder I'm so sleep-y?
[a shooting star passes right past Bugs]
Bugs: YIKES! What was that?
[a satellite knocks Bugs off the rocket, and Bugs is hanging on for dear life]
Bugs: Well, ask a silly question...

Bugs: Gads what a night. I'll never mix radish juice and carrot juice again.

Bugs: Something tells me I should've stood in bed.

Bugs: Run for the hills folks, or you'll be up to your armpits in Martians.

Bugs: Hey where the heck am I anyway? Well wherever it is, I don't like it and I'm getting out of here.

Bugs: [to Marvin] Eh, pardon me, Doc, but could you rent me a U-drive-'em flying saucer? I gotta get back to the Earth.
Marvin the Martian: The Earth? Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds.
Bugs: [walking away] Oh, well, don't bother, then. No point in wasting money on a flying saucer when the Earth's not gonna...
[Bugs stops suddenly with a shock and comes back to Marvin, who is trying to light the fuse of the space modulator]
Bugs: Eh, pardon me again, Doc, but, uh, just what did you mean by that crack about the Earth being gone?
Marvin the Martian: Oh, I'm going to blow it up; it obstructs my view of Venus.
Bugs: It does? That's a shame.
[Bugs gets a terrified look and craftily defuses the modulator and takes it away]

Bugs: I hope this Martian hot-rod gets at least a million miles to the gallon. The Earth ain't just across the street.

The Windblown Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny: Why, Granny! You're just a wolf in cheap clothing.

Bugs Bunny: My, Grandma. How big eyes you have?
Big Bad Wolf: All the better to -
[Bugs pokes Wolf's eyes hard]
Bugs Bunny: And what big ears you have?
Big Bad Wolf: OH YEAH? And what big ears YOU have?
Bugs Bunny: And what big feet you have!
Big Bad Wolf: And what a big red coat you've got on!
Bugs Bunny: [Takes off Wolf's disguse] Why, Granny. You're just a wolf with cheap clothing.
Bugs Bunny: Oh right, smarty-pants. Since I'm not Red Riding Hood, you don't get the present I brought over.
Big Bad Wolf: Oh, come on! Be a good guy. Give me what ya got. Please? Huh huh? Please huh please?
Bugs Bunny: Well, okay. But remember...
[Splats cake onto Wolf's face]
Bugs Bunny: You asked for it!

Big Bad Wolf: I'm gonna huff, and I'll puff, and I'll...
[looks up line in book]
Big Bad Wolf: Oh, yeah... and I'll b-b-b-blow your house down!
Bugs Bunny: Now just a minute, Doc...
[the wolf blows the wooden house down and leaves]
Bugs Bunny: Of course you know, this means war.

Bugs Bunny: They're home, Doc. Start blowing.
Big Bad Wolf: I can't blow the brick house down. It says so in the book.
Bugs Bunny: Book, schnook! Blow the house down.
Big Bad Wolf: I'm gonna huff, and I'll puff, and I'll b-b-b-blow your house down!
Pig #1: Listen, it's that windy wolf.
[They laugh]
Pig #2: Ah, blow your brains out.
Pig #3: We know you can't blow down bricks.
[the wolf blows; after a moment, the house explodes]
Big Bad Wolf: I did it!
the Three Little Pigs: He did it?
Bugs Bunny: [Next to a detonator] Eh... *we* did it.

Big Bad Wolf: [Reading his book] Hmm, says here I can't blow down a brick house.
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs walks by singing dressed as Little Red Riding Hood] The rabbit in red, la da da di, the rabbit in red.
Big Bad Wolf: Hey kid; who are you?
Bugs Bunny: [Opening Wolf's book to Little Red Riding Hood] Here, Doc, read this.
Big Bad Wolf: [Reading] One day, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma's house, Wolf ate grandma, 'my, GRandma what big ears you have'!
[Looks at watch]
Big Bad Wolf: Holy cow! I haven't even taken care of Grandma yet!
Big Bad Wolf: [Running into Granny's house] Alright, Grandma! Out! Get a move on! Hit the bricks, sister!
Granny: Land's sake, Wolf; ain't you goin' to eat me?
Big Bad Wolf: No time for that, Granny; get moving, shake a leg.
Granny: Can't a body even get her shawl on? Stop that, Wolf!
[Suitcase flies across the room, knocking Granny through the door]

Big Bad Wolf: [Reading his book] Hmm, says here I can't blow down a brick house.
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs walks by singing dressed as Little Red Riding Hood] The rabbit in red/ la da da di di di/ the rabbit in red.
Big Bad Wolf: Hey kid; who are you?
Bugs Bunny: [Opening Wolf's book to Little Red Riding Hood] Here, Doc, read this.
Big Bad Wolf: [Reading quickly] One day, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma's house, Wolf ate grandma, 'my, GRandma what big ears you have'!
[Looks at watch]
Big Bad Wolf: Holy cow! I haven't even taken care of Grandma yet!
Big Bad Wolf: [Running into Granny's house] Alright, Grandma! Out! Get a move on! Hit the bricks, sister!
Granny: Land's sakes, Wolfie; ain't you gonna eat me?
Big Bad Wolf: No time for that, Granny; get moving, shake a leg.
Granny: Can't a body even get her shawl on? Stop that, Wolf!
[Suitcase flies across the room, knocking Granny through the door]

Bugs Bunny: [after completing his revenge on the wolf; to the wolf] Serves you right. Blowing down my houses.
Big Bad Wolf: Not your houses. The pigs' houses. I got to do what it says in the book.
Bugs Bunny: [Realizing] Oh, I get it. It's those pigs' houses.

Easter Yeggs (1947)
Easter Rabbit: But you can't quit now. You'll give the Easter Rabbit a bad name.
Bugs Bunny: I already have a bad name for the Easter Rabbit.

Bugs Bunny: It's the suspense that gets me.

Bugs Bunny: [as Bugs and Elmer emerge from the Tunnel of Love] I'll bet you say that to all the wabbits!

Bugs Bunny: [as the Bratty Kid is twirling him around in the air] How'd I get myself into this mess?
[the Bratty Kid drops Bugs on the floor]

Bugs Bunny: [singing and skipping] Here's the Easter Rabbit, hooray! / Making like funny, hooray! - Phooey! I'm glad I don't have to do this for a living.
[Resumes singing]
Bugs Bunny: I am getting looney tuney, touched in the head / This whole thing is gooney, I should have stood in bed.

Bugs Bunny: Of course you know, this means war!

Bugs Bunny: [singing] Hens work hard the eggs to lay, then I give them all away/Crazy Easter Rabbit, hoorayyyy!

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (1988)
Bugs Bunny: Well what do ya know! He melted. He really was a snowman!
Daffy Duck: Abominable, that is.

Daffy Duck: Oh Bugsy! Bugsy buddy!
Bugs Bunny: Oh hi, uh, what's up, Duck?
Daffy Duck: Come here old pal, hm?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [picks up Bugs Bunny] My OWN little bunny rabbit, d'oy.
Bugs Bunny: Hey! An abominabuble snowman!
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him...
Daffy Duck: Oh sure, I know I'm a louse, but I'm a live louse.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: And I will give him security! And I will keep him warm like a mother hen, so he will never feel rejected or lack for love.
Daffy Duck: Poor old Bugs. But, anyway you look at it, it's better HE should suffer. After all, it was me or him, and obviously it couldn't be me. It's a simple matter of logic. I'm not like other people, I can't stand pain, it hurts me.

Bugs Bunny: [sees a bat, mistaking it for another big mosquito] Another one?
[sprays it]
Bugs Bunny: They ought to spray this place.

Bugs Bunny: [sees a vampire bat] Golly, what big mosquitos they do have around here.
[gets a flyswatter]
Bugs Bunny: Hold still you little devil,
[swats the bat]
Bugs Bunny: there!

Bugs Bunny: Ok Abom, here's your bunny rabbit.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: D'oya... bunny rabbit... George?
Daffy Duck: Bunny rabbit, me?
Bugs Bunny: Yes, you, Doc.
Daffy Duck: Ho ho, very funny, ha ha, very droll. Hey, shorty! What do you consider to be the distinguishing characteristics of a rabbit?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: D'oy... distinguishing... character...
Daffy Duck: Yeah, yeah, what makes a rabbit look like a rabbit?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Why, d'uh, d'uh, long ears!
Daffy Duck: And whom around here has long ears?
[to Bugs]
Daffy Duck: Sorry to hafta do this to ya, bud.
Bugs Bunny: [ties ears down around face] Eh, don't give it a second thought.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [picks up Daffy] Oh boy! Just what I always wanted! My own little bunny rabbit! I will...
Bugs Bunny: They really do make a charming couple.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: ...and pet him, and squeeze him, and rub him, and stroke his bill, and rub his pretty feathers... Hey, wait a minute. Bunny rabbits don't have feathers and bills.
Daffy Duck: I know, I know.
[pointing at Bugs, who is tunneling away]
Daffy Duck: There's goes your bunny rabbit!
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Hey, uh, George, wait!
[tunnels after Bugs]
Daffy Duck: Ho ho, look out, bunny rabbit! This I gotta see.
[tunnels after Bugs and Hugo]

Count Bloodcount: I am a vampire.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, yeah? Well, abracadabra, I'm an umpire.
[an umpire uniform appears on Bugs]
Count Bloodcount: Hocus-pocus!
[turns into a bat]
Count Bloodcount: I'm a bat!
Bugs Bunny: Okay, I'm a bat, too. Abracadabra!
[turns into a baseball bat]
Count Bloodcount: [puts glasses on] You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses on, would you?
[Bugs as the baseball bat hits the bat on the head]

Count Bloodcount: [escorting Bugs to a bedroom in the castle] This is your room.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, sure, Doc, but I don't want a room, I just want a telephone.
Count Bloodcount: [putting Bugs to bed] Rest first; telephone tomorrow. Rest is good for the blood.
Bugs Bunny: [yawns] Well, I am a little "fati-gued".

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (1990) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: [encountering Michael in a alley] What's dis?
[picks up something Michael had dropped by a trashcan]
Bugs Bunny: ... A joint? So, what's the big attraction?

Bugs Bunny: Okay, you win. You got me dead to rights. I'm not a cop, I'm a rabbit, but just because I got long ears doesn't mean there's nothing in between 'em.

Michael: Where's the color?
Bugs Bunny: Listen, kid. This is the past, and the past is in black and white. Get it?

Smoke: You were running from a rabbit? He's a cartoon!
Bugs Bunny: Look who's talking.

Bugs Bunny: What's up, Doc, is your life, if you don't get off those drugs.

[Bugs takes out a blue block with a red button on it. He presses it and drops it on the ground. It turns into a time machine]
Michael: A time machine?
Bugs Bunny: I borrowed it from some coyote.

[Michael sees himself on his deathbed]
Michael: It's- it's me. This is my future?
Daffy Duck: It is if you don't get off those drugs!
[some cartoon characters visit and help Michael]
Gordon 'ALF' Shumway: You use, you lose!
Baby Piggy: Listen to us! We care about you, Mikey!
Bugs Bunny: What's up, doc, is your life, if you don't cut it out.
Kermit: There's nothing cool about a fool on drugs!
Huey, Dewey, Louie: [altogether] Just believe in yourself!
Michaelangelo: Yeah! You're excellent just the way you are! Without drugs!
Michael: [scared] HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?
[a door back to Michael's room appears in front of him and the characters]

Transylvania 6-5000 (1963)
Count Bloodcount: I am a vampire.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, yeah? Well, abacadabra, I'm an umpire.
[suddenly is wearing umpire clothes]
Count Bloodcount: Hocus-pocus, I'm a bat!
[turns into a bat]
Bugs Bunny: OK. I'm a bat too! Abacadabra!
[turns into a baseball bat]
Count Bloodcount: [putting on glasses] You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses on, would you?
[Bat hits vampire]

[Count Bloodcount leads Bugs to a bedroom in the castle]
Count Bloodcount: This is your room.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, sure, Doc, but I don't want a room. I just want a telephone.
Count Bloodcount: [putting Bugs to bed] Rest first; telephone tomorrow. Rest is good for the blood.
Bugs Bunny: [yawns] Well, I am a little fati-gued.

Bugs Bunny: [seeing a vampire bat that is really a transformed Count Bloodcount] Golly! What big mosquitoes they do have here.
[He takes a fly swatter]
Bugs Bunny: Hold still, you little devil.
[He swats the bat with the swatter]
Bugs Bunny: There!

Bugs Bunny: [seeing a sign reading "Pittsburghe, Transylvania"] These Pennsylvania hardwoods ain't too soft.

[Bugs arrives at the door of the castle of Count Bloodcount and rings the doorbell. The Count answers the door]
Bugs Bunny: Sorry to disturb you, sir. I know it's late, but I seem to be off me course.
Count Bloodcount: No, no, it's never too late. Come in.
[the Count opens the door and lets Bugs in]
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, well, you see, I just want to call me travel agency. They've routed me off me route.

[Bugs again sees Count Bloodcount as a bat, but thinks it's a different bat]
Bugs Bunny: Another one? They oughta screen this place.
[He takes a sprayer and sprays the bat with it]

Bugs Bunny: Abraca-pocus.
[Count Bloodcount becomes a bat's head on a vampire's body]
Bugs Bunny: Hmm, uh... hocus-cadabra.
[the Count turns into his head with bat wings]
Bugs Bunny: Newport News!
[the Count turns into Witch Hazel]
Bugs Bunny: Wow, I can do better than that. Walla Walla, Washington!
[the Count as Witch Hazel turns into a male two-headed vulture]

Hare Trigger (1945)
Bugs Bunny: [Hiding from some rabbits along the rail] A few of my poor relations. They're always ready for a touch.

Yosemite Sam: Be you the mean hombre that's a-hankerin' for a heap of trouble, stranger? Well, be ya?
Bugs Bunny: I be.

[last lines]
Yosemite Sam: [Bugs is tied up and hanging from a rope on top of the train as it lingers over a concrete bridge] Now, you lop-eared polecat, try and get out of this one!
[Sam begins to cut the rope and caption cards suddenly appear]
Narrator: Is this the end of Bugs Bunny? Will our hero be dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below?
Bugs Bunny: Is he to be doomed to utter destruction? Will he be rendered non-corpus mentis?
[Bugs walks into frame dragging a tied-up Sam behind him, with a bag of money in his hand]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, he don't know me very well, do he?
[Bugs chews on a carrot as the picture irises out]

Bugs Bunny: [Opens the door to the club car to find a large, live-action saloon inside] Now that's what I call deluxe accomodations.

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: What's up? Why, you ornery, fur-bearing critter! This here's one of them there train robbery hold-ups.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah? Well, you must be Jesse James.
Yosemite Sam: Jesse James? Ha ha ha! Phooey. Why, everybody knows me. I'm Yosemite Sam, the meanest, toughest, rip-roarin'-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre what ever packed a six-shooter!
[Fires some shots in the air]
Yosemite Sam: That's who I am.

Yosemite Sam: I'm a-givin' you one second to draw a gun.
Bugs Bunny: [Takes out pencil and paper and draws a picture of a gun] How's that, chunky?

Yosemite Sam: [after drawing picture of a gun] There, how's that?
Bugs Bunny: Hmmm, it stinks!
Yosemite Sam: Why you! Oooh!
[crumples the paper and starts to shoot Bugs]

Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)
Yosemite Sam: Listen, stranger. This town ain't big enough fer the two of us!
Bugs Bunny: It ain't? Eh, pardon me, Mac.
[he exits the saloon, followed by construction noises until he returns]
Bugs Bunny: Now is it big enough?
[a much-larger city has been built behind the town]
Yosemite Sam: Naw, still ain't big enough!

Bugs Bunny: Your move first, Sam. C'mon, pick a card.
Yosemite Sam: All right! Don't rush me. I'm a-thinking... and my head hurts.

[Bugs Bunny lays down a mattress to catch the falling Yosemite Sam]
Bugs Bunny: You know? Sometimes me conscience kinda bothers me... But not this time.
[Pulls away mattress at the last moment]

Bugs Bunny: Poor little maroon. So trusting. So naive.

Bugs Bunny: Gin rummy's my game, Sam.
Yosemite Sam: Okay, cut the cards.
[Bugs takes a hatchet and chops the deck of cards in two]
Yosemite Sam: Not that-a way, you darn galoot!

Bugs Bunny: Heh. Just like Gary Cooper, huh?

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [to Yosemite Sam, as he leaves on the train] So long, Sammy! See ya in Miami!

Rabbit Hood (1949)
Little John: Don't you worry, never fear. Robin Hood will soon be here.
[Little John blew a fanfare on bugle and stood at attention]
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, Mr. Wise Guy. Now you're gonna get it. Robin Hood'll fix you, brother.
[after a long pause, Little John looks to the distance, shrugs his shoulders in dis-belief and then leaves]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, where was we?

Sheriff of Nottingham: It's the rack for you, me long-eared fellow. The King shall indeed be proud of me.
Bugs Bunny: King? Lo, the King approacheth!
Sheriff of Nottingham: The King? Where? Where?
Bugs Bunny: There, there, o'er yon flowered bank!
Sheriff of Nottingham: [the Sheriff of Nottingham bows his head] Your Majesty.
[after Bugs hit the Sheriff of Nottingham's head with a club numerous times, little kings float around his head]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Ods fish! The very air abounds in kings.

Sheriff of Nottingham: [Bugs runs into the King's Royal Rose Gardens] Stop! Stop! You can't go in there! You're not allowed in there! This is the King's private garden! You're standing on royal ground!
Bugs Bunny: Royal ground? You mean to say that this ground is better than that ground over there?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, it is!
Bugs Bunny: Oh, I don't know. Now, you take this piece of ground over here. Now here's a nice piece of property. Level, fruit trees, choice view, improvements already in. Eh, what type of house was you planning?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, I... I sort of had a six-room Tudor in mind.
Bugs Bunny: Then this is the just the place for you, and it's priced just right. But, uh, first, uh... Are you a veteran?
Sheriff of Nottingham: No, I'm a...
Bugs Bunny: Good, then it'll be easy. Here, just sign on the dotted line.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, uh... couldn't I call you later? You see, I...
Bugs Bunny: Well, I don't know. You see, there was a couple here from Kansas City looking at this place this morning, and they...
Sheriff of Nottingham: All right! I'll sign! I'll sign! Here!
Bugs Bunny: You'll never regret it, my friend. This place will double in value inside six months.
[Cut to the Sheriff working on a half-finished house in the Garden when he suddenly realizes what he was deceived]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Ooh! I hate myself! I do! I do! I do!
[the Sheriff of Nottingham hits himself in the head with his hammer repeatedly, almost contemplating suicide]

[last lines]
Little John: Don't you worry, never fear, Ro...
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, I know, Robin Hood will soon be here. He robs from the rich and he gives to the poor. Yo-ho-ho, he goes skipping, tra-la-la, through Sherwood Forest, helping the needy and the oppressed. Ah, you've been saying that through the whole picture! Well, where is he?
Little John: Oh, you should not talk mean like that, because there he is!
Robin Hood: [Appears in live-action footage three to five second cameo] Welcome to Sherwood.
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs stares in astonishment for a moment] Nah, that's silly. It couldn't be him.

Bugs Bunny: Sheriff of Nottingham, in gratitude for your faithful service, I shall knight thee.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Your most gracious Majesty.
Bugs Bunny: In the name of my most royal Majesty, I knight thee.
Bugs Bunny: [Conks the Sheriff on the head with his scepter] Arise, Sir Loin of Beef.
Bugs Bunny: [Conks him again] Arise, Earl of Cloves.
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Duke of Brittingham.
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Baron of Munchausen.
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Essence of Myrrh...
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Milk of Magnesia...
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Quarter of ten.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [extremely dazed] You are too kind, Your Majesty.
Bugs Bunny: [Disguised Bugs turns his head aside and speaks to audience] Got lots of stamina!
[1st "knighting of Sheriff of Nottingham", Sir Loin of Beef, was later used as the name of a knight King Arthur's Table, in Bugs Bunny's only award winning short Knighty Knight Bugs]

Bugs Bunny: [nervously] Heh heh, well I must be toddling along. Spot of tiffin and all that. Give my regards to the King, and the Queen, and the Jack, and the Ten of Diamonds.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [grabs Bugs by the neck as he makes a break for it] Not so fast! We have an appointment with the rack!

Sheriff of Nottingham: O-ho, varlet! Caught crimson-fisted!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc?
Sheriff of Nottingham: What's up, forsooth! It's the rack for you, my long-eared knave. These are the King's carrots.

"The Angry Video Game Nerd: Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle (#4.13)" (2009)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, play the game, Doc.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I'm not playing this shit!
Bugs Bunny: Come on, Doc! Stick it in the Nintendo!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: How about sticking it up your rabbit hole?

The Angry Video Game Nerd: This is crazy! I'm not playing this!
Bugs Bunny: But you wanna play it.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: No, I don't wanna.
Bugs Bunny: You do wanna.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I don't wanna.
Bugs Bunny: You do wanna.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I don't wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You do wanna.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I don't wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You don't wanna!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You don't wanna!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You don't wanna!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You don't wanna!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: You don't wanna!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I do wanna! And you're not gonna stop me!

The Angry Video Game Nerd: Come on! I thought you toons liked to get beat up.
Bugs Bunny: We do, Doc. But you know what we don't like? Getting shit on the fucking face!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: That was two years ago!
Bugs Bunny: Well, now, it's your turn, Doc!
[Bugs beats up the Nerd]
Bugs Bunny: Geronimo! Motherfucking Nerd!
[Bugs leaves droppings all over the Nerd]
Bugs Bunny: Eh... ain't I a stinker?

Bugs Bunny: Let me pull this game out of my ass, Doc!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I wondered where this shit comes from.

The Angry Video Game Nerd: Crazy Castle 4? How many of these fucking games could there possibly be?
Bugs Bunny: You better play it, Doc, before I ram my rabbit fist right up your motherfuckin' ass!

Bugs Bunny: Just like good old times, doc. Like when I shoved Elmer Fudd's head up the Tazmanian Devil's fucking asshole.

Bugs Bunny: [repeatedly slams the Nerd's head against the wall] How's it feel to be a dying man, Nerd? You're a dead man. You're a dead man.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Bullshit!
[fights back]

Case of the Missing Hare (1942)
Bugs Bunny: I live here. That's my home, such as it is.

[Ala Bahma rudely smears a pie on Bugs' face]
Bugs Bunny: [to the audience] Of course you realize this means war!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: If I dood it, I get a whippin'. I dood it!
[Bugs hits Bahma in face with pie]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] Aloha Oe, farewell to thee...

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, pardon me, doc. Fresh out of carrots.

Ala Bahma: Uh, do you like blacksberries pie?
Bugs Bunny: [shakes his head] No, no... did you say blackberry pie?
[Ala Bahma nods]
Bugs Bunny: Yum. Yummy.
[Ala Bahma pulls a hanky, places it on his palm, pulls it to reveal a pie]
Ala Bahma: Well, have some!
[Ala Bahma smears the pie on Bugs' face]
Ala Bahma: [chuckling nastily] Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho! What a dumb bunny! Ha-ha-ha!
[Ala Bahma leaves]
Bugs Bunny: [to the audience] Of course you realize this means war!

Bugs Bunny: Let's see now. Uh, you was trying to prestigogiga... prestadagigoo... pro presta... pull a rabbit out of the hat. Regardez!
[Bugs dives into the hat]
Bugs Bunny: Rootah, Vootah, Zoot!
[He pulls himself from the hat by the ears and takes several bows]

Bugs Bunny: Look, Doc. Do I go around nailing signs over your house? Do I? There's still such a thing as private property, you know. Did you ever hear about the inalienable right of the sanctity of the home?

Hare Lift (1952)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [after managing to prevent the plane from crashing] Whew... lucky for me this thing had air brakes!

Bugs Bunny: [exploring the plane] Wow... it's the Grand Central Station with wings.

Bugs Bunny: [singing as he flies the plane] You're off for the big show tonight, so fly from wing to wing...
Yosemite Sam: [rushing into the cockpit] I'm a-takin' over this flyin' machine! Gimme that wheel!
Bugs Bunny: Well, if you insist.
[he yanks the steering wheel out and throws it out the plane's window]

Bugs Bunny: [as he and Sam watch the robot pilot parachute off the plane] Gee, that leaves only one parachute. We'll have to draw straws to see who gets it.
Yosemite Sam: Okay, you draw the straws.
[he rushes back to get the last parachute, then reappears]
Yosemite Sam: I'm a-takin' the parachute!
[jumps off]
Yosemite Sam: Geronimo!

Bugs Bunny: [reading book, "How to Fly"] "Refer to page 5, illustration E..."
Yosemite Sam: Quick, quick! Do something, or we're gonna crash! Read faster, rabbit! Read faster, or I'll blast your head off!
Bugs Bunny: [closing the book] I refuse to look up any more reference because you talked mean to me. Say you're sorry.
Yosemite Sam: [smacking forehead] Oh, no!
[Sam runs to the window, and sees that the plane is plummeting to Earth very quickly]
Yosemite Sam: Okay, you crazy galoot, I'm sorry.
Bugs Bunny: Say you're sorry with sugar on it.
Yosemite Sam: [indignantly] No! No! *Never*!
Bugs Bunny: [pause] Okay.
[Sam nervously begins playing with a yo-yo and jacks, while Bugs calmly chews on a carrot. Eventually, Sam returns to the window and sees to his horror that the plane is just about to crash toward farmland]
Yosemite Sam: [frantically] I'm sorry with sugar on it!
Bugs Bunny: That's better. *Much* better. I'll see what I can do.
Yosemite Sam: YAAAAAH!
[Bugs manages to get the plane back up before it nosedives]

Bugs Bunny: [after he gets the plane back up right after the nosedive] I guess that was it. I guess I'd better phone the authorities that I'm bringing the ship back.

Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol (1979) (TV)
[Bugs kisses Scrooge]
Yosemite Sam: [very angry] Ooh! I hates Christmas! And I hates mistletoe! And I hates kissing!
[pushes Bugs towards the door]
Yosemite Sam: And I say "Bah humbug!" to the whole thing!
Bugs Bunny: But where's ya Christmas spirit?

Yosemite Sam: [pouring hot water into a small tub] Nothing like a good hot bath to make ya sleep.
[Scrooge walks out of the room, Bugs opens a nearby window and touches the water]
Bugs Bunny: Ooh, that's far too hot for the little miser. He's liable to boil his money built!
[Bugs laughs and shovels snow through the open window into the tub]
Bugs Bunny: This oughta cool off everything but his temper.
[Scrooge throws off his top and jumps into the tub - only to almost instantly jump out 'wearing' a round block of ice]
Yosemite Sam: YEEOW! Ooh!

Yosemite Sam: [sees Crachit warming himself] So stealin' coal, eh?
[walks into Crachit's workroom]
Yosemite Sam: Well I'm takin' it back, see?
[Scrooge takes the large piece of coal out of Crachit's stove with his bear hand - resulting in him dropping it because its so hot]
Yosemite Sam: [dropping the coal] YEEOW!
[Scrooge blows on his hand]
Yosemite Sam: [angry] Pesky coal resuller!
[picks up the coal with the pair of tongs, runs back into his own room, throws it in his fireplace and rubs his hands]
Bugs Bunny: [opens the door and enters with his band] Merry Christmas!
[they starting singing "Deck The Halls"]

Bugs Bunny: [about Scrooge] Somebody oughta teach that little humbug some Christmas Spirit!

Bugs Bunny: I am the Ghost of Christmas!

Bugs Bunny: [disguised as a ghost] You're a mean and low down man with no Christmas Spirit. I'm taking you to see the man in the red suit.
Yosemite Sam: [touched] Oh, ya mean Santa Claus?
Bugs Bunny: No. I mean the *other* guy in the red suit.
Yosemite Sam: [realizes what the ghost means and looks very afraid] Oh... ya mean... down there?
Bugs Bunny: I do!

From Hare to Heir (1960)
Bugs Bunny: Hey Sam, pass the salt please.
Yosemite Sam: Salt? GET IT YOURSELF!
Bugs Bunny: Uh oh, that'll cost you about...
Yosemite Sam: Salt? Why didn't you say so. Here's your salt, Bunny, I hope you like it.
[Brings it across the table to him then walks back]
Yosemite Sam: Ooh that rackin' frackin'...
Bugs Bunny: The pepper please.
Yosemite Sam: PEPPER! WE... Uh, yeah the pepper. Coming right up.
[Walks to the end of the table and gives it to Bugs]
Yosemite Sam: Ooh that rackin' frackin'...
Bugs Bunny: Oh Sam!
Yosemite Sam: Oh no.
Bugs Bunny: How about the olives?

Yosemite Sam: I got it licked, rabbit. I don't get mad no more. Watch this.
[His servants kick him, throw a pie at him and bash him with a rolling pin]
Yosemite Sam: See? Ha ha. I can take it. Ha ha ha!
Bugs Bunny: [to camera] I ain't got the heart tell him he's used up all the money.

Yosemite Sam: [angrily answering the door] Well, what do you want?
Bugs Bunny: Good evening. My company has selected you, under no obligation, to be the proud owner of legal tender amounting to...
Yosemite Sam: [Slamming the door] We don't want any!
Bugs Bunny: ...£1 million!
Yosemite Sam: [Opening the door again] £1 million? Well, come right in! Welcome to the house of Sam.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: I haven't got the heart to tell him that he's used up all the money.

Yosemite Sam: [Pounding on the bathroom door] Get out of there!
[Bugs opens the door knocking him out]
Yosemite Sam: [Bugs peeks out and shrugs his shoulders] Come out of there you bladder spattin' nagger trap or I'll...
Bugs Bunny: I heard you that's going to cost you four hundred pounds
[Sam growls]
Bugs Bunny: and thirty five shillings!
[Sam bangs his head on the piano in frustration]
Bugs Bunny: Hey doc what's that song you're playing?, I like it!
Yosemite Sam: [Muttering] Dirty son of a battle strommy crat!, If this keeps up I won't have anything left!
[Gets an idea]
Yosemite Sam: I'll get rid of him and make it look like an accident!

Bugs Bunny: [playing on the piano and singing loudly] I dream of Jeanie, she's a light brown hare!
[Sam is trying to sleep, but Bugs' singing and piano playing disturb his sleep]
Bugs Bunny: [offended] Well! That should be worth, eh, £400.
Yosemite Sam: [calming down] I was only kidding. How about singing me to sleep with that "Brahms' Lullaby"? What do you say, Frankie boy?
Bugs Bunny: Well, maybe.

Southern Fried Rabbit (1953)
Bugs Bunny: What carrots. Look at this tired specimen. I haven't see a decent carrot for months around these parts.
[Reads a newspaper headline]
Bugs Bunny: "Record carrot crop in Alabama." Alabama? Well, I'm Alabamy bound!

Bugs Bunny: What's the hassle, Schmasel?
Yosemite Sam: My orders from General Lee is to hold the Mason-Dixie line, and no Yankees are crossing it.
Bugs Bunny: General Lee? Why, the War between the States ended almost 90 years ago.
Yosemite Sam: I'm no clock watcher.

Yosemite Sam: Well, it's one of our boys.
Bugs Bunny: [in blackface, shuffling along playing a banjo] The sun shines bright in my old Kentucky home...
Yosemite Sam: Hey there, boy. How about giving out with something peppy on that skin-box, huh?
Bugs Bunny: Ya, over. Yankee Doodle went to town a-riding on a pony...
Yosemite Sam: Yankee doodle? You traitor!
Bugs Bunny: [Hands Sam a whip] Don't beat me, Masser! Please don't beat me, Masser! Don't beat that tired old body! No, don't!
[Exits; returns disguised as Abraham Lincoln]
Bugs Bunny: What's this I hear about you whipping slaves?
Yosemite Sam: But, but, but, but, bu-but...
Bugs Bunny: Never mind the buts. Here's my card. Look me up at my Gettysburg address.

Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as a Southern belle] Oh, it's one of our boys.
Yosemite Sam: Sorry, Scarlet, ma'am. Sorry to have to intrude, but there's a Yankee about.
Bugs Bunny: Oh! A Yankee? How terrible!
Yosemite Sam: I'm afraid I'll have to search your premises.
Bugs Bunny: [Standing in front of a door] He's not in here! He's not in here!
Yosemite Sam: Aha! So that's where he's hiding! Sorry, Scarlet, ma'am, but I have to do my duty. Okay, Yankee! Stick 'em...
[Opens door, a cannon fires on his face]
Yosemite Sam: ... up.
Bugs Bunny: [Standing in front of another door] He's not in here! He's not in here!
Yosemite Sam: I'll take your word for it, ma'am.

Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as Confederate soldier] Coronel, the Yankees... the Yankees, they're in Chattanooga.
Yosemite Sam: Chattanoogee? Charge!
[Cut to a stadium, where the Yankees are playing an exhibition game against Chattanooga; Sam has the Yankees held up in their dugout]
Yosemite Sam: The first dang Yankee to step out of that dugout gets his head blasted off.

Bugs Bunny: I wonder why they... put the south so far south.

Elmer's Pet Rabbit (1941)
Bugs Bunny: Of course you know this means war!

Bugs Bunny: Okay, so I got thrown out. I suppose none of you have ever been thrown out of noplace!

Bugs Bunny: How do you like this guy? He saves my life. And after all the things I've done to him in this picture.

Bugs Bunny: Look at him stuffing himself while poor little rabbits lie out here starving!

Bugs Bunny: What's this?
Elmer Fudd: Your dinner.
Bugs Bunny: My what? My dinner! What do you think I am... a rabbit? I'll starve before I eat this stuff.
[Starts eating]
Bugs Bunny: You'll be sorry... starving a little gray rabbit! This is terrible! Me eating this stuff! How do you expect me to stomach this stuff?

Bugs Bunny: [Elmer turns on the light to his bedroom - Bugs is in his bed 'sleeping']
Bugs Bunny: Turn off that light!

What's Opera, Doc? (1957)
[last lines]
Bugs: Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?

Elmer Fudd: Oh, Bwunehiwda, you're so wuvwee.
Bugs Bunny: Yes I know it, I can't help it.

Elmer Fudd: I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!
Bugs Bunny: Your spear and magic helmet?
Elmer Fudd: Spear and magic helmet!
Bugs Bunny: Magic helmet?
Elmer Fudd: Magic helmet!
Bugs Bunny: [aside to audience, cynical] Magic helmet.

Bugs: O mighty warrior of great fighting stock / Might I inquire to ask, ehh, what's up Doc?

Elmer Fudd as Siegfried: Yes, magic helmet and I'll give you a sample.
[summons lightning that strikes Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Bye-yeee!
[quickly runs off]
Elmer Fudd as Siegfried: Dat was da wabbit!

Elmer Fudd: Weturn, my wove / A wonging burns deep inside me.
Bugs: Return, my love / I want you always beside me.
Elmer Fudd: Wove wike ours must be...
Bugs: Made for you and for me.
Bugs, Elmer Fudd: Return / Won't you return my love / For my love is yours.

Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Rocky: Stop right there, rabbit! How much do you know?
Bugs Bunny: Who, me? Oh, I know uh lotsa things! Two and two is four, Carson City is the capital of Nevada, uh, George Washington was the first president...
Rocky: CUT IT! This guy knows too much, Mugsy.

Rocky: SHUT UP!
Bugs Bunny: Shut u-up? Why certainly! You don't think I'm the type that would keep on blabbin'? Some people never know when to stop. When I'm told to shut up, I shut up...
Rocky: [sticks gun in Bugs's face] Shut UP shut-in' up!

[Bugs makes sounds like a police car stopping]
Bugs Bunny: [Irish accent] All right, Clancey, take the boys and surround the house.
[Runs through the door]
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, the cops!
Rocky: Hide me! Quick, hide me!
Bugs Bunny: Here. hide in here, quick.
[Puts Rocky inside the stove]
Mugsy: Hide me too! Hide me! Wah-hah-hah! It's not fair! You've gotta hide me, too!
Bugs Bunny: I must be dreaming. It couldn't be this easy. Okay, quick. Hide in here.
[Hides Mugsy in stove]
Bugs Bunny: Now don't move until I tell you too.
Bugs Bunny: [Knocking on door] All right, open up! This is the police!
[Forces door open]
Bugs Bunny: All right, where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: [Normal] He's not in this stove.
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Now look, would I turn on this gas if my friend Rocky was in there?
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighed match in there if my friend was in there?
[Throws match in stove; it explodes]
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] All right, rabbit, you've convinced me. I'll look for Rocky in the city.
[Closes door]
Bugs Bunny: The coast is clear, fellas. They've gone.
[Rocky and Mugsy come out of the oven, all burned and groggy; just then the real police arrives]
Policeman: Okay, Clancey. Take the boys and surround the house.
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, fellas! The cops!
[Rocky and Mugsy hide back in the oven]
Policeman: [Knocking on door] Open up! This is the police!
[Bursts through door ]
Policeman: All right, Rabbit. Where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: He's not in this stove.
Policeman: Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Would I turn on this gas if he was in there?
Policeman: Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighed match in there if he was in there?
Rocky: Oh no, you don't!
[He and Mugsy burst out of stove and grovel at the policeman's feet]
Rocky: Take me with you! Don't leave me with that crazy rabbit! I confess! I did it! Arrest me! Arrest me!

Rocky: Mugsy take this rabbit into the other room and let him have it.
Mugsy: Duh, okay boss
Bugs Bunny: Alright Mugsy let me have it!, come, come you hoid what the boss said let me have it!
Mugsy: Oh uh, okay but duh
[Gives him his gun]
Bugs Bunny: That's better
[shoots Mugsy in the face]
Mugsy: Duh, I let him have it boss just like you said
[Passes out and lands on top of Rocky]
Rocky: Get off!
[punches him]
Rocky: I guess I'll have to take care of that rabbit myself.

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs tells Mugsy to pull into a gas station. As they stop, Bugs gets out of the car, borrows a nickel and walks into a telephone box] Hello, police department? I've got the bank robbers, we're on Highway 55, headin' west.
[Mugsy quickly grabs Bugs and drags him back to the car, before driving off]
Bugs Bunny: We're driving a '52 Acme, straight eight! Overhead valves, WITH CALIFORNIA LICENSE PLATES!

Bugs Bunny: [Now a private investigator. Answering the phone in his office] Bugs Bunny Private Eyeball - Thugs thwarted, arsonists arrested, bandits booked, forgers found and chiselers chiseled!

A Hare Grows in Manhattan (1947)
Bugs Bunny: [as Spike is hanging by his fingers on the clothesline, Bugs proceeds to loosen each finger] Mhm... this wittle piddy went to market... this wittle piddy stayed home... this wittle piggy had roast beef.
[Spike falls]
Bugs Bunny: Well, what do you know, ran out of piddies! Gee, ain't I a stinker?

Bugs Bunny: What's up, dogs?

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, dogs?
Dog #1: What is it?
Dog #2: Hey, maybe it's a giraffe, the giraffe!
Spike: Nah, that ain't no giraffe. A giraffe's got a long neck like this
[Pulls on Bugs' neck]
Spike: Hey, fellows, it's a rabbit.
Dog #1: Oh, a rabbit.
Spike: Dog pile on the rabbit!
Dogs: [as they all jump on top of Bugs] Dog pile on the rabbit! Dog pile on the rabbit! Dog pile on the rabbit!...
Bugs Bunny: [Hopping on top of the dog pile] Dog pile on the rabbit! Dog pile on the rabbit! Dog pile on the rabbit!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, whatcha looking for?
Spike: I'm looking for a rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Did he had long ears, a fuzzy tail, and hop around like this?
[Hops around]
Spike: Yeah, yeah. That's him.
Bugs Bunny: And is there a tough-looking mug chasing him, with a derby,
[Puts on Spike's derby]
Bugs Bunny: ... and a turtleneck sweater,
[Puts on Spike's sweater]
Bugs Bunny: ... and a big cigar,
[Takes Spike's cigar]
Bugs Bunny: ... and acts like this?
[Acts like a bulldog]
Spike: Yeah, yeah. That he does.
Bugs Bunny: And when you ain't looking, does he let you have it like this?
[Punches Spike]
Spike: Yeah, that's the guy! That's the... Hey, wait a minute! Which way did he go?
Bugs Bunny: Sorry, Mac. Haven't seen him.

Bugs Bunny: So there I was, trapped, overwhelmed by superior numbers.
Lola Beverly: My goodness, Bugs. How did you ever get out of that one?
Bugs Bunny: Well, I grabbed the nearest thing I could get my hands on, determined to make their victory a costly one.
[Flashback: Bugs grabs a book to throw at the dogs; the dogs see the cover and run across the Brooklyn Bridge; Bugs looks at the cover, which reads "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, you know? Maybe I ought to read this thing.

Bugs Bunny: [Spike has chased him into an automat] Hey, got a nickel, Mac?
Spike: Huh? Oh, yeah.
[Spike gives him a nickel]
Bugs Bunny: Thanks.
[Bugs gets a piece of pie and hits Spike in the face with it]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, I'm awfully sorry. I've made a terrible mistake. You wanted...
[hits him with another pie]
Bugs Bunny: ...cherry pie.

Broom-Stick Bunny (1956)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Hello, air-raid headquarters? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but I just saw a genie with light brown hair chasing a flying sorceress.

Bugs Bunny: [about Witch Hazel] She may not be very pretty now, but she was someone's baby once.

Witch Hazel: I warn you, dearie. I'm going to worm all your ugly secrets out of you. Tell me. Who undoes your hair?
Bugs Bunny: Do you like it?
Witch Hazel: Like it? Why, it's absolutely *hideous*!
Bugs Bunny: I did myself up tonight.
Witch Hazel: There's nothing like a home permanent.

Bugs Bunny: [about Halloween] Say, this trick-or-treating is a pretty sweet racket. Pity it only comes once a year.

Bugs Bunny: Evening, granny. Do you have any goodies for a Halloween witch?
Witch Hazel: [confused] Witch? I don't remember seeing her at any of the union meetings.
[complementing the costume]
Witch Hazel: But my, isn't she the ugliest little thing?
Witch Hazel: [suddenly worried] Ugly?
[to the genie]
Witch Hazel: Magic mirror on the wall. Who is the ugliest one of all?
Genie: Thou wert the ugliest one, 'tis true. But that creep is uglier far than you!

Bugs Bunny: You know, my delicate inner sense of danger warns me that there's something faintly unhealthy in the atmosphere of this cottage.
[Witch Hazel stops him at the door, brandishing a meat cleaver]
Bugs Bunny: Uh, pardon me, auntie, but uh, I've got a lot a trick-or-treatin' to catch up on so I'll bid you a civil adieu!

Racketeer Rabbit (1946)
Rocky: Why, it's Mugsy! Don't look at me like that, Mugsy! I'm your pal, Mugsy, your buddy pal! Yeah!
Bugs Bunny: [as Mugsy] It's coitains for ya, Rocky! Coitains!
Rocky: No! Not that!
Bugs Bunny: Coitains, do ya understand, coitains! Here!
[Bugs places a pair of curtains on Rocky's head]
Rocky: Aw, they're adorable.

Bugs Bunny: Does Hugo have a cottontail like this? Of course this one's 50% wool.

[as Hugo is driving them out to the country]
Bugs Bunny: What a glorious night! Say, why don't we stop somewhere for a hamburger?

Rocky: I'm giving you two seconds to give me the dough, see?
Bugs Bunny: Okay, okay! But first, I need you to close your eyes.
Rocky: Yeah, why?
Bugs Bunny: Because I don't want you to see where it's hid.
Rocky: Oh, all right. I'll count to then but I want you to give me the dough, see?
Bugs Bunny: Don't worry, brother. I will.
[as Rocky counts, Bugs goes to the kitchen and prepares a bowl of bread dough]
Rocky: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now give it to me!
[Bugs hits Rocky on the face with the dough]

[Bugs has Rocky hiding in a trunk while he fakes a police raid]
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Where's Mugsy? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: I'm telling ya he ain't here.
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Oh, yeah? He's in that trunk.
Bugs Bunny: Now, look. would I do this if Rocky was in there?
[Sticks a sword into the trunk]
Bugs Bunny: Would I also have the temerity to do this...
[Sticks another sword into the trunk]
Bugs Bunny: ... if my bosom chum was encased therein?

Bugs Bunny: You're safe now, Doc. The police are gone.
Rocky: Yeah? Which way did they go?
Bugs Bunny: That way.
Rocky: [Running out the window] Help, police! Don't leave me here with that crazy rabbit! Help!
Bugs Bunny: Some people can't take it, see? Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny: Watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermus percussion pitch.

[last lines]
Umpire: Yerrr out!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: I'm out?
The Statue of Liberty: [rapidly] That's what the man said, you heard what he said, he said that, you...!
Bugs Bunny: [rapidly] That's what the man said, he said that, that's what he said, he really said that, that's what he said...!

Gas-House Gorillas batter: You're out!
Bugs Bunny: Where do you get that malarkey? I'm safe.
Gas-House Gorillas batter: I said you're out!
Bugs Bunny: I'm safe!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: You're out!
Bugs Bunny: Safe!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Out!
Bugs Bunny: Safe!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Out!
Bugs Bunny: Safe!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Out!
Bugs Bunny: Safe!
Bugs Bunny: Out!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Safe!
Bugs Bunny: Out!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Safe!
Bugs Bunny: Out!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: Safe!
Bugs Bunny: Out!
Gas-House Gorillas batter: I say you're safe! If you don't like it, you can go to the showers!
Bugs Bunny: Okay then, doc. Have it your way. I'm safe.

[end credits]
Bugs Bunny: And that's the end!

Bugs Bunny: Dat's the old pepper, boy!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, I think I'll perplex him with my slowball.

"The Angry Video Game Nerd: Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (#2.14)" (2007)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?

The Angry Video Game Nerd: It's like deliberately keeping me in the game so I can't stop.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up fuck-cock vagina fuck fuck?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Just shut up!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, ain't I a fucking stinker, motherfucker?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Ain't you a goddamn fucking piece of shit.

Bugs Bunny: Eh what's up, cock?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I'll show you what's up, you fucking bunny piece of shit. Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout. How about Bugs Bunny's Birthday BEATING?

The Angry Video Game Nerd: Oh my God, it's Bugs Bunny!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: [runs over to him and hops up and down] Can't believe it, in my own house. Bugs Bunny. Bugs... fucking... Bunny!
[sucker punches him]

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's all the hubub, bub?
[Nerd tackles him]

Rebel Rabbit (1949)
Southern Senator: Ah demands, ah say, ah demands a price on Bugs Bunny's head. Noggin, that is. That lowdown miserable good-for-nothing hare must die!
Bugs Bunny: Hare! Die! Hair dye! That's a joke son, ya missed it!
[smacks the senator around]
Bugs Bunny: Admit it, son, I'm too fast for ya!
[Bugs kisses him and runs off]

Bugs Bunny: [after filling up the Grand Canyon] Well, that fills up that hole.

Bugs Bunny: [after Bugs gives Manhattan back to the Indians] Eh, they wouldn't take it until I threw in a set of dishes.

Bugs Bunny: [after sawing off the state of Florida and the state floats out to sea] South America, take it away!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs is surrounded by a ring of delayed-action shells] Eh, could it be that I carried this thing too far?
[the shells explode. When the smoke clears, we find Bugs at Alcatraz]
Bugs Bunny: Nyeh, could be.

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs casually strolls into the Game Commissioner's office, and grabs him by the throat] Eh, WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA OF RABBITS BEING ONLY WORTH 2 CENTS?
Bugs Bunny: Never mind that. How come rabbits are only two cents? Huh?
Game Commissioner: Well, other animals are destructive, harmful, obnoxious to people. They do damage.
Bugs Bunny: Nyeh, tell me more, Doc.
Game Commissioner: Rabbits are sweet, furry little creatures. They wouldn't harm a hair on your head.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, get him. Hee hee. He don't know me very well, do he?
Game Commissioner: Rabbits are perfectly harmless, and the bounty stands at two cents!
Bugs Bunny: Oh yeah?
[Bugs grabs a pen, and sprays the Commissioner with ink. He then proceeds to repeatedly slash the pen across his face]
Bugs Bunny: Well, I'll show you a rabbit can be more obnoxious than anybody!
[Smashes the pen into the desk]
Bugs Bunny: You can't get away with it! You'll be hearing from me!
[Leaves the office, slamming the door so hard on his way out the window shatters]

Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (1944)
[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] Someone's rocking my dreamboat...

Bugs Bunny: [handing out ice creams bars with grenades inside] Here you are, here's yours, Bowl Legs. Here, one for you, Monkey Face. Don't shove, there's plenty for all. Here you are, Slant Eyes. Everybody gets one!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [calling out to the ship] You think I want to spend the rest of my life on this island?
Sexy Lady Bunny: Mm, it's a possibility.

Bugs Bunny: Business is booming!

Bugs Bunny: Japs! Hundreds of them!

Bugs Bunny: Here's some scrap iron from Japan, Moto! Happy landings!

Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny: Would you like to shoot me now or wait till you get home?
Daffy Duck: Shoot him now! Shoot him now!
Bugs Bunny: You keep outta this! He doesn't have to shoot you now!
Daffy Duck: He does so have to shoot me now!
[to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: I demand that you shoot me now!
[Elmer shoots him.]

Daffy Duck: Let'sth run through that again.
Bugs Bunny: Okay.
[in a flat tone]
Bugs Bunny: Wouldja like to shoot me now or wait till you get home.
Daffy Duck: [flat tone] Shoot him now, shoot him now.
Bugs Bunny: [flat tone] You keep outta this. He doesn't hafta shoot you now.
Daffy Duck: [with sudden passion] Ha! That's it! Hold it right there!
[to audience]
Daffy Duck: Pronoun trouble.
[to Bugs]
Daffy Duck: It's not: "He doesn't have to shoot *you* now." It's: "He doesn't have to shoot *me* now." Well, I say he does have to shoot me now!
[to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: So shoot me now!
[Elmer shoots him]

Daffy Duck: Now's your chance, Hawkeye! Shoot him! Shoot him!
Bugs Bunny: He's got me dead to rights, doc. Would you like to shoot him here or wait till you get home?
Daffy Duck: Oh, no you don't. Not this time!
[to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: Wait till you get home!

Bugs Bunny: Like they say, never send a duck to do a rabbit's job.

Daffy Duck: [to Bugs in drag] Out of sheer honesty, I demand that you tell him who you are! Well? Haven't you anything to say? Anything? Out of sheer honesty? Huh?
Bugs Bunny: [to Elmer, in a feminine voice] Yes. I would just love a duck dinner.
[Bugs kisses Elmer, who stumbles about in an amorous daze and shoots Daffy.]

Buccaneer Bunny (1948)
[Bugs emerges from his hole, covered in jewels]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: What's up, Doc? I ain't no Doc. I'm a pirate - Seagoing Sam, the blood-thirstiest, shoot 'em first-iest, doggone worst-iest buccaneer that's ever sailed the Spanish main!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: I had not even begun to fight!

Yosemite Sam: [cornering Bugs] Say your prayers, varmint.
[Bugs lights a match and throws it into the ship's powder room]
Yosemite Sam: NOOOOO!
[Sam runs down the stairs and retrieves the match]
Yosemite Sam: Why, you crazy doggone idjit! Whatcha trying to do, blow us to smithereens?
[Bugs throws another match into the powder room]
Yosemite Sam: NOOOOO!
[Sam runs down the stairs and retrieves the match]
Yosemite Sam: Blast your ornery hide! If ya does that just once more, I ain't a-going after it.
[Bugs throws another match into the room, but Sam keeps his word. He tries to distract himself, but gives up and tries to run downstairs. He is too late, as the ship explodes, depositing him and Bugs back on shore]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, didn't make it?

Polly Parrot: [Bugs hides in a chest] He's in here!, he's in here!
[Bugs hides in a coil of rope]
Polly Parrot: He's in there!, he's in there!
[Bugs hides in a barrel]
Polly Parrot: He's in there!, he's in there!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, Polly want a cracker?
Polly Parrot: [Jumping up and down excitedly while clapping his hands] Polly want a cracker!, Polly want a cracker!
Bugs Bunny: [Hands him a stick of dynamite] Here you are sweetheart!
Polly Parrot: [Dynamite explodes] Me and my big mouth

Bugs Bunny: Eh... What's up, doc?
Yosemite Sam: What's up doc? I ain't no doc, I'm a pirate! Sea-Goin' Sam, the bloodthirstiest, shoot-em-firstiest, doggone worstiest buccaneer that's ever sailed the Spanish Main! Now gimme them jewels! Them's my treasure, and I'm a-buryin' 'em where no one'll know where they're at but me.
Bugs Bunny: Uh huh. And me.
Yosemite Sam: What?
[pulls his pistol on Bugs]
Yosemite Sam: Say your prayers, varmint! Dead rabbits tell no tales.
Bugs Bunny: [plugging Sam's gun with his finger] Now just a minute, red. Ain't you got that wrong? You mean, "Dead men tell no tales."
Yosemite Sam: Dead men tell no...? Say, you're right! Well, doggone it, I reckon I ain't got no alternative...
[aims his pistol at his own head]
Bugs Bunny: Well, so long, Captain Kidney!

Falling Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny: [as he sees the gremlin hitting a bomb, trying to detonate it, with a mallet] Hey, mac. Let me take a whack at it.
[Bugs winds up with the mallet, but stops abruptly just before hitting the bomb]
Bugs Bunny: WHAT AM I DOING?

Bugs Bunny: [watching the Gremlin try to detonate a bomb with a mallet] What's all the hubbub, bub?
The Gremlin: Shh. These blockbuster bombs don't go off unless you hit them *just* right.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah?
The Gremlin: Yeah.

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs has just been hit on the head with a wrench] Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?
The Gremlin: Hmmm...
[points in both directions]
The Gremlin: That way.
Bugs Bunny: Well, gee, thanks a lot George, thanks a lot.
[upon taking his first step, he immediately falls to the floor. The Gremlin runs over to him and pulls his eyelids open]
The Gremlin: What's the matter, bunny rabbit? Speak to me. Why don't you say something?
Bugs Bunny: I'm only three-and-a-half years old. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b.
The Gremlin: I like him, he's silly!

[last lines]
[as the plane hurtles to a certain doom, the plane suddenly coughs and sputters, and stops a few feet off the ground]
The Gremlin: Sorry, folks. We ran out of gas.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, you know how it is with these "A" cards.

Bugs Bunny: Hey, I bet that was a... Say, do you think that... Hey, could that have been a... gremlin?
The Gremlin: [shouting directly into Bugs' ear] IT AIN'T WENDELL WILLKIE!

Operation: Rabbit (1952)
[last lines]
Wile E. Coyote: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mud.
Bugs Bunny: And remember, Mud spelled backwoids is Dum.

Wile E. Coyote: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wile E. Coyote, genius. I am not selling anything nor am I working my way through college.
Bugs Bunny: I...
Wile E. Coyote: So let's get down to cases: you are a rabbit, and I am going to eat you for supper.
Wile E. Coyote: Now, don't try to get away! I am more muscular, more cunning, faster, and larger than you are, and I am a genius. Why you could hardly pass the entrance examinations to kindergarten.
[Bugs yawns]
Wile E. Coyote: So I'll give you the customary two minutes to say your prayers.
Bugs Bunny: I'm sorry, Mac, the lady of the house ain't home. And besides, we mailed you people a check last week.
[shuts the door then descends into his home as Wile E. folds up the door and leaves]
Wile E. Coyote: Why do they always want to do it the hard way?

Bugs Bunny: I have come to give myself up on account of I cannot fight no more against such genius.
Wile E. Coyote: A wise decision, my friend. You have just saved yourself from a fate worse than the frying pan.
Bugs Bunny: I have only one last request. I have made out my last will and testament, but I need a witness to make it official. Would you sign it with this fountain pen?
[hands Wile E. the will and a lit dynamite stick for a pen]
Wile E. Coyote: Certainly, my boy. Delighted to be of service. Very amateurish atempt on my person.
[Wile E. extinguishes fuse, throws stick up in the air repeatedly - not noticing the lit fuse on the other end]
Wile E. Coyote: Being a genius certainly has its advantages.
[notices lit fuse, dynamite explodes]

Bugs Bunny: [Wile E. is setting up a pressure cooker on the entrance to Bugs' burrow] Eh, what's cooking, Doc?
Wile E. Coyote: Rabbit stew. Gad, I'm such a genius!
Bugs Bunny: Mmm, smells mighty good. But there's only one little thing wrong with it.
Wile E. Coyote: There is? What?
Bugs Bunny: No rabbit.
[Wile E. opens the pressure cooker and looks inside; Bugs kicks him inside, closes the cooker, grabs a club, and heads for the back door]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] I'm looking over, a three-leaf clover, that I overlooked bethree...
[Inside, he hits Wile E. over the head]
Wile E. Coyote: Well, back to the old drawing board.

Wile E. Coyote: [after sending an exploding female rabbit decoy, encounters a female coyote decoy at his door] Ah, my darling. How beautiful you are. How devastating! How lucky! Little did you dream that one day you would marry a genius.
Bugs Bunny: Fight fire with fire, I always say.
[Detonates the decoy]
Wile E. Coyote: [dazed] Here comes the bride, all dressed in...
[Sees the rabbit decoy, about to explode]
Wile E. Coyote: Oh, no!
[Runs to toss it out the window, but it explodes before he can]

Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny: [bitter] Yeah, the turtle always wins. How does he do it? I can't understand it. It's against the laws of nature. Why, it just ain't in the cards. A turtle beating me, a rabbit! A natural speed merchant! Why, I'm in the pink. Yeah, I'm an athlete. I've got an athlete's physi-que. Sure! I've got an athlete's legs. Certainly! I even got athlete's foot. How does that moron do it? I'll find out his secret if is the last thing I ever do! And I will, too.

[Bugs is at Cecil's door, disguised as an old man]
Cecil Turtle: Hello, old timer.
Bugs Bunny: Hello, Johnny. Tell me, Johnny. How come you always beat that rabbit?
Cecil Turtle: Clean living, friend. Clean living.
Bugs Bunny: That ain't the way I heard it, Johnny. The way I heard it, you have a secret way of winning. What is it, huh?
Cecil Turtle: Well, I'll tell you. The secret is modern design. You know, streamlining. Yup, we turtles are built for racing.
[Bugs types on a typewriter hidden on his beard]
Cecil Turtle: [Pulls out a blueprint of his shell] You can see for yourself, we got an airflow chassis. Yes siree, Pop. An airflow chassis.
[Taps his shell]
Cecil Turtle: Now take rabbits. They're built all wrong for racing.
[Bugs types some more]
Cecil Turtle: Those ridiculous ears. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Wind resistance, son. Just wind resistance
[Bugs types some more, then Cecil resets the typewriter for him; He closes the door, then comes back out again]
Cecil Turtle: Another thing: rabbits aren't very bright, either.
[Closes door]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, that little so-and-so!
Mrs. Turtle: Who was it, Cece?
Cecil Turtle: Well, sweetie face, it was that rabbit again. I think he's about ready for another race.

Bugs Bunny: Hey, look, folks! I'm ahead! I'm in the lead! I'm gonna win, yeah! Hooray for the rabbit! Hooray! Look at me go! Look at me go!

Bugs Bunny: You fools! What are you doing? I'm the rabbit! The rabbit! Look, I'm the rabbit!
Rabbit Thugs: Eh, now he tells us.
[shoot themselves in the head]

[Bugs, who is disguised as the turtle, gets ambushed and attacked by the thug rabbits, who think he really is the turtle]
Rabbit Thugs: [attacking Bugs] Take that, ya doity toitle! Take that!
Bugs Bunny: Toitle, shmoitle! I'm the rabbit!
Rabbit Thugs: You're da toitle!
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit!
Rabbit Thugs: Toitle!
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit!
Rabbit Thugs: Toitle!
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit!
Rabbit Thugs: Toitle!
[Cecil is standing nearby, dressed as a rabbit and chomping on a carrot]
Cecil Turtle: Yep, that's the toitle all right.
[Cecil continues on with the race, hopping along and cheered on by the thug rabbits]
Rabbit Thugs: Hooray for the rabbit! He's my boy! Woohoo!
Cecil Turtle: [to audience] I told you rabbits aren't very bright.

Slick Hare (1947)
Bogart: [Closing lines] Well, time's up, shorty. Where's my rabbit?
Elmer Fudd: Pwease, Mr. Bogart. I couldn't get a wabbit. I twied and I twied.
Bogart: Oh, yeah? Well, I guess there's just one thing left for me to do.
[reaches into his coat pocket]
Elmer Fudd: Don't! Pwease, don't!
Bogart: [Pulling out a handkerchief to wipe his brow] Baby will just have to have a ham sandwich, instead.
Bugs Bunny: Baby?
[Bugs comes out of his hiding place and hops onto Bogart's table, placing himself on the dinner plate as the main course. Sitting there is "Baby" - Lauren Bacall]
Bugs Bunny: Remember, garçon. The customer is always right. If it's rabbit baby wants, rabbit baby gets.
[Bugs then howls and wolf whistles at Bacall]

Bugs Bunny: [as Groucho Marx] I hope you won't mind waiting while I remove these wet things and slip into a dry martini.

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Elmer Fudd: Pardon me, Mister Wabbit, but Mr. Humphwey Bogart would just wove to have you for dinner.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah? Well, that's mighty neighborly of him. You tell Bogie if he wants me, all he has to do is just whistle.
[Turns on a tea kettle to make it whistle; pops up wearing coattails and top hat]
Bugs Bunny: Good evening, Maitre d'. Am I the first to arrive? Eh, by the way, what's on the menu for tonight? In other words... eh, what's cooking, doc?
Elmer Fudd: Oh, eh, something vewy special. Fried wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Fried wabbit? Mmm-mm! Love it, love it, looove it! Eh, let's have a peek at it, shall we?
Elmer Fudd: Well, wight over here.
[Puts a mirror in the pot for Bugs to see himself in it]
Bugs Bunny: Now there's a delicious-looking rabbit.
[Realizes he's looking at his reflection; turns to Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: [Very fast] Oh, I just remembered, previous engagement, I must be going, my apologies to Mr. Bogart, matter of life and death, unavoidable, gotta go.

Bugs Bunny: Ah, my public. How they love me.

Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as waiter] One lemon meringue pie!
Elmer Fudd: One wemon mewingue pie coming up!
[Goes behind counter and gets pie]
Elmer Fudd: Pick up pie!
Bugs Bunny: [enters kitchen, picks up pie] Roger!
[Enters again and hits Elmer in face with pie]
Bugs Bunny: Your pie, sir!
[Leaves and enters again]
Bugs Bunny: One banana cream pie!
Elmer Fudd: One banana cweam pie coming up! Pick up pie!
Bugs Bunny: [Same as before] Roger! Your pie, sir! One coconut custard pie with whipped cream!
Elmer Fudd: One coconut custard pie with whipped cweam coming up! Say, you know what I think? I think that's the wabbit. Well, he who waughs wast... He he he! Pick up pie!
Bugs Bunny: Rogerini!
[as Bugs enters, Elmer throws the pie; Bugs ducks and the pie goes over his head; Enter Bogart with pie on his face]
Bogart: Why did you hit me in the face with a coconut custard pie with whipped cream?
Elmer Fudd: Pwease, Mr. Bogart...!
Bogart: Now listen, chubby. You got just five more minutes to get me my rabbit. Get me?

Hare-um Scare-um (1939)
[impersonating a motorcycle cop]
Rabbit: Going a little fast, weren't ya, buddy? You're on the wrong side of the street, too.
Rabbit: Hmm. Intoxicated. Let's see your driver's license. Just as I thought, haven't got one. You know what this'll cost you? Thirty days... hath September, April, June, and Montana. All the rest have cold weather, except in the summer, which isn't often.

Rabbit: Celery. Mighty fine nerve tonic - and, boy, have I got nerve!

Rabbit: You don't have to be crazy to do this, but it sure helps.

Rabbit: [singing] All the world was gay, swinging on its way/ Things were looking brighter day by day/ Nothin' ever wrong, life was just a song/ Till that Looney Tune came along/Ohhhhhh, I'm going cuckoo, woo-woo!/ Here comes the choo-choo, woo-woo!/ I'm so gooney, Looney Tuney, tetched in the head/ Please pass the ketchup, I think I'll go to bed!/ Am I the screwball, woo-woo/ Throw me the eightball, woo-woo/ Once I knew a thing or two/now I'm a buckaroo/ Hinky-dinky parlais... vous-woo!

Rabbit: [disguised as a doctor] Do you have dizzy spells? Do you see spots? Do your ears ring? Are you subject to fits? So am I. Maybe that's what's the matter with me!

Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Well, anyone for Russian Roulette?
[Sam takes a gun, and holds it to his head; it clicks empty. Bugs takes the gun, and holds it to his own head. As the film irises out, we hear a gunshot; it is revealed through another iris that Bugs is okay]
Bugs Bunny: Heh! I missed!
[Another iris reveals that Sam has taken the shot to the face]
Yosemite Sam: I hate that rabbit.
[Iris out again, for the last time]

[Sam rigs a cannon to the front door of Bugs' campaign headquarters]
Yosemite Sam: No one will vote for a flattened-out rabbit skin, I always say.
[Runs to the back door and knocks]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, you?
Yosemite Sam: Yes, rabbit. I come to extend my hand in friendship. I like you, rabbit. You're a good Joe.
[Taps his foot on floor]
Yosemite Sam: Someone knocking at your front door, rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Excuse me, Doc. I'll be right back.
Yosemite Sam: [to himself] In little bitty pieces.
Bugs Bunny: That was someone for you, Sam. She said to mention St. Louis.
Yosemite Sam: St. Louis? Emma! Yahoo! Emma, here's your Sammy boy!
[Runs out to front door; Explosion; comes back all burnt and dazed]
Yosemite Sam: Same old Emma. Full of laughs.

Bugs Bunny: Step right up folks and get a free cigar. Every cigar is a vote for Bugs Bunny.
Yosemite Sam: Get out of here rabbit. If anyone is going to give away free cigars ol' Yosemite Sam will give em. Step right up gents.
[Bugs replaces the real cigars with a box of novelty cigars in a box that reads: 0.05 Atom Explosive Cigars You Will Get A Bang Out Of This]
Yosemite Sam: Ole' Honest Sam is giving away free cigars because he loves the people. Here you are Mr.
Man With Cigar: Say thanks.
Yosemite Sam: Let good ol' Sam light it for you.
[a loud explosion followed by what looks to be the burnt off end of a cigar. Sam blows off the singed part of the man's collar and the man's head pops up after the explosion]
Man With Cigar: Oh a wise guy huh?
[Man punches Sam in the face]

Bugs Bunny: I can do anything you can do only better.
Yosemite Sam: Oh no you can't!
Bugs Bunny: Oh yes I can.
Yosemite Sam: Can you play a piana?
Bugs Bunny: Have you got a piana?
Yosemite Sam: Sure I'll get a piana for you.
[Sam rigs the explosives to the key]
Yosemite Sam: There's your piana rabbit. NOW PLAY!
[Bugs plays Those Endearing Young Charms and hits the wrong note]
Yosemite Sam: NO! That's not it! Try it again
[Bugs plays Those Endearing Young Charms again and hits the wrong note again]
Yosemite Sam: OOOHH You stupid rabbit! LIKE THIS!
[Sam plays Those Endearing Young Charms on the piano and strikes the right note causing an explosion that turns his face to soot and then he falls over backwards]

Bugs Bunny: [Impersonating Theodore Roosevelt] I speak softly...
[pulls out a 2x4]
Bugs Bunny: ... but I carry a biiiiiig stick!
[the crowd cheers]
Yosemite Sam: [Holding a club and shouting] Oh yeah? Well I speak loooooouud! And I carry a biiiiigger stick!
[Hits Bugs over the head with the club]
Yosemite Sam: And I use it too!

Knight-Mare Hare (1955)
Bugs Bunny: [to Sir O of K] Ehhhhhhh, what's up, duke?

Bugs Bunny: Putting that eight ball in the side pocket is all very well, but it still don't explain what I'm doing in this booby hatchery, or how I'm getting out.
[a dragon passes by]
Bugs Bunny: Do you smell brimstone?
[sees dragon]
Bugs Bunny: Oh boy, what big horny toads they do have around here.

Sir O of K: Surrender, varlet. Thou art the prisoner of me lance.
Bugs Bunny: I art? And whomsoever art thou, in thy cast-iron tuxedo?
Sir O of K: I, knave, am Sir O of K, Earl of Watercress, Sir Osis of the Liver, Knight of the Garter, and Baron of Wooster-cester-shister-shyster-schuster-shuster-shister-shire... shire.
Bugs Bunny: My, he's a big one! Hey, look, pressure cooker. I bet you know a lot of my friends. Ooh! Like, uh, Duke of Ellington, Count of Basie, Earl of Hines, Cab of Calloway, Satchmo of Armstrong.
Sir O of K: Upstarts and rogues. Never heard of them.
Bugs Bunny: Rogues, eh? Upstarts, eh? Look, Sir Rup of Figs, don't go around insulting my friends, or I shall get me a can opener and open thee up like a can of solid pack tomatoes.
Sir O of K: What? Wouldst tilt with me?
Bugs Bunny: Tilt with thee I will, and I won't wilt. Just lend me a weapon, that's all. That's all.
Sir O of K: Very well, thou stupid scoundrel. Prepare to meet thy fate.

Merlin: How do you do? My name is Merlin. I'm a sorcerer.
Bugs Bunny: Y'are! Really? A sorcerer? Hey, come on, let's see you sauce, huh? Please, huh? Please?

Bugs Bunny: Well, that gives him a hobby, but I still ain't no nearer to my natural habitat.
[Sees an apple like the one that hit him in the beginning]
Bugs Bunny: Well, why not? After all, they laughed at the man when he invented penicillin.

Ali Baba Bunny (1957)
Bugs Bunny: What's with you, anyway?
Daffy Duck: I can't help it. I'm a greedy slob. It's my hobby. Save me!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, duck?

Bugs Bunny: Well, here we are! Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat!
Daffy Duck: What a way for a duck to travel. Underground. Hey, wait a minute! Since when is Pismo Beach inside a cave?
[Daffy's eyes glaze over as he sees the treasure; Bugs doesn't notice it]
Bugs Bunny: I wonder... You know, I just bet we shoulda turned left at Albuquerque, and then maybe a right turn at La Jolla. Hmm, er... Well, we can't be too far off, so if we...
Daffy Duck: [pushing Bugs down into the burrow] It's mine, you understand? Mine! All mine! Get back in there! Down, down, down! Go, go, go! Mine, mine, mine! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [opening a clam] I wonder how that crazy duck ever made out with that genie? Hey, whaddya know, a pearl!
[a shrunken Daffy runs out of the hole and goes for the pearl]
Daffy Duck: It's mine, you understand? Mine, mine! All mine! Go, go, go! Mine, do you hear me? Out, out, out! Mine, mine, mine! Go away! There's only enough for me!
Bugs Bunny: Oh, brother. Close, sesame.
[Bugs closes the clam on Daffy]
Daffy Duck: I'm rich. I'm a happy miser.

Bugs Bunny: [as he sits in a bottle] Me Genie, the light, brown hare!
Hassan: Oh, Mighty Genie.
Bugs Bunny: Release me, and I shall grant thee a rich reward.
Daffy Duck: He's lyin'! Chop 'im! Chop 'im!
Hassan: Hassan release you, oh, Master.
[He shakes Bugs out of the bottle]
Bugs Bunny: Thank you, Hassan. Now, wouldst thou like to have all this treasure for thy very own?
Hassan: Oh, yes, Master. Hassan like. Hassan like!
Bugs Bunny: Very well. Ickity ackity ooh, eh eh! Ziggity zaggity zoo, eh eh! Ooh, ooh, ptht! Ah, ah, ptht! Flippity flappity floop! It's yours.
[Hassan dives into the treasure. Daffy looks on, disgusted]
Daffy Duck: [sarcastically] Ickity ackity oop! Oh, oh, squeak, ah, ah, ptht...

Buckaroo Bugs (1944)
Bugs Bunny: Stick'em up, or I'll blow your brains out!
Red Hot Ryder: Well, now that's mighty neighborly of you.

[Last lines]
Red Hot Ryder: Hey, you know what, horsey? I think our friend was really the Masked Marauder.
Bugs Bunny: That's right! That's right! You win the $64 question! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Good night, sweet prince.

Bugs Bunny: Check out the fugitive from the funny papers.
Red Hot Ryder: Let me at that Masked Marauder. I'm a gonna murder him. I'm a gonna *murder* him!
Bugs Bunny: Murder, he says. So he wants to play cops and robbers, eh? All right, he'll be the cop, and I'll be the bad widdle wobber.

Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as elderly telegram man] Telegram from the Masked Marauder. Howdy doody. Which one of you characters is Red Hot Ryder?
Red Hot Ryder: [Starts pointing at his horse's butt] Duh, duh, duh... me.
Bugs Bunny: Here y'are, doc.
Red Hot Ryder: [Reads] "To Red Hot Ryder." That's me, that's me, that's me. "Roses are red, violets are pink, flowers smell good, but you sure... "
[Last word is censored]
Red Hot Ryder: I sure what?
Bugs Bunny: [shouts] Stink, you fool! Stink!

Bugs Bunny: [to Red Hot Ryder] Eh, What's Up Doc?
Red Hot Ryder: Duh, I'm a huntin' for the masked marauder, have you seen him?
Bugs Bunny: Hey do you mean a guy who wears a mask like this
[pulls a bandanna over his face]
Bugs Bunny: [Red Hot Ryder nods] , and he sticks you up like this!
[sticks his carrot into his nose]
Bugs Bunny: ,
[Red Hot Ryder nods]
Bugs Bunny: and then he robs you like this!
[Pulls out a magnet which takes his gold coins, belt, diaper pin,and gold teeth]
Bugs Bunny: and he makes off like this!
Bugs Bunny: BANG!
Red Hot Ryder: [Bugs pulls Red Hot Ryder's hat over his head] Yep that's him alright!

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: Wabbit's Wild/All Belts Are Off (#1.9)" (2015)
Bugs Bunny: Well there's a first time for everything, Mac.

Bugs Bunny: Come on, help us out

Bugs Bunny: I hope your hungry Squeks.

Bugs Bunny: Squeks you were supposed to dig!

Bugs Bunny: CPR DUMMY!

Long-Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs: Of course you know, this means *WAR*!

Bugs: [disguised as a bobby-soxer] Oh, Mr. Jones! Franky and Perry just aren't in it! You're my swooner dreamboat loverboy!

Bugs: [singing, playing banjo] Whadda dey do on a rainy night in-a Rio?/A-rikki-biggi-bik/Whadda dey do when dere is no starry sky?/Oh, starry sky!/Where do dey when dey can't go for a walk/Do dey stay home and talk?/Or do dey sit inside?

Bugs: [Jones is glaring at him] Eh, what's up, Doc?
[Jones grabs Bugs by the neck, places him in the harp and slams the harp shut over his neck, then exits]
Bugs: [referring to Jones] Hmm, also a rabbit hater. Oh, well.

[Jones had smashed Bugs' banjo over his head for interrupting his singing practice]
Bugs: [referring to Jones] Music hater.

Rabbit's Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Pete Puma: I got a little rabbit in this hole. And I gonna catch the little rabbit and eat him up. Eeeeee!
Bugs Bunny: A little rabbit? wouldn't you rather have a big rabbit?
Pete Puma: Er... Yeah!
Bugs Bunny: Well here I am. Take me.
Pete Puma: Mmmm, num, num, slurp
Bugs Bunny: [Slaps pete's hands] Take your dirty mitts off of me! What do you think you're doing?
Pete Puma: But you told me to, you told me to, you told me to!
Pete Puma: [Hands Bugs a cigar] How 'bout having a cee-gar
Bugs Bunny: Gee thanks
[sniffs cigar]
Bugs Bunny: Mmmm, nice.
[Sees it's an El Explodo cigar; Pete presents Bugs with a light, but Bugs puts the cigar in his pocket]

Pete Puma: Well, I think I'll have to be goin' now.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no, you can't leave yet. You got to have a nice cup of tea with me.
[Drags Pete to a table]
Bugs Bunny: Here we are.
[Serves tea]
Bugs Bunny: There's nothing as sociable as a nice cup of tea, I always say. How many lumps do you want?
Pete Puma: Oh, three or four
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs bunny whacks Pete on the head with a mallet 5 times and 5 lumps appear on his head] Oh dear, I gave you one too many. Well we can fix that.
[whacks the 5th lump back in his head]
Bugs Bunny: There, and here's a cigar for you.
[Bugs shoves the cigar in Pete's mouth and lights it; Bugs runs away; 3 seconds later it explodes]

Pete Puma: [Disguised as a lady rabbit] Darling, come to mother. I'm the little feller's mother, and I've been so worried about him. Eeeeee!
Shorty: [Really fast] No, no, no! She's not my mother! She's not even my aunt! Don't let her take me! Don't let her take me!
Bugs Bunny: Uh-uh, Junior. It ain't polite to talk back to your mother.
Shorty: Hee-hee-hee-hee! I get it! I get it!
Pete Puma: Come on home with mother, darling. Mother's going to have a wonderful dinner.
[Runs with Shorty, but Bugs grabs him by the tail]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no, don't go yet, Mrs. Rabbit. You must have a cup of tea with me first.
Pete Puma: But I don't think...
Bugs Bunny: Oh, it's no trouble at all, Mrs. Rabbit.
[Brings a tea tray]
Bugs Bunny: Here we are. Tea's on.
Pete Puma: But I don't want no tea. It gives me a headache.
Bugs Bunny: Okay, well, what shall we have, then?
Pete Puma: [Takes out a coffee pot] Coffee! Eeeeee!
Bugs Bunny: Okay, we'll have coffee. Eh, how many lumps do you want?
Pete Puma: Oh, three or four.
[Bugs hits him with mallet as before, but Pete has an Acme stovelid on his head; Bugs takes out his Acme stovelid lifter to remove lid; lumps come out, Pete faints]

Bugs Bunny: I thought I'd better see you home, Shorty, on account of I don't trust that sneaking puma any more than I can throw the Big Mo.

Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as puma] Howdy, cousin!
Pete Puma: I know you.
Bugs Bunny: Sure you do. I'm your second cousin, Paul Puma. I just dropped by for a little social call, cos. Say, mighty tender-looking little rabbit squab you got there.
Pete Puma: Uh... yeah!
Bugs Bunny: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's start the fire and fricassee him. You start the kindling and I'll get the coal. Uh, by the way, how many lumps do you want?
Pete Puma: Oh, better get me a lot of lumps. A whole lotta lumps.
[Realizes it's Bugs; grabs the mallet]
Pete Puma: Oh, no, you don't! I'll help myself.
[Starts hitting himself on head with mallet]
Bugs Bunny: Come on, Shorty. We'd better get out of here. He's much too smart for us. Eeeee!

Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales (1982)
Bugs Bunny: Here we are, Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat!

Bugs Bunny: [sung] I dream of Genie, she's a light brown hare.

Bugs Bunny: You want me to tell stories to that? I'd rather throw peanuts at it.

Bugs Bunny: Let me tell you a story about a singing frog
Prince Abadaba: A FROG? But frogs don't sing!
Bugs Bunny: [whispers] This one did...

Prince Abadaba: What happened to Goldilocks?
Bugs Bunny: She serving time in Tehachapi for breaking in and entering.

Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny: Wait a minute, this don't look like Miami Beach to me. Hmm... this looks more like California.

Bugs Bunny: [the penguin knocks Bugs over] Hey, watch it, you little runt! What's the hurry? Where's the fi...
[an Inuit hunter knocks him over]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, you big palooka! Watch were you're going!
Inuit hunter: [Returns] Huh?
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Inuit hunter: Um grola gooch ump.
Bugs Bunny: Huh? Oh, the little guy. He went that way, Nanook.
[Points the opposite way; hunter exits]
Bugs Bunny: A lot of traffic along here. Let's see now, where was I...

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: I always wanted a nice, long formal vacation. Let's go, kid.

Bugs Bunny: Okay, let's start having fun. Ooh, look at that four-legged airplane.
[as the penguin looks up, Bugs pushes him down the slope]
Bugs Bunny: Well, that's that. Huh?
[the Inuit hunter catches the penguin]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, well. It's none of my business. I'm not my penguin's keeper.
Bugs Bunny: 'Cause I'm yearnin' to be churnin' up the surf on old Miami Beach!
[Jumps into hole; long pause; Pops back up again]
Bugs Bunny: Why that dirty, no-good... Well, you didn't think for a minute I would let that bully... what I mean is, you wouldn't want I should desert the little guy, and... Oh, always something! I'll never get to Miami!

Bugs Bunny: Oh, you again! Well, scram! You've already ruined my vacation! Why, I ought to bang you one on your little kisser.
[Penguin starts crying, his tears turn into ice cubes]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, all right, all right! Turn off the ice factory. There, that's better. I'm sorry, but what am I gonna do with only four days vacation left? Huh? Well, now what?
[Penguin whispers into Bugs' ear]
Bugs Bunny: What? You mean the days are six months long up here? Wow! If I stay up here, I won't have to be back to work 'till July, 1953.
[Puts on top hat and tails]
Bugs Bunny: I always wanted a nice, long formal vacation. Let's go, kid.

Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny: What a gulla-bull. What a nin-cow-poop.

Bugs Bunny: [to the bull] Stop steamin' up my tail! What're ya tryin' ta do, wrinkle it?

Bugs Bunny: Of course you realize this means war.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: What an im-bess-ill. What an ultra-maroon.

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: Well, here I am. Hey, just a cotton-picking minute. This don't look like the Coachella Valley to me.
[picks up map]
Bugs Bunny: Hmm, I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque. Oh well, I'll just ask this gent in the fancy knickerbockers. Eh, I beg your par...
[the matador runs right past Bugs; Bugs chases him]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, pardon me, sir, but could you direct me to the shortest route to the Coachella Valley and the big carrot festival therein?
[the matador climbs the fence]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?

The Unruly Hare (1945)
Elmer Fudd: [singing] I've been working on the wailwoad, all the wive, wong day...
Bugs Bunny: Hey! That sounds like Frankey Sinatra, or an unreasonable facsimile.

Elmer Fudd: There's something screwy around here!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, could be you, Doc.

[Elmer has Bugs at gunpoint]
Bugs Bunny: Only a rat would shoot a guy...
[turns around]
Bugs Bunny: ...in the back.
[Elmer starts to pull on the trigger]
Bugs Bunny: I reiterate: only a big, fat rat would shoot a guy in the back.
[Elmer shoots; a smoke cloud appears where Bugs was]
Elmer Fudd: So I'm a big, fat wat!
Bugs Bunny: [coming out of smoke] Ah, have some cheese, rat!
[shoves cheese wedge on Elmer's mouth]

Bugs Bunny: Is you is or is you ain't my baby?

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Elmer Fudd: I just put a scwewy wabbit out of his misewy.
Bugs Bunny: It's murder, he says! How gruesome.
[Peeks down rabbit hole with Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: [Whispering] Don't look now, Doc, but you missed me.

Which Is Witch (1949)
[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: [reading off the signs] "Hubba Hubba, one mile. Kuka Munga, one mile." Hm, well, I'll flip to see which way I go. Heads I go this way. Tails I go that way.
[jumps up and lands with his tail in the air]
Bugs Bunny: Heh! Tails! I go that way.

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc?
Witch Doctor: How you know me doctor?

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Very becoming, short stuff. Gives you that new look.

Witch Doctor: [to the audience] Keep your eye on the bull's eye!
Bugs Bunny: [jabs Bugs in the butt] Hey what's the big idea?, give me that dart!
[takes the spear from him and breaks the head]
Bugs Bunny: there now don't let me hear about you playing with matches either!

Homeless Hare (1950)
Bugs Bunny: Action, he says. Action he shall get.

Construction Worker: [after Bugs has dropped a tank on him] I'm feelin' mighty low.
Bugs Bunny: Well, Toodles, do I get my home back, or do I have to get tough?

[Last line, after the skyscraper is built around Bugs' hole]
Bugs Bunny: After all, a man's home is his castle.

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, brother, what a night. Me head's still spinning.

Hot Cross Bunny (1948)
Doctor: Let's stick out your tongue. We'll see if it's coated.
Bugs Bunny: [Sticks out tongue, it has a small coat on] And two pairs of pants, doc.
[Bugs sticks out tongue two more times, each time with a different pair of pants]

Bugs Bunny: Stop! One more step and I'll blow ya up! This contains manganese, phosphorous, folic acid and dextrose.
Doctor: [Laughs] That is the formula for a chocolate malted.
Bugs Bunny: [Drinks it] Yum, yum! I'm a better scientist than I thought.

[Last lines]
Doctor: [the experiment results in him changing bodies with the chicken] In our next experiment we shall reverse the procedure - I hope.
Bugs Bunny: Looks like Doc is a victim of fowl play.

Doctor: [Italian accent, speaking English] And now wee will turn zee rabbeet eento a cheecken.
Bugs Bunny: [jumps up and starts backing away, after hearing the scientific test's secret plan, Bugs is shocked] Chicken? That's out, Doc! I don't wanna be no chicken!
Doctor: Yes you do! Come here! Come here! Come back here!

Forward March Hare (1953)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs has a job tapping shells with a hammer to see if they are duds] And just think - in thirty years I can retire!

[Bugs is having his eyes tested with an eye chart]
Optometrist: Now then, I want you to read as much of this chart as you can.
Bugs Bunny: [reading chart] "A-T-W-R-K-L-N-O-C-W-O-D-R-K-G-S-O-L-T-Y-K-L-O-N-D-C-R-P-L-D, Acme Eye Test Chart, printed by the United States Printing Office, Washington, D.C., Reg. U.S. Pat. Off."
[the astounded optometrist reads the smallest sections of the chart with a magnifying glass, and discovers that they are exactly the same as what Bugs recited]
Optometrist: Uh... yeah.

Bugs Bunny: What's this? A letter. "B. Bunny." For me! Now where'd that come from? Oh, well.
[Reads letter]
Bugs Bunny: "Greetings... The President of the United States..." Hmm, that's nice. "Hereby notified... been selected... training therein... report local board..." Holy cats, I've been drafted!

Bugs Bunny: Private Bugs Bunny reporting, Your Majesty, sir.
Sergeant: [sarcastically] Oh, Private Bugs Bunny, eh? Well, I'm Sergeant Porky Pig.
Colonel: Sergeant!
[also sarcastically]
Colonel: And *I* am Colonel Putty Tat. General Tweety Pie was asking about you, Sergeant.

Compressed Hare (1961)
[Wile E. called Bugs on a phone to borrow a cup of carrots to put in a stew and Bugs arrives at his lair with them; the mailbox outside reads "Wile E. Coyote, GENIUS"]
Bugs Bunny: [knocking on the door] Are you in, genius? Are you in, capable? In, solent? In, describable? In, bearable?
[Wile E. opens the door, grabs Bugs and drags him inside]

Bugs Bunny: [as Wile E. Coyote is tying him to a spit] I'm your new neighbor from down the street. I brung you those carrots you asked for. Personally, I don't think a stew is a stew without carrots.
Bugs Bunny: Mmm, smells good. What kind of stew is it?
[Dips his ear in the pot and tastes it]
Bugs Bunny: Mmm-mmm. Rabbit ear stew. Very good too. Er, I'd love to stay for lunch, but it appears I'm all tied up this morning.
Wile E. Coyote: Oh, you're going to stay for lunch. You are lunch. Now, what kind of wine goes best with wild game? You are game, aren't you?
Bugs Bunny: Oh, er, I'm game, all right.
[Hops on floor, dislodging a cork from one of the wine bottles into Wile E.'s eye]
Wile E. Coyote: Now look here, me bucko!
[Bugs hops again and another cork pops; Wile E. ducks to avoid the cork, but it ricochets accross the room and opens an ironing board, which hits Wile E. on the head; Bugs hops back home]

Wile E. Coyote: [Carrying a wheelbarrow full of quick-drying cement] Special delivery!
Bugs Bunny: Send it right down!
Wile E. Coyote: All right!
[Throws cement down Bugs' hole, then tiptoes away]
Wile E. Coyote: What a perfect way to "cement" a friendship.
[Suddenly a pillar of cement pops up from the ground; Wile E. bumps into it and it falls on top of him]
Bugs Bunny: [Pops out of hole where cement came from] Well, now he's got "concrete" evidence that I'm a good neighbor.

Bugs Bunny: [after Wile E. is hit by a missile and blown up] One thing's for sure. We're the first country to launch a coyote into orbit.

Barbary-Coast Bunny (1956)
Bugs Bunny: [on seeing a slot machine] Well, by huckleberry, if'n it dont' look like one of them new-fangled, er, tele-o-phones.

Bugs Bunny: The moral of the story is, don't try to take no 14 karats from no rabbit.

Bugs Bunny: You realize that this is not going to go unchallenged.

Nasty Canasta: I got a full house. What you got, sucker?
Bugs Bunny: Gee, does that beat me? All I got is two pair. A pair of ones, and another pair of ones.
[Puts down four aces; Canasta quivers his lips in despair]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, do you mean I win again?
Nasty Canasta: [Pulls a gun on Bugs] Yeah, you win. But now we're gonna play another little game.
Bugs Bunny: Another game? Hey, that's great. What do you do, spin this little gadget?
[Bugs spins the cylinder on the gun, and money pours out the barrel; Canasta tries it, the gun goes off on his face]

Fresh Hare (1942)
Bugs Bunny: [to Mountie snowman] So, you call yourself a Mountie! Ha! You couldn't catch me! Why, you couldn't even catch a cold!
[Elmer sneaks up behind Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: You know what I'm gonna do to you? I'm gonna punch you right square in the nose!
[Whips round and clocks Elmer]

Elmer Fudd: [trapped in handcuff bomb] OHHHH! My keys! Where are my keys? My keys! Hurry up! Gimme the keys! Oh!
Bugs Bunny: [they're in his hand] Eh, what's up, Doc?
Elmer Fudd: Quick, get me outta this predicament, undo these cuffs!
Bugs Bunny: All right, Doc, keep yer shoit on, take it easy! Gee, he's an excitable type.
Bugs Bunny: Let's see now, the garage, the car, for the front door...
[wolf whistles]
Bugs Bunny: ... and the back door... Ah, here it is!
[bomb explodes]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, well.

Bugs Bunny: [luring Elmer into a tree] Last one in's a rotten egg!

[while chasing Bugs in the snow, Elmer crashes into a tree; the snow falls off the tree, revealing ornaments on it; Elmer emerges from the snow, wearing a Santa Claus beard and hat made out of snow]
Bugs Bunny: Merry Christmas, Santie.

Water, Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny: [after making himself invisible with a bottle of Vanishing Oil] Mmm, not bad.

Bugs Bunny: [discovers the monster] Uh-oh. Think fast, rabbit. My stars! Where did you ever get that awful hairdo? It doesn't become you at all.
[Sits the monster down and starts brushing its hair]
Bugs Bunny: Here, for goodness' sake, let me fix it up. Look how stringy and messy it is. What a shame. Such an interesting monster, too. My stars, if an interesting monster can't have an interesting hairdo, then I don't know what things are coming to. In my business you meet so many interesting people - Bobby pins, please - but the most interersting ones are the monsters. Oh, dear, that will never stay. We'll just have to have a permanemanent.
[Runs to get some dynamite and puts it on the monster's hair like rollers]
Bugs Bunny: Now, I've got to give an interesting old lady a manicure, but I'll be back before you're done.
[Leaves; dynamite explodes, leaving a huge bald spot on the monster's head]

Evil Scientist: Now, be a cooperative little bunny, and let me have your brain.
Bugs Bunny: Sorry, Doc, but I need what little I've got.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [wakes up panicking in his flooded home] Who! Where! What! When! Why! How! Who! Oh...
[sighs in relief]
Bugs Bunny: Must've been a nightmare.
Rudolph - Gossamer: [rows past him] Oh, yeah? That's what YOU think!
[Bugs Bunny goes puzzled]

The Iceman Ducketh (1964)
Bugs Bunny: [as Daffy levels his rifle at Bugs] Er, uh, do I understand that you bear some sort of antipathy toward me?
Daffy Duck: [determined] Antipathy, nothin'! I'm after that fur coat!
[Daffy feels Bugs' fur]
Daffy Duck: [impressed] Say, that's the softest pelt I've ever felt!
Bugs Bunny: Do you really like it? I get all my suits from the same tailor as the Duke of Windsor. I always get a good fit from him.
Daffy Duck: [levels his gun at Bugs again] Never mind the sales pitch! Just skin the rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: [pushing Daffy's gun away from him] Eh, give me a sporting chance, doc.
Daffy Duck: [angry] Stop fiddling with my rifle! I want to shoot you where it won't show!

Bugs Bunny: [climbs up a tree] You just can't get away from that pest.
Daffy Duck: [stops at the base of the tree] Aha! *Now* you're trapped!
[Daffy places small logs around the tree and lights them]
Daffy Duck: I'll smoke him out!
[Daffy laughes evilly and points his gun up the tree]
Daffy Duck: You haven't got a chance!
[the heat from the fire melts the snow and ice on the tree, which comes down, puts out the fire and freezes Daffy]
Bugs Bunny: [climbs down from the tree and walks away] I'll see you after the Spring thaw pal.
Daffy Duck: [climbs out of the ice and tries to free his gun, which is frozen] We'll see who has the last laugh around here!
[the gun goes off and Daffy avoids the shot]
Daffy Duck: [to the ice replica of himself] Hey! Whose side you on fella?

[Bugs is by a frozen lake and Daffy is skiing down the hill towards him, firing his gun]
Bugs Bunny: [fills a bucket with water from the lake] I saw a guy do this in a toothpaste ad once.
[Bugs pours out the water and it instantly freezes]
Bugs Bunny: TA-DA!
[Daffy crashes into it]
Bugs Bunny: Invisible shield you know.

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Well, time to join in for a long Winter's nap.
[calls to a tree where some bears are sleeping]
Bugs Bunny: Ah, goodnight Daffy! Pleasent dreams!
Daffy Duck: [holding onto the top of the tree, shivering] Pleasent dreams yeah. Dirtylittlecraddlefrajun...

The Million Hare (1963)
Bugs Bunny: [talking to Daffy as he watches TV] Hey, Daffy, how about taking a hike down to, uh...
Daffy Duck: Shh.
Bugs Bunny: But, Daffy...
Daffy Duck: Shh!
Bugs Bunny: What gives? I invited you up here for a vacation and all you want to do is watch TV.
Daffy Duck: Which is extremely difficult when somebody is constantly butting in.
Bugs Bunny: [talking to outside people] Well, if you can't lick 'em, you might as well join them.

[Daffy has run off a cliff]
Bugs Bunny: I wonder if Daffy will remember that he can fly.
Bugs Bunny: Nope, I guess not.

[Daffy had fallen off a bridge]
Bugs Bunny: I wonder if that silly duck will remember that he can swim.
Bugs Bunny: Nope, I guess not.

[Just after "Beat Your Buddy" was mentioned, Daffy Duck calls it his favorite and never misses watching it, Bugs speaks to the audience]
Daffy Duck: Oh goody, this my all time favorite show, I never miss it.
Bugs Bunny: [after Daffy calls "Beat Your Buddy" his favorite, Bugs speaks to listeners and watchers] Huh, he never misses any of them.

Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (1981)
Bugs Bunny: 'Knighty Knight Bugs' was directed by Friz Freleng. He got an Oscar and I got a carrot.

Yosemite Sam: Any one of you lily livered, bow legged varmints care to slap leather with me? In case any of ya get any idears, ya better know yer dealin' with. I'm the hootiness, tootiness, shootiness, bob tailed wildcat in the west.
[Fires his guns at the ground as they lift him in the air]
Yosemite Sam: I'm the fastest gun north, south, east, aaaaaaand west of the Pecos. I'm the...
Bugs Bunny: Ahhhhhhh shuddup!

Bugs Bunny: Ah, this is Hollywood, city of winners. Winners of Oscars, Emmys and Grammys.

[Daffy is rescued after being forced to lay golden eggs]
Bugs Bunny: Is there anything we can get for you, old chap?
Daffy Duck: Yes. Get me a proctologist, right away.

What's Up Doc? (1950)
Bugs Bunny: [narrating] After much consideration, I finally accepted an important part in the hit show, "Girl of the Golden Vest".
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: [dissolve to Bugs and chorus boys entering stage]
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: Oh, we are the boys of chorus / We hope you like our show / We know you're rooting for us / But now we have to go!
Bugs Bunny: [narrating] Then came, "Wearing of the Grin".
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: [dissolve to Bugs and chorus boys entering stage]
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: Oh, we are the boys of chorus / We hope you like our show / We know you're rooting for us / But now we have to go!
Bugs Bunny: [narrating] Then my big smash, "Rosie's Cheeks".
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: [dissolve to Bugs and chorus boys entering stage]
Bugs Bunny, Boys of the Chorus: Oh, we are the boys of chorus / We hope you like our show / We know you're rooting for us / But now we have to go!

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: [answering the phone] Eh, start talking. It's your nickel.

Bugs Bunny: [after reading the script of Life With Father] This'll never be a hit.

Bugs Bunny: [singing] Eh, what's up, doc? / What's cookin'? What's up, doc? / Are ya lookin' / For Bugs Bunny Bunting / Duck has gone a-hunting / Just to get a rabbit skin / But now da rabbit's gone again / What's up, doc? / What's cookin'? / Hey, look out! Stop! / You're gonna hoit someone / Wid dat ol' shotgun / Eh, what's up, doc?
Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd: [singing] We really mean it! / What's... / Up... / Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc!

Rabbit Romeo (1957)
Bugs Bunny: Well, when in Slobovia, do like the other Slobs do, I always say.

Bugs Bunny: I've eaten so many icicles I'm twenty degrees cooler inside. Man, what I wouldn't give for a genuine 14-karat carrot.

Millicent: All right, big boy, give me a large bunya hug.
[Hugs Bugs so hard he turns blue]
Bugs Bunny: Wait a cotton-pickin' minute! Women don't chase men in America.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, brother. Foist there's a long courtship. It starts like this. How do you do?
Millicent: How do you do? The courtship is over. Now we make marriage.

[Last line]
Bugs Bunny: Ain't I the little matchmaker, though?

The Matwix (2001) (VG)
Bugs Bunny: Welcome to the future. The world's controlled by evil gadgets and their diabolical salesmen are always after us.
Elmer Fudd: There's been a terrible mistake. I want to go home.
Bugs Bunny: Look, doc. You can turn things around. You're the chosen one! But, first, you must walk the path. The top salesman is behind the doors. Defeat him and mankind wins!

Bugs Bunny: [Repeated quote] You're the chosen one!

Elmer Fudd: Hello?
Bugs Bunny: I know you're there, doc. You're the chosen one.
Elmer Fudd: Is this Publisher's Clearing House?
Bugs Bunny: You want answers? Just follow the rabbit.
Elmer Fudd: Must be some prankster.

Elmer Fudd: Who are you?
[Sees Bugs Bunny without his shades]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, it's that rascally rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, who needs fancy special effects? It's a cartoon.
Elmer Fudd: How'd you do that?
Bugs Bunny: Nothing you see here is real, doc. It's all fake except for me and these donuts.
Elmer Fudd: I love donuts!
Bugs Bunny: Eat the red and you'll see the world the way it really is. Eat the blue and you'll see something else, maybe New Jersey.

Hyde and Hare (1955)
Bugs Bunny: Well, here we go again with the timid little rabbit routine. It's shameful but, eh, it's a living.

Bugs Bunny: [At the piano, imitating Liberace] I wish my brother George was here.

Bugs Bunny: [to Hyde] You are a mental case.

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Now, what's eating them? Huh! You'd think they never saw a rabbit before.

To Hare Is Human (1956)
[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: [Wile E. has trapped him in a bag] Eh, whatcha got in the bag, Doc?
Wile E. Coyote: Oh, I say. I'm terribly sorry. One mustn't be rude, even to one's breakfast.
Bugs Bunny: Breakfast?
Wile E. Coyote: Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Coyote. Wile E. Coyote, genius.
Bugs Bunny: Have brain, eh? Hey, that must be very handy at times.
Wile E. Coyote: Why, yes, it has its advantages. For example, you asked me just now what I had in the bag, and I was supposed to say, "A rabbit," to which you would reply, "What are you going to do with him?" Then I was supposed to say something stupid, which would enable you to get very clever and so on and so on and on. When by this time we both know very well that there is nothing left in the bag.
Bugs Bunny: [already out of the bag] There isn't? I don't like to disagree with no genius, Doc, but there... but there is.
Wile E. Coyote: [chuckles] Well...
[looks in the bag; something inside explodes and singes his face]

Bugs Bunny: [singing] Carrots wait for no one, so I'll pick them now / Before they are eaten by some slobby cow.

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [Inside the UNIVAC] Of course, the real beauty of this machine is that it has only one moving part.

Bugs Bunny: [after the grenades spring back at Wile E. and explode in his face] One of these days, I'm gonna have to have that spring fixed.

Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny: You know, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was me that tricked you.

Bugs Bunny: Welcome to Jellostone, Doc. A restful retreat.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, brother.

Elmer Fudd: [in jail] Well, anyway, I'm wid of that gwizzwy bear and scwewy wabbit. West and wewaxation at wast!
Bugs Bunny: [on bottom bunk of Elmer's cell] Eh, pardon me, but how long ya in for, Doc?
[chomps carrot]
Bear: [on top bunk] Yeah, yeah, uh, pardon me, but how long ya in for, Doc?
[chomps carrot]

Elmer Fudd: [after nailing a board over Bugs's hole] That'll hold him alwight, heh heh heh heh heh.
Bugs Bunny: [opens the board over his hole, imitating Elmer] That'll hold him alwight, heh heh heh heh heh. Phooey!

Sahara Hare (1955)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up Doc? You with the sideshow around here?
Yosemite Sam: I'm no Doc, ya flea-bitten varmint! I'm Riff-Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raft!
Bugs Bunny: Your slip is showing.

Bugs Bunny: Yoo hoo! Mr. A-rab!

Bugs Bunny: Man, dig this crazy beach. Must be low tide.
[Sees an oasis in the distance]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, there's a park over there. Wonder if that's where the water is?
[At the oasis he finds a small watering hole]
Bugs Bunny: So this is the Big Pond. Big deal! I always pictured the Atlantic Ocean as so much bigger.

[Sam is opening a series of doors; the last one is rigged to explosives]
Bugs Bunny: I wonder if he's stubborn enough to open all those doors?
Bugs Bunny: Yep, he's stubborn enough.

Hurdy-Gurdy Hare (1950)
Bugs Bunny: I've seen you before. I never forget a face. But in your case, I'll make an exception.

Bugs Bunny: [after the gorilla falls through the floor and comes out covered in debris from the subway he fell into] Okay, push in! Plenty of room in the center of the car! Push in, plenty of room ! Push in! I used to work on the shuttle fro Times Square to Grand Central. Atta boy, step in. Come on, push through.
[Pushes gorilla back down the same hole]
Bugs Bunny: Ain't I a devil?

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: I sure hope Petrillo doesn't hear about this.

Bugs Bunny: [eyeing the muscular gorilla up and down] Obviously a barbell boy.

Rabbit Punch (1948)
[after film "breaks"]
Bugs Bunny: Ladies and gentlemen. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue with this picture. And, eh, confidentially, that film didn't exactly break.
[holds up scissors, winks at audience]

Bugs Bunny: Boo! Boo! Boo! The champ's a bum! The champ's a dirty fake! Throw him out! Boo! P.U.! Hey, you big palooka! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
[the Champ appears next to Bugs, grabs him by the ears and stretches him to eye level]
The Champ: Like you?
Bugs Bunny: Eh - gulp - What's up, Doc?
[the Champ throws Bugs into the ring]
Bugs Bunny: Me and my big mouth.

Ring Announcer: Bugs is down. He's out. He's flat. He's kissing the canvas.
[Bugs is shown literally kissing the canvas]
Ring Announcer: And here comes the count. One! Two! Three! It looks like it's all over. Four! Five! The champ is still champ.
Bugs Bunny: [Grabs the mike] Six! Seven! But wait just a minute, folks. Bugs is coming out of it. He's on his feet. He's moving in like a tornado. The champ is confused. He doesn't know which way to look.
[At this point the champ starts to react to what Bugs is saying as if it's really happening]
Bugs Bunny: Bugs lands a beauty to the solar plexus! A right to the jaw! A one-two on the instep! Four fast rabbit punches to the kidneys! A left hook, a right hook, a north hook, a south hook! What a fight! The champ is groggy!
[the champ trips on Bugs and falls]
Bugs Bunny: The champ is down.

Bugs Bunny: Here you are! Get your hot buttered popcorn, folks! Last time around! Get it while it's hot! Get it while it's buttered! Here you are. Get your popcorn, folks!
[Hands the champ a bag of popcorn with dynamite inside; explosion]

Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny: How about a nice, close shave? / Teach your whiskers to behave. / Lots of lather, lots of soap. / Please hold still, don't be a dope. / Now we're ready for the scraping / There's no use to try escaping. / Yell and scream and rant and rave. / It's no use, you need a shave!
Elmer Fudd: [as Bugs slashes him with razor] Ooh! Ouch! Ouch! Ow! Ooh! Ooh! Ouch!
Bugs Bunny: There, you're nice and clean / Although your face looks like it might have gone through a ma-chine.

[singing to Elmer outside the barbershop]
Bugs Bunny: How do?/Welcome to my shop/Let me cut your mop/Let me shave your crop/Daintily, daintily... Hey, you!/Don't look so perplexed/Why must you be vexed?/Can't you see you're next?/Yes, you're next, you're so next!

Elmer Fudd: Ooh, wait 'till I get that wabbit!
Bugs Bunny: [Disguised as a Spanish senorita] What would you want with a wabbit? / Can't you see that I'm much sweeter. / I'm your little señoriter. / You are my type of guy. / Let me straighten your tie. / and I shall dance for you.

Bugs Bunny: [Last line, after dispatching Elmer, and one munch on a carrot] Ehh... Next?

The Hasty Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny: [Just after Marvin the Martian disintegrated a majority of Bugs' hole in the ground] Hey! How Halloweeny can you get?

Bugs Bunny: Flying saucer for Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, the Dog Star and Mars. Now leaving on track five. All aboard!

Bugs Bunny: How Buck Rogers can you get?

Bugs Bunny: Hey, doc! Do you happen to know anybody that's interested in buying a slightly used, uh, flying saucer? It's only got three billion miles on it.

Hare Conditioned (1945)
Bugs Bunny: [In drag, posing as a customer] I'd like to see something nice in a pair of bedroom slippers.
Gildersleeve: Confidentially, so would I. He-he-he-he-he.

Gildersleeve: He-he-he-he-he. Kind of outsmarted you. Eh, little chum?
Bugs Bunny: Hey, wait. Wait a minute. Say that again.
Gildersleeve: He-he-he-he-he. Kind of outsmarted you. Eh, little chum?
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, that's it. You know, you sound like that guy on the radio, the Great Gildersneeze.
Gildersleeve: I do? Aw. "He-he-he-he-he. Kind of outsmarted you. Eh, little chum?"
[Bugs takes the gun and tosses it away, but it goes off, alerting the manager]
Gildersleeve: Say, are you trying to pull a fast one?
Bugs Bunny: Well, confidentially, chubby... I just did.

Bugs Bunny: [the manager has him cornered on the roof] You read any good books lately, Doc? I-I just finished a dandy. Yeah, all about a big guy like you, chasing after a little guy like me, see? Well, what the big guy didn't know was that right behind him, ready to strangulate him with his hairy hands, was a horrible Frankensence monster, breathing fire on the back of his neck.
[the manager turns around; there is Bugs making a scary face; the manager screams and jumps out the side of the building]

Bugs Bunny: What a dope. What a maroon.

The Old Grey Hare (1944)
Bugs Bunny: You ain't got me yet, by Gum! He he he he! Ow, darn this lumbago!

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, prune face?
Elmer J. Fudd: Shhh! I'm wooking for a wittle gwey wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Tell me, droopy, what's he look like?
Elmer J. Fudd: He wooks... just wike you!
[aims gun at Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Not so fast there, Grandpaw.

[last lines]
Elmer J. Fudd: [buried underground] Well, anyway, that pesky wabbit is out of my life forever and ever.
Bugs Bunny: [pops in] Well now, I wouldn't say that.
[kisses Elmer and hands him a lit stick of dynamite; iris out]

Bugs Bunny: So long, Methuselah!

Super-Rabbit (1943)
Bugs Bunny: Time out whilst I think up some more deviltry.

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what are you shootin' at, doc?
Cottontail Smith: Rabbits. I hate rabbits. If there's anything I hate more than a rabbit, it's two rabbits.

Bugs Bunny: This looks like a job for a *real* superman!
[Bugs enters a phone booth and comes out as a Marine]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] From the halls of Montezu-huma to the shores of Tripoli! Sorry, boys. I can't pay with youse no more. I gots important woik to do.

[Bugs inexplicably flies by a horse in mid-air]
Bugs Bunny: Hiya doc.
Horse: Hello Mr. Rabbit. A rabbit? Up here?

Spaced Out Bunny (1980) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: Hey, whatta you know? I'm a flying object lesson.

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: Trouble with this world is that everybody's out to get everybody else. I mean, why can't people be more like me? I love everybody.

Bugs Bunny: Well, you know, uh, how do you like it?
Hugo: [holding up his wrist so Bugs can see his watch, which happens to have Marvin on it] Oh George, I'm so happy, I'm the first kid on my block to have a Mickey Martian watch.

Bugs Bunny: Oh, and one last thing, Hugo: I wonder, are you any good at throwing frisbee disks?
Hugo: Oh, yes, George. I'm the best Frisbee-disk-thrower on my block.
Bugs Bunny: [pointing to Earth] You see that little planet over there? You think you can hit it from here?
Hugo: [taking the flying saucer] Oh, yes, George. That's easy as pie.
[hurls the saucer toward Earth]

Rabbit Transit (1947)
Bugs Bunny: [at the start line] One for the money...
[takes a few steps forward]
Bugs Bunny: ...two for the show...
[Cecil does likewise]
Bugs Bunny: ...three to make ready...
[Bugs steps ahead a little more]
Bugs Bunny: ...and four to...
[takes off. A scooter drives up to Cecil]
Deliveryman: Telegram.
Cecil Turtle: [after Telegram Deliveryman drove off, Cecil verbally read it] Western Bunions Mr. Turtle 10 1/2 Ave. E Wyoming GO! Bugs Bunny

[at the start of the race]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, Doc, you got that straight? From here to Grant's Tomb. And no cuttin' corners!
Cecil Turtle: Uh, agreeable. And, uh, let's agree not to cheat.
Bugs Bunny: [infuriated] Cheat? Why, you... Are you inferring that I... Would you...
[calms down]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, mac.
[he removes a pair of roller skates]
Bugs Bunny: It ain't that I don't trust you, but...
[Bugs grabs Cecil and holds him upside-down, causing a pair of roller skates, two scooters and a bicycle to fall out]
Cecil Turtle: Well, uh, whaddaya know...

Deliveryman: [Handing Bugs a letter] It's for you Mr. Bunny.
Bugs Bunny: [Reading the letter] From Cecil Toitle from Chicago, Chicago? No it can't be! It can't be! Why that dirty little! Ooo!
[opens the letter]
Bugs Bunny: At this joyous time of year I wish you loads of Christmas cheer signed Cecil Toitle. Say that was mighty thoughtful of him. Gee I didn't send him anything. I really ought to.

Cecil Turtle: I'm kind of a slick item, huh?
Cecil Turtle: Sure got the best of him there.
[laughs some more]
Bugs Bunny: [Roasting a hotdog over the gas] Mmm mmm, nothing like a hotdog cooked out of doors, oops almost forgot old boyscout rule!
[takes out a bucket of water]
Bugs Bunny: Never go away and leave a fire boining
[throw the water into the shell]
Bugs Bunny: So long Flash! See ya at Grant's Tomb! If you ever get there.

French Rarebit (1951)
Bugs Bunny: Something tells me this grey hare is in the middle again.

Bugs Bunny: Of course, if you really want to make something good, nothing beats a good old Louisiana Back-bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise, a la Antoine.
Francois: A la Antoine? ZE Antoine of New Orleans?
Bugs Bunny: I don't mean Antoine of Flatbush.

Bugs Bunny: And now, for Antoine's recipe. First, immerse the rabbit thoroughly in wine.
[he dips Francois in wine]
Bugs Bunny: Then pickle.
Francois: Already I am ze - Hiccup! - pickled.

Bugs Bunny: Now just an odie calone minute Doc!

Hillbilly Hare (1950)
[Bugs slowly takes off his disguise, while jukebox plays "Skip to my Lou, my Darling" and then starts fiddling a violin & unplugs jukebox, while singing, leading Curt and Pumpkinhead Martin outside with a musical voice]
Bugs Bunny: Promenade across the floor, sashay right on out the door, out the door and into the glade, and everybody promenade. Step right up, you're doin' fine; I'll pull your beard, you pull mine; yank it again like you did before, break it up with a tug of war. Now into the creek and fish for the trout, dive right in and flap about; trout, trout, pretty little trout; one more splash and come right out. Shake like a hound dog, shake again, wallow around in the old pigpen, wallow some more, you all know how; roll around like an old fat sow. Allemande left with your left hand, follow through with a right and left brand; now lead your partner, the dirty old thing; follow through with an elbow swing. Grab a fencepost hold it tight, whomp your partner with all your might; hit him in the shin, hit him in the head; hit him again, the critter ain't dead. Whomp him low and whomp him high, stick your finger in his eye. Pretty little rhythm, pretty little sound; bang your heads against the ground. Promenade all around the room, promenade like a bride and groom. Open up the door and step right in, close the door and into a spin. Whirl, whirl, twist and twirl, jump all around like a flying squirrel. Now, don't you cuss and don't you swear, just come right out and form a square. Now right hand over and left hand under, both join hands and run like thunder; over the hill and over the dale. Duck your head and lift your tail. Don't you stray and don't you roam, turn around and promenade home. Corn in the crib and wheat in the sack, turn your partner and promenade back.
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs' normal voice] And now you're home, bow to your partner, bow to the gent, across the hall.
[Martin brothers weakly shook hands, after their deep fall, and lay across a small creek, where they landed]
Bugs Bunny: And that is all.
[Bugs concludes musical with a five second musical fiddle outro then closing credits start]

Curt Martin: Be y'all a Martin or be y'all a Coy, rabbit?
Bugs Bunny: Well, my friends say I'm very coy. Hee hee hee hee!
Curt Martin: A Coy! Square off, ya shoat. Me and you's a'feudin' on account of I'm a Martin!
[presses trigger of his oversized rifle]
Bugs Bunny: Boo hoo. Now I'll never see my wife and younguns again. Never, no more. Boo hoo hoo.
Curt Martin: [the bullet almost leaves the barrel, but Bugs ties a knot in the barrel] Hey, ye dern fool! What's the idear of tyin' knots in me rifle barrel?
[Curt unties his rifle barrel and gets blasted]
Curt Martin: Just call me "Freckles".
[after getting blasted]

Bugs Bunny: And just who might you be?
Punkinhead Martin: I might be Teddy Rooseyvelt, but I ain't! I saw what you did to my brother.

Punkinhead Martin: Where's he at? Where's the critter at?
Curt Martin: Sakes a mighty, it's so dark in here I can't see nothing.
Bugs Bunny: Here! Try my cigarette lighter.
[Bugs then quickly escaped the powder room]
Curt Martin: [sound of a lighter clicking] The derned thing don't work!
Bugs Bunny: Keep trying!
[Dynamite room then explodes a very loud BOOM!]
Curt Martin: [Curt and Punkinhead emerge from the exploded shack, holding the lighter] I think y'all are usin' too strong a fluid...

The Abominable Snow Rabbit (1961)
Daffy Duck: [to Bugs, after they surface in the Himalayas] You and your shortcuts. I told you to turn west at East St. Louis.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, I know.
[looks at map]
Bugs Bunny: The way I figure it, we're somewhere in the Hi-may-lay-us mountains.
Daffy Duck: That's pronounced "Himalayas".
[suddenly shocked]
Daffy Duck: *Himalayas*? Why, you four-legged Marco Polo! That's in Asia!
Daffy Duck: Himalayas! No wonder it's so cold!

Bugs Bunny: Okay, Abom. Here's your bunny rabbit.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Duh, bunny rabbit, George?
Daffy Duck: Bunny rabbit? Me?
Bugs Bunny: Yes, you, doc.
Daffy Duck: Ho, ho, very funny. Ha, ha, very droll. Hey, shorty! What do you consider to be the distinguishing characteristics of a rabbit?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Distinguishing character, uh...
Daffy Duck: Yeah, yeah! What makes a rabbit look like a rabbit?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Why, duh, duh, long ears!
Daffy Duck: And whom around here has long ears? Sorry to have to do this to you, bud.
Bugs Bunny: [has tied down his ears and sticks two fingers behind Daffy's head] Eh. Don't give it a second thought.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [grabs Daffy] Oh, boy! Just like I always wanted! My own little bunny rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: They really do make a charming couple.

[last lines]
[at Palm Springs, the Abominable Snowman is talking to Bugs, unrecognizable in a robe, shades and hat]
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: And I searched and I searched - ooh, it's hot - but I never caught up with my little bunny rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Gee, that's tough, Mr. Abdominabubble.
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: And now I'll never - gosh, it's hot - never see my bunny rabbit again.
Bugs Bunny: Don't give up hope yet, doc. If you love him, he'll come back.
[hearing Daffy approaching through the burrow, Bugs holds a hood with rabbit ears over the hole, so that Daffy slides into it when he emerges]
Daffy Duck: Well, here I am! Massacre started yet? Fireworks gone off? Balloon gone up?
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: Oh, boy, a bunny rabbit! Just what I always wanted!
[grabs Daffy]
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: I will name him George...
Bugs Bunny: And I will hug him and squeeze him and pet him and pat him and... Hey!
[Where the Abominable Snowman once sat there is now a puddle with his hat floating in it]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, what do you know? He melted! He really was a snowman.
Daffy Duck: [emerging from the puddle] Abominable, that is.

Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk (1943)
Bugs Bunny: So long, jerky! Send me a postcard from Albuquerque! You know, I'm so smart sometimes it almost frightens me.

Bugs Bunny: [On top of the giant's head; the giant puts on his hat] What is this, a blackout? I didn't hear no sireen.

Bugs Bunny: [Nervously] Eh, what's up doc?
Giant: Duh, caught ya choppin' up my victory garden, huh?, Well don't try nuttin' funny cuz I got ya covered!
[Pulls out a gun]
Bugs Bunny: [to the Giant] Hey come here Gulliver!, I want to tell you something, come here!
[Giant leans over towards him]
Giant: [Bugs takes off his glove and slaps him with it] Duh, duh now why did you wanna go and do that for huh?
Bugs Bunny: You want to fight fair don't you? That means that I challenge you to a duel!
Giant: Duh, duel? uh, oh yeah!, okay!

Mississippi Hare (1949)
Col. Shuffle: If'n I had four feet and went "hee haw", what would I be?
Bugs: Why, you'd be a jackass.

Col. Shuffle: [firing guns wildly] I'm Colonel Shuffle - the rip-roarin'-est, gold-diggin'-est, sharp-shootin'-est, poker-playin'-est riverboat gambler on the Mississippi! Yahoo! Be thar anyone man enough to sit in a poker game with Colonel Shuffle? Well, be thar?
Bugs: [appearing in the hallway] There be.

[last lines]
Bugs: Oh, well. We almost had a romantic ending.

The Hare-Brained Hypnotist (1942)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Elmer Fudd: At wast! At wast, at wast, at wast! I got him wight where I want him!
[starts to hypnotize Bugs]
Elmer Fudd: Gaze deepwy into my eyes.
Bugs Bunny: Heh, Dracula.
Elmer Fudd: You are getting sweepy, sweepy.
[Bugs goes into his hole, Elmer sticks his head in]
Elmer Fudd: You needn't twy to escape. I have you in my cwutches. So come out of there. Come out.
[Elmer emerges out of the hole, holding a balloon disguised as Bugs; the balloon rises up and takes Elmer with it]
Elmer Fudd: You are Asweep. Asweep and helpwess.

Bugs Bunny: [the hypnotized Elmer has gone into Bugs' hole] Hey, doc! Come out of there! You can't do that! Who's the comedian in this picture, anyway?

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: How's about that, thinking he can hypnotize me? Ha!
[Looks at watch]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, I'm overdue at the airport.
[He takes off and flies like an airplane]
Bugs Bunny: I'm the B-19.

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: Wabbit's Best Friend/Annoying Ex-Boydfriend (#1.10)" (2015)
Bugs Bunny: So what's the rumpus, Mac?

Bugs Bunny: Oh tough luck doc!

Bugs Bunny: Neh, suit yourself doc.

Mad as a Mars Hare (1963)
Bugs Bunny: Why, this isn't even a real carrot - it's ALUMININUNUMINUNUM!

Bugs Bunny: Why must you send a rabbit to do a man's job?
Commander: Because rabbits are expendable! That's why!

Bugs Bunny: [transformed into a giant Neanderthal rabbit] I'll tell ya this much: When I get back to Earth, old Elmer Fudd and the rest of those hunters are due for a big surprise!

A Wild Hare (1940)
[first occurrence of this line]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?

Bugs Bunny: [with his hands over Elmer's eyes] Guess who?
Elmer Fudd: Heddy Wamarr?
Bugs Bunny: No.
Elmer Fudd: Cawole Wombard?
Bugs Bunny: Nope.
Elmer Fudd: Wosemawy Wane?
Bugs Bunny: Nope. Guess again.
Elmer Fudd: Owivia De Haviwand?
Bugs Bunny: Nope, but you're getting warmer.
Elmer Fudd: Say, you wouldn't be that scwewy wabbit, would you?
Bugs Bunny: Ehh... could be!

Elmer Fudd: Pardon me, but you know, you wook just wike a wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Ehhh... c'mere. Listen, doc.
Bugs Bunny: Now don't spread this around, but, uh... confidentially...
Bugs Bunny: I *AM* A WABBIT!

My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny: Now, one good turn deserves another. Could you point out to me the shortest route to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Ahn-galays?
MacRory: [confused] La Brea Tar Pits?
[suddenly realizing, MacRory runs off and quickly returns with a blunderbuss, pointing it at Bugs' back]
MacRory: There are no La Brea Tar Pits in Scotland!
Bugs Bunny: Scotland? Eh, what's up, MacDoc?
[Bugs quickly departs]

Bugs Bunny: [MacRory is about to drive his golf ball] Fore!
MacRory: Four? Three and a half.

Bugs Bunny: [disguised as aged Scotsman] So, MacR-r-rory, poaching on my pr-r-roperty! I'm displeased, MacR-r-rory. You shouldnae shoot my r-r-r-rabbits.
MacRory: Yon bonnie rabbit dinna belong to you.
Bugs Bunny: It dinna?
MacRory: No, it dinna!
Bugs Bunny: Wanna bet?
MacRory: No! We'll settle this in true Scots tradition: at games.
Bugs Bunny: Games?
[Bugs sets up a card table and deals cards]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, pigeon, sit down.
MacRory: No, no, we dinna play that game.
Bugs Bunny: [slightly surprised] Is there another one?
MacRory: [pulling out two bags of golf clubs] Golf!
Bugs Bunny: Golf?
MacRory: Aye, golf. Choose your weapons.
Bugs Bunny: Have it your way, Mac, but don't you get a little tired running them eighteen bases?

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: Bugs in the Garden/Scarecrow (#1.12)" (2015)
Wile E. Coyote: I've got it. I challenge you to a month long grow off, where I grow a garden on my side of the fence, you grow a garden on your side of the fence, and we'll see who produces a more pleasing yield. Dirt or TECHNOLOGY!
Bugs Bunny: You're on.

Bugs Bunny: And it well make them furious at Bugs if he drives through a cactus patch.

Bugs Bunny: I wish I got paid for being a stinker. Wait a minute, I just did.

Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny: Innocent as a newborn baby - baby rat, that is.

[Bruno promises to catch Bugs during the trapeze act]
Bugs Bunny: [to audience] Don't you beelieve it!

Bruno the Bear: What you think you gonna do?
Bugs Bunny: Who, me? Oh, I think I'm gonna jump 200 feet off of this platform into a tank of water.
[Kisses Bruno]
Bugs Bunny: Goodbye!
[Raises platform 200 feet; Bruno raises his platform also]
Bruno the Bear: Nobody could outdo Bruno the Magnificent. I dive 300 feet into bucket of water.
[Raises platform 300 feet, Bugs does same]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, yeah? Well, I'll dive 500 feet into a damp sponge!
[They raise the platforms to 500 feet, breaking over the tent]
Bruno the Bear: And I, Bruno, will dive 1,000 feet into a block of cement! On my head, yet.
[They raise their platforms to 1,000 feet]
Bugs Bunny: Say, that's a good stunt. I'll buy that. But the star goes first. Here I go.
Bruno the Bear: Oh, no! Bruno is the star. I go first.
Bugs Bunny: Ah-ah! I go first.
Bruno the Bear: [Grabbing Bugs by the neck] I go first!
Bugs Bunny: Okay, pal. You win. You go first.
[Bruno dives the 1,000 feet and lands head first into block of cement, squashing himself in the process]

Bah Humduck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas (2006) (V)
Daffy Duck: [with his usual lisp] Stop snacking on store merchandise mister or I'll see to it that you're arrested for stealing!
Bugs Bunny: [wiping his face with Daffy's necktie] You might wanna stay away from the "s" words until you work through that little spitting problem of yours.
Porky Pig: M-m-m-maybe you could see a speech thera-pe-thera-pe thera-pe... specialist.

Bugs Bunny: For shame. For shame! Has your holiday spirit flown south for the winter?

Daffy Duck: [startled] What are you doing here?
Bugs Bunny: I asked the little guy in the helmet downstairs if he knew of any cheap skates and he sent me up here.

Rabbit's Feat (1960)
Bugs Bunny: Daddy! You're back from Peru! And we thought you had been run over by an elevator!

Bugs Bunny: Like the man said: Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive.

[Bugs and Wile E. are laying on a rock, with their heads opposite one another]
Wile E. Coyote: Let me see now. It is obvious that this is no ordinary rabbit. Therefore, I must dream up a brilliant master strategy, ingenious, daring. Now, what if I lured him into a rock crusher?
Bugs Bunny: Nah, nah, too complicated.
Wile E. Coyote: Right, too complicated. But what if I built a Burmese tiger trap?
Bugs Bunny: Hmm. Uh-uh, too much detail.
Wile E. Coyote: Yeah, yeah, too much detail. Hmm. I've got it!
Bugs Bunny: You have?
Wile E. Coyote: Yes. Listen, you know what a sucker he is for carrots.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, yeah.
Wile E. Coyote: So what I do is, I fill some carrots full of dynamite. He eats 'em...
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, then what happens?
Wile E. Coyote: He blows up.
Bugs Bunny: [screaming] YAAAAAAAHHHH!
[he startles Wile E., who flies up and then falls down]
Bugs Bunny: That'd hurt.

The Big Snooze (1946)
Bugs Bunny: Let's see. What can I do to this guy next...?
[reads from a book titled One Thousand and One Arabian Nightmares]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no! It's too gruesome!... but I'll do it.

Bugs Bunny: [trying to convince Elmer not to leave] No. No, doc. You can't do this to me. Think of what we've been to each other. Why, we've been like... like Rabbit and Costello, Damon and Runyan...
[tugs at Elmer's pants]
Bugs Bunny: Stan and Laurel...!
[rips them off accidentally and puts them back on]
Bugs Bunny: You can't do this, I tell ya. You don't want to break up the act, do ya?
[aside to audience]
Bugs Bunny: Bette Davis is going to hate me for this.
[back to Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: Think of your career.
[turns back to audience, shocked]
Bugs Bunny: And for that matter, think of my career.
[breaks down in tears]

Elmer Fudd: Zillions and twillions of wabbits! Where are they all coming from?
Bugs Bunny: [at an adding machine] From me, Doc. I'm multiplying, see? I'm multiplying!

Bunny Hugged (1951)
Bugs Bunny: It's a living.

[after the Crusher crashes against a steel door]
Bugs Bunny: Why, Crusher! It's good to see you.
The Crusher: Yeah, well, I was just passing by... Dyuh... just passing by...
Bugs Bunny: Well, come in, come in, come in, come in. Don't stand out there in the cold.
The Crusher: Thought I'd just drop in to say hello... D'oy... Just passing by, you understand...
Bugs Bunny: [puts a coat on Crusher] Sorry you think you gotta go, Crusher. Been nice seeing you.
The Crusher: D'oy...
Bugs Bunny: Aw, you look tired, Crusher. Why don't you rest up on this nice, soft floor for a few minutes before you go? Atta boy. Now, we'll just pin those little old shoulders to the little old mat and...

Bugs Bunny: [watching the Crusher beat up Ravishing Ronald] Oh, brother! There goes me bread and butter. I gotta do something.

Hare Force (1944)
Bugs Bunny: Gee, ain't I a stinker?

Bugs Bunny: You're in for it now, Doc. It's the hot seat for you, sure.

Sylvester: [Kicks Bugs in the butt] Gee, I'm awful sorry. That was awfully unsporting of me, hitting ya when you wasn't looking.
Bugs Bunny: That's okay. All you did was this.
[Kicks Sylvester in the butt]
Bugs Bunny: Now, if you had done this...
[Slaps Sylvester in the nose]
Bugs Bunny: ... or this...
[twirls Sylvester over his head]
Bugs Bunny: ... I'd have gotten sore and done this.
[Punches Sylvester in the jaw]
Bugs Bunny: But you didn't. All you did was this.
[Kicks Sylvester in the butt again]
Bugs Bunny: So there's no need for apologies.

Haredevil Hare (1948)
[last lines]
Control Center Technician: Have you prepared a statement for the press?
Bugs Bunny: Well, yes, I have prepared a statement: GET ME OUTTA HERE!

[first lines]
Bugs Bunny: No, no! I don't want to go! I'm too young to fly! Stop! I've got a wife and kids - millions of kids! Help! I don't wanna be a hero!

Bugs Bunny: [after being caught by K-9] Gee, kid. I didn't know you cared.
[K-9 laughs sheepishly]
Bugs Bunny: No, no, don't leave. There's a beautiful Earth out tonight.

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: The Grim Rabbit/The Wringer (#1.6)" (2015)
Bugs Bunny: This is taking FOREVER!

Bugs Bunny: I know buddy, I know.

Wile E. Coyote: Perfection!
Bugs Bunny: Yep, pretty good alright. Expect you missed one, Doc.

A-Lad-in His Lamp (1948)
Bugs Bunny: [after Mad Man Hassan points his sword to Bugs' chest] Just a minute doc, let's not start splitting hares.

Bugs Bunny: [after he falls on Mad Man Hassan] Eehhhh, what's up, beaverpuss?

Bugs Bunny: [Bugs is flying in the air thanks to the Genie] Hey look, fellas, I'm a *hareplane*!

Wideo Wabbit (1956)
Bugs Bunny: [referring to Elmer] Gee, what a sorehead. I've hoid about professional jealousy among actors, but that dope has got it real bad.
Elmer Fudd: [chasing Bugs] Hey, you come back here!
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no. You huwt my feelings.

[Bugs had been asked by the QTTV producer to climb to the top of a ladder and sit down on the cushion on the very top of it]
Bugs Bunny: What's sitting up here on this cushion got to do with my television career?
QTTV Producer: Well, you see, most people have to start at the bottom of the ladder. But we're starting you at the top. We like you.

Bugs Bunny: [as Liberace] George!
[he gives a giant piano-keys smile, then gestures toward Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: That's my brother, George.

The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (1942)
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs has just been locked outside. He prepares to bust the door down, but starts choking] Hey, I'm getting pneumonia! Open up! I'll die.
Bugs Bunny: [frantic pounding on door] I'll die! No, I'm too young to die! Please... please let me in! Hey, this scene oughta get me the Academy Award.
[resumes acting]
Bugs Bunny: Say goodbye to Uncle Louie for me... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
[fakes death. Elmer then opens the door]
Elmer Fudd: Uncle Wouie?
[see Bugs on the floor]
Elmer Fudd: What have I done? Thwee miwwion dowwars all shot to pieces.

Bugs Bunny: Hey, what are ya trying to do, kill me? You're retching my skull! I'm gonna call Uncle Louie, that's what I'm gonna do!
Bugs Bunny: [runs over to the phone and clicks the receiver repeatedly] Operator, operator! Hey, you got a nickel?
Bugs Bunny: [Elmer hands him a nickel and Bugs puts it in his pocket] Hello, operator, operator! Gimme Walnut 3-3... Oh, is that you, Mert? How's every little thing?

Bugs Bunny: [Elmer is chasing Bugs around Elmer's grandfather clock,the clock then chimes] Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Yipee! Hooray! Happy New Year!
[grabs Elmer's hands and starts singing "Auld Lang Syne",Elmer starts to sing, but then looks at the calendar,which says July]
Elmer Fudd: Why you...
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs stops singing] Well, yipe again!

Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny: [after being beaten up by Sam] Eh, what's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam Schultz: Trying to pull a escape, 777174, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Oh, you're mistaken, Mac. You see, I'm not 777174. I'm only three and a half.
Yosemite Sam Schultz: Three and a half? Okay, so you're three and a half.
[Cut to Bugs, cracking rocks and wearing a prisoner uniform with the number 3½]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, my mother told me there'd be days like this.

Yosemite Sam Schultz: [training his rifle on Bugs] I'm gonna give you solitary confinement for 99 years!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, you wouldn't be so tough if you weren't wearing that uniform!
Yosemite Sam Schultz: Oh, I wouldn't, huh?
[Both take off their uniforms]
Yosemite Sam Schultz: [sparring] Yeah, right hook. Left to the jaw.
Bugs Bunny: Yep, I guess you would, all right.
[Bugs puts on Sam's uniform, while Sam puts on Bugs' prisoner uniform; Bugs blows whistle and guards beat up Sam and drag him away]

Yosemite Sam Schultz: [directing Bugs into a prison cell] Now get in there!
[Bugs enters the cell and Sam locks it, then laughs wickedly]
Bugs Bunny: Gee, I don't get it, Doc. How come you locked me outside?
Yosemite Sam Schultz: Outside? Why, you're *inside*!
Bugs Bunny: [chuckles] Oh, no, I'm not; I'm outside. *You're* inside.
Yosemite Sam Schultz: I am?
[opens the door]
Yosemite Sam Schultz: Well, then get in here!
[Sam switches places with Bugs; Bugs closes the cell, takes the key and leaves]
Bugs Bunny: [mockingly] Boo-hoo. Now I'll never see my wife and kiddies again. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (1964)
Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil: Say ahhhh... ooh this doesn't look good. I'm going to have to paint your tongue.

Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil: [groaning] Is there a doctor in the house?

Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil: [the Frankenstein Monster turns on Bugs] No, no, no, not me, Frankie! Not me, Frankie! No, Frankie, No! No!

Carrotblanca (1995)
Penelope: Please play it for me.
Daffy Duck: I hope you don't mean that Knock on Wood song. I've got a splitting headache.
Penelope: You know, my favorite song.
[Daffy looks at the camera and plays a single note]
Bugs: [appears out of nowhere] I thought I told you never to play that song!

Bugs: I stick my cottontail out for no one.

Penelope: Bugs, I don't know if I can leave you again.
Bugs: Listen, Kitty. If you don't go with him, you'll regret it. In this cwazy woild, the lives of three people don't amount to a...
Sylvester: Yeah, yeah. Hill o' greens, hill o' greens. We know. Gotta go, gotta go.

Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Beaky Buzzard: My mama done told me, "Son, bring something for dinner."
Bugs Bunny: Really? What's cooking? What is it you're looking for?
Beaky Buzzard: Well, it's... um... it's... Now don't tell me! Don't tell me!... It's, um...
[Suddenly grabs Bugs]
Beaky Buzzard: It's a rabbit.

[Beaky falls into the skeleton]
Beaky Buzzard: [sees bones] What the... Ooooh, MAAA!
[Mama appears and sees her son is a skeleton]
Mama Buzzard: [to Bugs] Hey! What did you do to my poor little kid?
Bugs Bunny: Keep your shirt on lady, the kid's okay!

[Beaky grabs Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: [struggles] Help! Help! Oh, you brute, you! Help!
[the two dance off]
Bugs Bunny: Why don't we do this more often?
Beaky Buzzard: You mean just what we're doing tonight?

Acrobatty Bunny (1946)
Bugs Bunny: Iron bars do not a prison make... but they sure help, eh, Doc?

Bugs Bunny: [shouting into the lion's mouth] Pinocchio!

Bugs Bunny: We're also available for picnics, lodge meetings, children's parties, and smokers.

High Diving Hare (1949)
[last lines]
Bugs: I know this defies the Law of Gravity, but, you see, I never studied law!

Yosemite Sam: Now, you dog-blasted, ornery, no-account, long-eared varmint!
Bugs: Hey,just a minute, you! Dem's fightin' woids!
Yosemite Sam: Yeah, dem's fightin' words!
Bugs: I dash ya to step across dis line.
[traces line along edge of diving board]
Yosemite Sam: I'm a-stepping.
[Sam steps across line and falls off board; rises up]
Yosemite Sam: I hate you.
[falls back down]

Yosemite Sam: [on the diving board, Sam notices that Bugs has disappeared] What... Where is he? Where's the critter at?
[he looks over the edge to see Bugs standing upside-down on the underside of the board]
Bugs: Eh... What's up, doc?
Yosemite Sam: [flabbergasted] *Great horny toads!* What're you doin' down there upside-downy?
Bugs: I'm not upside down, doc; *you* are! Look!
[He points, revealing that Sam is actually the one upside-down. Sam falls into the water tank below]

Knighty Knight Bugs (1958)
Bugs Bunny: [as the court jester] Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck! Only a fool would go after the Singing Sword!
King Arthur: A good idea, *fool*. Unless you bring back the Singing Sword, you will be put to the rack, burned at the stake, and beheaded.
Bugs Bunny: Be-be-beheaded?
[starts laughing, then crying]

Bugs Bunny: [after Bugs found the Singing Sword, at the Black Knight's castle and home] I wonder why they call this the Singing Sword?
[singing Sword performs musical tune "Cuddle Up a Little Closer"]

[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [waving goodbye to Sam and his dragon] Adios! Have a nice trip! Bon voyage! Farewell to thee!
[singing Sword performs musical tune "Aloha 'Oe"]

Hare Trimmed (1953)
Bugs: [preparing to duel with Sam] En garde?
Yosemite Sam: I'm ready!
Bugs: [Sam starts taking his steps while Bugs counts] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine and a half, nine and three quarters, nine and three sixteenths, eleven sixteenths, twelve sixteenths, ten!
[a bus runs over Sam]
Bugs: Yep, he's right on time.
Yosemite Sam: [lying dazed in the middle of the street] Ooh... what a night.

[Bugs is disguised as a Frenchman]
Bugs: Eh, what is up, M'sieur le physician?
Yosemite Sam: You darn dude! I'll give you a taste of leather!
[Smacks Bugs across the face with his glove]
Bugs: Ha! You have insult the great lover, the Marquis of Queensbury Rules! Take *this*!
[Slips a brick into his glove and hits Sam with it, the broken pieces falling out]

[Bugs, dressed as Granny, comes up to Yosemite Sam with a tray full of coffee supplies]
Bugs: One or two lumps?
Yosemite Sam: Make it two.
Bugs: Two? Okay.
[Bugs takes a mallet and delivers two lumps to Sam's noggin with it]
Bugs: One, two.
[He then runs off, giggling]

(Blooper) Bunny! (1991)
[Daffy is just about finished complaining to Elmer Fudd about being accidentally shot by him during a take when he walks into a wooden plank and gets his beak stuck]
Bugs Bunny: NOW can we cut?
Daffy Duck: You smug son of a...

[after Elmer fires a real shot]
Bugs Bunny: Cut.
Daffy Duck: No! Don't cut! Let the cameras roll to record for posterity whilst I give this two-bit Nimrod a severe dressing down.

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: Sam! Sam! Speak to me!
Yosemite Sam: Oooh! You carrot chompin', flop-eared, bob-tailed rabbit! I hope your innards turn to outards and your ears go visey-versey! I hates rabbits! It's just human nature to hates rabbits! Why you low down, flop-eared, son of a kangaroo! You'll pay for this, you dog blasted, ornery, no account, long-eared varmint! Why, you carned-sarned idjot rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: Eh...
[munches on a carrot]
Bugs Bunny: Maybe we can fix it in the editing.

Tortoise Beats Hare (1941)
Bugs Bunny: Why you... you little blankety-blank-blank toitle... how did... you did... I didn't...
Cecil Turtle: ...and "how" about my ten bucks?
Bugs Bunny: Oh, alright; here!
[gives him the money]
Bugs Bunny: Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten! And I hope ya choke!

Bugs Bunny: [after opening sequence, while munching on a carrot] Hmm... what's this? "
Bugs Bunny: Animation: Charles McKimson". "Musical
Bugs Bunny: Direction: Carl W. Stalling". "Story: Dave Manohan". "Supervision: Fred Avery". "Tortoise Beats Hare". "Tor..." "Tortoise Beats Hare"?
[spits out carrot]
Bugs Bunny: Why those stupid joiks don't know what they're talking about! And I outta know, I woik for 'em!

Bugs Bunny: Hey, you turtle! Come out of there!
[Deepening voice]
Bugs Bunny: Or I'll huff! And I'll puff! And I'll blow your house in...
[Normal voice]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, sorry. Pardon me. Wrong story.

Devil May Hare (1954)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: All the woild loves a lover, but in this case, we'll make an exception.

Bugs Bunny: [Looking up in the encyclopedia] Q... R... S... T, Tas, Tasmanian. Here it is. "A strong, murderous beast, jaws as powerful as a steel trap - has ravenous appetite - eats tigers, lions, elephants, buffaloes, donkeys, giraffes, octopuses, rhinoceroses, mooses, ducks..."
Tasmanian Devil: Rabbits.
Bugs Bunny: Rabbits? It doesn't say rabbits here.
[Tasmanian Devil writes "and rabbits" on bottom of page]

Bugs Bunny: [to a little fawn] Hey, scram. Go on, beat it. The Tasmanian Devil's liable to get you. He's a mean, vicious, nasty, no-good, baggy-eyed, marble-headed ignoramorus. He's a stupid...
Tasmanian Devil: Flattery will get you nowhere. And you can't fool me again.
Bugs Bunny: Huh?
[suddenly nervous]
Bugs Bunny: That's right, doc.
[pointing toward the fawn]
Bugs Bunny: This bitsy little animal is made out of straw.
Tasmanian Devil: But you're not.
[growls at Bugs and takes off after him]

Bugsy and Mugsy (1957)
Mugsy: [Rocky and Mugsy have pulled off a robbery] Gee! Some haul!
Rocky: Yeah. All 14 karat.
Bugs Bunny: [from the hole in the floor] Carrots? Carrots? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Where? Who? When?
Rocky: Hey, Mugsy, we better get some shut-eye if'n we're gonna pull that job tomorrow.
Mugsy: Okay, boss.
Bugs Bunny: Why, those dirty crooks! Someone oughta teach 'em that crime doesn't pay, and it looks like that someone's gonna be me.

[Bugs placed a phone next to the sleeping Rocky's ear and speaks through the other line]
Bugs Bunny: Hello? Calling Rocky? Hello? Rocky? Am I getting through to you, Rocky?
[Rocky's limp cigarette hanging from his lips springs up straight]
Bugs Bunny: They're saying you trust your pal Mugsy with that suitcase of jewelery. Heh-heh. Don't make me laugh.
[Rocky awakens and looks around, then shrugs and goes back to sleep]
Bugs Bunny: [speaking through phone] Look at Mugsy laying over there, pretending he's asleep. And all the time, he's thinking, getting ideas.
[Rocky awakens again, goes over to the sleeping Mugsy and slaps him in the face, startling him awake]
Rocky: That'll teach youse to get ideas.
Mugsy: But boss, you know I don't get any ideas.
Rocky: Well, see that you don't.

[Bugs throws Rocky's cigarette and replaces it with a stick of dynamite on his mouth, then he sneaks up behind the couch where Mugsy is sleeping]
Bugs Bunny: [imitating Rocky] Hey, Mugsy, c'mere. Gimme a light.
Mugsy: Okay, boss. Yeah, boss. Yeah, yeah. Gee, I'm glad you're not mad at me no more.
[He list the dynamite, then it explodes on Rocky]
Mugsy: Aw, now you're mad at me again! But, but boss...
[Rocky beats up Mugsy, ties his arms and legs, and throws him into the next room]
Rocky: Now get in the other room. NOW GO TO SLEEP!
[He hits Mugsy with a baseball bat and leaves]

Rabbit Every Monday (1951)
[singing, as he cooks carrots]
Bugs Bunny: Oh carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime, it's magic. They fry, a song begins; they roast and I hear violins, it's magic. Why do I kid myself? Other loves that I have are all really few. When in my heart I know, the magic's my love for you.

Bugs Bunny: I don't ask questions. I just have fun.
[Closing line, then closing credits and music begin]

"The Looney Tunes Show: Newspaper Thief (#1.14)" (2011)
Daffy Duck: One of you stole my newspaper. Confess!
Bugs Bunny: Really? You're really going there?
Daffy Duck: Yeah, I'm going there.
Granny: Where is he going?
Bugs Bunny: Because if you go there, *I* will go there. And you do not want to be there when I get there. Because when I get there, I will be so there that you will wish you had stayed right here.

Bugs Bunny: Well? Say you're sorry!
Daffy Duck: Uh...
Bugs Bunny: You can't say it can you?
Daffy Duck: I can say it. Uh...
Bugs Bunny: Then say it.
Daffy Duck: I'm... solly
Bugs Bunny: Did you just say you're solly?
Daffy Duck: I'm soggy.
Bugs Bunny: You're soggy?
Daffy Duck: I'm sarmy.

Mutiny on the Bunny (1950)
Yosemite Sam: [handing Bugs a mop] Here! You're a-swabbin' the deck.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no, I'm not.
Yosemite Sam: Oh, yes, you are!
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no, I'm not.
Yosemite Sam: Oh, yes, you are!
Bugs Bunny: Oh...
[dissolve to Bugs mopping the deck]
Bugs Bunny: Yes, I am.

[last lines]
[Bugs has forced Sam to become his pilot on a voyage around the world, using a lifeboat]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, the places I've been and the things I've seen. Come on, come on! Step on it! We've still gotta make Rio de Janeiro.
[the boat sails off into the sunset as we iris out]

Show Biz Bugs (1957)
Daffy Duck: Try not to trip me up with those big feet, please.
Bugs Bunny: I'll try, Daffy.
Daffy Duck: We're on!

[last lines; Daffy has blown himself up for a grand finale; the audience cheers]
Bugs Bunny: [starts clapping] That's terrific, Daffy! They loved it. They want more.
Daffy Duck: [as a ghost rising to heaven] I know, I know, but I can only do it once.

Wild and Woolly Hare (1959)
Bugs Bunny: So long screwy. See ya in Saint Louie.
Yosemite Sam: I hate that rabbit.

Yosemite Sam: I'm the fastest gun north, south, east, aaaaaaaand west of the Pecos! I'm the...
Bugs Bunny: [o.s] Eh, shuddup!
Yosemite Sam: [marching over to Bugs] Did I hear someone say, "Shuddup?"
Bugs Bunny: [lifts his hat to reveal his eyes] ... Yup.
Yosemite Sam: Stranger, you've just yupped yourself into a hole in the head!
Bugs Bunny: You been eatin' onions.
Yosemite Sam: And *you're* gonna be eatin' lead!
[pulls his revolver out]
Yosemite Sam: I'm a-warnin' ya, stranger!
Bugs Bunny: I think it's fair to warn *you*, I swing a fast-shootin' arm myself. You see that church bell out there? I'll carry my shot off'n it, then off that water tower, through the window, off the bottle on this bar, then part your hair right down the middle!
[he draws, twirls and fires his revolver. The shot ricochets off all its intended targets, but Sam ducks before it hits him]
Yosemite Sam: *Ha!* Ya missed!
Bugs Bunny: Wait...
[Sam looks unnerved as his hat splits in half, revealing his hair parted perfectly down the middle]

No Parking Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny: Okay Mac, start pounding.

Bugs Bunny: Happy freeway
[walks into his hole. A second passes. Then emerges quickly, horrified]
Bugs Bunny: [shouts] Freeway?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Bugs Bunny: [Eddie is falling; Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, both wearing parachutes, join him] Eh, what's up, Doc? Jumpin' without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it?
Eddie Valiant: Yeah.
Mickey Mouse: Yeah. You could get killed. Heh, heh.
Eddie Valiant: You guys got a spare?
Mickey Mouse: Uh, Bugs does.
Eddie Valiant: Yeah?
Bugs Bunny: [in a sing-song tone] Yeah, but I don't think you want it.
Eddie Valiant: I do, I do, give it to me!
Mickey Mouse: Gee, uh, better let him have it, Bugs.
Bugs Bunny: Okay, Doc. Whatever you say, here's the spare.
Eddie Valiant: Thank you.
Eddie Valiant: Thank you.
[Mickey and Bugs deploy parachutes; Eddie pulls ripcord on parachute, and a car tire inflates]
Eddie Valiant: Aw, no! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
Mickey Mouse: Aw, poor fella. Ha ha.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, ain't I a stinker?
Lena Hyena: [Eddie continues falling until Lena Hyena catches him before he hits the ground] My man!
[Gives him a stretching kiss, Eddie tumbles backwards away from her a long way]
Lena Hyena: Come to Lena!
Eddie Valiant: [Starts running towards him, Eddie rips part of a street line and moves it toward a wall which she runs straight into] Toons. Gets 'em every time.

[the Toons gather around Judge Doom's remains]
Mickey Mouse: Gosh, I wonder who he really was?
Bugs Bunny: I'll tell you one thing, Doc. He weren't no rabbit.
Daffy Duck: Or a duck.
Goofy: Or a dog.
Pinocchio: Or a little wooden boy.
Big Bad Wolf: Or a... sheep.
Woody Woodpecker: Or a woodpecker.
Sylvester: Or a pussy.

Gorilla My Dreams (1948)
Bugs Bunny: Cut that out, Gargantua. I'm ain't an ape. I'm a rabbit. Long ears... fluffy tail... technically known as a rodentus rabbitus.
Mrs. Gruesome Gorilla: [crying] My baby doesn't love me.
Bugs Bunny: That's my soft spot - dames crying. So she thinks I'm her baby. I'll play along with the gag. All right, lady. Turn off the waterworks... mother.
[Mrs. Gruesome takes Bugs and dresses him up as a baby]
Bugs Bunny: Me and my big, fat mouth.

Bugs Bunny: Okay, Doc. You caught me fair and square. I throw myself on your tender moicies.
[Gorilla grabs Bugs and roughs him up, but he quickly tires out; Bugs blows on him and he falls]
Bugs Bunny: Heh, I wore him out.

Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Yosemite Sam: Ahoy there! Enemy ahoy!
Bugs Bunny: What's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: A rabbit? Ha ha ha ha! A rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, Ha ha ha ha! A rabbit. And just who do you think you are?
Yosemite Sam: Who am I? I'm Sam Von Schmamm the Hessian, that's who I am, and I've got you outnumbered one to one. Surrender or die, rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: Now just a minute, Von Schmamm the Hessian. This happens to be me native soil and I like it. In fact, I love it.
[Kisses ground]
Bugs Bunny: And no Hessian oppression is gonna put me off'n it. So just try and take it.

Yosemite Sam: You better say your prayers, you flea-bitten varmit! I'm a-gonna blow you to smithereenies!
Bugs Bunny: Ah, your brother blows bubble gum!

A Witch's Tangled Hare (1959)
Bugs Bunny: [to Witch Hazel] Eh, what's up, Zsa Zsa?

Witch Hazel: [flying up to the tower] Hello!
Bugs Bunny: [hands her an anvil] Good bye!
Witch Hazel: Good grief!
Bugs Bunny: Good riddance!

Stage Door Cartoon (1944)
Bugs Bunny: I'll do it, but I'll probably hate myself in the morning!

Southern Sheriff: [to Elmer, who has no pants on] You're under arrest for indecent southern exposure. Is agin' the law. Get a-goin'! It's the hoosegow for you, bub.
[as they are leaving the theater, a Bugs Bunny cartoon starts playing]
Southern Sheriff: Say, just a moment. Hold your horses. It's one of them Bugs Bunny cartoonies a-comin' on. I just dotes on that there critter's doin's. Sit, son. I ain't a gonna miss this'n.
Bugs Bunny: [On screen] Eh, what's up, Doc?
Southern Sheriff: [laughing] Look at that critter! What a scalawag! Don't he beat all?
[On screen, Bugs is putting on the sheriff costume]
Southern Sheriff: I can't stand it! He's a-killin' me!
Elmer Fudd: Hey! Wait a minute, you impostor. You're not shewiff. You're the wabbit in disguise. Off with it, you twickster.
[Tears off the sheriff's clothes; he's not Bugs Bunny after all]
Southern Sheriff: Hmm. You'll swing for this, sir!
[as the sheriff escorts Elmer out of the theater, the band conductor takes off his wig and reveals himself as Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: [Imitating Jimmy Durante] Ah-ha-ha-ha! I got a million of them!

Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944)
Bugs Bunny: [riding in Red Riding Hood's basket] Eh, whatcha got in the basket, gorgeous?
Little Red Riding Hood: I've got a little bunny rabbit I'm taking to my grandma's, to have, see?
[Pulls out one of Bugs's legs]
Bugs Bunny: Hmm. Well, not a bad pair of stems for a rabbit.
Little Red Riding Hood: Yeah, and he's got a cute face, too. See?
[Pulls Bugs out to show him his own face]

[last lines]
[Bugs places the Wolf over a pile of hot coals with of heavy objects piled on his arms... ]
Little Red Riding Hood: HEY, GRANDMA!
Bugs Bunny: [fed up] I'll do it... but I'll probably hate myself in the morning!
[Replaces the Wolf with Red Riding Hood over the pile of hot coals]

Beanstalk Bunny (1955)
Bugs: You're the Giant in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, aren't you?
Elmer: Well, yes.
Bugs: And the Giant in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk wasn't after no wabbit, now was he? He was after Jack. Right?
Elmer: Well, I guess maybe that is wight.
Bugs: All right then.
[Pointing to Daffy]
Bugs: He is Jack.
Daffy: It's a lie. It's a lie. My name is, uh, Aloysius. His name is Jack. Jack Rabbit.
Bugs: Oh, no. You're Jack, all right.
Daffy: I am not. You're Jack.
Bugs: You are Jack and you know it, because it is a fact.
Elmer: I guess I'll have to open up with a pair of Jacks.

Bugs: I don't remember any rabbit in Jack and the Beanstalk. But, there's gonna be one in this one.

Shishkabugs (1962)
Bugs Bunny: It just goes to show ya that a one-eyed jack rabbit can beat a king.

[Sam is searching through the cookbook for the recipe for hassenpfeffer when he is interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Bugs Bunny]
Yosemite Sam: [upset] Ooh, what do you want?
Bugs Bunny: Good afternoon. Let me introduce myself as one of the woodland creatures residing in the King's forest, and being that there is such a close relationship, I assume it would not be too improper to borrow a cup of diced carrots, huh?
[he holds an empty cup]
Yosemite Sam: The answer is no!
[he slams the door shut in Bugs' face]
Yosemite Sam: Dirty, no-account, woodland creature rabbits always borrowin' things.

"The Angry Video Game Nerd: Mega Man Games (#10.1)" (2016)
Bugs Bunny: Nyaah, now cut that out!
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Nyaah, FUCK YOU!
[punches Bugs in the face, sending him flying back into a shelf of games]

Bugs Bunny: This game fucking sucks! Nyah, what a shitload of fuck! What were they thinking?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Hey, what's going on here?
Bugs Bunny: Nyah, I got ya covered, Nerd. You quit, you said, "So long, Screwy. See you in St. Louis." It's all good, you never have to play a bad game ever again. You're off the hook.

Wackiki Wabbit (1943)
Bugs Bunny: Ah, white men! Welcome to Humuhumunukunukuapua'a-a-a-a-a Island.

Bugs Bunny: [in subtitled "Hawaiian"] What's up, Doc? Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of his party.
Thin Castaway: Well, thanks.
[subtitle: "Ofa Eno Maua Te Ofe Popaa"]
Fat Castaway: [points at said subtitle] Gee, did you say that?
[other castaway shrugs]

Napoleon Bunny-Part (1956)
Napoleon: [to executioner, after nearly got the chop] Idiot! Turn in your hood!
[takes off executioner's hood]
Bugs Bunny: Ehhhhh! What's up, Nappy?

Asylum Worker #1: Hey, Pierre! Here's another Napoleon.
Asylum Worker #2: That's ze twelfth one today.
[Drags Napoleon away]
Asylum Worker #1: [Sarcastically] Sure you are.
Bugs Bunny: He he he. Imagine that guy thinking he's Napoleon...
[grabs hat from nowhere]
Bugs Bunny: ...when I REALLY AM!

Herr Meets Hare (1945)
Goering: [Bugs has asked Goering directions to Las Vegas] Las Vegas? But there is no Las Vegas in Germany.
Bugs Bunny: Goimany? Yipes!

[Last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as Stalin] Does your tobacco taste different lately?

Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet (1979) (TV)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: After all, for *this* show, we need an ending in good taste.

Bugs Bunny: [calling after Porky] And remember, take two a day, and call me in the morning.

The Heckling Hare (1941)
Bugs Bunny: Let's see... what can I do to this guy next?

Willoughby: [Willoughby digs his hand through a knothole in a tree Bugs jumped into who then drops a tomato into Willoughby's hand causing him to think he killed Bugs] I... I crushed him!
[Starts sobbing]
Willoughby: I've done a bad thing, I crushed him, I crushed him!
[Cries hysterically]
Willoughby: [Places flowers at Bugs' hole as he turns to the audience] Flowers
Willoughby: rest in peace, poor little bunny.
Bugs Bunny: [Grabs the flowers while talking in a falsetto voice] For me doc?, oh you darling
[Kisses Willoughby and jumps back into the hole]
Willoughby: [Willoughby furiously digs after him only to discover that the hole is at the bottom of a cliff]
[to the audience]
Willoughby: Gee did, did you see what almost happened to me!
[breathes a sigh of relief]
Willoughby: I, I gotta be more careful
[Accidentally steps off the edge of the cliff]
Bugs Bunny: [as he watches Willoughby fall] Ah, too bad, aw but the jerk had it coming to him, he outta watch his step
[Steps into the hole also causing him to fall off the cliff]

"Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian (#2.8)" (1991)
Babs Bunny: Where'd you get an Acme Gold Express card? I didn't think they gave them to kids.
Buster Bunny: Well, they don't. I just borrowed this from Bugs Bunny in case we needed it.
[cut to Bugs watching the episode on TV at home]
Bugs Bunny: [looking in his wallet] Why that little so-and-so! I am not happy about this.

Steven Spielberg: You guys were great! What a wonderful show, thanks.
Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny: Oh, thank you Mr. Spielberg, I mean...
Steven Spielberg: By the way, the girls wrote another script - Buster and Babs go to Mars in a rocket ship. We begin shooting on Monday, bye!
[drives off]
Buster Bunny: A rocket ship?
Buster Bunny: What did I do to deserve this?
Babs Bunny: You're being negative again!
Bugs Bunny: Eh... got a minute Doc? About this credit card bill...
Babs Bunny: Next stop, Mars!
Buster Bunny: I hate flying, I hate flying, I hate flying...

The Wacky Wabbit (1942)
Bugs Bunny: Gold! They discovered gold!
Elmer Fudd: Gold! Gold! Wovewy, yewwow gold! Where? Where?
Bugs Bunny: [Points at gold tooth] Ah, here.
Elmer Fudd: That's nothing. I have one wight...
[Points at his own gold tooth; realizes he's been had and burbles with rage]
Bugs Bunny: You chubby little rascal.

[Last lines]
Elmer Fudd: Wabbit, I came here for gold, and I'm going to get it!
Bugs Bunny: No! No! No! Not that! Not that! Anything but...
[Elmer and Bugs fight until Elmer has a gold tooth in his hands]
Elmer Fudd: Euweka! Gold at wast! He-he-he-he!
[Smiles, showing a gap where his gold tooth was]
Bugs Bunny: Euweka! Gold at wast! He-he-he-he!
[Points at his intact gold tooth]

The Grey Hounded Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny: [Examining the dogs] Hmm, looks a little undernourished. Kind of inny-skay in the elly-bay. This one looks a little better. Kind of flabby, though. No muscle tone. This runt ain't got a chance. Ah, number 7! That's me lucky number. Looks pretty good. Better check his teeth, though. Come on, Lassie, open your mouth. Let's see those little toothies. Hmm. A little shadow on that bicuspidor. You better see a dentist.
#7 Dog: Grr-rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc? Don't you like rabbits?
#7 Dog: Grr-no!
[Charges toward Bugs, digging a hole in the ground trying to run]
Bugs Bunny: What a performance! Hey, this kid's gonna leave his race down that hole.

Announcer: Now they're ready. There goes the buzzer, and there goes the rabbit!
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit?
[Sees the mechanical rabbit]
Bugs Bunny: Wow!
[Wolf whistle]
Bugs Bunny: What a hunk of feminine pulchritudee!
Announcer: The dogs are going wild, and there they go!
Bugs Bunny: What? Dogs chasing that cute little bunny? They can't do this! Chivalry is not dead! I'll save you, sweetheart!

Half-Fare Hare (1956)
Bugs Bunny: [in response to the newspaper saying that the carrot crop freeze is making rabbits flee in droves] In droves? But I don't have a drove.

[after pouring water into Ralph and Ed's car, Bugs opens it to see them swimming]
Bugs Bunny: [gleefully] Hey Mama! Look at the funny fish!

A Star Is Bored (1956)
Daffy Duck: I wonder where all the hunters are today?
[hundreds of hunters shoot at Daffy]
Daffy Duck: I demand to know who wrote this script!
Bugs Bunny: I'd like to tell him, but... Hehehehe... modesty forbids.

Daffy Duck: What a job for a duck with my talents, pushing a broom while others with absolutely nothing on the ball get all the breaks.
Bugs Bunny: [inside dressing room] Oh, it's so nice of you, Lolly...
Daffy Duck: Eesh! Listen to that ham putting it on.
Bugs Bunny: Well, I'm willing to do anything my public demands.
Daffy Duck: [mockingly] "Anything my public demands. Anything my public demands." That does it! If a long-eared rabbit can be a star, so can a duck!

Hare-Breadth Hurry (1963)
Bugs Bunny: [referring to Wile E] You know, it's amazing the trouble this joker goes through to get a square meal. Eh, case in point...
[he shows off Wile E.'s latest rabbit trap, which involves a boulder suspended above the ground by a rope, a seesaw and a rifle]

The Fair Haired Hare (1951)
Yosemite Sam: Here's your juice rabbit, now drink up.
Bugs Bunny: [spins the table] Trade ya.
Yosemite Sam: [spins the table back] Drink your own juice!
Bugs Bunny: [spins the table multiple times] Round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.
Yosemite Sam: [stops the table] Cut it out!
[pulls out his gun]
Yosemite Sam: Now drink your juice, before I blows the fur off'n yer hide!
Yosemite Sam: It's good for ya.
Bugs Bunny: I'm not going to drink till you drink yours foist!
Yosemite Sam: [chuckles darkly] OK, it's a deal.
[he drinks the juice, then pulls his gun again]
Bugs Bunny: [trembling nervously, Bugs drinks the juice, then brightens] Hey, that's delicious! How about a second helping, doc?

"The Looney Tunes Show: Devil Dog (#1.8)" (2011)
Bugs Bunny: Sleep well?
Daffy Duck: Why? Are you implying that I wet the bed?

"Tiny Toon Adventures: Animaniacs! (#1.36)" (1990)
Plucky Duck: [after winning the animation entry contest] What do I win?
Bugs Bunny: Eh, you get to take the course again on account of you skipped it the first time.

Hold the Lion, Please (1942)
Bugs Bunny: How do you like that? The guy wants to be the king of the jungle, and he ain't even master in his own home. Ain't that rich? Now me, I wear the pants in my family.
Mrs. Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, doc, dear?
[Bugs slinks back into his hole]
Mrs. Bugs Bunny: Eh, who wears the pants in this family?
[Lifts skirt to reveal a pair of pants]

Oily Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny: [singing to the tune of "Home on the Range"] Oh, give me a home / Where da billionaires roam / An' de oil and da cattlemen play / Wit dere gushin' oil wells / An' super hotels / An' count up dere money all day / An' dat ain't hay.

Robot Rabbit (1953)
Bugs Bunny: [Elmer shoots down the rabbit hole] You got me, doc. Ah... I'm goin'... gulp... everything is gettin' dark. Ugh... I'm gonna kick the bucket.
[Bugs kicks the bucket]
Elmer Fudd: Hooway! The wabbit kicked the bucket!

Roman Legion-Hare (1955)
Bugs Bunny: Well, like the Romans always say, E pluribus uranium.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny (1980) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: I'm glad that I'm not young anymore. But you know, I bet Elmer and I were the youngest people to ever start chasing each other.
[spots a small Wile Coyote in a diaper chasing Roadrunner who's an egg with feet]
Bugs Bunny: Yet, I could be wrong, you know.

"The Looney Tunes Show: Double Date (#1.12)" (2011)
Daffy Duck: Phone!
Bugs Bunny: Kinda got my hands full.
Daffy Duck: So do I.

Elmer's Candid Camera (1940)
Rabbit: What are you doing, taking pictures?
[Elmer nods his head]
Rabbit: Nice hobby. Mind if I watch?
[Elmer shakes his head]
Rabbit: What are you taking pictures of?
Elmer Fudd: That wabbit.
Rabbit: [Looks over Elmer's shoulder] What rabbit?
Elmer Fudd: Why, that little gray wabbit over... over... over there.
[Realizing the rabbit is right in front of him, Elmer grabs the rabbit up to his face]
Rabbit: Please, sir! Gosh, I don't even know the guy!

Lumber Jack-Rabbit (1954)
Bugs Bunny: [on being confronted by Paul Bunyan's dog, Smidgen, height 124 ft 6 in, weight 4600 tons] I'll be scared later. Right now, I'm too mad.

"Toon Marooned: Beach, Blanket, Bang-O (#1.2)" (2001)
Bugs Bunny: Today, our toons will compete for the immunity anvil. That means the winner can't be voted off the show tonight.

Bonanza Bunny (1959)
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs and Jaque are playing 21. Jaque hands Bugs one card]
[looks at his card]
Bugs Bunny: Can I stay on just one card?
Blaque Jaque Shellaque: One card? Oh. Oh, sure.
[puts down two cards]
Blaque Jaque Shellaque: One ten and another ten makes twenty. Beat that.
Bugs Bunny: Okay, I win.
[shows Jaque his card]
Bugs Bunny: Twenty one.
[Bugs' card is a 21 card]

Bushy Hare (1950)
"Nature Boy": [screaming] Yaaargh!
Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up Doc?
"Nature Boy": [yelling in a gibberish language] Woooooah ooga dinga!
Bugs Bunny: [yelling back] Unga bunga bunga!
"Nature Boy": [yelling back] Unga bunga bunga!
Bugs Bunny: [yelling] Unga bunga bunga!
"Nature Boy": [yelling] Unga bunga bunga!
Bugs Bunny: [in a calm manner] Unga bunga bunga, Binga binga binga bunga!
["Nature Boy" screams]
Bugs Bunny: What'd I say, what'd I say?

Hare Do (1949)
Bugs Bunny: [after escaping the woods in a taxi] Hee hee hee! Whatta knucklehead. You gotta get up early in the morning to outsmart this rabbit.
Elmer Fudd: [Elmer is driving] I got up at quarter to five.
Bugs Bunny: B-O-I-N-GGGG!

Rhapsody Rabbit (1946)
Bugs Bunny: [the phone rings in the middle of the piece, Bugs picks it up] Eh, what's up, Doc? Who...? Franz Liszt? Never heard of him... Wrong number.
[Hangs up]

"The Bugs Bunny Show: A Star Is Bored (#2.25)" (1962)
Bugs Bunny: He wouldn't want it publicized, folks, but actually, I do Mel Blanc's voice.

Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales (1979) (TV)
Bugs Bunny: [Reading to his nephew Clyde] 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse.
Speedy Gonzales: [Stirring the contents of a small bowl] I'm stirring and I'm a mouse.

"The Bugs Bunny Show: Episode #1.20" (1961)
Bugs Bunny: Tonight, we thought we would go in for a little fast culture. So without further ado, it is my great privilege and pleasure to bring to you, in its entirety, the great opera "The Barber of Seville", by Gioachino Antonio Dante Alberto Dinunzio Pasta Fazula Rossini.

"The Looney Tunes Show: The Float (#1.23)" (2011)
Bugs Bunny: Why can't you just drive a normal car?
Daffy Duck: Normal cars are for normal people! I'm not normal!
Bugs Bunny: I'll give you that.
Daffy Duck: You're my best friend! You know me better than anyone! You see what a horrible person I am! That's why I *have* to drive a parade float! To distract the *rest* of the world from seeing it!
Bugs Bunny: You're gonna need something better than a parade float.

Porky Pig's Feat (1943)
[last lines]
[Daffy and Porky are chained up in their room]
Daffy Duck: I can't stand it. I can't stand it! It's getting me! I'm going stir crazy! Bastille batty! Cooler cuckoo! Look at my prison pallor. I'm as black as a sheet.
Porky Pig: Gosh, if B-Bugs Bunny was only here.
Daffy Duck: Yeah! Bugs Bunny, my hero. He can get out of any spot.
Porky Pig: I saw him in a L-L-Leon Schlesinger cartoon once.
Daffy Duck: The hunter had him covered...
Porky Pig: And he g-g-grabbed the gun...
Daffy Duck: And bang! The hunter fell. What a guy. Nothing can hold him. He'll get us out of here.
[Daffy picks up the phone]
Daffy Duck: Hello, Central? Give me Bugs Bunny. Hello, Bugs. This is Daffy.
Bugs Bunny: [on phone] Eh, what's up, duck?
Daffy Duck: That palooka manager has got us locked up in the Broken Arms Hotel. We thought you could help us get out.
Bugs Bunny: Eh, did you try the elevator?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Throw him down the stairs?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Use the sheets?
Daffy Duck: Yes.
Bugs Bunny: Swing across on the ropes?
Daffy Duck: Yes. We tried all those ways.
[The door to the next room opens; Bugs is inside on the phone, chained to a ball as well]
Bugs Bunny: Ah, don't work, do they?

"The Looney Tunes Show: Casa de Calma (#1.7)" (2011)
[Bugs is pushing Daffy as a baby in a carriage]
Starlett Johansson: Mmm. Good looking and great with kids?
Bugs Bunny: And I cook too.
[Starlett Johansson giggles, and she and Bugs walk off holding hands]

"Toon Marooned: Fowl Be Comin' Around the Mountain (#1.10)" (2001)
Daffy Duck: It's mine. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine! I've won it all!
Bugs Bunny: I said, touch the idol, Daffy. Not move it.

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: Aromatherapist (#1.36)" (2015)
Wile E. Coyote: [inside his machine] It's working! You can turn it off now!
Bugs Bunny: Uh, there is no "off" button.
Wile E. Coyote: [panicked] WHAT?

Duck Amuck (1953)
[last lines]
[the unseen tormentor is revealed as Bugs Bunny]
Bugs Bunny: Ain't I a stinker?

Hare-Abian Nights (1959)
Bugs Bunny: [to Yosemite Sam] Not a bad act, but don't call us, we'll call you.
[to audience]
Bugs Bunny: And I can think of a few things I'd like to call him.

"Toon Marooned: Sandcastle Hastle (#1.5)" (2001)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: You know, sometimes I almost feel sorry for that duck.

Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt (1941)
Bugs Bunny: Hey, what's cooking, chief? Mmm, something smells good. What's for dinner?
Hiawatha: Rabbit stew.
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit? Mmm-mmm. Boy, I sure do love rabbit... Rabbit?
[Jumps out of cauldron]

14 Carrot Rabbit (1952)
Bugs Bunny: [as Sam digs for gold] Maybe I should help. After all, we're partners.
Yosemite Sam: [stops digging] *Partners*? Our partnership has dissolved. This is all mine! Now beat it!
[Throws rocks at Bugs]
Bugs Bunny: Well, of all the double-crossing...
[Sees that Sam is close to making a hole through the cliff]
Bugs Bunny: Gee, I couldn't do that to the little guy. Hey, Sam!
Yosemite Sam: *SHUT UP*!
[Continues digging, until he makes a hole and falls into the abyss below. All the while, Bugs just munches on a carrot]

"Robot Chicken: Rodigitti (#2.8)" (2006)
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, yeah. I know that you call me a "Rascally Wabbit", you say your R's like your W's, that's a really bad habit! It's room not womb, trees not twees, you replace so many R's, I thought you was Chinese! You're so stuck on yourself, I'll call you Elmer's Glue, I got you some coffee, one lump or two?
Elmer Fudd: Two?
[Bugs bashes a mallet on his head two times]
Bugs Bunny: [dressed in a dress and wig] I only dress like a goil to prove that you're gay, would you like a kiss handsome?
Elmer Fudd: Really? Okay.
Bugs Bunny: Elmer packs fudd, you heard what I said, he's so bald, I'll put a hare on his head! I'll sit down on your head, just like I was a thinker. Hmm...
Bugs Bunny: Ain't I a stinker?
Daffy Duck: Holy Toledo! B. Rabbit wins! B. Rabbit wins!
Elmer Fudd: [sobbing] I'm a disgwace!

False Hare (1964)
[after a dynamite filled tree falls on the Big Bad Wolf, he changes his disguise from a rabbit to a chicken]
Big Bad Wolf: I wonder if anyone would like to join a chicken club.
Big Bad Wolf: [Foghorn Leghorn suddenly appears & says his cameo line of] Somebo - - I say somebody mention my name? I have
Bugs Bunny: I wonder which one will chicken out first.
[the Big Bad Wolf's nephew giggles, or laughs lightly at Bugs Bunny's remark, then the Closing Credits' music begins as the last Bugs Bunny cartoon, for approximately 26 years, concludes]

Carnival of the Animals (1976) (TV)
[First lines, Bugs and Daffy argue]
Bugs Bunny: Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: Saynt-Saynes
Bugs Bunny: Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: Saynt-Saynes
Bugs Bunny: Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: It's pronounced Saynt-Saynes
Bugs Bunny: It is pronounced Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: Saynt-Saynes
Bugs Bunny: Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: The man's name is Camel Saynt-Saynes
Bugs Bunny: The man's name is Camille Saint-Saens
Daffy Duck: Camille? CAMILLE? Who ever heard of naming a name Camille?
Bugs Bunny: Never the less, Camille 'IS' his name.

Hare Brush (1955)
Bugs Bunny: I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.

Knights Must Fall (1949)
[Bugs Bunny just took rival knight, "Sir Pantselot"', helmet off of his head]
Bugs Bunny: Look at the new Dick Tracy character, "Accordion-Head".
[the name, "Accordion-Head" is a reference & reminder of Dick Tracy's top criminal & rival, named "Flat-Top"]

Foxy by Proxy (1952)
Bugs Bunny: Those dogs may get a fox's tail but they'll never get a rabbit's tail.
[most naive and chubby dog sneaks up with a pair of scissors and snips off Bugs' tail and runs away with it]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, just call me "Stubby".
[then the closing credits start]

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny: Ketchup. Ketchup! Where's the ketchup at?

A Feather in His Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny: Who does dis character think he is anyway?
Indian: Me? Me last Mohican.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, da "last of da Mohicans", eh? Well, cast your eyes skywards, Geronimo.
[many storks carry baby Indians and the Indian faints]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, Prunella!
[Bugs laughs, then he looks up and sees many baby rabbits carried by storks]
Baby Rabbits: Ehh, what's up, Pop?
[Bugs faints]

What's Cookin' Doc? (1944)
Bugs Bunny: [hurls reels at the projectionist] Roll 'em, Smokey!
[a stag film appears]
Bugs Bunny: HEEYYY!

"The Looney Tunes Show: Customer Service (#2.7)" (2012)
Bugs Bunny: Of course, you realize this means war!

Lighter Than Hare (1960)
[last lines & Closing Credits Music starts, after robot disguised as a rabbit explodes]
Yosemite Sam From Outer Space's Commander: Eww, those Earth creatures are always shooting off their mouths.
[Bugs chuckles, after hearing the explosion, on the radio]
Bugs Bunny: Gee, I wonder if Amos n' Andy is on yet?
[Bugs chuckles, after hearing explosion then Closing Credits' music begins]

Crazy Cruise (1942)
Narrator: Ah, here are some cute little baby rabbits who have wandered away from their mother. But wait. WHAT'S THIS? A VULTURE ABOUT TO POUNCE!
[a stereotypical Japanese vulture appears in the sky]
Narrator: ...on these poor defenseless little rabbits.
[the rabbits hop into a patch of grass and set up an anti-aircraft gun; one of them morphs into a certain better-known rabbit]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, thumbs up, doc! Thumbs up!

"Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production: Big Troubles/Manner Maid (#1.15)" (2015)
Bugs Bunny: He really is the pride of the jungle.