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Aladdin (Character)
from Aladdin (1992)

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Aladdin (1992)
Aladdin: Princess Jasmine, you're very...
Genie: [as a bee] Wonderful! Magnificent! Glorious! Punctual!
Aladdin: Punctual!
Princess Jasmine: Punctual?
Genie: Sorry.
Aladdin: Uh, beautiful!
Genie: Nice recovery.

Aladdin: Wish fulfillment?
Genie: Three wishes, to be exact. And ixnay on the wishing for more wishes. That's it. Three. Uno, dos, tres. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds.

Genie: [as a female flight attendant] Thank you for choosing Magic Carpet for all your travel needs. Don't stand until the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Goodbye now. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye.
Genie: [back to normal] Well, how about that, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?
Aladdin: Oh, you sure showed me. Now, about my three wishes.
Genie: Dost mine ears deceive me? Three? You are down by one, boy!
Aladdin: Ah, no, I never actually wished to get out of the cave, huh. You did that on your own.
[Genie's mouth drops]
Genie: Oh, I feel sheepish.
[he turns into a sheep]
Genie: All right, you ba-a-a-ad boy. But no more freebies.

Aladdin: Genie, I need help!
Genie: [as Jack Nicholson] All right, Sparky, here's the deal. If you wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter. Do ya got it?
Aladdin: What?
Genie: [pointing to each word on a blackboard] Tell-her-the-*truth*!

Princess Jasmine: Father, I choose Prince Ali!
Jafar: Prince Ali left.
Aladdin: [standing in the doorway to the balcony] Better check your crystal ball again, Jafar!

Aladdin: Genie, I wish for your freedom.
Genie: One bona fide prince pedigree coming up. I... What?
Aladdin: [holds the lamp up to Genie] Genie, you're free!

Aladdin: You're a prisoner?
Genie: It's all part and parcel, the whole genie gig.
[grows to a gigantic size]
Genie: Phenomenal cosmic powers!
[shrinks down inside the lamp]
Genie: Itty bitty living space!

Genie: [as a bee] Enough about you, Casanova. Talk about her.
Aladdin: Huh?
Genie: She's smart, fun. The hair, the eyes. Anything. Pick a feature.

Aladdin: Are you afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?
Jafar: A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to see how snakelike I can be!
[he turns into a giant snake]

Aladdin: They wanna make me Sultan. No, they wanna make Prince Ali Sultan. Without you, I'm just Aladdin.
Genie: Al, you won!
Aladdin: Because of you. The only reason anyone thinks I'm worth anything is because of you. What if they find out I'm not really a prince? What if Jasmine finds out? I'd lose her. Genie, I can't keep this up on my own. I... I can't wish you free.
Genie: [disappointed] Fine, I understand. After all, you've lied to everyone else. Hey, I was beginning to feel left out. Now, if you'll excuse me, Master!
[disappears into lamp resentfully]

[Princess Jasmine is in disguise, and hanging out with Aladdin, when the guards capture him]
Princess Jasmine: Let him go!
Razoul: [laughs] Looky here, men. A street mouse.
[throws her down]
Princess Jasmine: Unhand him!
[pulls off the hood of her cloak]
Princess Jasmine: By order of the Princess.
Razoul: [everyone falls silent and bows] Princess Jasmine!
Aladdin: The Princess?
Abu the Monkey: [peaks out from a jar] The Princess?
Razoul: What are you doing outside the palace? And with this street rat?
Princess Jasmine: That's not your concern. Do as I command. Release him!
Razoul: Well, I would, Princess, except my orders come from Jafar. You'll have to take it up with him.
Princess Jasmine: Believe me, I will.

Aladdin: All this for a loaf of bread?

Guard: You won't get away so easy!
Aladdin: You think that was easy?

Aladdin: Provisos? You mean limitations? On wishes? Huh.
[to Abu]
Aladdin: Some all powerful Genie. Can't even bring people back from the dead. I don't know, Abu. He probably can't even get us out of this cave. Looks like we're gonna have to find a way outta here.
Genie: [stomps his foot to stop Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet from leaving] Excuse me?
Genie: [scoffs]
Genie: Are you looking at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you're walking out on me? I don't think so. Not right now! YOU'RE GETTIN' YOUR WISHES, SO *SIDDOWN!*

Aladdin: Wow. The palace looks pretty amazing, huh?
Princess Jasmine: [glumly] Oh... It's wonderful.
Aladdin: I wonder what it'd be like to live there, and have servants, and valets.
Princess Jasmine: Oh, sure. People who tell you where to go and how to dress.
Aladdin: That's better than here. You're always scraping for food and ducking the guards.
Princess Jasmine: You're not free to make your own choices.
Aladdin: Sometimes you feel so...
Princess Jasmine: You're just...
Aladdin, Princess Jasmine: ...trapped.

Woman: Getting into trouble a little early today, aren't we, Aladdin?
Aladdin: Trouble? No way. You're only in trouble if you get caught.
Razoul: [snatching Aladdin by the collar] Gotcha!
Aladdin: I'm in trouble.

Genie: I'm telling you, nice to be back, ladies and gentlemen. Hi! Where you from? What's your name?
Aladdin: Uh... uh, Aladdin.
Genie: Aladdin! Hello, Aladdin, nice to have you on the show. Can we call you Al, or maybe just Din? Or how about Laddie?
[turns into a Scotsman]
Genie: Sounds like, 'Here, boy!'
Genie: 'C'mon, Laddie!'
[turns into a dog]
Aladdin: I must've hit my head harder than I thought.

Genie: I'm free. I'm free. Quick. Quick. Wish for something outrageous. Say, "I, I want the Nile." Wish for the Nile. Try that!
Aladdin: Uh... I wish for the Nile.
Genie: No way!
Genie: Oh, does that feel good!

Aladdin: [saving Jasmine from an irate merchant] Thank you, kind sir. I'm so glad you found her.
Aladdin: [to Jasmine] I've been looking all over for you!
Princess Jasmine: [whispering] What are you doing?
Aladdin: [whispering] Just play along.
Farouk: You, uh, know this girl?
Aladdin: Sadly, yes. She is my sister. She's a little crazy.
Farouk: She said she knew the sultan!
Aladdin: [gesturing to Abu] She thinks the monkey is the sultan.
Princess Jasmine: [bowing to Abu] O wise Sultan, how may I serve you?
[Abu mutters gibberish]
Aladdin: Tragic, isn't it? But, no harm done. Now, come along, sis. Time to go see the doctor.
Princess Jasmine: [to a camel] Oh, hello, Doctor. How are you?
Aladdin: [through his teeth] No, no, no, not that one... Come on, Sultan.

["Snake" Jafar has Aladdin in a tight squeeze]
Jafar: You little fool. You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth.
Iago: Squeeze him, Jafar. Squeeze him like a- Awk!
[Genie elbows Iago and knocks him into the air]
Jafar: Without the Genie, boy, you're nothing.
Aladdin: The Genie... The Genie! The Genie has more power than you'll ever have!
Jafar: What?
Aladdin: He gave you your power. He can take it away.
Genie: [smiling uncomfortably] Al, what're you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?
Aladdin: Face it, Jafar. You're still just second best!
Jafar: [slightly shocked] You're right. His power does exceed my own. But not for long.

Aladdin: Wait, wait a minute. I'm... your master?
Genie: [gives Aladdin a mortar cap and diploma] That's right! He can be taught!

Aladdin: [picking up the lamp] This is it? This is what we came all the way down here to...
[sees Abu take a ruby]
Aladdin: Abu! Nooo!
Cave of Wonders: Infidels!
Abu the Monkey: Uh-oh.
Cave of Wonders: [thundering] You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of day!

Prince Achmed: You are a worthless street rat. You were born a street rat, you'll die a street rat, and only your fleas will mourn you!
[the palace gates slam shut in front of Aladdin]
Aladdin: I'm not worthless. And I don't have fleas!
[he scratches his head]
Aladdin: [sighs] Come on, Abu. Let's go home.

Sultan: [of "Prince Ali Ababwa"] Jasmine will like this one.
Aladdin: And I'm pretty sure I'll like Princess Jasmine.
Jafar: Your Highness, no! I must intercede on Jasmine's behalf. This boy is no different from the others. What makes him think he is worthy of the Princess?
Aladdin: Your Majesty, I am Prince Ali Ababwa. Just let her meet me. I will win your daughter.
Princess Jasmine: How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!

Aladdin: [singing] Let's not be too hasty!
Portly Agrabah Woman: [scoops Aladdin up in her arms and sings] Still I think he's rather tasty!

Aladdin: [seeing Achmed ride toward the palace] Look at that, Abu. It's not every day you see a horse with two rear ends.

Aladdin: So, three wishes. Hm, I want them to be good. What would you wish for?
Genie: Me? No one's ever asked me that before. Well, in my case... Ah, forget it.
Aladdin: What?
Genie: No, I can't tell you.
Aladdin: C'mon, tell me.
Genie: Freedom!

[Abu goes crazy and leaps onto Aladdin's head as they escape from the destructing Cave of Wonders]
Aladdin: Abu! Abu, this is no time to panic!
[sees that they're about to hit a wall]
Aladdin: Start panicking!

Aladdin: [singing] Riffraff, street rat. I don't buy that. If only they'd look closer. Would they see a poor boy? No, siree! They'd find out there's so much more to me.
Aladdin: [sighs, no longer singing] Someday, Abu, things are gonna change. We'll be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all.

Jafar: Just... where did you say you were from?
Aladdin: [as Prince Ali Ababwa] Oh, uh... uh, much farther than you've traveled, I'm sure.
Jafar: Try me.

Princess Jasmine: [after their magic carpet ride around the world] It's all so magical.
Aladdin: [as Prince Ali] Yeah.
Princess Jasmine: [sneakily] It's a shame Abu had to miss this.
Aladdin: Nah. He hates fireworks. He really doesn't like flying either. Uh... that is... um... Oh, no!
Princess Jasmine: [pulls off Aladdin's turban] You *are* the boy from the market. I knew it! Why did you lie to me?
Aladdin: Jasmine, I'm sorry!
Princess Jasmine: Did you think I was stupid?
Aladdin: No!
Princess Jasmine: That I wouldn't figure it out?
Aladdin: No! I-I mean... I-I hoped you wouldn't. Uh... no, that-that's not what I meant!
Princess Jasmine: Who are you? Tell me the truth.
Aladdin: The truth? The truth, um... The-the truth is, I... I-I sometimes dress as a commoner, um, to escape the pressures of palace life. But I-I really am a prince.
Princess Jasmine: Why didn't you just tell me?
Aladdin: Well, you know, uh... um, royalty going out into the city in disguise, I mean, it sounds a little strange, don't you think?
Princess Jasmine: Hmm... Not that strange.

Genie: [sniffs tearfully] No matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me.
Sultan: That's right! You've certainly proven your worth as far as I'm concerned. It's that law that's the problem.
Princess Jasmine: Father?
Sultan: Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan? From this day forth, the Princess shall marry whomever she deems worthy.
Princess Jasmine: Him! I choose... I choose you, Aladdin.
Aladdin: [chuckles] Call me Al.

Aladdin: [hanging from the entrance of the Cave of Wonders] Help me out!
Jafar: [in disguise] Throw me the lamp!
Aladdin: I can't hold on! Give me your hand!
Jafar: First give me the lamp!
[Aladdin does so]
Jafar: [laughs triumphantly] Yes! At last!
[he grabs Aladdin's wrist]
Aladdin: What're you doing?
Jafar: Giving you your reward - your eternal reward!
[he pulls out a dagger and is about to stab Aladdin; Abu bites his arm, forcing him to drop the dagger; Jafar then throws Aladdin and Abu back down the Cave, just as it closes]
Jafar: [chuckles, removing his disguise] It's mine. It's all mine. I...
[he searches for the lamp, but can't find it]
Jafar: Where is it? No! Noooooo!

Genie: So, what'll it be, Master?
Aladdin: You're gonna grant me any three wishes I want, right?
Genie: [as William F. Buckley] Uh, almost. There are a few, uh, provisos, a, a couple of quid pro quos.
Aladdin: Like?
Genie: [normal] Uh, rule #1: I can't kill anybody.
[cuts his head off]
Genie: So don't ask.
Genie: [fixes his head] Uh, rule #2: I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else.
[turns into a pair of lips and kisses Aladdin]
Genie: You little punim there.
Genie: [turns into a cross between slimy Genie and Peter Lorre] Rule #3: I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture. I don't like doing it!
[he returns to normal]
Genie: Other than that, you got it.

[Aladdin has tricked Jafar into wishing to be a more powerful genie than Genie]
Jafar: The universe is mine to command! To control!
Aladdin: Not so fast, Jafar! Aren't you forgetting something?
Jafar: Huh?
Aladdin: You wanted to be a genie? You got it!
[cufflinks form on Jafar's wrists]
Jafar: What?
Aladdin: And everything that goes with it.
[Aladdin holds up a black genie lamp, which sucks Jafar in]
Jafar: No! No!
Iago: I'm getting out of here!
Aladdin: Phenomenal cosmic powers...
[Iago tries to flee, but Jafar grabs him]
Iago: Come on, you're the genie. I don't want, I don't...!
[both Jafar and Iago disappear in the lamp]
Aladdin: ...itty bitty living space.
Genie: Al, you little genius, you!

Aladdin: Hey... can you make me a prince?
Genie: [opens 'Royal Recipes' book] Uh, let's see. "Chicken à la King"?
Genie: Nope. "Alaskan king crab".
[pulls out a crab clamped to his finger]
Genie: [flicking it off] Ow. I hate when they do that. "Caesar salad-"
[arm with a knife raises from the book trying to stab him]
Genie: Aah! Et tu, Brute? No. Aha! "To make a prince."

Aladdin: Jasmine? I'm sorry I lied to you about being a prince.
Princess Jasmine: I know why you did.
Aladdin: Well, I guess... this... is goodbye?
Princess Jasmine: Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair! I love you.
[Genie wipes away a tear from his eyes]
Genie: Al, no problem. You've still got one wish left. Just say the word, and you're a prince again.
Aladdin: But, Genie, what about your freedom?
Genie: Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude. This is love! Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I've looked.

Iago: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome for Sorcerer Jafar!
Jafar: Now where were we? Ah, yes abject humiliation!
[He zaps Jasmine and Sultan with his staff, and they both bow to him. Rajah comes running at him]
Jafar: Down, boy!
[He zaps Rajah, and the tiger turns into a kitten. Rajah meows]
Jafar: Oh princess
[lifts Jasmine's chin with his staff]
Jafar: there's someone I'm dying to introduce you to.
Aladdin: [Flying towards him on Carpet] Jafar! Get your hands off her!
Jafar: [zaps Aladdin, Carpet flies away. Singing] Prince Ali, yes, it is he, but not as you know him. Read my lips and come to grips with reality.
Jafar: Yes, meet a blast from your past. Whose lies were too good to last! Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!
[zaps Ali back to Aladdin as he says it]
Iago: [mockingly] Or should we say Aladdin?
Princess Jasmine: [shocked gasp] Ali?
Aladdin: Jasmine, I tried to tell you. I just.
Jafar: [still singing] So Ali turns out to be merely Aladdin.
Jafar: Just a con, need I go on? Take it from me, his personality flaws, give me adequate cause,
[sends Aladdin and Abu in a pillar, Carpet flies in after them]
Jafar: to send him packing on a one way trip so his prospects take a terminal dip, his assets frozen, the venue chosen, is the ends of the earth.
Jafar: [sends the pillar in the air]
Jafar: Whoopee! So long!
Iago: Goodbye. See ya.
Jafar: [sings] Ex-Prince Ali!
[laughs maniacally]
Aladdin: Abu? Abu! Oh, this is all my fault. I should have freed the Genie when I had the chance.
Aladdin: Abu! Are you okay?
Abu the Monkey: [shivers] Uh-huh.
Aladdin: I'm sorry, Abu. I made a mess of everything, somehow. I gotta go back and set things right. Yeah! All right! Now, back to Agrabah! Let's go!

[Jasmine has rejected "Prince Ali's" first advances toward her]
Genie: [as a bee] Stop her! Stop her! Want me to sting her?
Aladdin: Buzz off.
Genie: OK, fine. But remember, "bee" yourself.

[repeated line]
Aladdin: Do you trust me?

[Aladdin and Jasmine are hanging out in Al's hideout when Razoul's guards show up]
Guard: Here you are!
Aladdin, Princess Jasmine: [both] They're after me! They're after you?

Aladdin: I can show you the world / Shining, shimmering, splendid / Tell me, Princess, now, when did / you last let your heart decide? / I can open your eyes / Take you wonder by wonder / over, sideways and under / on a magic carpet ride / A whole new world / A new fantastic point of view / No one to tell us no, or where to go / Or say we're only dreaming...
Princess Jasmine: A whole new world / A dazzling place I never knew / But when I'm way up here, it's crystal clear / That now I'm in a whole new world with you!
Aladdin: Now I'm in a whole new world with you...
Princess Jasmine: Unbelievable sights / Indescribable feeling / Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling / Through an endless diamond sky / A whole new world / A hundred thousand things to see / I'm like a shooting star, I've come so far / I can't go back to where I used to be...
Aladdin, Princess Jasmine: A whole new world / With new horizons to pursue / I'll chase them anywhere, There's time to spare / Let me share this whole new world with you / A whole new world / That's where we'll be / A thrilling chase, A wondrous place / For you and me...

Jafar: Prince Ali? Yes, it is he, / but not as you know him! / Read my lips, and come to grips / with reality! / Meet a blast from your past, whose lies were too good to last / Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!
[strips Aladdin of his magic]
Princess Jasmine: Ali...
Aladdin: Jasmine... I tried to tell you, I'm only...
Jafar: So Ali, turns out to be / merely Aladdin / Just a con, need I go on? / Take it from me / His personality flaws, give me adequate cause / To send him packing on a one-way trip, so his propsects take a terminal dip / His assets frozen, the venue chosen / Is the ends of the earth - wheee! / So long, EX-Prince Ali!
[locks Aladdin in a tower and hurls the tower into space]

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) (V)
[Cassim has not showed up at the wedding]
Aladdin: Where is he?
[Genie changes into Pumbaa from the Lion King]
Genie: Hakuna Matata!
[Changes back]
Genie: Whoa. I was having an out of movie experience.

Aladdin: Well, they have no where to go. We got them trapped.
Iago: We? They are 40 thieves! We are you, a rug, a monkey and me. Wait, don't count me.

[the Genie has Cassim surrounded; Aladdin tries to push his way through them]
Aladdin: Genie.
Genie: Back off, Al, this creep's got a yellow sheet as long as my arm.
Aladdin: Genie meet my dad.
Genie: [confused and defeated] Stand down men. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
[all other genies disappear leaving him alone]

The Magic Oracle: Have you chosen your question?
Aladdin: I have.
The Magic Oracle: Then ask.
Aladdin: Where is my father?
The Magic Oracle: [points off into the distance] Follow the trail of the Forty Thieves. Your father is trapped within their world.
Aladdin: Forty Thieves? Is he hurt? how long has he been their prisoner?
The Magic Oracle: [vanishing] I'm sorry, I can only answer one question.

Genie: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Sultan of Agrabah: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Thieves: [singing] They're finally getting married!
Iago: [singing] Look at all these presents!
Princess Jasmine: [singing] We're finally getting married!
Abu the Monkey: [squeaking] You're finally getting married!
Aladdin: [singing] I'm finally getting married!

Genie: Bad new, Al. The boutonnieres clash with the cummerbunds!
Aladdin: [Referencing to the crowd of guest] Genie, isn't it a little late for that?
Genie: What? What are you trying to say? Out with it! What-wha...
Genie: [Finally notices crowd] ... hehe. They're he-e-ere. OH NO-HO-HO-HO!
Genie: [Transforms into The White Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland"] I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!
[Runs out of room]

Cassim: [pressing Aladdin to the floor] You don't stand a chance against the King of Thieves!
Aladdin: [grunting] When I get up, I'll bow to you!

Aladdin: [after knocking Cassim to the floor] Could I see your invitation?

Aladdin: Well, we're here.
Princess Jasmine: Together, forever.

Genie: Hello? Somebody's gonna be late for his own wedding!
Aladdin: Hold on Genie, there's something I need.
Genie: [winks] I gotcha...
[turns into a woman popping out of a cake]
Genie: It's a bachelor party, big boy!
Genie: [to Carpet with a mug of beer] None for you! You're the designated flyer.

Aladdin: I was so stupid to think I could change him.
Genie: Trying to show him a better life wasn't stupid, Al.
Genie: [speaking with his hand, high voice] Leaving him alone with the parrot, that was stupid.

Aladdin: [holding the Hand of Midas] After all these years you finally have your treasure!
Cassim: [taking it from him] This thing? This almost cost me the ultimate treasure. It's you son, you are my ultimate treasure. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realise it.

[after Iago comes back]
Iago: [breathlessly] Al's... Dad... Sa'luk...
Princess Jasmine: [picks him up] Just take a deep breath, Iago. Now what about Aladdin's father?
Iago: It's Sa'luk! The guy Al beat! He's not beat; he's back! And he's got Cassim!
Aladdin: [knowingly] That's his problem! He chose to go back to that life.
Genie: Al, I know your dad made a lot of bad choices - but that doesn't mean you have to.
Princess Jasmine: He is your father. How can you do anything else?
[Aladdin turns away and thinks about it]
Aladdin: I'm being as stubborn as he was.
[after a pause]
Aladdin: [smiles] Show me the way!

Aladdin 'Al': [singing] There's a party here in Agrabah, and the party's all for me. / Just look, you guys, at where we are, and how our dreams have come to be.
Princess Jasmine: [singing] There's a party here in Agrabah, and I can't believe it's true. / After all this waiting, here we are. We'll finally get to say, "I do".
Aladdin 'Al': I never ever had a real family.
Princess Jasmine: I never ever had a real true friend.
Aladdin 'Al', Princess Jasmine: Someone who could just understand me.

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar (1994) (V)
Aladdin 'Al': Sultan, I have to tell you something about Iago.
Iago: [tickles Rajah's nose with one of his feathers]
Rajah: [sneezes Iago out in front of Sultan]
Aladdin 'Al': [gulps nervously] He's here.

Iago: [smearing dirt all over himself] I'll just get Aladdin on my side with a little sympathy act. And I'll be back in the palace again quicker than you can say "Easy Street."
[Aladdin turns corner to find Iago panting for breath]
Iago: Aladdin - kid finally got free - of Jafar.
Aladdin 'Al': Iago! What are you doing here?
Iago: Where are you? Getting dark. Hold me.
[Aladdin fiercely grabs at him]
Iago: [screams] Hey, I meant gentle-like!

[Genie saves Aladdin from being beheaded]
Aladdin 'Al': Thanks for saving me.
Blue Genie: Oh, come on, Al, you know I had to. Oh, that no head look is just not you. For my next trick: bibbidi-bobbidi-BOO! Ho-ho, and everybody's safe and sound.

Aladdin 'Al': I can't just stay in the palace! There's too much to do, too much to see.

Blue Genie: Giddy up, slowpoke, what's keeping you?
Aladdin 'Al': Nothing. Well, something, but I'll tell you later.

[Aladdin is accused for the murder of the Sultan]
Razoul the Chief Guard: And then you went over the waterfall, eh? Ha! How did you survive?
Aladdin 'Al': [hanging his head in shame] I I don't know.
Razoul the Chief Guard: [crosses his arms in disbelief] How very convenient.
Aladdin 'Al': It's the truth! Why won't you believe me?
Princess Jasmine: [off camera] Because we know you're lying.
Aladdin 'Al': What?
Princess Jasmine: I found this in your room!
[holds out the Sultan's tattered turban]
Princess Jasmine: My father's turban slashed.
Aladdin 'Al': You can't think!
Princess Jasmine: I thought you loved me, but now I see that all you wanted to do was rule Agrabah!
Aladdin 'Al': I never wanted!
Princess Jasmine: He shall die at dawn - for the murder of my father!
[Jasmine runs off, stops at the door and then shuts it]
Aladdin 'Al': Jasmine, please!
Razoul the Chief Guard: [restrains Aladdin]
Razoul the Chief Guard: You're in my hands now, street rat!

Blue Genie: [arriving from his trip around the world] He's big, he's blue! And he's BACK!
Aladdin 'Al': [as he and Jasmine hug the Genie] Genie!
Princess Jasmine: You came back!
Blue Genie: [turning red, yelling and wincing] Ooh! Ah! Oh, watch the sunburrrn!
[stops wincing, then turns blue again]
Blue Genie: Aha! Kidding. Did you miss me? Be honest.
[handing his luggage to Abu]
Blue Genie: Take care of these, my good mammal.
Abu the Monkey: [Abu takes the luggage but falls down from Aladdin's shoulder]
Blue Genie: Careful they're heavy. Hang on, I've got souveniers for everybody!

Aladdin 'Al': So Genie, how does it feel to be free?
Blue Genie: Seriously? I love it!

Abis Mal, the Chief of the Thieves: Who are you?
Aladdin 'Al': My friends call me Al, but you can call me Aladdin.
Abis Mal, the Chief of the Thieves: Gah - hurt him!

Aladdin 'Al': Give it up Jafar! We're obviously too much for you to handle!
Jafar: You! You're a fool to challenge me! I am all powerful!
Aladdin 'Al': Some all powerful. You can't even get rid of a lowly street rat!
Jafar: A problem I need to rectify right NOW!
Princess Jasmine: Aladdin!

Aladdin 'Al': You saw the whole world already?
Blue Genie: [sings] It's A Small World after all.
[turns back to normal and speaks]
Blue Genie: But Agrahbah has something that no other place in the world has.
[Turns into a rocket and shouts]
Blue Genie: You guys!

Blue Genie: And Iago, talk about a rat with wings!
Aladdin 'Al': Genie?
Blue Genie: Whoo! That bird was mean!
[Turns his head into Iago]
Blue Genie: "Sultan want a cracker? Sultan want a cracker?"
[His head returns to normal]
Blue Genie: Remember that?
The Sultan of Agrabah: I can still taste them - the traitor!
Blue Genie: Yes, sir! You don't see this guy hanging out with any evil parrots.
Aladdin 'Al': Uh, it's funny, you should mention Iago.

Arajin to maho no ranpu (1982)
The Wizard: Ah, he's taking forever that stupid boy... Here's the sun almost ready to set and he's still hasn't come back. What could it be doing? Curse it, If I chose the wrong boy to get that lamp.
[Aladdin goes back from the garden, he sees the light outside, runs up]
Aladdin: Master, I'm back!
The Wizard: Oh, excellent. Excellent. Good work, my boy. Now just hand me the lamp and I'll help you out.
Aladdin: No, pull me out first and then you get the lamp.
The Wizard: Hand me the lamp and then I'll pull you out.
Aladdin: You aren't getting any old lamp until you get me out of here.
The Wizard: Listen, boy. I don't care you'll never get out of there. All I want is that lamp now, give it to me.
Aladdin: Hmm. If that's the way you're gonna be, then you come get it yourself.
The Wizard: What do you mean, you son of a camel? If you don't give me that lamp, I'll seal you into that cave forever.
Aladdin: Uh-uh. You let me out of here and you'll never get it.
The Wizard: Blast you. You'll be sorry for this.

Aladdin: But, they couldn't have just vanished!
The Sultan: Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You must know where she is and if you don't tell me right this minute, I'm going to have you beheaded!
[the guards draws his swords, Aladdin look stunned]
Aladdin: Wait, your highness! Don't be rash! Let me have three days and I promised I could bring her back.
The Sultan: Three days, eh? Very well, I'll give you three days. But, you better bring the princess back or you'll never see your friends again.

Aladdin's Mother: Marriage? Have you lost your mind? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
Aladdin: It's not ridiculous, mother. If I asked the Genie, he could...
Aladdin's Mother: Don't even mention that horrible creature again. The Sultan's daughter... Really, Aladdin? I think you've got stark raving mad.
Aladdin: I'm going to marry her.
Aladdin's Mother: All right. To prove how wrong you are, I'll go to the palace and present your acclaimed to the Sultan.

[last lines, after the Wizard's castle was sunked]
Aladdin: [to Badral] I guess we should go back... They'll be expecting us.
The Princess: Mm-hmm.

Aladdin: [thinking] If I have died in that cave... I would let this world without having done anything worthwhile. My mother's right. I've been acting like a fool... I've got to think of something to do, for my mother's safe and mind.

Aladdin: Mother? If I don't get something to eat, I'll die.
Aladdin's Mother: Well, I hope that you can survived for a few more minutes. If I can finish this, I'll take it down to the marketplace and get some money. So, I won't have a dead son in my hands.
Aladdin: You mean more money to buy food?
Aladdin's Mother: I've always more money to buy food.
[Aladdin sighs, takes the giant cup and pours the small bowl. But, it's empty... takes another giant cup]
Aladdin's Mother: I've sold everything I own except for the clothes of our back... There's nothing left. Oh, Aladdin, I wish you start looking for some more you could do that your father was still alive. He could have train you to be a tailor, But as it is.
Aladdin: Well, he didn't. So, I'm not anything.
Aladdin's Mother: You roamed the streets with those vagrant friends of yours causing nothing but trouble. Isn't there anything else you can do?
Aladdin: I guess there is... I just wish I knew what it was.
[She looks at Aladdin, sighs and gets back to work]

[the Wizard is riding on the horse and making Aladdin run in the desert mile]
The Wizard: Boy, you must run faster than that.
Aladdin: What are you saying? We've been running for hours that we haven't stopped once.
[panting and The Wizard's horse halted]
The Wizard: We'll be there soon. But, that give you the energy to run faster.
Aladdin: Please, let me rest for a while.
The Wizard: No, we must hurry.
Aladdin: But, I can't run anymore.
The Wizard: I chose you, because I thought you were a boy of spirit. Prove it to me.
[continues to ride the horse and Aladdin is panting, running]

Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier (2013) (TV)
Ensemble: [Crying] Aladdin? After that night we spent together, my belly grows big with child. And my father says that you must marry me or I'll bring dishonor to my entire family.
Aladdin: Whoa w - w - w - whoa! I can't give up on my dreams and settle down just because your dad's being a dick.

Princess: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Aladdin: Absolutely. I've experienced it. Many, many times.

Aladdin: But she's the princess. To even stand a chance, I'd have to have enough money to like, hire an army of assassins to kill the royal vizier and all the palace guards. Then I could sneak in and, you know, pork her. 'Cause dude, once I get my mind set on a chick, I just can't move on. Until I get this nut out.
Ja'far: Well first you must escape the Tiger Head Cave with your life.
Ja'far: [yelling] Then you can get your nut out!
Ja'far: [ominously] Your eternal nut out.
Aladdin: Nice.

Aladdin: Knock, knock, knock. Did somebody order a prince?
Princess: [gasps, checks hand where she wrote his name] Aladdin!
Aladdin: How the fuck did you know it was me?
Princess: [confused] Because it *is* you, you're just wearing different clothes.
Aladdin: Wow. Pretty *and* smart. You're the whole shebang, babe.

Aladdin: Sultan, princess? This guy is a sorcerer. Think about it! How is it that he knows so much shit? Hey Ja'far, where do hippopotamuses come from?
Ja'far: Africa.
Aladdin: See, how did you fucking know that, sorcerer?

Aladdin, Princess: They're after me! They're after you?
Aladdin: There she is, guys, get her!

"Arabian Nights" (2000)
Aladdin: Who are you?
Genie of the Lamp: Who am I? Who am I? I am the Lamp Genie... THE Lamp Genie. Wishes, dreams, power, premature and violent death... ohhh, scratch the last one.

Aladdin: [making a wish] How about some sort of flying machine?
Genie of the Lamp: Flying machine? So we could fly around the world? And have drinks? And people could serve us peanuts? You'd better stick with the money.

Aladdin: Are you like the Genie of the Ring?
Genie of the Lamp: Like the Genie of the Ring?... I, who opposed the will of Heaven? NEVER!
Aladdin: So you're not related then?
Genie of the Lamp: No! Ohhh, I don't know... the tests were inconclusive...

Princess Zobeide: Aladdin, you're everything a prince should be! But... your mother...
Aladdin: [hurriedly] She's what they call an... eccentric.

"Aladdin: The Secret of Dagger Rock (#1.39)" (1994)
Mozenrath: Your precious princess is no doubt weeping in some cloistered corner of the palace.
Aladdin: You don't know Jasmine.

Aladdin: [about to kiss Jasmine] My hero.

Mozenrath: And who's gonna stop me, Aladdin? You? You who refuse to be the sultan so you could play the hero?
Aladdin: Beats some of *your* hobbies.
Mozenrath: I singlehandedly conquered the Land of the Black Sand. I became the most powerful sorcerer of our age. And that's only the start. I will rule the Seven Deserts.
Aladdin: Sure... How many parties do you get invited to?

Aladdin: You lost this battle the minute you got Jasmine mad.

Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)
Aladdin: Legend has it that whoever holds the lamp can summon the...
Genie: Please, kid, leave the intros to a professional. The one and only GENIE OF THE LAMP! Rub-a-dub-dub the lamp and have your dearest wishes granted. Today's winner is... Aladdin! Congratulations!

Genie: Any three wishes! A one wish, a two wish, a three wish. Then I make like a banana and split! Our lucky winner made his first wish... and let me tell you, what a doozy that wish was... so he has two left. So, master, what'll you have for Wish Number Two?
Aladdin: Hmm, how about making me a fabulously wealthy prince?
Genie: Oooh! Money! Royalty! Fame! Why didn't I think of that? Okay, you asked for it! A hundred servants and a hundred camels loaded with gold! Just say the word and I'll deliver it in 30 minutes or less, or your meal's free. Hey, I'll even throw in a cappuccino!

Mickey's House of Villains (2001) (V)
Aladdin: Here, use the lamp.
[Aladdin gives Daisy the lamp then passes it to Goofy, then Donald, then Minnie and then Mickey]

"Aladdin: Dune Quixote (#1.25)" (1994)
Aladdin: [calling after Farouk] And next time, pick on someone your own size!
Iago: [muttering] If he can *find* anyone his own size.

"Aladdin: The Seven Faces of Genie (#1.41)" (1994)
Genie: [as his Anger personality throws Abis Mal from a great height] Point that beard at me again and I'll rip your spine out!
Aladdin: [Frightened] Genie's anger!
Iago: So long, I like my spine!
[flys away]

"Aladdin: Seems Like Old Crimes: Part Two (#1.62)" (1994)
Aladdin: You'll be okay.
[jumps down on one end of the rug so Jasmine is vaulted off her end over the circle of flame]
Aladdin: Not sure about me, though.

"Aladdin: Of Ice and Men (#1.27)" (1994)
Iago: This is a bad idea, Al! The guy's got the reasoning faculties of a boiled cabbage!
Aladdin: Don't worry about it! I got us through the ice palace, and I can handle it!
[Iago facepalms]

"Aladdin: To Cure a Thief (#1.3)" (1994)
Aladdin: Hey. Butterfingers. I want my monkey.

Arabian Nights (1942)
Aladdin: [to Corporal] If you have to leave, don't go until you come back.

"Aladdin: Destiny on Fire (#1.64)" (1994)
Aladdin: [leaping on] Carpet, we're going to the palace.
Iago: [Abu follows] Count me out.
Razoul: [running by] You're out.

"Aladdin: Garden of Evil (#1.8)" (1994)
Aladdin: [after Aladdin vanquishes Arbutus] Jasmine, we did it!
[he notices Jasmine looks upset]
Aladdin: Jasmine? What?
Princess Jasmine: Oh, Aladdin. I know you meant to do the right thing, but Arbutus was not a monster. He was just different.
Iago: Yeah, he was a beast!
Aladdin: Iago! Jasmine, I don't understand.
Princess Jasmine: He loved his garden the way you and Father love me.

"Faerie Tale Theatre: Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (#5.1)" (1986)
Aladdin: Where do you come from?
Genie: Originally?
[Aladdin nods]
Genie: I was born from the thundering wind, that blew from the mouth of the Great White Bear, who came from the fiery yellow Sun, who is the eye of the all-powerful being whose name I am forbidden to speak! And you are?
Aladdin: Aladdin. I... was born from Mustafa the tailor. And that's my mother there, passed out from fright.
Genie: [laughs] Amusing!

"Aladdin: The Citadel (#1.37)" (1994)
Aladdin: A *test*? People could've been hurt!
Mozenrath: And your point would be...?

"Aladdin: The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath (#1.42)" (1994)
Mozenrath: You're just in time to witness the destruction of Agrabah!
Aladdin: [to Iago] I think he needs a girlfriend or something.
Iago: I think he's married to his work.

"Aladdin: The Vapor Chase (#1.7)" (1994)
[Jasmine, Genie, and Aladdin are about to blow something up]
Jasmine: It's showtime.
Genie: [appears with box of popcorn] It is? I love a good show! What are we gonna see?
Aladdin: Genie, she means light the fuse.

"Once Upon a Time: Wish You Were Here (#6.10)" (2016)
Captain Hook: What the devil?
Evil Queen: Mm, not the devil. My genie.
Aladdin: I'm sorry.
Evil Queen: I believe I have three wishes.
Aladdin: Go ahead. Wish. They always come with a price.
Evil Queen: [with relish] That they do. Which is why I'm not going to wish something for me.
[to Emma]
Evil Queen: I'm going to give you something. Something you've always wanted, something you confided about to Aladdin.
Emma Swan: You heard us?
Evil Queen: Don't you know by now? I hear everything. You wished you weren't the savior. So that's exactly what you're going to get. Genie of Agrabah, I wish that Emma Swan's wish to have never been the savior... be granted.

"Saturday Night Live: Rosario Dawson/Fleet Foxes (#34.13)" (2009)
Aladdin: Ok, look, Dr. Greenberg said that we had to spend one romantic evening together per week, so why don't we, you know, just get this over with?
Jasmine: [shocked] I wish you could hear yourself right now.
Aladdin: Well I wish I was dead! But guess what? I already used all my wishes!