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Richie Rich (Character)
from Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994)

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Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994)
Pee-Wee: Hey, man, just checking out your crib here.
Richie Rich: My crib?
Herbert Cadbury: I believe that's street slang for home, sir, an idiom.
Omar: Who you callin' an idiom?

Richie Rich: How come all we do is talk about money? Why don't we do something fun.
Ellsworth: Money is fun!

Professor Keenbean: [spraying his latest invention on a test dummy] Now, THIS makes any fabric instantly impervious. Dirt proof, stain proof, water proof, and...
[calls out assistant with a gun]
Professor Keenbean: Sherman!
[Sherman nods, as they go behind the glass wall behind, Sherman fires at the dummy who remains unharmed. As they reenter, Keenbean picks out a bullet that is still hot]
Professor Keenbean: Ouch! And bullet proof! It's still not perfected yet! It's hell on the dry-cleaning bill.
Richie Rich: No kidding.

[Richie and his private-schoolmates are on break from their fencing class]
Reynolds: Capital appreciation is all well and good, but not without a sound growth strategy.
Ellsworth: Well, I've only got one word to say to you: pork bellies.
Richie Rich: ...I'm wondering if you guys can come over this weekend and hang out with me. Like normal kids do.
Reynolds: *Normal* kids? You're really acting weird, Richie. Anyway, no can do. I promised my dad I'd go with him for a hostile takeover in Tokyo.
Richie Rich: Et tu, Ellsworth?
Ellsworth: [shrugs] Trustees' meeting. Sorry.

Professor Keenbean: [introducing his latest invention] This baby is the ultimate corrosive. I call it - DON'T TOUCH IT! - I call it "hydrochloricdioxynucleocarbonium". Well, the name needs work. But it'll eat through a Buick! OR -...
Richie Rich: Prison bars.
Professor Keenbean: Exactly.

[Cadbury has just made a break from jail, and is reunited with Richie]
Richie Rich: Cadbury?
Herbert Cadbury: Richie! Oh, thank God, I've been worried sick...!
[they hug each other]
Herbert Cadbury: I do beg your pardon, sir. All that emotion. Quite out of order. Got caught up in the moment.
Richie Rich: Cadbury?
Herbert Cadbury: Yes, sir?
Richie Rich: Shut up!
Herbert Cadbury: Thank you, sir.

Gloria: [Richie is hiding out at Gloria's apartment] I like this "street" look on you, Richie. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were almost normal.
Richie Rich: Thanks, I think.
Gloria: No, seriously. I used to think you were just some spoiled rich kid. But now, you're not so bad.
Richie Rich: Yeah, likewise.

Richie Rich: [on Rich Industries' venture into the candy bar-business] We simply cannot let our competition be nuttier than we are.

[he finds a lonely Richie surveying their backyard from the balcony]
Herbert Cadbury: Excuse me, Master Richie. Sensing you were at a loose end, I've arranged for a little entertainment.
Richie Rich: I'm really not in the mood for the Vienna Boys' Choir today, Cadbury. Thanks anyhow.

[Richie wants to play baseball with Gloria's sandlot-team]
Richie Rich: Come on. Let me hit.
Gloria: Forget it; you probably couldn't even hit a BEACH BALL!
Richie Rich: I could hit it off of YOU.
Gloria: [insulted] All right - You think you're so hot? Put your money where your mouth is!
Richie Rich: You mean bet?
Tony: Yeah. $5 says she could put you away for keeps.
Gloria: $5? How about $10?
Richie Rich: Okay - Seems a little steep, but $10 thousand it is.
[He whips it out, and they all freak out]
Gloria: No, not $10 thousand. $10 dollars.
Richie Rich: Oh, $10 dollars. Okay.
Herbert Cadbury: Master Richie, I do think it unseemly in the extreme for you to take these - children's money.
Gloria: What are you doing, Mr. Fancy Pants? Asking the old guy for batting tips?
Herbert Cadbury: [insulted] Take their backsides to the cleaners, Master Richie.

Richard Rich Sr.: [They are preparing to depart for England] Perk up, son. It won't be long before you're having tea and crumpets with the queen!
Richie Rich: I'd much rather eat a hot dog at Wrigley Field.
Richard Rich Sr.: [chuckles] So would I, son. So would I.

Herbert Cadbury: ...Sir, your Latin tutorial has been moved back an hour; that gives you time for a spot of polo. Then on to your tax-law seminar. Oh, and this coming weekend, big treat: You and your parents are flying to London to take tea with Her Majesty... Is something amiss, sir?
Richie Rich: [unhappy] First, my friends are too busy to hang out with me... And now, *I'M* too busy to hang out with me.

Herbert Cadbury: [Richie prepares to introduce himself to Gloria and her sandlot-baseball team] You can't play with THESE children. I must protest!
Richie Rich: Cadbury, CHILL. I'll be fine.
Herbert Cadbury: But they probably haven't even been VACCINATED!

Richie Rich: [to Gloria and her fellow sandlotters] If any one of you guys wanna turn back, now's the time.
Gloria: No way. Would you turn back if you were us? We're with you, Richie.

Herbert Cadbury: Come along sir, you mustn't keep your personal trainer waiting.
Richie Rich: [getting out of bed] Tell Arnold I really don't feel like excercising today.
[Cadbury clears his throat, and in walks in Claudia Schiffer. Richie's mouth drops open]
Aerobics Instructor: I hope you don't mind, but Arnold cancelled. So I'll be filling in. My name is Claudia.
Richie Rich: Yikes!
[Wiggles his eyebrows. They start doing some basic excercises, and Richie and Cadbury are watching her]
Richie Rich: Cadbury, about Arnold...
Herbert Cadbury: Arnold's history, sir.
Aerobics Instructor: [She bends over, and the two men are mesmorized] All the way back down, stretch and back up.

Herbert Cadbury: Remember this, you have the power of your father inside you.
Richie Rich: Sort of like "trust the force, Luke?"

Herbert Cadbury: [sniffs] Good grief! Manure?
Omar: Hey, it's all we could find!
Herbert Cadbury: Very well. Load.
Richie Rich: [into walkie-talkie] I'm in position. You guys almost ready?
Herbert Cadbury: [sniffs, into walkie-talkie] Eminently.

Richie Rich: [looking up somewhat uncertainly at the enormous tall Rich Industries office building towering up in front of him] I'm not sure if I can go through with this, Cadbury.
Herbert Cadbury: Just remember these words, Master Richie - - "You have the power of your father inside you."
Richie Rich: You mean, like, "Trust the force, Luke"?
Herbert Cadbury: [maintaining his debonair composure even though he is a bit dismayed to have his elegantly-worded example "degraded" by having it merely compared to a quote in a science fiction movie] "Pree-cisely, sir!"

Nash: [into walkie-talkie, with mouth full] This is Nash.
Zullo: Nash, I didn't hear that. Come back with that.
Nash: This is Nash.
Richie Rich: [into walkie talkie] Fire two!
[Cadbury launches a second sack of manure]
Nash: [mouth full] Somebody throwing SHIII-!
[the sack knocks him out]
Richie Rich: YES!

Richie Rich: [seeing his gentle dignified friend clad in the would-be hitman's hideous punk-biker's costume of glossy black fabric imprinted with hundreds of tiny white human skulls] You know, Cadbury, that get-up really doesn't go with your personality.
Herbert Cadbury: Yeah, I know. I was lucky to be able to hold onto my own underwear.
Diane Pazinski: [seeing Cadbury disguised as the hoodlum] Whoa, look who's slummin'!

Ri¢hie Ri¢h's Christmas Wish (1998) (V)
Richie Rich: Now I've done it. I've ruined Christmas for everyone in two lifetimes.