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Quotes for
Slimer (Character)
from Ghostbusters (1984)

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Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (1990) (TV)
Gordon 'ALF' Shumway: That kid's got a one-way ticket to Nowheresville.
Theodore: Simon suspects drugs.
Pooh: Oh, my!
Slimer: Ooh! That's bad moves!
Alvin: Michael needs our help!
Slimer: Then let's help him!

"The Real Ghostbusters: Xmas Marks the Spot (#1.13)" (1986)
Janine Melnitz: I want you to know I'm only doing this because of you, and not for C... C... C...
Dr. Egon Spengler: Christmas.
Janine Melnitz: Bah humbug!
Slimer: Yah! Humbug!

"Extreme Ghostbusters: Moby Ghost (#1.26)" (1997)
Garrett Miller: What's the matter, Rolster? You look like your gold petfish died.
Roland Jackson: My electronic planner. I can't find it.
Eduardo Rivera: I think I saw it on the kitchen table.
Roland Jackson: That's my digital writing pad.
[Roland reaches under couch where Eduardo's sitting]
Kylie Griffin: Did it ever occur to you that maybe you're a little over-reliant on gadgets and technology?
Roland Jackson: I'm not over-relying on anything. They're just tools to help me organize my life.
Eduardo Rivera: Yeah, well if they were, you would know where your electronic planner is.
Roland Jackson: Very funny.
Garrett Miller: Rolster, you're such a technofreak. You wouldn't last two days on Gilligan's Island.
Roland Jackson: Sure I would. I uplink the modem on my laptop to remote radio bandwidth then I signal an S.O.S. to the passing ship.
Eduardo Rivera: ...okay?
Janine Melnitz: Roland, were you looking for this?
[Janine reveals Roland's electronic planner]
Roland Jackson: Yes! Thank you. Where was it?
Janine Melnitz: Slimer had it. He was trying to make a meal of your screensaver.
Slimer: Sorry.

"The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer, Come Home (#1.4)" (1986)
Slimer: [looks in a candy store window] Yum yum, cookies!
[remembering Peter's words]
Dr. Peter Venkman: He helps himself to anything that's not nailed down.
Slimer: [sighs] Bye, cookies.

"The Real Ghostbusters: Citizen Ghost (#1.11)" (1986)
Cynthia Crawford: This must be the infamous Slimer.
Slimer: Well if I must I must.
Peter Venkman: Skip it, Slimer, she's already heard it.