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Dave Seville (Character)
from "The Alvin Show" (1961)

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The Chipmunk Adventure (1987)
David Seville: I'm just calling to see how everything is.
Miss Rebecca Miller: Oh, everything is fine. It's quiet as a mouse around here.
David Seville: Alvin's behaving himself?
Miss Rebecca Miller: He is? Well, that's good.
David Seville: Could I talk to the boys?
Miss Rebecca Miller: Well, I don't see why not.
David Seville: Is Alvin available?
Miss Rebecca Miller: Available for what?
David Seville: To talk?
Miss Rebecca Miller: Well, how should I know?
David Seville: Look, Miss Miller, I just called to see if everything was all right.
Miss Rebecca Miller: Everything's fine, David.
David Seville: Well, give the boys my love.
Miss Rebecca Miller: Why don't you give them your love?
David Seville: Well, are they available?
Miss Rebecca Miller: Available for what?
David Seville: Never mind. Nice talking to you, Miss Miller.
Miss Rebecca Miller: You too, David. And David? Get some rest, will you?
[they both hang up]
Miss Rebecca Miller: Oh, that poor man is losing his marbles.

David Seville: [after the Chipmunks and Chipettes have performed a rocking musical number] I could've sworn... No, it couldn't be. The boys wouldn't... Would they?

[last lines]
Alvin Seville: But, Dave, they owe us out $100,000!
David Seville: Not now, Alvin.
Alvin Seville: But they've got $5,000,000 in diamonds! Don't we get anything?
David Seville: Alvin!
Alvin Seville: But we just cracked a huge smuggling ring!
Miss Rebecca Miller: Shut up, Alvin!
Alvin Seville: Okay, okay. We'll give you half.
David Seville: ALVIN!

Simon Seville: Maybe you should let Dave drive, Miss Miller.
Miss Rebecca Miller: I wouldn't think of it. Besides, driving relaxes me.

Simon Seville: It's not your hearing aid, Ms. Miller!

Theodore Seville: I don't know, they were pretty nice to me.
Simon Seville: Just send them a postcard, Theodore.

David Seville: Now let's see... shirts, pants, overcoat, socks... am I forgetting anything?
Alvin Seville: Me!
David Seville: Alvin, we've been over this a million times!
Alvin Seville: Please, Dave! I need a little culture in my life! The Eiffel Tower, the Sixteen Chapel, the Louvre in Rome!
Simon Seville: The Louvre is in Paris, Alvin.
Alvin Seville: You see? I don't even know where the Louvre is!

David Seville: This is strictly a business trip. It's just not practical. Besides, I hired someone very good to take care of you while I'm gone.
[a car is heard screeching and crashing]
Simon Seville: Did it have to be Miss Miller, Dave?

Theodore Seville: Since when did Alvin like playing "Around the World in 30 Days"?
Simon Seville: Since he feels its as close to a world trip as he'll ever get.

Alvin Seville: You're lucky this is only a game! You'd never beat me if this was for real!
Brittany Miller: Oh, is that so?
Alvin Seville: Yeah, that's so! If I had the money, I'd race you around the world right now!

Simon Seville: I can't believe you decieved Miss Miller for a package of Tutti Frutti, Theodore.
Theodore Seville: Two packages!

Brittany Miller: So, Alvin, you finally showed up.
Alvin Seville: Well, somebody has to win the race.

Jeanette Miller: Simon, which route do you think we should take to Bermuda?
Simon Seville: Well, if you insist on going, don't take the east-turning route. I heard on the news there's a hurricane coming in that direction.
Brittany Miller: Thank you for your advice, Simon.
[drags Jeanette away]
Brittany Miller: What a liar! He's getting as bad as Alvin!
Jeanette Miller: But what if he's telling the truth, Brittany?
Brittany Miller: Oh, Jeanette, don't be so naive. He's just saying that because our route is shorter, and he doesn't want us to win.

Theodore Seville: Isn't Rio beautiful?
Alvin Seville: We're in Mexico, Theodore.
Theodore Seville: Oh. That's what I mean.

Theodore Seville: Simon? I feel kinda funny about tricking Miss Miller.
Simon Seville: It's called "guilt," Theodore.

[first lines]
David Seville: The taxi will be here any minute and I'm not even ready! Has anyone seen my tie?
Simon Seville: You're wearing it, Dave.

Simon Seville: Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain.
[the balloon lands in a tree]
Simon Seville: Like I said, "in the tree!"

Alvin Seville: We're the hottest act in rock and roll. But you don't have that problem, do you?
Jeanette Miller: No.
Brittany Miller: Sure we do!
Alvin Seville: [laughs] No, you don't.

Theodore Seville: I don't think we should have taken the shortcut. It's too dangerous.
Alvin Seville: Relax, Theodore. This isn't the arcade game.

Alvin Seville: [Grabbing Theodore for a sing-off with the Chipettes] Come on, Theodore!
Theodore Seville: [Reaching back toward the counter he was standing at] But... my couscous!

Klaus Furschtien: Excuse us, but we couldn't help but overhear your conversation.
Claudia Furschtien: We were just wondering if you really could win a race around the world.
Brittany Miller: I would!
Alvin Seville: Not a chance!
Klaus Furschtien: I know she could win.
Claudia Furschtien: Would you like to make a little wager?
Klaus Furschtien: Why not?
[to Brittany]
Klaus Furschtien: I bet a million dollars on this cutie.
Claudia Furschtien: [to Alvin] And I bet on this handsome gentleman.
Alvin Seville: A million dollars? You're joking, right?
Klaus Furschtien: Certainly not. We're quite wealthy, and very bored.

[from trailer]
Alvin Seville: You've got to see "The Chipmunk Adventure"! I'm really great!
David Seville: ALVIN!
Simon Seville: I can't remember when I had such a good time, Alvin.

Claudia Furschtien: Now, here are the rules... Each of you will be taken a different route.
Klaus Furschtien: And to make sure to travel completely Around the World. Both teams must deposit one doll on twelve different locations... You'll be giving opposing team's doll to verify you were there. The first one back wins $100,000!
Alvin Seville: A hundred...
Brittany Miller: Thousand dollars!

David Seville: Thanks for all your help, Inspector.
Inspector Jamal: Thank you.

A Chipmunk Christmas (1981) (TV)
David Seville: Theodore... Simon... Al-vin!
Alvin, Simon, Theodore: Yes, David dear?
David Seville: I am fully aware that there are only five more days before Christmas, and 370 days until next Christmas!

David Seville: [coming up to the boys' room] Maybe I was a little hard on Alvin. I think I'll tell him that I...
Alvin: [panicky, still in his sleep] Money! I need money!
David Seville: [heading back downstairs] I give up.

[after Alvin sings "The Chipmunk Song" with Simon and Theodore, but out of tune]
David Seville: Well?
Alvin: I'll tell you what, Dave, let's take a break.
David Seville: Take a break?
Alvin: Gee, thanks, Dave!
[he zips away]
David Seville: Al-vin!

David Seville: [just discovering the boys raising money to buy Alvin's new Echo harmonica] What's all this?
Simon: We're helping Alvin make money.
David Seville: Al-vin!
Alvin: My name's not Alvin, it's Santa.
David Seville: [advancing toward Alvin] All right, Santa, I'd like a word with you and your elves!
Alvin: I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait in line like everybody else.
David Seville: Now just a minute...

David Seville: [reciting his Christmas poem he wrote several years ago] Yes, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas time, a giving, giving, giving time, so let's all give a cheer for...
Alvin, Simon, Theodore: Money!

David Seville: [after Alvin plays "Silent Night" on his new echo harmonica at the department store] Alvin, I owe you an apology. That was a wonderful thing you did for Tommy.
Alvin: That's okay. Where'd she go?
David Seville: Where did who go? I don't see any...
Alvin: The nice lady who gave me the harmonica for Christmas. She just disappeared.
Theodore: Dave, we'd better get going.
Simon: We don't want to be late for Carnegie Hall.
David Seville: And we have a surprise for you when we get there, Alvin.

David Seville: [after Alvin gets his harmonica, which he forgot] You see, Alvin, it's your responsibility to...
Alvin: Right, Dave. Responsibility. We'll share some responsibility. You go on and get the studio ready, while we go window shopping.
David Seville: Well, that sounds fair enough.
[calling after the boys, skating on their skateboard to the department store]
David Seville: Hey! Don't be late!

Alvin: [as he, Simon, Theodore, and Dave are on their way to their recording session] Working on Christmas vacation is criminal!
David Seville: Aw, come on, you guys. It's only a little recording session.
Alvin: It's work!
David Seville: Maybe I'll let you play your harmonica, Alvin.
Alvin: My harmonica!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Who Ghost There?/Romancing Miss Stone (#3.2)" (1985)
Simon Seville: Behold, my Teleghost Transmitter.
Theodore Seville: Oh.
Theodore Seville: Oh!
Simon Seville: [trying to reach the ghost] Come in. Come in, please.
Voice on Radio: Hello? Hello?
Theodore Seville: The ghost!
Simon Seville: Hello out there. Please, tell us, what do you want?
Voice on Radio: Well, I sure could go for a king size lemonade and a submarine sandwich 'bout now.
Theodore Seville: I told you he was hungry.
Simon Seville: [suspiciously] Who is this anyway?
Voice on Radio: Why, this here is Jim Bob Briggs out of Waco, Texas.
Simon Seville: SIGN OFF, JIM BOB. We're expecting a very important call.
[Teleghost Transmitter blows up]

Theodore Seville: [after seeing Alvin being so sweet to Miss Stone] Is Alvin doing that bad in math?
Simon Seville: I'm afraid it goes deeper than that, Theodore. I think Alvin has a crush on our teacher.

David 'Dave' Seville: [lifts Alvin's bike out of Miss Stone's car] Here we go.
David 'Dave' Seville: [Dave and Miss Stone gaze at one another] Alvin, your, uh, toys are all over the living room again.
Alvin Seville: [embarrassed] My *toys*? They must be Theodore's.
David 'Dave' Seville: [trying to get rid of Alvin] ALVIN.
Alvin Seville: I'll, uh, just be a minute Miss Stone.
[walks away]
Alvin Seville: TOYS. How embarrassing.
[Alvin overhears Dave and Miss Stone talking]
Miss Stone: A movie? That sounds wonderful, David.
Alvin Seville: First he HUMILIATES me. Then he steals my woman. Well I'm not gonna take this lying down.

Alvin Seville: [thinking he ruined Dave's date with Miss Stone] How was your evening, Dave?
David 'Dave' Seville: The best.
Alvin Seville: The best? What do you mean?
David 'Dave' Seville: Well, we got off to a slow start, but later, Linda and I really hit it off.
Alvin Seville: Linda? You're on a first name basis?
Simon Seville: [running to Dave thinking they ruined his date] We're sorry, Dave.
Theodore Seville: Can you ever forgive us?
David 'Dave' Seville: What for, fellas?
Alvin Seville: Dave had a GREAT time on his date with LINDA last night.
Simon Seville, Theodore Seville: You did?
David 'Dave' Seville: Yeah. In fact, we're going out again tomorrow night.
Simon Seville, Theodore Seville: You are?
Alvin Seville: [to himself, angrily] Then it's time to show Miss Stone who the best man really is.

Alvin Seville: Miss Stone.
Miss Stone: Yes, Alvin?
Alvin Seville: I know this is last minute, but how 'bout going out with me tonight?
Miss Stone: I'm very flattered, Alvin, but I'm afraid you're a little young for me.
Alvin Seville: But I'm gonna be 9 next week.

Alvin Seville: Dave, could you bend down a minute?
[Dave bends down and Alvin slaps him with a glove]
David 'Dave' Seville: WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?
Simon Seville: I believe Alvin just challenged you to a duel.
Theodore Seville: To see who wins the hand of the fair Miss Stone.
David 'Dave' Seville: What?
[calls Alvin back]
David 'Dave' Seville: Alvin! Alvin! ALVIN!
Alvin Seville: Yes, David?
David 'Dave' Seville: Forget this duel nonsense. You're just a child.
Alvin Seville: Fine. Simon, please tell that adult over there that this child is packing his meager belongings and moving to the orphanage.
David 'Dave' Seville: Okay, Alvin, I accept you're challenge. But *I* choose the weapons.

Alvin Seville: I'm giving up on older women. They're too much trouble.
[the doorbell rings and Simon answers the door]
Theodore Seville: Hi.
Simon Seville: [yells upstairs to Dave] Dave, the babysitter's here!
David 'Dave' Seville: [to the babysitter] Right on time, Sandy.
Alvin Seville: [Alvin immediately falls for her] Sandy, a lovely name for a lovely woman.
[leading her into the living room]
Alvin Seville: And please, call me Alvin.
David 'Dave' Seville: Well, we couldn't expect him to quit cold turkey, could we?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009)
Dave: [yelling over the phone] Alvin!
Alvin: Yep, nobody does that better than him.

Dave: [to Simon] I'm counting on you.
Alvin: Dave, wait a minute! Why is he in charge?

Alvin: Dave, just think how much you'd miss us if there were six of us.
Dave: Alvin, what did you say?
Alvin: Well, the chipettes needed a place to crash, right? So I said that you said they could stay with us as long as they needed to.
Dave: Alvin...
Alvin: Okay!

Dave: Well, I guess since you answered the phone you haven't burned down the house yet.

Dave: Alvin, you need to share the spotlight. It's not all about you.
Alvin: Sorry, Dave. I can't hear you over the thousands of fans screaming my name.

[last lines]
Alvin: Oh boy! I suddenly got really, really tired.
Alvin: [laughs]
Alvin: Good night, Dave!
Dave: Alvin!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!/Dave's Dream Cabin (#5.4)" (1987)
David 'Dave' Seville: I'm really worried. Alvin's been like this all weekend.
Theodore Seville: Friday was the worst day of his life, Dave.
Simon Seville: First, he lost the election for class president. Then, he lost his girl.
David 'Dave' Seville: What happened?
Simon Seville: She left him for someone taller.
Theodore Seville: And then, he didn't make the cover of Hot Rockers Magazine. Bruce Springsteen did. It was just too much for him.
David 'Dave' Seville: Poor little guy. I hope we can cheer him up.

Theodore Seville: I baked your favorite cake, Alvin. Banana coconut.
Simon Seville: [carrying books] And I got these for you at the library.
[holds one up]
Simon Seville: And this one always cheers me up when I'm down: Math Problems for Rainy Day Weekends.
Alvin Seville: [not enthused]
Simon Seville: [tries another book] Uh, how about The Best of Math Problems for Rainy Day Weekends? It's got some great long division.
Alvin Seville: [still not enthused]
David 'Dave' Seville: [whispering to Theodore] This oughta do it. Hey, Alvin. I've got two free passes to tonight's Bruce Springsteen concert. What do ya say?
Alvin Seville: [screams]
David 'Dave' Seville: What did I say?
Simon Seville: Springsteen.
David 'Dave' Seville: Oh, I forgot!

Alvin Seville: [using a jackhammer on the driveway] Jackhammerin' in the USA!
David 'Dave' Seville: Alvin, what are you doing?
Alvin Seville: [with a tough voice] What a workin' man does. Building blisters.
David 'Dave' Seville: You've ruined the driveway. How am I supposed to get the car in and out?
Alvin Seville: [with a tough voice] Forget the car. Be a man. Get a tank.
David 'Dave' Seville: A tank? Alvin!
Alvin Seville: Call me The Boss.

David 'Dave' Seville: [going into a rough place to eat dinner] Are you sure this is where you want to eat dinner, Alvin?
Alvin Seville: [with a tough voice] It's a tough place for tough guys.
Waiter: [serves the table] Here's your grits, gravy, and granite.
Alvin Seville: [with a tough voice] Okay, everybody, CHOW DOWN!
[falls asleep and his face lands in his plate]
David 'Dave' Seville: I think *The Boss* has had it.
Simon Seville: His bandana was probably on too tight.

Alvin Seville: [coming into the kitchen for breakfast with his lama] Good morning, family members.
David 'Dave' Seville: Morning, Alvin.
Alvin Seville: [still imitating Michael Jackson] David, please. Call me Michael.
David 'Dave' Seville: Sorry, Michael.
[the lama starts to eat from one of the bowls at the table]
David 'Dave' Seville: This is getting ridiculous.
Alvin Seville: Be patient, David. I'm in search of a new me.
David 'Dave' Seville: There been a new you everyday this week.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (2000) (V)
Dave Seville: So let me get this straight, all of this happened over a game of tic-tac-toe?
Alvin Seville: Yeah, well... we're using the European rules. Gets awfully rough.

Simon Seville: Theodore, since when don't you like avocadoes?
Theodore: Since Nathan's been stealing my lunch. He hates them.
Simon Seville: Silly me. You wouldn't want to offend your attacker.

Principal Milliken: Besides, I'm about to take early retirement. Oooh! Lucky me! Alvin'll be somebody else's problem!
Dave Seville: You're retiring? Why, you don't look a day over 50.
Principal Milliken: I'm 31!
Dave Seville: Ooops. Heh.
Principal Milliken: This is what having Alvin for a student has done to me! However, now that you're here, it's Theoodre that I'm worried about.

[rock music starts playing]
Principal Milliken: Children? Children! Please! Nothing too wild!
Alvin Seville: Us? Wild?

[a massive explosion from Alvin's concoction creates a giant green mushroom cloud over the school, which can be seen from Dave's house]
Dave Seville: That looks like it's coming from the school!
[He moans and looks at the phone]
Dave Seville: Oh please don't ring! Don't ring! Don't ring!
[the phone rings]

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999) (V)
Alvin Seville: [Reacting a scene]
Alvin Seville: I'm not the one you want Natasha, I'll only make you miserable. You want someone who wants to settle down and have a family.
Alvin Seville: [Joining in] Don't tell me what I want Arthur! You're the only man I've ever loved... will ever love!
Theodore: [Watching] Oh! Oh! This is when the sister comes in!
Theodore: Natasha! Natasha! Daddy's gone!
Alvin Seville: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Alvin Seville: Don't touch the cap.

Dr. Frankenstein: I am going to turn you into a mindless zombie. Have you ever seen a mindless zombie?
Alvin Seville: Are you kidding? I live in Hollywood!

Dr. Frankenstein: Finally - my fiendish formula is finished.
Alvin Seville: Try saying that three times - quickly!
Dr. Frankenstein: My finished formula is frrr... my formlest fiendula is... my fishiest formula... my fie... never mind!

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)
Dave: Simon?
Simon: I wasn't betting. Honest!
Casino Guy: Your winnings, sir.

Dave: Take the suit off, then.
Ian: I can't.
Dave: Why not?
Ian: I'm not wearing anything under it.
[sees an island]
Ian: Look!
Dave: It's okay. I believe you.
Ian: No, look!

Dave: [looking for the chipmunks] Alvin! Britney!
Ian: Chubby one! Girl chubby one!

Dave: All right, Ian get everyone to the raft. If the volcano blows before I make it out of here, you have to promise me you'll-...
Ian: Leave without you. Got it!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Back to Dave's Future/Tell It to the Judge (#5.1)" (1987)
Alvin Seville: [sees younger Dave playing with his paddle ball toy] And he said he never played with that in the house.

Younger Dave: [tries to sing song Alvin wrote for him] I call my baby on my cellular phone.
Younger Dave: What's that?
Younger Dave: [continues singing] I can leave a message if there's no one home.
Younger Dave: How?
Alvin Seville: Dave, take five.
[takes the guitar away and plays the song with Simon and Theodore]

Alvin Seville: [runs over to hug Dave] Dave, your back! You finished your song!
David 'Dave' Seville: Actually, I ended up deciding to use a song I wrote when I was in high school.
David 'Dave' Seville, Alvin Seville: [singing] Forget about your troubles. Who cares about the past?
David 'Dave' Seville: Alvin, how could you know the words to that song? The last time I sang it was in my senior year of high school.
Alvin Seville: That's when I wrote it for you.
[turning to Simon and Theodore]
Alvin Seville: Right?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015)
[from trailer]
Alvin: When I say "party", you say "Alvin". Party!
Party People: Alvin!
Alvin: Party!
Party People: Alvin!
Alvin: Party!
Dave: [unplugs the plug of the dance floor] ALVIIIIIIN!
Party Guy: You said that in a non-party way, man.
Alvin: Woah, buzzkill.

Dave: Do not smile. You guys are grounded in Miami and when we get back to L.A.

Dave: Hey, no smiling. You're still grounded. Remember?

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Wall/The Amazing Chipmunks (#6.20)" (1988)
David 'Dave' Seville: [about the other side of the Wall] Even rock and roll is against the law there.
Alvin Seville: Rock and roll? Against the law? Who'd want to live there?
Simon Seville: They don't exactly have a choice, Alvin.

David 'Dave' Seville: The Wall was built after a war that divided the country in two; once a year this side of the wall has a concert for their friends and family on the other side, where many freedoms we take for granted are denied.

Alvin Seville: [captured by German guards] This is it! The long walk! The end of the line! The last goodbye!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Teevee or Not Teevee/A Rash of Babies (#4.2)" (1986)
Female Reporter: Is it true your movie will star Sylvester Stallone?
Alvin Seville: Sly will be my co-star.
David 'Dave' Seville: [angry] ALVIN.
Female Reporter: And The Rolling Stones will definitely be an opening act for your world tour?
Alvin Seville: Only if we don't decide to use Springsteen.
David 'Dave' Seville: [angrier] ALVIN.
Male Reporter: When will you take over officially as Johnny Letterman's permanent co-host?
Simon Seville, Theodore Seville: What?
David 'Dave' Seville: [very angry] ALVIN!

Alvin Seville: [excited] I want lights, smoke bombs, I want a GIANT keyboard to lower me down to the stage. I want...
Johnny Letterman Stagehand: Hey, why don't you relax, kid. Your only gonna be on TV for a minute.

Johnny Letterman: And now, I'd like to announce my special guest for tomorrow night's show. The hottest rock and rollers in the country, Alvin and the Chipmunks.
David 'Dave' Seville: [watching on TV] What did he say?
Alvin Seville: He *said*, we're gonna be on his show tomorrow night.
David 'Dave' Seville: Alvin, how did you ever get a booking on the Johnny Letterman Show?
Alvin Seville: Oh, Johnny and I are like
[crosses his fingers]
Alvin Seville: *this*, Dave.
David 'Dave' Seville: Since when?
Theodore Seville: Since Alvin's been calling him everyday.
Simon Seville: For a month.
David 'Dave' Seville: You called Johnny Letterman everyday for a MONTH?
Alvin Seville: Well, I never called on weekends.

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: New, Improved Simon/The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth (#2.11)" (1984)
Theodore Seville: [at Simon's motorcycle race] I hope nothing goes wrong. Dave would be awfully upset.
Alvin Seville: Don't worry. Dave doesn't even know we're here.
David 'Dave' Seville: [back home in the yard] Fellas, it's time for the yard work!
David 'Dave' Seville: [finds a newspaper on the ground and picks it up to read it]
David 'Dave' Seville: [reading it] Motorcycle Race.
David 'Dave' Seville: They wouldn't.
David 'Dave' Seville: [thinks again] They would!

David 'Dave' Seville: [shocked to see that Simon was just in a motorcycle race] Simon, what's come over you?
Simon Seville: Well, uh... uh...
Alvin Seville: [referring to Jillian] Here she comes now.
Jillian: [runs over to Simon] Simon, I'm so impressed with the modifications on your bike.
Simon Seville: You are?
Jillian: My cousin Duke wants to know all about them.
Simon Seville: Your cousin?
[walks over to Alvin, furious]

David 'Dave' Seville: Well, Simon's back to his old self.
Alvin Seville: [starts up Simon's motorcycle] So he won't be needing *this*.
Theodore Seville: [Alvin and Theodore ride off] Bye, Dave!
David 'Dave' Seville: ALVIN!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Don't Be a Vidiot/A Horse, of Course (#2.2)" (1984)
Alvin Seville: [directing a music video] Okay, quiet on the set! Places everybody! I want this to be the biggest, the best, most colossal video ever filmed!
Assistant Director: Uh, where do you want the dancing camels, Mr. Alvin?
Alvin Seville: Over by the water fountain.

Alvin Seville: [filming] Cut! I can't get everything in the picture! I've got to move back.
[starts to move camera back]
Assistant Director: No! No! You can't do that!
Alvin Seville: Ha! Did you tell that to Fellini? To Spielberg?
[crashes into the wall]

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Chipmunks Story (#1.4)" (1983)
David 'Dave' Seville: [have just found the baby Chipmunks on his doorstep and brought them in] There you are, all snuggy-poo! Now Daddy-Davey's gonna get some sleep. Nighty-night!
Simon Seville: Nighty-night?
Theodore Seville: Daddy-Davey?
Alvin Seville: Snuggy-poo? This poor man needs help!

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Some Entrancing Evening/Match Play (#2.4)" (1984)
David 'Dave' Seville: How are we doing, boys?
Simon Seville: Well, at the halfway point, you're leading by 6 strokes.
Theodore Seville: Keep this up and you won't lose your autographed golf club. Oops.
David 'Dave' Seville: MY WHAT?
[putts and misses]
David 'Dave' Seville: [to Alvin] Theodore wouldn't happen to be talking about my ARNOLD PALMER golf club, WOULD HE?
Alvin Seville: Uh, it's possible.
Simon Seville: Uh, Alvin bet your golf club against a date in Higgins' club.
Alvin Seville: [laughs nervously] Nothing to do now, but play to win. Eh, Dave?
David 'Dave' Seville: After the game we're going to have a long talk, Alvin.
Alvin Seville: I hate long talks.

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Grounded Chipmunk (#6.16)" (1988)
David 'Dave' Seville: Good morning Alvin. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, AND YOU MUST, is to have the house spotless by this evening. No excuses Alvin. Oh, and one more thing: NO TV! This tape will self-destruct after five seconds. If you're still watching after that, YOU will self-destruct.

"Alvin & the Chipmunks: Soccer to Me/Every Chipmunk Tells a Story (#3.6)" (1985)
David 'Dave' Seville: The way that I see it.
[points to Theodore]
David 'Dave' Seville: You Theodore, shouldn't of been messing around in the kitchen.
David 'Dave' Seville: [points to Simon] You Simon, shouldn't have tried to get the piano upstairs.
David 'Dave' Seville: [points to Alvin] And you, Alvin...
Alvin Seville: I know. I should never have been born.