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Rachel Bitterman (Character)
from It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002) (TV)

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It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002) (TV)
Rachel Bitterman: You are very fit for a plus sized pig.
Miss Piggy: And you will not look good with a plus sized lip.

Kermit: We're going to get you that money.
Rachel Bitterman: Yeah, when pigs fly.
[Miss Piggy suddeny comes flying by, dangling from the "five golden rings"]
Rachel Bitterman: For the record, I consider that flying pig to be a coincidence and not a sign from God!

Fozzie: Where's Ms. Bitterman's office? I gotta get this money up to her!
Security Guard: Let me think. If I was a bear, I'd store my honey in a tree somewhere...
Fozzie: No, not honey! Money! I gotta see Ms. Bitterman so I can give her her MO-NEY!
Security Guard: Oh, Ms. Bitterman's laundry. She's on the 17th floor. I'll call her to tell her you're coming.
Fozzie: Thank you!
Security Guard: Gesundheit.
[Cut to Ms. Bitterman's office. She answers the phone]
Rachel Bitterman: Hello?
Rachel Bitterman: No! That can't be! Stop him!
Rachel Bitterman: No, not stockings! STOP HIM! Oh, never mind.

Rachel Bitterman: "Working for a dream." That's beautiful. You know, my employees work for salaries.

Kermit: Ms. Bitterman, you can take the Muppet Theatre, but you'll never take the theatre in our hearts!
Rachel Bitterman: Well, that's good, because I don't want the theatre in your hearts; I want the theatre that exists in reality!