Cliff Vandercave
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Cliff Vandercave (Character)
from The Flintstones (1994)

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The Flintstones (1994)
Cliff Vandercave: Do you know what we do up here?
Fred Flintstone: Well, me and the guys have always wondered.
Cliff Vandercave: We interface, Flintstone. We conceptualize, tenderize, prioritize.
Fred Flintstone: When do we eat?

Cliff Vandercave: I want you to fire Bernard Rubble.
Fred Flintstone: Done! Wait, fire Barney, why?
Cliff Vandercave: Well, he scored the lowest on the company aptitude test. He's an imbecile. The company can't afford to have dead weight like him on the payroll.
Fred Flintstone: But Mr. Vandercave, he's got a new kid, a mortgage, I'm his best friend, I can't.
Cliff Vandercave: Look, Fred, if you don't fire him, I will, and then I'll fire you.

Cliff Vandercave: Son of a Brachiosaurus!

Fred Flintstone: This is my office? This is my chair?
Cliff Vandercave: Yeah, not to throw too much at you on your first day, but this big thing here is your desk.
Fred Flintstone: My desk?

Cliff Vandercave: Look at those pathetic worms burrowing their lives away. Do you know why I'm up here and they're down there, Miss Stone?
Sharon Stone: Because you lied on your résumé?
Cliff Vandercave: No. Because I have vision, and right now I have a vision of you and me dripping with coconut oil on a beach in Rockapulco with Mr. Slate's fortune to keep us company.
Sharon Stone: I'm glad we see eye to eye.
Cliff Vandercave: And somewhere down there is the ignorant stooge who will make all my schemes come true.

Sharon Stone: I'm worried, Cliff, I think Mr. Flintstone is smarter than we thought.
Cliff Vandercave: Ha. He'd have to be to get himself dressed in the morning.

Mr. Slate: Gentlemen, please, I can't endorse this modernization if it means laying off all those workers. Some of them have been here since the beginning of time.
Cliff Vandercave: What if I could quadruple your income?
Mr. Slate: I'll miss them. You were saying?

Cliff Vandercave: Through the miracle of geothermal power, the raw material is elevated to the second stage where our steam-powered conveyor belts carry...
Executive in Boardroom: Steam? He's a mad man!
Cliff Vandercave: *Steam*-powered conveyor belts, carry the product...

Cliff Vandercave: And in the words of my beloved mother: I'm taking the money and moving to a warmer climate.