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Simone (Character)
from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) (V)

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Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) (V)
Simone Lenoir: We uttered a curse on the pirates! To destroy them as they had destroyed our island! Our wish was granted. We became cat creatures and destroyed the pirates!
[In one brief scene, Morgan Moonscar was screaming upon seeing Simone and Lena approach after they turn into werecats]
Simone Lenoir: Only afterwards, did we discover that invoking the Cat God's power had cursed us as well.
Lena Dupree: Over the years, boats continue to come to our island. One was full of spice traders who started a pepper plantation. The plantation flourished...
Simone Lenoir: [continues] At least, until the Harvest Moon.

Simone Lenoir: The Harvest Moon will soon reach the midnight point on this moon dial. And then, the ceremony will begin!
Fred Jones: What ceremony?
Daphne Blake: You won't get away with this!
Simone Lenoir: I've been getting away with it for 200 years!
[she suddenly turns into a werecat and grins as they gasp in horror]
Fred Jones: At least, Scoob and Shaggy are still free, maybe...
Lena Dupree: I heard that, Fred! Those two simpletons? We didn't even bother making wax dolls of them. Waste of time and magic wax!
Fred Jones: Just what do you intend to do with us?
Simone Lenoir: Ah, it's simple. Every Harvest Moon, I must drain the life force from victims lured to my island, to preserve our immortality.
Daphne Blake: This is more haunted stuff than I really wanted!

Simone Lenoir: Sometimes, it became necessary for Lena to lure outsiders back to the island.
Fred Jones: [angrily] Just like you lured us!
Lena Dupree: I've had years of practice!
Daphne Blake: And those zombies are just the poor souls you drained! They were just trying to warn us so that we wouldn't suffer the same fate they did!
Simone Lenoir: Pretty smart for a television reporter.

Velma Dinkley: [Lena leads the Mystery Gang to a mysterious room at the end of an underground passage] Looks like a place for voodoo rituals. But why don't we just ask Lena?
Fred Jones: Lena? What are you talking about?
Velma Dinkley: Her story about Simone being dragged by zombies wasn't true! I saw the footprints of Simone's heels. She wasn't dragged. She walked down that tunnel!
Simone Lenoir: [turns a crank to open the roof where moonlight shines in and enters with a sinister look] Very clever, Velma, but it's too late!

Velma Dinkley: [Reads text carved into the back of a mirror where Shaggy and Scooby saw a Confederate soldier ghost come out of] "Property of Colonel Jackson T. Pettigrew, 8th Louisiana." That sounds like a Civil War regiment.
Simone Lenoir: There were Confederate barracks on this island.
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers: Like, ghost pirates, ghost soldiers, what could be next?

Velma Dinkley: If you're as old as you say you are, then I bet you know where Morgan Moonscar's treasure is.
Simone Lenoir: Morgan Moonscar! He was the cause of all of this!