K. Edgar Singer
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K. Edgar Singer (Character)
from Muppets from Space (1999)

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Muppets from Space (1999)
[Ed is examining Gonzo]
Ed Singer: No nostrils. How do you smell?
Rizzo the Rat: Awful. Trust me, I'm his roommate.

Ed Singer: [puts on glove] May I?
Rizzo: I think before you answer that question you'd better be real clear on the final destination of that finger.


Ed Singer: Forgive me my Earthly manners, but, uh, do you have any idea what it's like to be laughed at?
Gonzo: Yeah, sure I do.
Ed Singer: To be called names, like 'wacko.'
Gonzo: Uh-huh.
Ed Singer: And 'freak-boy.'
Gonzo: Oh, yeah.
Ed Singer: And 'paranoid delusional psychopath'?
Gonzo: Got me there.

Ed Singer: They are coming to Earth, aren't they?
Gonzo: I don't know.
Ed Singer: How many of them are there?
Gonzo: I don't know.
Ed Singer: When will they be here? And don't you *dare* tell me that you don't know.
Gonzo: I know not?

Ed Singer: I'm afraid we're going to have to perform an invasive quadrilobal brain probe on you and pluck it from your head.
Gonzo: The information?
Ed Singer: No, your brain.

Ed Singer: I'm gonna kill somebody.

Ed Singer: Excuse me. Can this thing go any faster?
Rentro: I'm doing *thirty.*

General Luft: You're terminated.
Ed Singer: Uhh, when you say 'terminated'...
General Luft: You need help, Singer! *Find* some!

Ed Singer: Very, very moving, my little alien friend. But I'm afraid your timing is off. Now you're coming back with me in my c-cement truck.