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Wilma Flintstone (Character)
from "The Flintstones" (1960)

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The Flintstones (1994)
Wilma: I cannot believe you just sat there and let them walk out on us.
Fred Flintstone: At least I can walk around the house in my underwear again.
Wilma: And that is more important to you than 20 years of friendship?
Fred Flintstone: It is on a hot day.

Mrs. Pyrite: Mr. and Mrs. Rubble, this is your little boy.
[Presents Bamm-Bamm]
Betty Rubble: Oh, Barney, isn't he precious?
Fred Flintstone: [aside to Wilma] Precious? They'd have been better off with the monkey.
Wilma Flintstone: Fred!
Betty Rubble: Does he have a name?
Mrs. Pyrite: Bamm-Bamm.
Barney Rubble: Is that short for something?
Mrs. Pyrite: Bamm-Bamm-Bamm. You're going to have to take it slowly with this one. He doesn't speak yet and is a little skittish around humans, but, then again, I would be too if I'd been raised by wild Mastadons. Ha ha ha.
Betty Rubble, Barney Rubble: Mastadons?
Mrs. Pyrite: Let's not nitpick! A mammal's a mammal.

Wilma Flintstone: We have scrimped and saved for that money, and every time we get a little bit ahead, you have to go blow it on some hair-brained scheme!
Fred Flintstone: Now see here, Wilma! In this cave, I am the king! And...
Wilma Flintstone: And what, Fred?
Fred Flintstone: And you have every right to know, my queen.

Wilma: [when Barney and Betty are waiting for their adopted child] Fred? And promise me you won't say anything like what you did when you saw my sister's baby.
Fred Flintstone: The kid had a tail? What was I supposed to do? Pretend I didn't notice?

Wilma: This has gone far enough! After everything that we've done for you! We took you into our home!
Betty Rubble: Oh, yeah, so you could show off every chance you got. You used to be such nice people but now... you're just a couple of rich snobs! Hmph!

[as Fred and Pearl argue]
Wilma Flintstone: You two should be ashamed of yourselves!
Pearl Slaghoople: I got my hands full just being ashamed of him.
Fred Flintstone: You got your hands full when you scratch your neck!

Barney Rubble: Fred, did you hear what happened to everyone at the quarry today?
Fred Flintstone: Yep! A few hours ago, I sent them all off on a nice, long vacation.
Barney Rubble: You mean a permanent vacation?
[to Wilma and Betty]
Barney Rubble: He fired them!
Wilma: Fred! How could you?
Fred Flintstone: I didn't do that!
Barney Rubble: You did, too! It's all over the TV!
Wilma: Fred!
Fred Flintstone: Wilma, who are you gonna believe? Me or some busboy?
Betty Rubble: That busboy is your best friend!
Fred Flintstone: Best friend? Best friend? I lost my best friend the day I became an executive! He's just jealous of my hard-earned success!
Barney Rubble: Hard-earned? Tell me something, Mr. Vice President, what's a graduated inventory plan, huh? How about supply and demand? Hey, Fred! What's two and two?
Fred Flintstone: I didn't come here to talk business, I'm out with my wife! Now... get me a clean spoon.
Barney Rubble: That does it. The only reason you got that job, is because I switched tests with you.
Betty Rubble: Oh, Barney!
Fred Flintstone: Oh, ho-ho! That's rich! What good would it do me to switch tests with the guy that got the lowest score in the quarry?
Barney Rubble: Think about it, Fred.
Betty Rubble: Oh, finally. It all makes sense.
Wilma: You don't believe this, do you?
Betty Rubble: Are you calling my husband a liar?
Wilma: Now, this has gone far enough. After everything that we've done for you. We took you into our home.
Betty Rubble: Oh, yes? So, you can show off every chance you've got.
[Wilma gasps]
Betty Rubble: You used to be such nice people, but now... you're just a couple of rich snobs! Mmm!
Fred Flintstone: Better than being a couple of petty ingrates.
[Betty gasps]
Betty Rubble: [to Barney] Come on, Barney. We are moving out, tonight!
Barney Rubble: Hang on, Betty... I forgot to punch-out.
[Barney punches Fred in the face]

Fred Flintstone: [the Rubbles have walked out on the Flintstones] They were holding us back, Wilma! We'll make new friends, There are 4,000 people in this world. Who needs the Rubbles?
Wilma: I do... But I'll tell you what I don't need. I don't need... this necklace.
[Wilma rips off her necklace]
Wilma: You know I don't need this lamp.
[Knocks over a lamp which is based on the one from A Christmas Story]
Wilma: And I don't need this television set.
Fred Flintstone: [Frantically] Not the TV!
Wilma: [Wilma pushes the TV breaking it] I don't need this... I don't need this... Oh, I don't think I'll be needing any of this bone of china.
[Wilma throws them at Fred]
Wilma: Because I don't have any friends to invite to dinner! So I don't think I'll need these cups and saucers.
[Throws away the dishes smashing them]
Fred Flintstone: [Missing the point] You'll regret this, Wilma. It's going to take you hours to clean up this mess.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone (1979) (TV)
Fred Flintstone: [dressed as a chickenasaurous] I can feel it in my bones.
Wilma Flintstone: [laughing] Which bones, Fred, your drumsticks or your wing bones?

Fred Flintstone: Why are those goons chasing us?
Wilma Flintstone: Because Rockula wants to make me his bride.
Fred Flintstone: [laughs] He can't marry a woman who's already got a husband.
Wilma Flintstone: He knows that, that's why he wants to make me a widow.
Fred Flintstone: Oh well that's a different story... wait a minute! A widow?

Wilma Flintstone: [about the mummy case] It's lucky I hid in here because I discovered something fantastic, look, a secret stairway!
Fred Flintstone: That could lead us out of here!
Barney Rubble: Hey, good idea, while Rocky and Franky are down here looking for us, we'll be upstairs making our escape!
Fred Flintstone: Right, let's go!

Fred Flintstone: Wilma, Betty, quick move away! You're standing on a trap door!
Wilma and Betty: [jump off] Huh?
Barney Rubble: We fell through it before, ZOOM, right down to the secret lab.
Wilma Flintstone: A trap door leading down to the secret lab? How did you get out?
Fred Flintstone: We climbed through this big window we saw down there.
Wilma Flintstone: Uh huh and where did the window lead TO?
Fred Flintstone: Where does any window lead to? It leads to outside, out to the castle grounds. Uh oh, hold on everybody, I got a plan.
Wilma Flintstone: I knew you would, Fred.
Fred Flintstone: Why don't we take the trap door down to the lab and escape from the castle?

Wilma Flintstone: [hears something howling] Sounds like wolves howling out there!
Fred Flintstone: Impossible, Wilma, the guide book says there are no wolves in Rocksylvania.
Igor: Those are verevolves.
Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Betty Rubble, Wilma Flintstone: [imitating his enunciation] Verevolves?

[Rockula, in bat form, appears in Wilma's bedroom, where Wilma is sleeping]
Rockula: My beloved bride, it is me, Count Rockula! I have returned!
Wilma Flintstone: [Half-asleep] Uh? You woke me up. I was having such a nice dream.
Rockula: Your dream has come true, my darling. After 500 years, I have come back to you.
Wilma Flintstone: [Sees Rockula and gasps] Why, Mr. Silika!
[Rockula's arms drop in amazement]
Wilma Flintstone: How dare you come into my room! This is an outrage!
Rockula: An outrage? But you are my bride. Who is Mr. Silika?
Wilma Flintstone: Look, a joke is a joke, but this is carrying it too far. You'd better clear out of here fast. My husband will be back any minute.
Rockula: Your husband? But that's me.
Wilma Flintstone: I warn you, if he finds you here, there's no telling what he'll do.
Rockula: I don't know what you're talking about. Come, we will leave together.
[Frankenstone opens the tapestry from behind]
Wilma Flintstone: Ah! I'm gonna report you to Monty Marble. The producers of "Make a Deal or Don't"! Are they gonna hear about this!
[Rockula carries Wilma out of the room as the tapestry closes]

[Rockula has abducted Wilma and taken her to his lair]
Rockula: Ah, my secret crypt! Do you not remember this place where we used to meet before you became my bride?
Wilma Flintstone: Mr. Silika, I don't appreciate this phony act of yours.
Rockula: You know, my dear, you are beautiful when you are angry.
Wilma Flintstone: Oh, I don't know about beautiful, but I'm angry alright, Mr. Silika.
Rockula: Silika! Who is this Mr. Silika?
[Frankenstone knocks on the door]
Rockula: Come!
[Frankenstone enters]
Wilma Flintstone: Well, my Goodness! Who are you? I don't recall seeing a tall Frankenstone at the party.
Frankenstone: She very beautiful!
Wilma Flintstone: Oh, no, not you too. Look, fellas, I'm flattered. But I'm tired of this corny game, Mr. Silika.
[Rockula turns into a bat. Wilma screams. Rockula turns back to normal]
Rockula: There, my dear. Have I convinced you?

The Flintstones' New Neighbors (1980) (TV)
Fred Flintstone: Honest, Wilma, vultures and bats, and a dark rain cloud over the roof. They HAD to be taking it to the city dump.
Wilma Flintstone: Vultures and bats? Who'd want to live in a creepy house like that?
Fred Flintstone: I don't know, well whoever they are, I wouldn't want to know them.
Barney Rubble: [knocking] Hey Fred, open up!
Betty Rubble: [Fred opens the door] Wilma, you poor dear, I'm so sorry.
Wilma Flintstone: About what?
Fred Flintstone: Yeah, what do you mean?
Barney Rubble: Oh bad news, Fred, look out the window.
[Fred and Wilma look out the window]
Wilma Flintstone: Fred!
Fred Flintstone: No! Tell me it isn't true!
Wilma Flintstone: [the spooky house is next door to them] That looks like the creepy house you were telling me about!
Fred Flintstone: They must've bought the lot next door!

Fred Flintstone: [a long green hairy hand with claws puts out a milk bottle and shuts the door] What the heck was that?
Barney Rubble: Looks like a milk bottle with a note in it.
Fred Flintstone: I know that! I mean the hand, the giant hairy hand!
Betty Rubble: Look! There it is again!
Barney Rubble: Yeah and it's pulling in the clothesline.
Wilma Flintstone: A shirt with 4 sleeves? I don't believe it.
Betty Rubble: Would you believe a 2 neck sweater?
Barney Rubble: Or a pair of pants with 4 legs?

Wilma Flintstone: We're Wilma, Fred, and Pebbles.
Hidea Frankenstone: [shakes Fred's hand] So nice to meet you, Pebbles.
Fred Flintstone: [points to Pebbles] That's Pebbles.
Hidea Frankenstone: Oh I'm so sorry, please forgive me, Wilma.
Fred Flintstone: [points to Wilma] SHE'S Wilma!
Hidea Frankenstone: Goodness, I'm so terrible with names.

Frank Frankenstone: [Stubby comes up from the basement] And this is our youngest, Stubby.
Hidea Frankenstone: Stubby, say hello to Mrs. Flintstone.
Stubby Frankenstone: Hello.
Wilma Flintstone: Hello Stubby, what're you doing with that shovel?
Stubby Frankenstone: Digging graves in the cellar.
Fred Flintstone: Huh? D-digging graves in the ce-cellar?
Hidea Frankenstone: [laughs] It keeps him in the house you know.

Wilma Flintstone: Who bought the lot next door?
Fred Flintstone: Who? The creeps that live in a creepy house like that, that's who.
Barney Rubble: Aw, cheer up, Fred. It could've been worse.
Fred Flintstone: How? What do you mean?
Barney Rubble: They could've moved next door to *me*.
[he laughs]

"The Flintstones: The Prowler (#1.14)" (1960)
Wilma Flintstone: If Fred still wants to play prowler, I'll go along with the gag. Might as well play it to the hilt.
[screams and unnerves the prowler]
Fred Flintstone: [outside] If it is, I better notify his next of kin.

Wilma Flintstone: One thing about judo, you take a polite beating.

Wilma Flintstone: [after Betty is thrown by her judo teacher] Does it hurt?
Betty Rubble: Only when I'm sitting. What hurts more is that I paid for ten lessons.
Professor Rockimoto: Oh that for sure. That for very very dang sure.

Betty Rubble: There's nothing to it. I get a stranglehold on your sleeve and throw you onto that pile of pillows over there.
Wilma Flintstone: You mean that itty bitty pile way over there? Fred isn't going to like this.
Betty Rubble: Relax, he won't care. You're getting my lessons for free.
Wilma Flintstone: I don't think I'm gonna like it either.

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
Wilma Slaghoople: [sees Betty sitting alone at a table] Hi Betty.
[Betty says nothing]
Wilma Slaghoople: Did I tell you that's a really pretty dress?
Betty O'Shale: [quietly] Thank you.
Wilma Slaghoople: [sits down next to Betty] Betty, you aren't still mad at me, are you?
Betty O'Shale: Mad? Just because you pretended to be poor? And I took you in and I felt sorry for you?
[stands up]
Betty O'Shale: Why would that make me mad?
[walks away]

Colonel Slaghoople: Oh Wilma, whatever you decide to do, I want you to know something. Your daddy will always love you.
Wilma Slaghoople: [embrace] Thank you, Daddy.

Chip Rockefeller: Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that there is a criminal in our midst...
[Everybody gasps]
Chip Rockefeller: But, before I expose him into the public. I'd like to give him a chance to step forward that admit his wrong doing only to take his first tiny step towards absolution.
Towel Confessor: [sobs] I stole all the towels in my room!
Chip Rockefeller: Well, that is illegal! But, still...
Underwear Confessor: I'm wearing someone else's underwear!
[Everybody gasps and groans]
Chip Rockefeller: No! I was talking about a...
Dinosaur Confessor: I'm systematically poisoning the dinosaurs water supply! In a matter of decades, their entire species will be extinct!
[Everybody laughs]
Chip Rockefeller: All right! This is obviously going nowhere. No, I was talking about a necklace. A very valuable necklace has been stolen from our hotel safe. A necklace belonging to my dear... dear friend, Wilma Slaghoople.
Wilma Slaghoople: My pearls?
Betty O'Shale: Wilma!
Fred Flintstone: All right, who did it? So, help me. If you don't step forward right now, I'll personally punch you in the...
Chip Rockefeller: I don't think violence would be necessary, Flintstone. Because, I know exactly, who stole Wilma's pearls... A desperate man drowning and gambling debts.
Fred Flintstone: Low-life!
Dinosaur Confessor: Hey! Doesn't anybody care about this whole dinosaurs becoming extinct thing?
Chip Rockefeller, Wilma Slaghoople, Betty O'Shale, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Mick Jagged, Roxie: NO!
[Dinosaur Confessor walks away]

Gazoo: [watching Fred putting his arm around Wilma on the rollercoaster] Nice opening gambit lover boy. Now, close the deal so I can get off this Warren lock.
Fred Flintstone: I'm ignoring you right now.
Wilma Slaghoople: What did you say?
Fred Flintstone: I said, I'm adoring you right now.
Wilma Slaghoople: Oh Fred. That's so sweet.

"The Flintstones: The Blessed Event (#3.23)" (1963)
Wilma Flintstone: Look at me Fred, I'm calm.
Fred Flintstone: Why shouldn't you be? Your wife isn't having a baby.

Wilma Flintstone: The baby will be 7 years old by the time we get to the hospital.

Fred Flintstone: [after Wilma is given Pebbles for the first time] Awwww, she looks like a chip off the ol' block.
Barney Rubble: Actually, more like a pebble off the ol' flintstone.
Wilma Flintstone: What a beautiful name. Pebbles Flintstone.
Pebbles Flintstone: [Her first words ever] Yabba. Dabba. Goo.

A Flintstones Christmas Carol (1994) (TV)
[Pebbles cries]
Wilma Flintstone: Well, Scrooge, it sounds like your daughter needs her diaper changed.
Fred Flintstone: Er, sorry, Wilma. I have to rehearse. "Christmas, bah humbug!"
Wilma Flintstone: There's such a thing as being too well-rehearsed.

Bamm-Bamm Rubble: God bless us, everyone.
Wilma Flintstone: That's right, Bamm-Bamm. Everyone but Fred!

Fred Flintstone: [rehearsing for play] "Christmas, bah humbug!" "Christmas, BAH humbug!"
Wilma Flintstone: [Pebbles groans] Pebbles, don't be so hard on Daddy. He's trying.
[to the camera]
Wilma Flintstone: Very trying.

The Man Called Flintstone (1966)
[last lines]
[Fred runs away from Tanya]
Wilma Flintstone: Looks like Fred won't be forgettting his vacation in a hurry...
Fred Flintstone: WILMA!

[a romantic number between Wilma and Fred is halted by the dinner arrival]
Wilma Flintstone: Fred loves me, all right. But his big love is food.

"The Flintstones: The Happy Household (#2.23)" (1962)
Wilma Flintstone: [singing] Make your hobby hubby. Keep your hubby happy. When he's a little chubby, he's a happy pappy. With Rockenschpeel!

Wilma Flintstone: [arguing about money] I work hard around here and I'm willing to do more! If necessary, I'll get a job to help out.
Fred Flintstone: Oh, that's a hot one!
Wilma Flintstone: What's that supposed to mean?
Fred Flintstone: [pointing his finger in her face] You are too smart to leave this cushy set up you have right now. Truth is, you like things just the way they are. You...
Fred Flintstone: [Wilma chomps down on his finger] YOWTCH!
[to the audience]
Fred Flintstone: Now what brought that on?

I Yabba-Dabba Do! (1993) (TV)
Wilma Flintstone: Oh Fred, quit living in the Stone Age!

Wilma Flintstone: Oh, Fred Flintstone! the only way you can change your mind, is with a brain transplant, oh but I don't think anyone could find another brain that small!

"The Flintstones: The Swimming Pool (#1.3)" (1960)
Barney Rubble: Why should I fill the pool for that hippopotamus next door?
Betty Rubble: Because the wife of that hippopotamus next door happens to be my best friend, that's why.
Wilma Flintstone: [cut to Fred and Wilma] The fence comes down because the wife of that little sawed off runt happens to be my best friend.

Betty Rubble: [on the phone with Wilma] They haven't spoken to each other for five days. I'm sick and tired of it. I told him to go right over and make up with Fred.
Wilma Flintstone: What did he say?
Betty Rubble: He absolutely refused. So I said to him "I'm going to invite my mother to come visit for a few weeks if you don't".
Wilma Flintstone: Really? What'd he say to that?
Barney Rubble: [poking his head in the door] Hiya Wilma!

"The Flintstones: Alvin Brickrock Presents (#2.4)" (1961)
Wilma Flintstone: I didn't know there was a fight scheduled.
Barney Rubble: Are you kidding? Tonight's for the championship, oooohh it should be a real grudge boat.
Betty Rubble: Heavyweight or lightweight?
Barney Rubble: Both, a heavyweight vs. a lightweight.
Wilma Flintstone: Why're you putting the chairs over there by the window? The TV set's here.
Fred Flintstone: This is not on TV, it's a closed circuit.
Betty Rubble: But who's fighting?
Barney Rubble: The new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Brickrock.

Wilma Flintstone: It's funny how little you know about your neighbors; what really goes on behind closed doors.
Betty Rubble: We don't even know what business he's in, and they've been living in that big old gloomy house for a whole week.
Fred Flintstone: You never see that Brickrock guy going to work, do you think he's retired?
Barney Rubble: No Fred, the lights are still on.
Fred Flintstone: I mean what kind of work is he out of?
Barney Rubble: Well did you see some of those spooky crates and boxes?
Fred Flintstone: What do you mean spooky? What's spooky about crates and boxes?
Barney Rubble: Shaped like coffins?

"The Flintstones: The Entertainer (#2.18)" (1962)
Wilma Flintstone: Don't tell me you've never married, Greta. You were the most popular girl in school.
Greta: Oh I guess my standards were too high. I played hard to get and, well... I just didn't get got.

"The Flintstones: The Drive - In (#1.13)" (1960)
Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble: [singing] Here we come / On the run / With a burger on a bun / And a dab of coleslaw on the side / Oh, your tastes we will tickle / With a cold dill pickle / And all of our potatoes are French fried, fried, fried / Our burgers can't be beat / Cuz we grind our own meat / Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind!
Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble: Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble... / Are to blame for all our trouble...
Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble: And if they think that we'll forget...
Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble: They're outta their mind, mind, mind, mind, mi-i-ind!

"The Flintstones: The Little Stranger (#3.8)" (1962)
Wilma Flintstone: It's been weeks since you had a good word for anybody or anything.
Fred Flintstone: Oh yeah, what about that thing I said about your mother last week?
Wilma Flintstone: My mother?
Fred Flintstone: I said, good riddance she lives 50 miles away.

"The Flintstones: Monster Fred (#5.2)" (1964)
Fred Flintstone: Hey Wilma! I'm leaving for the bowling alley.
Wilma Flintstone: Why don't you take Dino with you? He's been in the house all day.
Fred Flintstone: Dino? Well he don't bowl.

"The Flintstones: The Flintstone Flyer (#1.1)" (1960)
Wilma Flintstone: [after the wives realize the guy's deception] State of shock, huh?
Fred Flintstone: Wilma, no, no, not in the head!
[gets clobbered]
Wilma Flintstone: Try that while you're 'poor, sick' at home!
Betty Rubble: [mumbles something hard to understand, but definitely angry]
Barney Rubble: Betty, Betty, not with the bowling ball!
[gets clobbered]

"The Flintstones: The Engagement Ring (#1.9)" (1960)
Fred Flintstone: The ring wasn't in the flour canister. So it's got to be in the batter.
[slowly peeks around the corner]
Wilma Flintstone: FRED!
Fred Flintstone: [jumps] AAH!
Wilma Flintstone: What are you peeking around corners for?

"The Flintstones: Hollyrock, Here I Come (#1.10)" (1960)
Television Producer: Now I know you've been rehearsing at home, and you know your part. But project. You know, project. You're the frogmouth. You're loud, you're noisy, you're obnoxious. Lots of decibels, you got it?
The Frogmouth: [in a meek voice] I think so.
The Frogmouth: No. No. Nobody would do this to me. It's a gag. Yes. Eases the tension. I was all stiff, now I'm all loosened up. This is a rehearsal everybody. Quiet on stage. Okay Wilma, throw the frogmouth his first cue.
Wilma Flintstone: Bill, the baby's college fund money is missing. Did you take it Bill?
The Frogmouth: [again in the meek voice] Yes I did, so what? You wanna make something out of it?
Television Producer: No, louder! Louder! You're the frogmouth, Be P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E!
The Frogmouth: [slightly raised, but still meek] Yes I did, so what? You wanna make something out of it?
Television Producer: Why me? I'm a good guy. It's too late to audition people. I could have gone to college, I could have learned a trade. But no, I had to be a television producer. And I wind up with a pollywog for a frogmouth. I'm ruined!

"The Flintstones: A Haunted House Is Not a Home (#5.7)" (1964)
Lawyer: You see, madam, the late J. Giggles Flintstone was a sort of... eh... he was...
Wilma Flintstone: You mean he was an eccentric.
Lawyer: No, I mean he was a kook!

"The Flintstones: Fred's New Job (#3.22)" (1963)
Wilma Flintstone: Fred, can't you get up without making all that noise?
Fred Flintstone: It's that pesty gooney bird, he's back again! Why can't he fly back to Capistranorock or wherever else he belongs? What a thing to look forward to all summer!

"The Flintstones: The Flagstones (#1.0)" (1960)
Betty Rubble: Wilma, when are we going shopping?
Wilma Flagstone: As soon as I serve his majesty his lunch. He's dining at the pool today. Where's Barney?
Betty Rubble: Oh, he's trying on his gear.
Wilma Flagstone: Gear?
Betty Rubble: That's right, he's going to practice spear fishing in the pool.
Wilma Flagstone: Spear fishing?
Fred Flagstone: Wilma?
Wilma Flagstone: Oh, I'll be right back, I've got to feed the fish.
[after Wilma walking to Fred's pool]
Wilma Flagstone: Where do you want it Fred?
Fred Flagstone: Oh, just set it down, where I can reach it.
Wilma Flagstone: And remember, if you sink, don't let my best dishes go down with the ship.
[after Barney scared Wilma, she lightly shrieked & then spoke to Barney]
Wilma Flagstone: Eek! Barney, its you.
Barney Rubble: Did my spear fishing outfit scare you?
Wilma Flagstone: Out of my wits. And don't scare Fred, or you'll lose his lunch and my dishes.
Barney Rubble: Hi'ya Fred.
Fred Flagstone: And what are you made up for?
Barney Rubble: I'm gonna practice spear fishing.
Fred Flagstone: You can't lose. You'll spear 'em or they'll die laughing. How does it work? And don't point that thing at me, it's loaded.
[after Barney's spear ricocheted around, it eventually punctured Fred's plastic air mattress]
Fred Flagstone: Barney boy, you're making it tough, to be friends.
Barney Rubble: [after Fred went down, Barney then quickly grabbed Fred's meal to be & ate it for himself] No use, wasting a lunch.
[very last line]

"The Flintstones: The Return of Stony Curtis (#6.3)" (1965)
Wilma Flintstone: Stony Curtis!
[pulling her facial mask]
Wilma Flintstone: STONY CURTIS!
Betty Rubble: [screaming] STONY CURTIS!

"The Flintstones: Fred Flintstone: Before and After (#1.28)" (1961)
Wilma Flintstone: [confronting the producer] And another thing. If you don't take that insulting commercial off the air, I'll sue, report you to the FCC, and... and... slap your face!

The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown (2015) (V)
[from trailer]
Fred Flintstone: There's nothing to worry about, sweetheart.
Wilma Flintstone: When Fred says "don't worry", I start worrying.
Pebbles Flintstones: Yep.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987) (TV)
Wilma Flintstone: [calling out to Jane] I love your dress!
Jane Jetson: [calling back] Why, thank you!