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Nermal (Character)
from Garfield (2004)

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Garfield (2004)
Arlene: [Arlene and Nermal see Odie out of the house] Poor Odie. That cat is such a pig.
Nermal: Garfield's a pig?
Arlene: You never leave the dog out at night.
Nermal: Why not?
Arlene: Because dogs run away.

Arlene: Garfield, are you alright?
Garfield: I think so. Luca's about to have Odie for lunch.
Arlene: If it wasn't for Odie, you'd be Luca's chew toy.
Nermal: Yeah, he saved your life. Odie's a hero!
Garfield: Why, because I wasn't ripped to shreds? No. Odie's an imbecile until further notice.

Garfield: Jon, you had me a chick magnet, and now you got a tick magnet!
Nermal: Garfield, Jon brought a dog home.
Garfield: I'm aware, Nermal.
Nermal: Why would he do a thing like that?
Garfield: Gee, I don't know, Nermal.
Nermal: Well it just sounds like a weird thing to do, bringing a dog into a house that already has a cat.
Garfield: Can we drop it? I mean it's no big deal. It's just a splattered bug on the windshield of my life.
Nermal: A... bug?
Garfield: A dim-witted, smelly, goofy... splattered bug that I will deal with properly and enthusiastically.
Jon Arbuckle: [to Odie] Come on, boy!
Garfield: As you can see, I'm still Jon's favorite.
Nermal: See you later, Garfield! Good luck with the bug thing!

Nermal: Garfield, Jon's taking Odie on his date with Liz and he's leaving you behind.
Garfield: I know, Nermal.
Nermal: They're off on an adventure and you're still here.
Garfield: And your point is...?
Nermal: Well, that's gotta feel bad, being left by Jon while he takes Odie out, it's like... you're not his favorite anymore!
Garfield: Hey, what do you say we play brain surgeon? Would you go get my power tools? Hmm...
[Garfield sees the truck leaving the house]
Garfield: This is so sad. Jon has completely lost his mind. He doesn't realize how important I am to him.

Luca: Hey, what are you looking at?
Garfield: Nothing. Just looking for some company.
Nermal: Keep walking, creepo.
Garfield: What's going on?
Arlene: We know how much you hated Odie. We know how much you wanted him gone.
Garfield: Wait a minute. All I wanted was to sleep in my own bed.
Arlene: And to do it, you cast Odie out into the cold, cruel world?
Nermal: We saw you locked Odie out last night!
Garfield: Gee, I don't believe you guys. I didn't know Odie was gonna run away. He's a dumb dog. No offense, Luca.
Luca: Uh... what?
Garfield: You can't blame me for that.
Nermal: Any one of us could be next.
Arlene: Yeah. There's no room for anybody else in Garfield's world.
Garfield: [after being left alone by Luca, Arlene and Nermal] Oh that was a little traumatic. Well maybe I've been a little... tough in protecting my turf, but, um... I don't hate the guy.

"Robot Chicken: Sausage Fest (#2.16)" (2006)
[Being used a shield against Heathcliff]
Nermal: Ah! I'm dying! AH! I'm so cute and I'm dying!
[Gets flung out the window]