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Simba (Character)
from The Lion King (1994)

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The Lion King (1994)
Timon: [of the decimated Pride Rock] We're gonna fight your uncle... for this?
Adult Simba: Yes, Timon. This is my home.
Timon: Whoa. Talk about your fixer-upper.

Adult Simba: [in a huff] She's wrong. I can't go back. What would it prove, anyway? You can't change the past.
[calling to the sky]
Adult Simba: You said you'd always be there for me! But you're not. It's because of me. It's my fault. It's my fault.

Scar: Ahh, so you haven't told them your little secret. Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them. Tell them who is responsible for Mufasa's death!
Adult Simba: [pause] I am.
Sarabi: [whispering] It's not true. Tell me it's not true.
Adult Simba: It's true.
Scar: You see? He admits it. Murderer!
Adult Simba: No! It was an accident!
Scar: If it weren't for you Mufasa would still be alive. It's your fault he's dead. Do you deny it?
Adult Simba: No.
Scar: Then you're *guilty*.
Adult Simba: No, I'm *not* a murderer!

Adult Simba: Tell them the truth.
Scar: Truth? But truth is in the eye of the behold...
Scar: [Simba chokes him, he whispers] All right. All right. I did it.
Adult Simba: So they can hear you.
Scar: I killed Mufasa!

Nala: What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I remember.
Adult Simba: You're right, I'm not. Now are you satisfied?
Nala: No, just disappointed.
Adult Simba: You know you're starting to sound like my father.
Nala: Good. At least one of us does.

Pumbaa: Your Majesty. I gravel at your feet.
[starts kissing Simba's feet]
Adult Simba: Stop that.
Timon: It's not gravel, it's grovel.

Adult Simba: I know what I have to do. But going back means I'll have to face my past. I've been running from it for so long.
[Rafiki hits Simba on the head with his stick]
Adult Simba: Ow! Jeez, what was that for?
Rafiki: It doesn't matter. It's in the past.
Adult Simba: Yeah, but it still hurts.
Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it.
[swings his stick again at Simba, who ducks out of the way]
Rafiki: Ha. You see? So what are you going to do?
Adult Simba: First, I'm gonna take your stick.
[Simba snatches Rafiki's stick and throws it and Rafiki runs to grab it]
Rafiki: No, no, no, no, not the stick! Hey, where you going?
Adult Simba: I'm going back!
Rafiki: Good! Go on! Get out of here!
[Rafiki begins laughing and screeching loudly]

Adult Simba: You knew my father?
Rafiki: Correction: I *know* your father.

Adult Simba: Well...
Timon: Yeah?
Adult Simba: Somebody once told me that the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us.
Pumbaa: Really?
Timon: You mean a bunch of royal dead guys are watching us?

Timon: Let me get this straight. You're the king? And you never told us?
Adult Simba: Look, I'm still the same guy.
Timon: But with power!
Nala: Could you guys excuse us for a few minutes?
Timon: Hey, whatever she has to say, she can say in front of us. Right, Simba?
Adult Simba: Mm... Maybe you'd better go.
Timon: It starts. You think you know a guy...
[Timon and Pumbaa leave]
Adult Simba: Timon and Pumbaa. You learn to love 'em.

Adult Simba: Listen, you think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through!
Nala: I would if you just tell me!
Adult Simba: Forget it!
Nala: Fine!

Rafiki: What was *that*?
Rafiki: The weather - Pbbbah! Very peculiar. Don't you think?
Adult Simba: Yeah. Looks like the winds are changing.
Rafiki: Ahhh. Change is good.

Nala: What made you come back?
Adult Simba: I finally got some sense knocked into me. And I've got the bump to prove it.

Scar: Simba, Simba, please. Please have mercy, I beg you.
Adult Simba: You don't deserve to live.
Scar: But, Simba, I... am... family. It's the hyenas who are the real enemy. It was their fault. It was their idea!
Adult Simba: Why should I believe you? Everything you ever told me was a lie.
Scar: What are you going to do? You wouldn't kill your *old* uncle...?
Adult Simba: No, Scar. I'm not like you.
Scar: Oh, Simba, thank you. You are truly noble. I'll make it up to you, I promise. How can I, ah, prove myself to you? Tell me anything, anything.
Adult Simba: Run. Run away, Scar. And never return.
Scar: Yes. Of course. As you wish,
[Scar's words turn into a snarl]
Scar: your Majesty!
[throws embers in Simba's face]
Adult Simba: Aaah!

Adult Simba: Man, I'm stuffed.
Pumbaa: Me, too. I ate like a pig.
Adult Simba: Pumbaa, you *are* a pig.

Rafiki: Asante sana Squash banana, Wiwi nugu Mi mi apana.
Adult Simba: Come on, will you cut it out?
Rafiki: Can't cut it out. It will grow right back. Hehehe.
Adult Simba: Creepy little monkey. Would you stop following me! Who are you?
Rafiki: The question is, who... are you?
Adult Simba: [sighs] I thought I knew, but now I'm not so sure.
Rafiki: Well, I know who you are! Shh. Come here, it's a secret.
[Whispers, then grows louder]
Rafiki: Asante sana Squash banana, Wiwi nugu Mi mi apana!
Adult Simba: Enough already! What's that supposed to mean, anyway?
Rafiki: It means you're a baboon... and I'm not.
Adult Simba: I think you're a little confused.
Rafiki: Wrong! I'm not the one who's confused. You don't even know who you are!
Adult Simba: Oh, and I suppose you know?
Rafiki: Sure do. You're Mufasa's boy!
[Simba turns around to look at him, shocked]
Rafiki: Bye!

Adult Simba: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart.
Scar: Oh, Simba, you must understand. The pressures of ruling a kingdom...
Adult Simba: Are no longer yours. Step down, Scar.

Scar: [after forcing Simba to the edge of a cliff while a fire burns below] Now this looks familiar. Where have I seen this before? Hm, let me think. Oh, yes, I remember! This is just the way your father looked before he died.
[He claws Simba's paws the same way he did to Mufasa]
Scar: And here's 'my' little secret...
Scar: I killed Mufasa!
Young Simba: [In a flashback] Nooooo!
Adult Simba: [leaps back up and pounces on him] Nooo! Murderer!

Timon: Hyenas. I hate hyenas. So what's the plan for getting past those guys?
Adult Simba: Live bait.
Timon: Good idea.
[realizes what he means]
Timon: HEY!

Sarabi: Mufasa?
Adult Simba: No. It's me.
Sarabi: Simba? But how...?
Adult Simba: It doesn't matter. I'm home.
Scar: Simba? Simba! Well, it sure is a surprise to see you...
[turns to the hyenas]
Scar: ...*alive*!

Rafiki: Look down there.
[Slowly Simba walks to the edge of the watering hole and peers inside. His reflection stares back at him]
Adult Simba: That's not my father. That's just my reflection.
Rafiki: No. Look harder.
[Rafiki touches the water which causes waves that change Simba's reflection into Mufasa]
Rafiki: You see? He lives in you.
Mufasa's Ghost: [From above] Simba.
Adult Simba: Father?
Mufasa's Ghost: [He appears in the sky as a group of stars] Simba, you have forgotten me.
Adult Simba: No. How could I?
Mufasa's Ghost: You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of life.
Adult Simba: How can I go back? I'm not who I used to be.
Mufasa's Ghost: [Now fully formed in the sky] Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king. Remember who you are.
Adult Simba: [Mufasa's ghost begins to disappear] No! Please! Don't leave me!
Mufasa's Ghost: Remember.
Adult Simba: Father!
Mufasa's Ghost: Remember.
Adult Simba: Don't leave me.
Mufasa's Ghost: Remember.

Rafiki: [singing] Asante sana Squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana.
Adult Simba: Come on. Will you cut it out?
Rafiki: Can't cut it out. It grow right back!
Adult Simba: Creepy little monkey. Will you stop following me? Who are you?
Rafiki: The question is who are you?
Adult Simba: I thought I knew. Now I'm not so sure.
Rafiki: Well, I know who you are. Ssh, come here. It's a secret.
[starts singing in Simba's ear]
Rafiki: Asante sana Squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana
Adult Simba: Enough already! What is that supposed to mean anyway?
Rafiki: It means you're a baboon and I'm not.
Adult Simba: I think you're a little confused.
Rafiki: Wrong! I'm not the one who's confused. You don't even know who you are!
Adult Simba: Oh and I suppose you know?
Rafiki: Sure do. You're Mufasa's boy!
[Simba looks at Rafiki]
Rafiki: Bye!
Adult Simba: [Rafiki runs off and Simba chases him] Hey wait!
Adult Simba: [Catching up] You knew my father?
Rafiki: Correction. I know you're father.
Adult Simba: I hate to tell you this but he died. A long time ago.
Rafiki: Nope! wrong again! He's alive and I will show him to you! You follow old Rafiki. He knows the way!

Nala: We really needed you at home.
Adult Simba: No one needs me.
Nala: Yes, we do. You're the king.
Adult Simba: Nala, we've been through this. I'm not the king. Scar is.

Adult Simba: Look, Sometimes bad things happen...
Nala: Simba.
Adult Simba: And there's nothing you can do about it. So why worry?
Nala: Because it's your responsibility.
Adult Simba: Well, what about you? You left.
Nala: I left to find help, and I found *you*. Don't you understand? You're our only hope.
Adult Simba: Sorry.

Nala: [about Scar] Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands.
Adult Simba: What?
Nala: Everything's destroyed. There's no food, no water. Simba, if you don't do something soon, everyone will starve.
Adult Simba: I can't go back.
Nala: Why?
Adult Simba: You wouldn't understand.
Nala: What wouldn't I understand?
Adult Simba: No, no, no. It doesn't matter. Hakuna Matata.
Nala: What?
Adult Simba: Hakuna Matata. It's something I learned out here.

Adult Simba: Nala? Is it really you?
Nala: Who are you?
Adult Simba: It's me, Simba.
Nala: Simba?
[he nods. Nala was elated to see him]
Nala: Whoa!
[they bud their heads]
Nala: How did you...
Adult Simba: How did you...
[Timon stood there surprised and speechless]
Adult Simba: Wow!
Nala: Where did you come from?
Adult Simba: This is gr... It's great to see you!
Timon: Hey, what's goin' on here?
Adult Simba: What are you doing here?
Nala: What do you mean what am I doing here? What are you doing here?
Timon: Hey! What's goin' on here?

Adult Simba: Isn't this a great place?
Nala: It is beautiful. But I don't understand something. You've been alive all this time. Why didn't you come back to Pride Rock.
Adult Simba: Well, I just needed to get out on my own, live my own life. And I did, and it's great.

Nala: Wait till everyone finds out you've been here all this time. And your mother, what will she think?
Adult Simba: She doesn't have to know. Nobody has to know.
Nala: Of course they do. Everyone thinks you're dead.
Adult Simba: They do.
Nala: Yeah. Scar told us about the stampede.
Adult Simba: He did? What else did he tell you?
Nala: What else matters? You're alive. And that means, you're the king.
Timon: King? Pbbfft. Lady, have you got your lions crossed!

Adult Simba: Timon, this is Nala. She's my best friend.
Timon: Friend?
Adult Simba: Yeah. Hey, Pumbaa, come over here.
Pumbaa: Huh?
Adult Simba: Nala, this is Pumbaa. Pumbaa, Nala.
Pumbaa: Please to make your acquaintance.
Nala: The pleasure is all mine.
Timon: How do you do?

Timon: [to Pumbaa] It's not gravel, it's grovel. And don't. He's not the king
[to Simba]
Timon: Are ya?
Adult Simba: No.
Nala: Simba.
Adult Simba: No, I'm not the king. Maybe I was gonna be but that was a long time ago.

Adult Simba: [about Mufasa] I hate to tell you this, but he died a long time ago.
Rafiki: Nope. Wrong again. Ha ha ha. He's alive. And I'll show him to you. You follow old Rafiki, he knows the way. Come on.

Scar: [the hyenas] They think I'm the King.
Nala: But we don't. Simba's the rightful King.
Adult Simba: The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or a fight.

Young Simba: Hey, Uncle Scar, guess what?
Scar: I despise guessing games.
Young Simba: I'm gonna be King of Pride Rock.
Scar: Oh, goody.
Young Simba: My dad just showed me the whole kingdom. And I'm gonna rule it all. Heheh.
Scar: Yes. Well, forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.
[flops on his side]
Young Simba: Hey Uncle Scar, when I'm King, what'll that make you?
Scar: A monkey's uncle.
Young Simba: [laughs] You're so weird.
Scar: You have no idea.

Pumbaa: [about "Hakuna Matata"] It's our motto.
Young Simba: What's a motto?
Timon: Nothing. What's a motto with you?

Young Simba: Dad?
Mufasa: Hmm?
Young Simba: We're pals, right?
Mufasa: Right.
Young Simba: And we'll always be together, right?
Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.
Young Simba: Really?
Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.

Mufasa: Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
Young Simba: Wow.
Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.
Young Simba: And this'll all be mine?
Mufasa: Everything.
Young Simba: Everything the light touches...

Zazu: [leading Simba and Nala to the waterhole] Step lively. The sooner we get to the waterhole, the sooner we can leave.
Young Nala: [whispering to Simba] So where are we really going?
Young Simba: An elephant graveyard.
Young Nala: Wow!
Young Simba: Shhhh! Zazu.
Young Nala: Right. So how are we going to ditch the dodo?
[Simba starts whispering to her]
Zazu: Just look at you two. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah. Your parents will be *thrilled*, what with your being betrothed and all.
Young Simba: Be-what?
Zazu: Betrothed. Intended. Affianced.
Young Nala: Meaning...?
Zazu: One day, you two are going to be married.
Young Simba: Yuck.
Young Nala: Ewww.
Young Simba: I can't marry her. She's my friend.
Young Nala: Yeah. It'd be so weird.
Zazu: Well, sorry to bust the old bubble, but you two turtledoves have no choice. It's a tradition going back generations.
Young Simba: Well, when I'm king, that'll be the first thing to go.
Zazu: Not so long as I'm around.
Young Simba: Well, in that case, you're fired.
Zazu: Hmmm... Nice try, but only the king can do that.
Young Nala: Well, he's the future king.
Young Simba: Yeah. So you have to do what I tell you.
Zazu: Not yet I don't. And with an attitude like that, I'm afraid you're shaping up to be a pretty pathetic king indeed.

Scar: So, your father showed you the whole kingdom, did he?
Young Simba: Everything.
Scar: He didn't show you what's beyond that rise at the northern border?
Young Simba: Well, no. He said I can't go there.
Scar: And he's absolutely right! It's far too dangerous. Only the bravest lions go there.
Young Simba: Well, I'm brave. What's out there?
Scar: No, I'm sorry, Simba, I just *can't* tell you.
Young Simba: Why not?
Scar: Simba, Simba, I'm only looking out for the well-being of my favorite nephew.
Young Simba: Yeah, right. I'm your only nephew.
Scar: All the more reason for me to be protective. An elephant graveyard is no place for a young prince.
Young Simba: An elephant what? Whoa!
Scar: Oops! Oh, dear, I've said too much! Well, I suppose you'd have found out sooner or later, you being so clever and all. Just promise me you'll never visit that dreadful place!
Young Simba: No problem!
Scar: There's a good lad. You run along now and have fun. And remember... its our little secret.

Young Simba: Isn't it great?
Young Nala: We could get in big trouble.
Young Simba: I know.

Young Simba: Hey, look, Banana Beak is scared.
Zazu: That's *Mr.* Banana Beak to you, Fuzzy! And right now, we are all in very real danger.
Young Simba: Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!

Shenzi: Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?
Young Simba: Puh. You can't do anything to me.
Zazu: Uhh... technically, they can. We are on their land.
Young Simba: But Zazu, you told me they're nothing but slobbering mangy stupid poachers.
Zazu: Ix-nay on the oopid-stay...
Banzai: Who're you callin' "oopid-stay?"
Zazu: Oh, my, my, my. Look at the sun. It's time to go!

Young Simba: Hey! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
Shenzi: Like... you?
Young Simba: Oops.

Mufasa: Simba, I'm very disappointed in you.
Young Simba: I know.
Mufasa: You could have been killed! You deliberately disobeyed me! And what's worse, you put Nala in danger!
Young Simba: I was just trying to be brave like you.
Mufasa: Simba, I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
Young Simba: But you're not scared of anything.
Mufasa: I was today.
Young Simba: You were?
Mufasa: Yes. I thought I might lose you.
Young Simba: Whoah. I guess even kings get scared, huh?
Mufasa: Mmm-hmm.
Young Simba: But you know what?
Mufasa: What?
Young Simba: I bet those hyenas were even scareder.
Mufasa: [laughs] That's 'cause nobody messes with your dad! Come here, you!
Young Simba: [laughing] No, no!
[Mufasa and Simba have a little wrestling match]

Scar: Now you wait here. Your father has a *marvelous* surprise for you.
Young Simba: Oooh. What is it?
Scar: If I told you, it wouldn't *be* a surprise, now would it?
Young Simba: If you tell me, I'll still *act* surprised.
Scar: Ho ho ho. You are such a naughty boy!
Young Simba: Come on, Uncle Scar.
Scar: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is just for you and your daddy. You know, a sort of... father-son... thing. Well! I'd better go get him.
Young Simba: I'll go with you.
Scar: No!
[regaining composure]
Scar: Heh heh heh. No. Just stay on this rock. You wouldn't want to end up in another mess like you did with the hyenas.
Young Simba: You know about that?
Scar: Simba, Simba, everybody knows about that.
Young Simba: Really?
Scar: Oh, yes. Lucky Daddy was there to save you, eh? Oh, and just between us, you might want to work on that little roar of yours. Hmm?
Young Simba: Oh, okay. Hey, Uncle Scar, will I like this surprise?
Scar: Simba, it's to *die* for!

Timon: So where you from?
Young Simba: Who cares? I can't go back.
Timon: Ah, you're an outcast! That's great. So are we.

Young Simba: [Nala's mother, Sarafina is giving Nala a bath] Hey, Nala.
Young Nala: Hi, Simba.
Young Simba: Come on, I just heard about this great place.
Young Nala: Simba, I'm kinda in the middle of a bath.
Sarabi: And it's time for yours.
[grabs Simba and starts licking him]
Young Simba: Mom! Mom, you're messing up my mane!
[Sarabi smiles]
Young Simba: Ok, ok. I'm clean. Can we go now?
Young Nala: So where are we going? It better not be anyplace dumb.
Young Simba: No, it's really cool.
Sarabi: So where is this really cool place?
Young Simba: Oh... around the waterhole.
Young Nala: The waterhole? What's so great about the waterhole?
Young Simba: [muttering] I'll *show* you when we *get* there.
Young Nala: Oh... Mom, can I go with Simba?
Sarafina - Nala's Mother: Hmm, what do you think Sarabi?
Sarabi: Well...
Young Simba, Young Nala: [with forced grins] Please!
Sarabi: It's alright with me.
Young Simba: Yeah!
Young Nala: All right!
Sarabi: As long as Zazu goes with you.
Young Simba: No, not Zazu!

Young Simba: What am I gonna do?
Scar: Run. Run away, and never return.
[Simba leaves and hyenas come out of the mist]
Scar: Kill him.

Timon: This looks like a good spot to rustle up some grub.
Young Simba: What's that?
Timon: A grub. What's it look like?
[Timon eats the grub]
Young Simba: Ewwwww, gross.
Timon: Tastes like chicken.

Pumbaa: What'd ya do, kid?
Young Simba: Something terrible. But I don't wanna talk about it.
Timon: Good. We don't wanna hear about it.

Mufasa: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
Young Simba: But, Dad, don't we eat the antelope?
Mufasa: Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.

Timon: Look, kid. Bad things happen, and you can't do anything about it. Right?
Young Simba: Right.
Timon: Wrong! When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.

Young Simba: Everything the light touches... But what about that shadowy place?
Mufasa: That's beyond our borders. You must never go there, Simba.
Young Simba: But I thought a king can do whatever he wants.
Mufasa: There's more to being a king than getting your way all the time.
Young Simba: There's more?
Mufasa: [laughing] Simba.

Young Simba: All right, it worked.
Young Nala: We lost him.
Young Simba: I - am a genius.
Young Nala: Hey, genius, it was my idea.
Young Simba: Yeah, but *I* pulled it off.
Young Nala: With *me*.
Young Simba: Oh, yeah?
[leaps at Nala who flips Simba on his back]
Young Nala: Pinned ya!
Young Simba: Hey let me up!
[Nala does so. Simba leaps at Nala again. They tumble down a hill and Nala ends up on top of Simba again]
Young Nala: Pinned ya again!

Young Simba: I'm so hungry I could eat a whole zebra.
Timon: Ah-ha, we're fresh out of zebra.
Young Simba: Any antelope?
Timon: Nah-ah.
Young Simba: Hippo?
Timon: Nope. Listen kid: if you live with us, you're gonna have to eat like us.

Mufasa: [above the stampeding wildebeest] Scar! Broth-brother, help me!
Scar: [Scar puts his claws into Mufasa's paws] Long live the King.
[throws him into the stampede]
Mufasa: Aaaaah!
Young Simba: [as the Camera zooms out] Nooooooooo!

Young Simba: Dad, Dad, come on, you gotta get up. Dad, we gotta go home.
[pulls on Mufasa's ear]
Young Simba: Help!
[echoes throughout the gorge]
Young Simba: Somebody,
Young Simba: anybody...
Young Simba: [Simba sniffs] help.

Shenzi: Well, well, well, Banzai, what have we got here?
Banzai: Hmm, I don't know Shenzi uh, what do you think Ed?
Ed the Hyena: Oo ehehe, oh hahahaha
Banzai: Yeah, just what I was thinking, a trio of trespassers.
Zazu: And quite by accident let me assure you...
Shenzi: Whoa, whoa, wait wait. I know you, you're Mufasa's little stooge.
Zazu: I madame, am the king's majordomo.
Banzai: And that would make you...?
Young Simba: The future King!
Shenzi: Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?
Young Simba: Puh, you can't do anything to me.
Zazu: Uh-uh, technically they can, we are on their land.
Young Simba: But Zazu, you told me they are nothing but slobbery, mangy stupid poachers.
Zazu: Ix-nay on the upid-stay...
Banzai: Who you callin' upid-stay?

Timon: Repeat after me.
[clears throat]
Timon: Hakuna Matata.
Young Simba: What?
Pumbaa: [slower] Hakuna Matata. It means "no worries".

Mufasa: Simba, I'm very disappointed in you!
Young Simba: I know.
Mufasa: You could have been killed. You deliberatly disobeyed me and what's worse, you put Nala in danger!
Young Simba: I was just trying to be brave like you.
Mufasa: I'm only brave when I *have* to be. Simba, being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
Young Simba: But you're not scared of anything.
Mufasa: I was today.
Young Simba: You were?
Mufasa: Yes. I thought I might lose you.
Young Simba: Oh. I guess even kings get scared, huh?
Mufasa: Mm-hmm
Young Simba: But you know what?
Mufasa: What?
Young Simba: I think those hyenas were even scarder
Mufasa: Cause nobody messes with your dad! Come here you!
Young Simba: [Mufasa grabs Simba and gives him a noogie] Oh no, no! Aah!
Young Simba: [Simba squirms away and chases his father and tackles him] Come here. Got ya!
[They roll in the grass laughing]
Young Simba: Dad?
Mufasa: Hmm?
Young Simba: We're pals right?
Mufasa: Right.
Young Simba: And we'll always be together right?
Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something that *my* father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.
Young Simba: Really?
Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.

Young Simba: [Simba is clinging on to a dead tree branch for dear life] Zazu, help me!
Zazu: Your father's on the way! Hold on!
Young Simba: [scared] HURRY!

Zazu: [to Mufasa; pointing at Simba, who is holding on to the branch of a dead tree in the middle of the stampede] There! There! On the tree!
Mufasa: Hold on, Simba!
[a wildebeet's horn hits the tree which begins to break]
Young Simba: [wails] AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!
[Mufasa jumps off the cliff and dives to Simba's rescue]

Pumbaa: Anything we can do?
Young Simba: Not unless you can change the past.

Scar: Simba. What have you done?
Young Simba: There were wildebeests, and he tried to save me. It was an accident. I didn't mean for it to happen.
Scar: Of course. Of course you didn't. No one ever means for these things to happen. But the king is dead. And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998) (V)
Simba: Kiara.
Zira: Kovu. Move.
Simba: Stand aside.
Kiara: Daddy, this has to stop.
Zira: You're even weaker than I thought. Get out of the way!
Kovu: You'll never hurt Kiara or Simba. Not while I'm here.
Simba: Stay out of this.
Kiara: A wise king once told me, "We are one." I didn't understand him then. Now I do.
Simba: But- they...
Kiara: Them? Us? Look at them. They are us. What differences do you see?

Kovu: I humbly ask to join your pride.
Simba: No! You were banished, along with the outsiders.
Kovu: I have left the outsiders. I'm a rogue, judge me now, for who I am. Or am I to be blamed for a crime I didn't commit?

[about Kiara]
Nala: Simba, who does she remind you of?
Simba: What? Who?
Nala: She's just like you when you were young.
Simba: Exactly!

Zira: Vitani, now!
Adult Vitani: No, mother. Kiara's right.
[walks over to Kiara's side]
Adult Vitani: Enough.
Zira: If you will not fight, then you will die as well.
[all of the other lioness head towards Simba and his pride]
Zira: Where are you going? Get back here.
Simba: Let it go, Zira. It's time to put the past behind us.
Zira: [now alone] I'll never let it go!
[camera points to more logs blocking th river and back to Zira showing her eyes]
Zira: This is for you, Scar.

[Timon and Pumbaa are fighting]
Simba: What are you doing?
Pumbaa: Ahh!
Timon: Good question. Uh, let me ask you one.
Pumbaa: Hippothetically.
Timon: Very hypothetically. There's this guy...
Pumbaa: But he's not a lion...
Timon: No. No, he's not a lion. Yeesh, definitely not a lion... and uh... uh, his daughter, um, say... vanished?

Kovu: I never heard the story of Scar that way... he truly was a killer.
Simba: Fire is a killer. Sometimes what's left behind can grow back better than the generation before
[swipes paw over dust to reveal a small plant]
Simba: if given the chance.

Simba: As long as you live here, it's who you are,. You'll understand someday.

Zira: Well done, Kovu. Just like we've always planned.
Simba: You!
Adult Kovu: No! I didn't have anything to do with this!
Zira: Attack!

Kiara: [about letting Kovu return to the Pridelands] Father, please! Reconsider!
Simba: You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.
Kiara: No! That's not...
Simba: He used you to get to me!
Kiara: No! He loves me, for *me*!
Simba: Because you are *my* daughter! You will not leave Pride Rock. You will stay where I can keep an eye on you - away from him!
Kiara: You don't know him!
Simba: I know he's following in Scar's pawprints, and I must follow in my father's.
Kiara: You will *never* be Mufassa!
[Simba is horrified; Kiara runs off, crying]

Simba: I want you to keep a close watch on Kiara. You know she's bound to run off.
Timon: No worries, Simba. We're on her like stink on a warthog.
Pumbaa: Hey!
Timon: It's the hard truth, Pumbaa. Live with it.

Simba: Zira.
Zira: Simba.
Zira: Nala.
Nala: Zira.
Timon: Timon, Pumbaa. Great, Now that we all know each other, Get out of our Pride Lands!

Kiara: Father, how could you break your promise?
Simba: It's a good thing I did. I almost lost you. No more hunts for you, not ever.
Kiara: But I was doing just fine. Even before Kovu...
Simba: Kovu?

Simba: [to Kovu] It's kinda cold tonight, huh? Come on in.
[Simba and Kovu walk into the cave]

Kiara: Hey. Thanks for saving me today.
Kovu: What kind of hunt are you in anyway, princess? You almost got yourself killed out there.
Kiara: What?
Kovu: You wouldn't last 3 days on your own.
Kiara: Oh, and I suppose you could teach me?
Kovu: Yeah.
Simba: Kiara!
Kiara: Coming!
Kiara: [she stalls Kovu] All right. Impress me. We start at dawn.
Kovu: I look forward to it.

Simba: Why have you come back?
Kovu: Simba, I had nothing to do with...
Simba: You don't belong here.
Kovu: Please. I ask your forgiveness.
Kiara: Daddy, please. Listen to him.
Simba: [to Kiara] Silence!
[back to Kovu]
Simba: When you first came here you asked for judgement. And I pass it now!
[animals were telling Simba to exile Kovu]
Simba: Exile!
Kiara: No!

Simba: [to Kovu] My father's law will prevail. For now, I reserve judgement. We'll see who you really are.

Nala: Mind your father, Kiara.
Young Kiara: Yes, mom.
Simba: And stay away from the outlands.
Zazu: Nothing there but a bunch of backstabbing, murderous Outsiders.
Simba: Zazu's right. You can't turn your back on them.

Simba: [as Kiara was leaving Pride Rock] Whoa!
[grabs hold of Kiara]
Simba: Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?
[Picks Kiara up and placed her beside him]
Young Kiara: Daddy. Let go.
Simba: Well, I just want you to be careful.
[Kiara chases a butterfly. Simba grabs her tail just as she was about to pounce]
Simba: Kiara, are you listening? Accidents can happen. You could easily get...
Young Kiara: Hurt or stepped on or even get lost.
Simba: And remember,
[releases Kiara's tail]
Simba: I want you to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all times.
Young Kiara: At all times. I know. And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them, come straight home. Okay, okay, can I go now? Please?
Simba: Very funny.

Zira: Kovu was the last born before you exiled us to the outlands where we have little food, less water.
Simba: You know the penalty for returning to the pridelands.
Zira: But the child does not. However, if you need your pound of flesh, here.
[pushes Kovu towards Simba]
Simba: Take him and get out. We're finished here.
[picks up Kiara delicately]
Zira: Oh, no, Simba. We have barely begun.
[chuckles and picks up Kovu]

Zira: These lands belong to Scar.
Simba: I banished you from the Pride lands. Now you and your young cub, get out.
Zira: Oh. Haven't you met my son Kovu? He was hand chosen by Scar to follow in his pawprints and become king.

Simba: Last chance, Zira. Go home.
Zira: I am home.
Zira: Attack!

Simba: Father, I am lost. Kovu is one of them. Scar's heir. How can I accept him?
Nala: Simba?
Simba: I was seeking counsel from the great kings.
Nala: Did they help?
Simba: Silent as stars. My father would never...
Nala: My Simba. You want so much to walk the path expected of you. Perhaps Kovu does not.
Simba: What? How do you know...
Nala: I can see them down there just as easily as you can. Get to know him and see.

Simba: What are you doing?
Timon: Good question. Let me ask you one.
Pumbaa: Hypothetically.
Timon: Very hypothetical. There's this guy...
Pumbaa: But he's not a lion.
Timon: No! No, he's not a lion. Definitely not a lion! And his daughter, say, vanished.
Simba: Kiara's gone?
Zazu: Sire, the Outsiders are on the attack, heading this way. It's war!
Simba: Zazu, find Kiara.
[to Timon and Pumbaa]
Simba: We'll assemble the lionesses. Move now.

Simba: Kiara, what did you think you were doing? You could've been killed today.
Young Kiara: But, Daddy, I... I didn't mean to disob...
Simba: I'm telling you this because I love you. I don't wanna to lose you.
Young Kiara: I know.
Simba: If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do.
[rubs his head onto Kiara]
Simba: One day, I won't be here, and I need you to carry on in my place. We're part of the great Circle of...
Young Kiara: Circle of life. I know.
Simba: Exactly. And you need to be careful. As future queen...
Young Kiara: What if I don't wanna be queen? It's no fun.
Simba: That's like saying you don't wanna be a lion. It's in our blood, as I am. We are part of each other.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar (2015) (TV)
Kion: Well, l I'd never be like Scar. Ever!
Simba: I'm glad to hear that, son. Because starting today, you are the leader of the new Lion Guard.
Kion: I'm the what?
Rafiki: You heard Simba. Ha-ha! The leader of the new Lion Guard? It is you! Yes! It. Is. You!

Simba: Kion, the Lion Guard has always been made of lions. Do you really think a Lion Guard with only one lion can protect the pridelands?
Kion: Well, actually...
Simba: Son, listen. The Lion Guard isn't a game that you play with your friends. It's real. The circle of life and your life will depend on who's on your team. Please, Kion. There are plenty of good lions for the guard. I need you to take your new responsibility seriously. Just a seriously as Kiara takes hers.

Kion: [about the previous Lion Guard] So, what happened to them? It looks like they haven't been in here since... forever.
Simba: I'm afraid it's a story without a happy ending.
[rafiki points to the paintings]
Kion, Bunga: Whoa.
Simba: When your grandfather Mufasa was about your age, his younger brother Scar was the leader of the Lion Guard. Scar also had the gift of the Roar. The Roar made Scar feel powerful. But that power went to Scar's head. He began to think that he should be king instead of his older brother Mufasa. So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. When the guard refused, Scar was furious. And then, Scar used the Roar to destroy the Lion Guard. What Scar didn't realize is that by using the Roar for evil, he would lose the power of the Roar completely.
Kion: Hevi Kabisa.
Bunga: Yeah.
Rafiki: The Roar is a very powerful gift. It can be used for great good. But it can also lead to terrible evil.

Kiara: I can't believe we're related.
Simba: Kion will grow up someday... I hope.

Kion: Dad, am I glad to see you. I'm not sure why but when I tried...
Simba: Kion, Kiara tells me you've asked Bunga to join the Lion Guard.
Bunga: Hey.
Simba: Is this true?
Kion: Well, yeah. I was just talking to my friends about it.
Simba: Your friends? Kion, I asked you to assemble the new Lion Guard. Instead, you're just playing with your friends?
Kion: I'm not playing, dad. My friends *are* the new Lion Guard. Fuli is the fastest, Beshte is the strongest, Ono is the keenest of sight, and the bravest, it's Bunga.

The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004) (V)
[Pumbaa, Timon, and Simba are all in a bubbling water hole]
Simba: Three pals and no worries, what more could you want?
[all sigh relaxingly]
Pumbaa: [yawns] Ah, I'm bushed.
[while getting out of water hole]
Pumbaa: I think I'll turn in for the night.
[bubbles stop]
Timon: I'm out!
Simba: Right behind ya!

Simba: [to Timon and Pumbaa] I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Timon: Watch where you aim that morning breath. That should come with a warning label. Ooh. What a wake up call.
Simba: [chuckles] Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the warthog. What's the matter, paps? Had a little too much Hakuna Matata?
Timon: Sonny boy, I invented Hakuna Matata.
Simba: Oh, yeah? Well, I perfected it.
Timon: Sure, you did. Sure, you did.

Animated StoryBook: The Lion King (1994) (VG)
Adult Nala: We really needed you at home.
Adult Simba: No one needs me. I'm not the king, Scar is.

Mufasa: Simba, you have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me.
Adult Simba: No.
Mufasa: Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king.

"House of Mouse: The Stolen Cartoons (#1.1)" (2001)
Timon: Waiter, there's a fly in my friend's soup! I want one too! Hey, Simba, what did you get in your soup?
Simba: [sigh] Rafiki.

Timon: Waiter. There's a fly in my friend's soup. I want one too. Hey, Simba, what did you get in your soup?
Simba: Rafiki.

The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure (2000) (VG)
Simba: Step down, Scar.
Scar: I think not. I am the king!

Scar: Mufasa was so easily beaten. Like father, like son.
Simba: My father was a great king.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Sora: [to Simba after defeating Scar] You're okay!
Pete: [Approaches] Aw, that was just a sneak preview! 'Cause this ain't over-not by a long shot!
[Points over to cliff edge]
Pete: [Scar's paw comes up as he climbs backs up] Anger and jealousy turned the king of Pride Rock into a Heartless! Oh, your kingdom's gonna rise again... But this time, as the Pride Lands of Darkness!
[Scar jumps back onto cliff]
Simba: That's what you think!
[Battle starts]