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Carface (Character)
from All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

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All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)
Carface: Gamblers are never happy, Charlie.

Carface: MORONS! I'm surrounded by MORONS!

Carface: Charlie's alive, and I know he's got the girl. Killer, this is strike two. You're out.
Killer: No, boss! I have one more strike, boss! Honest!

[last lines]
Carface: Argh! I'll get that gator, if it's the last thing I do!
Whippet Angel: Touch that clock, and you can never come back.
Carface: Shut up.
Whippet Angel: [shouts and chases him] I said, touch that clock, and you can never come back!
Charlie: He'll be back.

Carface: Killer, take Charlie out back for the big surprise.
Killer: Surprise? What surprise, boss?
Carface: The big...
[Does throat-slashing gesture]
Carface: ...surprise.
Killer: [pours a mess of ketchup on his sandwich like blood on his hand] Oh, you mean that surprise?
[Killer faints with his hand still up]
Carface: [taps ashes out of his cigar onto the sandwich] You moron.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)
Charlie: By the way, Carface, what did you trade Red for your collar?
Carface: He wanted the bottom of my shoes, or something. Hehehe. I don't even wear shoes. Ah, stupid cat.
Red: [from the hole which he went back to Hell through] Stupid dog! It was your soul!
[Demons rise up from the hole and pull Carface into the hole as the others look down]
Carface: Let me go! Red! This is not good! Red, no! Not the flames!
Itchy: What do you know? And I thought all dogs go to Heaven.

[first lines]
Carface: [on the payphone] Boss, uh...
Red: Something happened. What's wrong?
Carface: You'll have the item today, just like we agreed. It's as good as in your hands. Nothing can go wrong!
Red: You contemptible canine!
Carface: Don't call me canine!
[Red grumbles]
Carface: Do you know the meaning of patience?
Red: [the phone receiver burns in Carface's hand] Silence! As long as dogs are involved, ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG!
Carface: [hangs up] I'll take that as a no. Sheesh, what a hothead!
[the sound of change is heard]
Carface: [checks] Ah, keep the quarter.
[Carface puts his halo on and leaves as the receiver burns and smokes up without notice]

Red: You dogs have enjoyed a state of grace for far too long, wouldn't you agree Carface?
Carface: Er, yeah, whatever you say Boss.
Red: All these cells, filled with dogs... can you see it?
Carface: Oh yeah, er sure.
Red: And me playing Gabriel's Horn! Can you hear it?
Carface: Oh sure, just put your lips together and blow?
Red: And then, the grand finale!
Carface: That's er, that's not coming in so clear actual.
Red: Oh it will, and all thanks to Charlie Barkin!
[laughs evilly]
Red: Make sure he doesn't disappoint me!
Carface: You got it Boss!
Red: [singing] It's so so stirring, I feel like purring!
Carface: It's deeply pleasing to be the reason...
Red, Carface: So many will be so sad!
Red: Three cheers for treachery! It feel so good to be bad!