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Colonel Akakievich (Character)
from The World Is Not Enough (1999)

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The World Is Not Enough (1999)
[Colonel Akakievich and Christmas storm in]
Colonel Akakievich: [to Bond] Hey! Drop the gun!
James Bond: Keep away, Colonel!
Dr. Christmas Jones: He's an imposter. Doctor Arkov is sixty-three years old.
James Bond: [about Renard and his men] This is your imposter, along with the men outside in the plane. They're stealing the bomb.
[Colonel Akakievich picks up an rifle and loads it]
Colonel Akakievich: I said drop it!
[Bond drops the PPK. Renard gets up off the floor]
Colonel Akakievich: [to Bond] On your knees!
[One of Renard's men removes a card from the bomb]
Renard: [Speaks Russian] Well done.
[about Bond]
Renard: He would have killed us all.
[Takes a photograph from Christams's hand]
Renard: This is Peter?
Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, but he's no atomic scientist.
Renard: [to Akakievich] I suppose you were the one who let him down.
[Renard shoves the photograph at Akakievich and walks towards Bond]
Renard: [to Bond] You had me. But i know you couldn't...
[Renard squeezes Bond's left shoulder. Bond groans with pain]
Renard: ...shoulder the responsibility.
[Renard lets go of Bond's shoulder and starts walking towards the silo entrance]
Renard: [to Akakievich] Now, without any further interruptions, lets proceed.
Colonel Akakievich: Nyet! There are too many new faces around here, including yours. The bomb doesn't move until I am satisfied.
[to the terrorists]
Colonel Akakievich: Hey, all of you, to the surface, now!
[Renard's men open fire at Akakievich's men]