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Cooper (Character)
from Casino Royale (1967)

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Casino Royale (1967)
[in a building that is about to explode]
Cooper: What's the strategy, sir?
Sir James: Get out of the bloody place before it blows up!

Miss Moneypenny: I really have to note your qualifications.
Cooper: Height: six foot two and a half. 184 pounds. Trophies for karate and judo, holder of the Kama Sutra black belt.
Miss Moneypenny: Very impressive. How do you spell that?
Cooper: I'll show you!

[during a session in which Cooper is being trained to resist women]
Cooper: It goes against my nature, you know.
The Detainer: I sense that, too. What are you doing after the exercise?
Cooper: Having my head examined.

Cooper: What's the strategy sir?
Sir James: Get out of the bloody place before it blows up.

Miss Moneypenny: [Kissing on a bed] And what is your name?
Cooper: Cooper, big eyes; but, don't be formal, call me Coop.
Miss Moneypenny: It sounds like something for keeping birds.
Cooper: That's me!

Sir James: From now on, all remaining agents and trainees will be known as James Bond 007, including the girls.
Cooper: Won't that be rather confusing, sir?
Sir James: Exactly! The enemy won't know which way to turn. You are now, James Bond.
Miss Moneypenny: Congratulations, 007.
Cooper: And you, 007, sir.
Sir James: Good hunting, 007!

Lorelei: [Kisses Cooper] Doesn't that do something to you, 007?
Cooper: It does. But, I'm being trained to ignore it. Beauty's only skin deep.
Lorelei: How 'bout some skin diving?